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Once again, this will be Leavenworth St.’s open discussion Friday, in honor of Reagan Republican Senator Carl Curtis.

Feel free to toss out your thoughts on conservatives, or otherwise!


At least one new name needs to be added to our list of potential #NE02 GOP candidates for 2016: Josh Weir.

Weir is an Omaha criminal defense attorney, and a big supporter of Governor Ricketts. He has also written a few lengthy comments here on Leavenworth St., to get an idea of his positions on topics of the day.

**UPDATE at 4:30pm**

On social media, a Weir family member says that any run by Josh is “news to them.”

**UPDATE at 9:15pm**

I want to apologize to Josh Weir and his family, as I got my wires crossed on my information. I have NOT heard that he is running for Congress, and for now we can leave it at that.


We have a little more news on expansion/contraction of the list of potential candidates in #NE02, but we will leave that for this coming Monday.

Be sure to check back.


Legislative Bill 350, which would reduce the valuation of ag land for tax purposes from the current 75 percent of actual value to 65 percent, failed to make it out of the Legislature’s Revenue Committee.

This item was a major priority for Governor Ricketts, and yet this early in his admin, has already been stymied.

As we noted before, we have heard complaints that the Governor and his staff are not working issues — there is no administration presence in the rotunda with the rest of the lobby. There has even been word that they are not allowed to “lobby” in the rotunda. The rotunda is where legislative work happens.

So tere is nobody driving a legislative agenda from the corner office?

And this from what is supposed to be one of the most conservative legislature’s in Nebraska history?

We hope the Governor and his team start playing offense as these bills start really coming down the line — death penalty, medicaid expansion, gas tax, etc.

So far they’ve been rolled on Voter ID, Winner Take All, now LB 350. At what point do they get aggressive on something other than a staffer who can work in the Governor’s office while still having private clients?


The EPA has some new proposals for regulations regarding…ozone.

You can take a look and see how some of this could seriously affect Nebraska business and jobs.


Republican Lincoln Mayoral candidate Andy Stebbing (who was interviewed on The Wheels Down Politics Show recently) is keeping shoulder to shoulder in fundraising with 2-term (going for a 3rd!) incumbent Democrat Chris Beutler.

Stebbing has COH of $103K to Beutler’s $143K, where there is an estimate that the campaigns will spend around $500K each for the race.

Stebbing has a reputation and history as Lancaster County Treasurer of expanding services, reducing costs and making the office more responsive and succesful for the citizens of Lancaster County.

Beutler put in a giant column and some bitchin’ bike lanes in Lincoln.


Right on cue, the LJS comes out with an editorial criticizing the open letter from Sen Tom Cotton and 46 other Republican Senators — including Senators Deb Fischer and Ben Sasse — to the Iranian mullahs.

The LJS calls the letter, “unwise”.

And while they harken back to other times when Democrats injected themselves into Republican foreign policy, no where does the (unknown!) editorial writer discuss any problems with the President’s actual policy towards Iran and suggestions that he would go around the Senate with any “executive action” as opposed to a treaty.

Without even addressing those issues, the LJS makes just another hollow and weak statement, but again tells readers how much everyone hates Congress.

Ah, for the halcyon days when everyone LOVED the legislative branch!


Be sure to listen to the podcasts from The Wheels Down Politics show! I try to keep them commute or work-out length, so they are perfect for downloading to your phone from iTunes.

I think you will especially enjoy the 2-parter from the Presidential Iowa Ag Summit last week.

Have a great weekend!


  1. The Grundle King says:

    It is with great joy that I report that, only a mere 5 years after notifying the city of Lincoln about the 4-inch heave in my sidewalk (and countless coats of paint to notify those brave enough to use the sidewalks) that the city will be fixing my sidewalk in the coming weeks.

    Just in time for the election. Miracles.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    Hmmm that’s funny Grundle King. My sidewalk is getting fixed too. How convenient that the city “found” $10 million in Antelope Valley funds to do this work. I’m sure the timing is nothing but a coincidence.

  3. Are you kidding me??? says:

    Josh “Amnesty” Weir????

    Here is his own Midlands Voices excepts from the OWH MAY 8, 2013

    “restrictive immigration policy stifles economic growth. Jobs are not a zero-sum game. Jobs beget jobs. Each job filled does not cost someone else that job. Instead, each job filled contributes to economic growth by “expanding the pie.””

    ““Tall fences and wide gates” lead to more secure borders. Limited visa availability pushes otherwise law-abiding immigrants to the border”

    “We also must acknowledge that 11 million people are here to stay”

    This guy is unelectable. His not only handles Criminal Law but is an Immigration Lawyer. Where is Josh on the death penalty???

  4. To kidding says:

    Ask Josh Weir how much illegal children cost the schools. A child at OPS costs $11,000 a year. Does anybody think an illegal family is paying enough taxes to pay for 2 or 3 kids in school?

  5. The Grundle King says:

    Indeed Bob.

    What’s funny to me is the fact that the LJS ran a story today talking about how the city expected to get some money back due to overpayment for some of the Antelope Valley work…but that they held off taking some of the money because the State Auditor’s office found that maybe Lincoln hadn’t paid enough.

    This all raises a question…just who the hell is keeping books down there? This isn’t quantum physics, it’s addition and subtraction. I’m not saying I could do a better job, but then again, I’m not being paid to be an accountant.

    BTW, those who owe their jobs to Beutler have wasted no time in letting people know who butters their bread.

  6. Amnesty Josh says:

    What is more troubling is what Josh does in Court for illegals that defraud public assistance.
    STATE v. GONZALEZ 830 N.W.2d 504, 285 Neb. 940 (2013)
    “In 2008, Alma Ramirez Gonzalez pled no contest to a charge of fraudulently obtaining public assistance benefits. Before accepting her plea, the district court advised her of the possible immigration consequences of her conviction. Gonzalez was later sentenced to 5 years’ probation. On July 14, 2010, she filed a motion to withdraw her plea, alleging she received ineffective assistance of counsel because her counsel had not told her that her conviction would result in automatic deportation. ”

    Why would we want an elected official that would keep those who defraud public assistance here???

  7. Anonymous says:

    If that’s true – Does not seem that Weir could run for any office with his immigration stand.

    But what does the LD 39 race have to do with Josh Weir? Who is jumping in for dist 39?

  8. Anonymous says:

    He lives in district 39, not officially a democrat but liberal immigration stand. He would get skewered in a gop or nonpartisan primary for any office.

  9. UH HUH!!! says:

    I have heard from reliable sources that Borchers is likely to run for LD39. Sorry Amber, got to go with the better candidate.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Garman cannot run. He does not live in district 39. War on women has begun with bashing Amber Parker. I know Amber. She is kind and very conservative.

  11. UH HUH says:

    Her kind of conservatism is PRETTY EXTREME for many folks. Amber bashing………… ——– just want the better candidate who knows what he is talking about 🙂 I live in 39 and I know who Im voting for.

  12. District 31 says:

    I heard from a source that Kolowski is not going to run for re-election and move to sunny Florida to enjoy retirement.

  13. Interested Observer says:

    Street Sweeper, I have long respected Carl Curtis and have thought of him as more of a Ronald REAGAN sort of Conservative than a Donald REGAN sort of Conservative, but maybe that’s just me.

  14. Joshua Weir says:


    No need to apologize. My wife and I were woken up in Chicago on our anniversary to texts and emails asking about my run for Congress. We had quite a good laugh throughout the day as anonymous sleuths outed me for my outspoken and public beliefs on reforming our immigration system–a case I’ve made in the newspaper, before the Omaha Liberty Ladies and on your blog. I also got a good laugh at people quoting reported cases of mine that are hyperlinked on my law firm’s website as representative cases of mine. I think someone was having some fun at my expense. At least my mom had an opportunity to post on Facebook that she thinks I’d make a fine Congressman! If you’d ever like someone to contribute on or debate immigration, I’d be happy to help. I am not, nor will I be running for Congress.

  15. DCRP Member says:

    Josh is a nice guy but his stance on immigration is radical. I don’t know if he realizes this but our taxes are higher and our resources to help actual citizens are constrained because of people like him that believe in amnesty. What is more troubling is that he represents those illegals that have cheated the system and should be deported. LD 39 is a pretty conservative district.

  16. To Josh Weir says:

    I took a look at your firm’s website. YOU listed your cases that you must have been proud in appealing. YOUR hyperlinks were very helpful and after I read those cases I am very disturbed.

    In the Harris and Gaskill cases you represented Sex Offenders that failed to register where they lived. In the Yuma case your represented an Alien that did not want to be deported because he pled to Attempted Strangulation and Domestic Assault. In Gonzales you wanted to keep from being deported a woman that committed benefit fraud. Finally we have the MENA-RIVERA case, where the person pled to attempted child-abuse.

    You may have had a ” good laugh at people quoting reported cases of mine” I don’t think those that have suffered because of these people’s crimes are laughing.

  17. The Daily Double on JEOPARDY! says:

    Contestant: “Politicians for $200.”
    Alex: “The answer is Politicians Gone Missing.”
    Contestant: “Who are Vladimir Putin and Beau McCoy?”

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow! It is obvious that attorney Patrick Borchers and his supporters are worried that attorney Josh Weir may get in the LD 39 race. Citing case law? Really?

    We can do better than any of the presumed candidates (Amber Parker, Josh Weir, Patrick Borchers or Blaine McCollough). We do not need another attorney or any Scott Petersen crew.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Congress info was not on their radar – So will someone from the Weir family be confirming or denying that Josh Weir is mulling a run for LD 39?

  20. Anonymous says:

    I heard train wreck CBS real estate badge wearing Robyn Terry is running for legislature in dist 39. Her last public office run was for Waterloo or Valley school board. She got beat and moved out of that area. The Terry family are all sore entitled losers.

  21. Anonymous says:

    4:12. Are you running against R Terry? If you don’t run, then your words carry a sum total of importance equal to the weight of your nearly useless vote. We get it. You hate her husband. I’m glad he’s toasted. He broke his promise to voters and was rightly replaced. But you condemn the entire Terry family.

    If an entire family is fair game, then can we start in on your family?

  22. Lawyer Haters says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Sweeper a lawyer? Maybe lawyers shouldn’t be allowed to blog either? Also didn’t I just read Josh Weir is not running? So what’s with the venom against a law professor who hasn’t announced anything other than homework assignments? Maybe Anonymous thinks lawyers shouldn’t be allowed to be judges either? Haven’t seen a thing on here about Mrs. Terry running for anything other than a real estate closing…

  23. @ 5:36p says:

    Get your chronology of comments correct here. Even though Josh Weir @ 10:04am indicated he was not running for congress, @ 1:34pm a post was made disparaging and rebutting Josh by citing more case law claims. Funny… it seems that it appears the Borchers Bunch are concerned that he may run now in leg dist 39.

    By the way Borchers is not the passive dorky law professor he appears to be. He surrounds himself with some Morton Blackwell tactic political operatives. Anyone who “professes” for a living is all theory and no action. Real world experience is what we need. Last time I checked you actually do need a Juris Doctorate to be a judge.

  24. Weir is deflecting says:

    It’s funny how the Weirsters are trying to smear Pat Borchers to deflect from Josh’s liberal record as an attorney. Pat didn’t post those cases of Josh’s on Josh’s website, JOSH DID!!! Josh you are more to the left on immigration than Jeb Bush. YOU have tried to keep Criminal aliens from being deported. YOU have tried to keep sex offenders that fail to report where they live out of prison. It’s not like someone made you take those cases. You either took those cases because you believe in keeping illegals here (which your comments on here and the OWH clearly state) or you take these cases just for the money and the public be damned if they are harmed by your clients. You won’t get elected in CD 2, LD 39, School Bd, or Dog Catcher with that record. Maybe when Tom Riley retires you can run for Public Defender. Feel free to defend yourself Josh, I would love to hear it.

  25. Conservative Voter says:

    Amber Parker is the true conservative candidate. We need another woman in the Unicameral and not a criminal defense lawyer who supports illegal immigration. We need someone with values not acquittals.

  26. To wires crossed wingut @7:22p says:

    I live in NE and frequent the Lincoln capitol rotunda. I have been burned many times by bullshit intel supposedly backed up by reliable sources. Give sweeper a break.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Agree @ 8:37p It’s too bad we can’t clone a rock star like Jean Stothert to run in all open legislative seats and Cong Dist 2.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Regarding those “…halcyon days when everyone LOVED the legislative branch!” I suggest we stick more tongue in that cheek.

    Even before that Revolutionary War was over, the US Army’s generals and officers planned to overthrow the US Congress which promised to pay them and didn’t. Geo. Washington only stopped the coup by acting feeble and begging for sympathy; pure political theater. While historians downplay the Newburg Mutiny, Washington’s aides at the time said the threat of ousting Congress was real, some said a certainty. Their blood was up and the US Congress would have been slaughtered by our own Army. Today that is still wrong and today voters still smile at the idea of hanging all of Congress.

    Later, as president, Geo Washington was hung and burned in effigy right outside his Presidential office window by angry mobs of Americans who hated his guts.

    There never were any halcyon days of anything.

  29. Anonymous says:

    So Weir’s a lawyer who’s who’s been outed as an actual lawyer with actual cases and real-life clients that are so super-secret that they’re linked on his website? Most Nebraska Republicans are familiar with Josh and Sarah Weir who’ve both been active Republicans for years working for such liberals as Mike Johanns, Deb Fischer, Pete Ricketts and Beau McCoy among others. And on top of all that, Weir is not a candidate for public office. What am I missing?

  30. Outsider says:

    So Mr. Ameritrade cannot bring all of that “business experience” to state government and show everyone how it should be done. Guess this is what happens when your close hand-picked staff are young and inexperienced and you only hire those who know less than you.

  31. Not a candidate?? says:

    Really, you hear Josh boast of his ties to the governor and how he is going to be the next Senator from LD 39. Josh’s own stands on immigration have him way out of touch with LD 39.

  32. Anonymous says:

    So Borchers and his supporters are all in a dither that Weir might run. If they see him as that much of a threat, maybe Weir should consider running for LD39.

  33. Anonymous says:

    After a white police chief and mayor of Ferguson MO were driven to resign, the white Ferguson prosecutor Robert McCulloch says the shooting of two policemen by a black man may have been unintended, that he perhaps wasn’t shooting at the police. It was all just a coincidence.

    “He may have been shooting at someone other than police and struck the police” said prosecutor McCulloch, who was reportedly seen rubbing his neck at a surgical site where the Justice Department recently inserted a radio controlled explosive charge.

    This was obviously a failed suicide. The Black gentleman fired three shots at his own head and two clumsy policemen happened to be standing between his gun and his head.

    The policemen are being charged with loitering and for refusing to return the man’s property (bullets).

    Discussions about white Nebraska politicians are nearly as interesting as this.

  34. Borking Borchers says:

    We’ll Bork Borchers, swiftboat Weir, and since Clarence Thomas teaches at Creighton, we’ll Anita Hill him again! (Apologies to any politicians who felt left out of this rant. I’ll get you next time!)

  35. Annoyed says:

    Seriously?!? You do realize that Weir graduated from UNO around 2002. Football was cut from UNO’s athletic department about 4 years ago. Do the math…
    Please make intelligent comments. Put the pitchfork and torch down, and do some research.

    In the immortal words of Ben Gray…’Check your facts, fool!’

  36. Anonymous says:

    Senator Beau McCoy is a great state senator. He has very competent staff but they do not live in his district.

  37. wow says:

    I love how everyone here is fired up about who may run, yet, those elected in an alleged conservative legislature can’t get the Governor’s priority bill out of committee, allowed voter ID to die, placed Medicaid expansion up for a vote and have generally acted in a non-Republican manner.

    So, much like DC, you get more concerned about the process and victory than about the actual votes and governing.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Agree @ 12pm. There is no leadership in the new Ricketts administration to advance conservative legislation. Having a republican majority does not seem to help either! Rogue senators leaving the party on death penalty and voter id is unbelievable.

  39. Anonymous says:

    So, out of the blue, Weir gets beat up on this thread for an entire weekend. And then Borchers announces for 39 first thing Monday morning? Seems fishy. Sounds like Borchers is taking a page out of the Harry Reid playbook and attacking a private citizen.

  40. Anonymous says:

    To 12:30p Anyone attacking Weir on immigration could easily be another potential campaign for Congress. Weir was rumored to be running for congress not legislature. Borchers was thinking about running for Congress but I am sure by last week had already decided to run for legislature.

  41. Anon says:

    I wrote a check to “Borchers for Legislature” Wednesday or Thursday of last week and he told me earlier that week that he decided to run for LD 39. But check behind the grassy knoll. I’m sure you can find whoever is bashing Weir there.

  42. Qualified candidates please . . . says:

    Borchers is very smart . I know Josh– he’s very well-informed as well, even if you disagree with him on one issue. Is it a war-on-women thing to point out that because Amber has been, umm, “speaking her mind” quite a bit lately in front of various Legislative Committees, it has become apparent that, well, Borchers is very smart, and Josh is well-informed . . . . especially in a relative way?

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