Chambers fallout

Some thoughts on the Chambers Outrage from yesterday…


Chambers comical act — and make no mistake, it’s all an act — was even more so because of Chambers inital reaction to the controversy: Shoot the messengers.

He attacked Deena Winter’s story, attacking her journalistic integrity, her reporting, her website and basically her.

Go ahead and re-read her initial story. She was spot on from the start. She put all of the comments in context and got pretty much all (if not completely all) of it correct from the start. I am not clear on who got the story first — her or KFOR’s Coby Mach — but her’s was the first in print and the one picked up nationally.

Chambers attacking her showed what a total buffoon he is.



a ridiculous but amusing person; a clown.
synonyms: clown, jester, fool, comic, comedian, wag, wit, merry andrew, harlequin, Punchinello, Pierrot More


And oh by the way, Senator, there’s this new magical thing called the “Information Superhighway” that allows us to INSTANTLY hear the audio from your hearing. So we don’t have to wait to “read the transcript”. We heard what you said. We heard the tone. We heard the context.

You should get yourself one a’ them TV-typewriter thingys.


Chambers went on to attack Senator Beau McCoy who called him out on the floor, somehow knocking him for his new job. Again, Chambers can’t even look at himself a LITTLE and see why he is a pariah.

And of course telling Chambers that the story is on FOXNews onlh makes him glow. He figures he’s made it. He said it kiddingly, but you better believe he means it.


But let’s look at what Chambers actually said:

“My ISIS is the police. Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do us daily. And they get away with it.”

Now that seems to be the line that everyone in the news is leading with. And it certainly gets your attention because ISIS, and beheadings and all else.

But, frankly, I’m not sure I find that one to be that big of a deal. I get what he’s saying: People in my district are “terrorized” by the police, and ISIS is a terrorist group.

OK. Whoopee. What a really dumb analogy — but an analogy nonetheless. People get a little too whipped up whenever someone uses language that loosely compares two groups.

His analogy is stupid because the police are nothing like terrorists, don’t act like terrorists and are here to serve and protect, not terrorize. Now dopes like Chambers can always pick out exceptions where rogue cops do bad things, or an otherwise good cop screws up. Because, you know what Ernie? They’re human.

But you don’t find terrorist groups who serve the community, take out bad guys and otherwise protect us. They don’t do that.

(An EXCELLENT comparison of terrorist groups would be street gangs, who, the last time I checked, are a real problem in Senator Chamber’s district. But he’ll just gloss over that little fact.)

But the point is that if Chambers had just said, “terrorist” or maybe even “Hamas” or something like that, there wouldn’t be this uproar. But he says “ISIS” and everyone gets extra bent out of shape. Arguably “terrorist” is bad enough for a state Senator to say, but I’d venture that we wouldn’t be here if that was the only word he used.


But Chambers next line IS beyond the pale:

“And if I were going to do something — and I’m not a man of violence — I wouldn’t go to Syria…I would do it RIGHT.HERE…

If I was going to carry a weapon it wouldn’t be against you, it woudln’t be against these people who come here that I might have a dispute with. Mine would be for the police. And if I carried a gun I’d wanna shoot him first and then ask questions later, like they say the cop ought to do. Could I get away with it? You know I couldn’t get away with it. They better hope I never lose my mind and find out I’m on my way out of here.”

Now if that isn’t a direct threat against the men and women of the police department, I don’t know what is.

And Chambers can say he’s a “man of peace” or that he doesn’t suggest anyone else take any actions. That doesn’t exonerate him.

And, oh by the way, Chambers began his whole diatribe about ISIS and guns and everything else with, “And I would tell young people…”

This is a direct threat. It is something any kid who is in his district will no doubt take to heart.

So Senator, please let us know when you STOP telling young people to do these things, because in YOUR OWN WORDS, that’s what you were doing.


A few notes on some others.

State Senator Tommy Garrett was in the committee with Chambers and did make some defensive type remarks directed at Chambers. But in general, those in the room with him generally get a pass for not jumping up right there to give him “what for”. When someone says something bombastic, you don’t always hear exactly what they said. Maybe you’re taking some other notes, or thinking something else, or otherwise thinking, “what did he just say?”

And of course, whenever Chambers is speaking, many just turn down the noise and stop paying attention anyway.


After you’ve heard the actual audio and read the transccripts (if that somehow helps you) I’m not sure how you take the above statement, about shooting cops, and give that the ol’ “Ernie being Ernie!” schtick.

It’s time that he is called out on this crap and that Senators stand up against him, like Senator Beau McCoy did.

So, unfortunately, I’m looking your way, Senator Ebke. Saying Chambers’s statements “probably went over the top a little bit,” is not only not true, but also lets him off to say it and do it again and again. And that’s NOT out of context. The context is all there for all of us to hear.

And Senators Les Seiler and Bob Krist are also giving Chambers a pass.

Well, wrong.

It’s time to, a the very least, to tell him to knock it off.

This isn’t Ernie being Ernie. It’s way past that, when you start telling people that you’re going to start killing cops, because that’s a better alternative than going to Syria. Adding a “just kidding” at the end doesn’t fix it.


Cheers to all the public officials who are taking to the hashtags to support the police.
And also to Mayor Jean Stothert for making a statement calling Chambers out.

We will be watching to see what happens next.

Should 2/3 of the Senators kick him out?
I’m not sure I’d go that far. Feel free to debate.

But to call this just another Ernie statement is a crock.


  1. Pete says:

    I say give him the boot! He’s been a distraction in the Legislature for too long, and he has never accomplished much more than blocking legislation (some good, some bad). Ernie Chambers is more of a distraction to the Leg. than McPherson is to the State board of education.

  2. Matt Butler says:

    Nebraska Constitution III-10: “No member shall be expelled except by a vote of two-thirds of all members elected to the Legislature…”

    It’s time for people to DEMAND their senators begin expulsion proceedings against Ernie Chambers.

    This is not the first time Chambers has made the type of remarks noted here. He did it back in the ’90’s calling out a particular Omaha Police Officer on his public access show stating that he, “could understand why somebody would want to see (name) dead.”

    Ernie Chambers has become a national disgrace, and this Legislature risks becoming one itself if it fails to expel Chambers from its ranks. Demanding an “apology” from him is completely unacceptable.

  3. Ernie Chambers says the criticism will only “inflame” him. And an inflamed hemorrhoid is a truly nasty thing. Or so I hear.

    Meanwhile, lefties are actually defending him in the comments of the LJS.

  4. On the floor this morning says:

    CHAMBERS: I’m not going to apologize. Why do you think I would apologize? If I said something that I didn’t mean, that I shouldn’t have said, I would apologize. All you’d have to do was call it to my attention that I said it, but in the context of what goes on in that Judiciary Committee, I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

  5. Matt Butler says:

    Let’s stop asking for his resignation, stop asking for him to apologize (he’s incapable of that), and be resolute in the fact that he has earned expulsion, and the Nebraska Constitution provides for it.

    Enough of, “oh, that’s just Ernie.” Time to quit making excuses, vote him out, and have him escorted out of the chamber by the Sergeant at Arms.

    This story has been picked up by Fox News, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, etc. Why? Because when an elected official advocates on the record for the shooting of cops and compares them to terrorists…it makes national news.

  6. @ Matt Butler says:

    Agreed. Too many State Senators, including Republicans, are defending Chambers. But impeachment for making a terroristic threat against police is the better path I think. A bonus to impeachment is that Chambers would be automatically disqualified from office for the remainder of his life.

  7. To Tit for Tat says:

    The Governor should have been the first one to call for his resignation after what went on with McPherson.

  8. And just to add, based on the generally limp-wristed response of the Unicam to Chambers’ remarks, that if Ernie is a hemorrhoid, we all know where hemorrhoids are commonly located.

    Al Davis (of Chambers) “He’s been a good senator here”


  9. Pete says:

    I agree with Matt @9:24
    Senators asking for him to resign would be like my co-workers asking for a day or two for me to quit my job. If I don’t want to, I won’t do it and after a couple days everyone just drops the issue.
    They have the tools necessary to perform the task. Now someone in Lincoln needs to show some leadership and get this thing done!

  10. Leadership???? says:

    We have passed a Cigar bar bill and asked for Pat McPherson to resign. That’s real leadership from our governor

  11. Matt Butler is Right (again) says:

    I think Matt nailed it here. There’s a reason we have this provision in our constitution. Time to use it.

  12. Pie Guy says:

    This Legislature is a joke. Whether it is an out of control Ernie or Kintner putting out his cigars on the side of the Capital. It seems like there are a some of the 49 that have a loose grip on right and wrong.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    What has Ernie Chambers ever done to address the problem of violence in his district? Can anybody name anything in all the decades he’s been there? Nobody can name anything because Ernie Chambers is fine with it. I believe him when he says he’d like to kill a cop. He’s just too chickens** to do it so he’s trying to goad some impressionable gang banger to do it for him. That’s what he wants. He wants the violence. He likes the violence in North O (notice he didn’t live there when he didn’t have to) because he’s the worst type of progressive: he’s not interested in solutions. He’s only interested in the drama.

  14. Stainbrook says:

    Vince Powers condemned the statement but hasn’t asked, nay, demanded Ernie’s resignation. Why not? If people were offended by Pat McPherson’s inability to monitor his website, those same people should be calling for Ernir’s ouster and every Senator who supports him.

  15. Andy says:

    Unfortunately these comments are hiding the real debate about LB635, a bill that attempts to address a problem in the concealed carry law. An issue that many of the people that own or manage businesses that this piece of the law can not tell people if they are breaking the law or not. Leaving a big question mark about if something is legal or not. Directly this comment by Ernie was dealing with a proposed amendment to allow off duty police, who have a public safety duty even when off duty and face real treats t there lives, from being able to carry their concealed firearm onto school grounds when picking up a child from school or meeting with school officials. This amendment would not cause any risk to students and in fact would help provide security for them.

    In all this argument over what Senator Chambers has said nobody is commenting on the comments of those testifying in opposition to this bill. Bring up an old, disgraced study that cherry picked data from a very small pool of respondents then made unfounded leaps in its conclusions calling those Nebraskans that own and carry firearms alcoholics.

    This had long been the way not only Ernie but those who fight against our freedoms act, pointing to false flag bogymen who are endangering the public, rather than recognizing the members of our society that daily strive to make our communities safer for themselves, their families and all of us in general.

  16. The Eye Ball says:

    Senator Chambers has provided a golden parachute to conservative and Republican Senators who could not deliver on conservative legislation. Sorry. I am not taking the bait.

  17. KHDS says:

    Expelling Chambers will NEVER happen. In 2015 being called a racist is the worst thing imaginable. Chambers is immune from censure or expulsion due to his race and he knows it.

    Obama knew this from Day 1 and Barack is way smarter than Ernie. That’s why Barack can issue his Executive Memo on illegals and know nothing will happen. Obama can do anything he wants.

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