New ad up and staff upheavals

Lincoln Mayoral candidate Andy Stebbing has his first TV ad out.
See it here:

This is a good quick intro ad. It raises the problems in the city, introduces Stebbing and nails down why he should be elected.

As has ben noted here, Stebbing has quite a record of accomplishments as County Treasurer.

And now the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) pac has endorsed Stebbing as well.

This race could get very interesting.


Freshman #NE02 Rep. Brad Ashford got hammered in Roll Call for losing staff, ignoring his re-election, and generally rolling with “…the type of activity that occurs in a one-term member of Congress’ office, not someone who is going to be re-elected.

Ashford just lost his Chief of Staff, who was known for working for new members who were in close races. And he lost his 2-week old Communications Director who is going to work in a Florida Democrat’s office.

Both reportedly were miffed that Ashford wasn’t taking his re-election seriously — which sounds like he wasn’t spending any time on the phone raising money.

But all of this begs the question: What they hell kind of Congressional staff did Ashford hire?

Let’s be honest here. Ashford hired essentially a DCCC endorsed campaign staff for his Washington, D.C. Congressional office. These aren’t people meant to look deep and see what is best for Nebraska’s 2nd District. These are national campaigners who have experience helping new members in close districts win elections.

Is THAT what you expected, 2nd District voters?

Oh and now Ashford tells the OWH that he is going to be leaning on Amanda McGill for…well we don’t know what. Because she has so much Congressional experience?

Hey, at least most Republicans knew that Ashford had a reputation for being flaky.

But now Democrats are probably wondering what they bought here. A former Republican, who barely won, is rumored to be switching parties, then won’t raise money for an undoubtedly tough re-elect.

Are there For Sale signs up in the Kleeb’s yard yet?


Winner Take All is dead, and the upshot was a big fat embarrassment for the top Republican in Lincoln.

A big question was how the current administration couldn’t keep Freshman Senator Laura Ebke in on the vote. But then they lost Republican John McCollister as well.

So if the number one office holder in Lincoln couldn’t talk those two into voting for cloture, and against that bill, one must assume that he is in for a very rough session on much more complicated issues.

And why did Ebke and McCollister wait in the first place? They could have finished this with the cloture vote, and instead chose to make a last second u-turn on everyone.

So was the Gov not working this hard enough? Didn’t care? Was disengaged from the matter?

Just wondering what is going to happen on drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, death penalty, taxes…


  1. Hesdeadjim says:

    Sweeper how dare you write Ebke and “wait” in the same sentence. That’s a homophone of “weight” AND homophone has the same prefix as homosexual. That was sexist or homophobic or fat shaming or some such whatnot!

  2. Lil Mac says:

    Sweeper, you wrote Brad Ashford is… “…is rumored to be switching parties…”

    If you mean switch back to the GOP that was his home for most of his political life; a GOP that today has control of both houses of Congress and thinks it has a good chance of replacing Obama with a Republican, then it makes perfect sense that Democratic functionaries on staff would be uncomfortable as hell with Brad and jump ship ASAP,

    So, here’s the scenarios. Either Ashford is politically retarded and he beat Lee Terry by mistake, and the Paulist GOP crowd that weakened Terry was right to do so because Ashford wants to be in power only one term and has no ambition, after a zillion years in the Unicameral as a Republican…

    Or Ashford is about to become a Republican again. And then he’s beaten both parties in NE.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Member of Congress are replaceable commodities, something any lawyer can understand personally. One term and done – who cares?

  4. Ear to the ground says:

    Rumor has it that Mike Larstner, from Tryon, will be running in LD 50 to replace Ken Larsonbaugh. LD 50 has a tradition of electing clueless conservatives. Larstner says he’s more than qualified to represent the district. The Larstner family ended up in Tryon over 100 years ago when they got lost in the Sandhills trying to find Arthur.

    Most political operatives in the district think Larstner will win in a landslide election. The voters of the district are thrilled to think they’ll be represented by someone who has been lost in the middle of nowhere all of his life.

  5. to the above says:

    That was stupid, pointless, and we’re all now dumber for having read it. You are awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Ricketts needs to dump Moening. Not put her fully on the payroll but outright dump her. We’re talking about Ashford being a one termer? Ricketts may not last one term. His advisor has set him up with an unethical and politically suicidal public/private corruption galore employee situation and now he’s had probably the worst opening legislative session of any governor ever in the history of the world. He’s getting bad advice all the way around. Pete, it’s time to be a boss, set the priorities, set the agenda, and set the personnel. You are allowed to do that. Right now you are failing with a capital FAIL.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    And another thing, Pete, I am just a plain old average voter who voted for you. If you are losing me, you are losing the next election . Just ask Lee Terry. Incompetence will not be tolerated. You can be fired.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The only job Pete every had was “Guy Ostensibly In-Charge.” Sitting in the chair doesn’t make you the boss; only actually being the boss, regardless of where (or if) you sit makes you the boss. Can Pete even fake it till he makes it?

  9. On Ebke/Ricketts Communication says:

    “A big question was how the current administration couldn’t keep Freshman Senator Laura Ebke in on the vote.”
    I’ve heard from several sources that not a single person from the Governor’s office met with, talked with, or corresponded with Ebke or anyone from her office – EVER – on winner-take-all. And they’re surprised that she voted against it? Is it so hard to stop by her office, or even pick up the phone, and say “Hey, Laura, we’d love it if you voted with us on this”. Well, this is what happens when your staff is more interested in politics than policy. I place this fail on exactly where it belongs – The Governor’s office.
    This tells me that perhaps they didn’t really give a darn about winner-take-all, or perhaps didn’t want to expend what little but valuable political capital they have left.

  10. The Check's in the Mail says:

    Some of you are being a little hard on the new Governor. It’s probably Daddy Joe’s fault that Pete couldn’t bring Laura Ebke into the fold. Like Joe Kennedy, he doesn’t want to buy one more vote than he has to. No doubt, he’ll loosen up the purse strings in 3 years when Pete is up for reelection.

  11. H. Mello says:

    My name is spelled with 2 L’s and I want to thank my republican friends for having the faith in me to set Nebraska’s fiscal policy. Pete, be good to me and I may throw you a bone.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Just so our esteemed Governor doesn think I am just a complainer, I do have some suggestions for him. These are given in good faith because I do not want to see him fail. If he fails, Nebraska fails. No pressure, right? First, he needs to stop the bleeding. To that end, I recommend he read the book, The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner. Barnes & Noble has any number of similar books as well. It will be a long read, but easily doable this weekend. Next, fire your current advisors. If I see you’ve done those 2 things, I will be happy to lead you through the rest of what you must do.

  13. anon says:

    It is interesting the minority today was all worried about medical costs on the helmet law, and is all in trying to expand medicare. Also the remark about the existing law being a done deal. Does that not go for the death penalty too, Mr. Senator, tell us how it works

  14. Empty Suit says:

    The Governor is MIA this legislative session. He signed into law the Cigar Bar bill and that’s about it. What does Jessica actually do for that paycheck???

  15. Anonymous says:

    You say “Member of Congress are replaceable commodities… one term and done – who cares?”

    The individual who’s ass is plugged into the Congressional seat cares. Getting paid to make law is how Brad pays his light bills. Its how many of them feed their kids. And that’s for most of in office. And for every one of them, it is a title and power and their ass kissed by people who matter. Its money and future and power for the one who becomes empowered. And some of them would kill you, if they could get away with that, to keep that power. That’s who cares.

  16. KHDS says:

    Lincoln, per capita, must have the worst crime in the state. Just checkout the mug shots on the Lincoln Journal Star.

  17. Anonymous says:

    @6:00 PM – But Brad Ashford does not care, he’s not playing House of Cards or Game of Thrones, is he? So I ask you once again WHO CARES? The person whose ass is in the seat? Congressional invective is like a stray molecule complaining about an impending physical change of state. There are always bigger forces at work, yes? Remember that.

  18. Outsider says:

    Appears the state’s top CEO is floundering in unfamiliar waters? Not governing, his Governor’s website is a joke, and his cabinet is half full of “acting” directors because he is too busy or cannot find qualified people to fill them. Time to step up the game.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    Hey, don’t take my advice. It’s not my reputation that’s on the line. I’m just one of your nobody voters. One who doesn have to vote for you next time.

  20. Anon says:

    Campaign staffers don’t always transfer to good legislative staffers and vice versa. They’re two completely different animals. A few can make the crossover smoothly, but they’re few and far between.

  21. Lee Terry "incompetent"? says:

    What a crock there MacDaddy. Terry wasn’t incompetent. Terry was less than 100% perfect. But hey! Now you DO have incompetence with Brad Ashford which YOU and the pompous bunch of asses at the DCRP went out of its way to helped to elect. So much so his staff is quitting this freshman at a pace like no other. Hope you’re happy there Mac Daddy. Business in that office was well served by GREAT Terry Staffers, now staffed by Ashford QUITTERS. WHERE WAS YOUR OUTRAGE WHEN Ashford voted for Nancy Pelosu? Nowhere to be found was it? You’re a worthless hypocrite. And now back to our regularly scheduled Republican Circular firing squas.

  22. Terry staffers?? says:

    He had one of the highest rates of turnover amongst staffers in DC. Campaign Staff??Didn’t he go through 3 campaign managers this last cycle.

    Its a badge of honor to have been fired by him because so many have.

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