Lincoln heat

First for you this morning, a little radio from Andy Stebbing for Lincoln Mayor.
Hear it here:

Hits the high points:
Beutler raised taxes.
Spends crazy.
Stebbing has cut his budget.
Spends efficiently.
Stebbing endorsed by LIBA.

Rock n’ roll.

(And you can hear my interview with Stebbing by clicking here.)


And sticking in Lincoln, the LJS just couldn’t do it.
They couldn’t get over themselves.

They HAD to list a defense of Ernie Chambers, instead of simply condemning his cop killing statements.

“Oh, but the police are bad too! Look at all these nasty things Omaha cops have done!” (Gee, did we hit on the main point the LJS is just dying to make about Wild West Omaha?)

Which, as stated here before, may or may not be true — BUT. THAT. AIN’T. THE. POINT.

Can’t just say talking about killing cops is bad, huh?
Can’t bring yourselves to do it?
Gotta put a qualifier in there, yeah?

LJS, you just failed and you are a lesser newspaper for it.


Really don’t know how things will proceed from here on that topic, but it is unlikley that things are NOT done.

And on the point above, you can note that the OWH editorial on the subject did NOT pull punches on Ernie.


So the next time you go to a party over at the Kleebs house, ok?
Like, totally bring your OWN BEER, dude!

Because they will, like, totally hound you for beer money, AFTER the party is over!

And I’m all like, “DUDE! I paid you for the suds I drank!” And she’s all like, “Uh, pay me right now or I will call my lawyer, and you know that my lawyer will come down on you like a FFA jacket on my shoulders!” And I’m like, “Forget it! I already totally paid you.

And those dudes that sang were totally old, anyway.


And congrats to UNO hockey to the Frozen Four!!!


  1. Matt Butler says:

    I will be calling my state senator today, to thank him for his service in the Legislature, and to save the institution with the expulsion of Chambers. I would encourage other Nebraskans to do the same. If 33 Senators refuse to put their collective foot down and banish fellow Senators who advocate for cop killing, then the Legislature has ceased to exist as a legitimate institution in Nebraska. I’m not looking for Chamber’s resignation or apology. It would be meaningless anyway. I’m looking for him to escorted off the State Capitol premises by 2 State Troopers.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Boy, you conservatives really have problems with deciphering the English language. Read what Ernie actually said and the context in which it was said. It’s like key words trigger something in your brains that shut down intelligent thought and logic.

  3. Anonymous says:

    @925am – In what context is it ever appropriate to say that if you had a gun, you’d shoot a cop? What context is appropriate to compare the police to ISIS (who are capturing young girls and selling them as slaves)?

    The most disappointing result from all of this is how most every libertarian is defending Ernie; Ebke, Kintner and the fools at the DCRP Facebook page..showing their true liberal colors I guess

  4. Anonymous says:

    Matt, the problem with expulsion is that Hadley, Bloomfield, Kintner and Krist are all defending Ernie and his right to spew filth. Not to mention that a few people in the capitol are pissed that is is an issue and being brought up

  5. Complete Failure says:

    The fact is Lincoln Republicans are going to be destroyed in the city election. They failed to recruit any decent city council candidates at all. They couldn’t even find any candidate against Jane Raybould. Can we stop pretending that LIBA is relevant anymore?

  6. The Grundle King says:

    I’ve read the context in which Ernie’s remarks were made, and I still can’t understand how anybody could find them remotely acceptable.

    Got a problem with how *some* police officers treat minorities? Fine. Got a problem with expanding gun ownership rights? I disagree with you, but fine.

    But talking about even wanting to shoot a cop first, and ask questions later…after some people recently have done EXACTLY THAT…no, not fine. Especially when doing so based on the absurd assumption that the people of his district are “smart enough” to know better than to go out and shoot LEOs. Omaha’s crime statistics show the people of his district are not “smart enough” to stop shooting each other, so what makes him think they’ll react more intelligently to people that HE is telling them that they should fear and loathe (police)?

  7. Bystander says:

    Worth noting that Governor Ricketts has now publicly called on two elected officials for a resignation and an apology and received neither, yet continues to defend (through surrogates) his infamous and ethically-questionable choice to lead the state patrol. That’s a strong 100 days, right there.

  8. The Grundle King says:

    I hate to say it, but I’m afraid that Anon 9:43 is right.

    I like and support Stebbing, but why, oh why did he have to talk about Beutler ‘not having the energy for the job anymore’? (Hey! Context!) While I get what Stebbing was saying, all he did was piss off every liberal and independent blue hair in Lincoln…and news flash, those folks tend to vote.

    Do we even have a Lancaster County Republican Party? Who is in charge? What do they do? Beutler is looking at his third term as the opportunity to be King of Lincoln, and they can’t find a single person to run in opposition to Jane Raybould? Not ONE?!!

    I’ve lived in northeast Lincoln for several years now, and I’ve yet to have one Republican candidate (or his/her campaigners) show up at my door. Doug Emery, on the other hand, canvassed my neighborhood in person. Several other Democratic candidates have sent their representatives through, as well. IMO, that is a failure by the Republican party. I understand that my little ‘hood tends to vote for Dems…even Dems that have a little too much to drink and run into snowplows…but to completely surrender that part of town? Come on!

  9. Anonymous says:

    @9:25, there’s a big difference between want and would. There’s quite a few things I’d want to do, that I would NEVER do!

  10. Macdaddy says:

    LOL. Kleeb said she reached an oral agreement with the owners who ran the beer garden. She’s lucky they sent Bold Nebraska even $4000. If they weren’t honest, they would have sent her nothing. Bold Nebraska: Because we’re stupid.

  11. Macdaddy says:

    Chambers has no excuse for his intemperate and inflammatory words in an attempt to incite violence. None. I realize at his age he won’t change so it’s up to the honorable Senators of the unciam to police their own. What are they afraid of? He said he would shoot cops, not fellow Senators.

  12. The Grundle King says:

    “@9:25, there’s a big difference between want and would. There’s quite a few things I’d want to do, that I would NEVER do!”

    Not everyone possesses the level of self-restraint sufficient to keep ‘wants’ from becoming ‘woulds’.

  13. Platte County Sheriff says:

    Can someone please tell the Governor that his staff do not have immunity from speeding in our county like State Senators do? Driving at very high speeds could kill someone.

  14. To People Who Can't Read or Hear says:

    Conservatives need to be very cautious of Sen McCoy’s distraction tactic. What is his end game? To tie up the entire legislative session trying to break Senator Chambers so conservatives will forget about all the legislation which was torpedoed so far? Sen. McCoy is clear trying to curry favor with police unions so he can run for Congress in district 2. Can’t conservatives see through this smoke screen?

    Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer is a very good chief. He has rightly sought out better training for officers. He fired four police officers for bad conduct. However, as the law now stands, those same officers can just be re-hired by the Douglas County Sheriff or State Patrol and drive the same streets of Omaha again as law enforcement. Does anyone not see this is a bad idea? Does anyone not see that recycling bad apples or laundering bad characters to make them look good is a very bad idea?

    That is basically the concern Sen. Chambers brought up with police training and two Lincoln Police officers who were hired by other law enforcement agencies.
    Go listen to Chambers comments at the 56 minute mark video as on the World Herald site.

    It is the recycling of bad apples which provoke Sen. Chambers anger.

  15. SouthPointe Lincoln says:

    Grundle King,

    The slate of candidates that the Lancaster County GOP has put up is laughable. If the GOP won’t put up any sort of fight in this election, then don’t come talking to me the next time you need money. I’m done with the local county party. I’ll give to candidates but the Lancaster County or State GOP will never get one red cent from me.

  16. Anon says:

    McCoy can say what he wants, free speech thing. It’s not like Ernie isn’t going to not waste any less time being vile.

  17. Get your facts straight @ 3:21p says:

    It is abundantly clear that you have not read over the last several weeks this blog, the Lincoln Journal Star or Omaha World Herald. It has been publicly reported and Sen. Beau McCoy has publicly stated he is NOT running for Congress in the 2nd district. He is also not up for re-election in 2016 since he is term limited nor is he running for any other public office after his term. Get your facts straight. Sen. McCoy is an honest leader and standing up for what is right. He is not trying to gain favor with the police unions.

  18. Can't be fooled says:

    Getting facts straight or smoking out a lie? Sen. Beau McCoy can say he is not running for NE2 but who really believes that? JUST. NOT. CREDIBLE. Only a fool would not see through this.

  19. Pity the fool @ 3:50p says:

    I really pit the fool @ 3:50pm. Believe what you want. You are WRONG. He has stated he is NOT running. Feel free to do your own research, call any news outlet or talk to any “credible” sources to validate your facts. It is time to let go of your conspiracy theory.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The fool who thinks Sen. McCoy is publicly creating a “smoke screen” or lying about his non intentions of running for Congress is clearly “smoking” something other than cigarettes. Get a life dude!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Are you last two posters as naive as you appear, or do you work for McCoy? Politicians, especially opportunists like McCoy, change their mind if it’s to their advantage, no matter how much they pledge not to.

  22. Anonymous says:

    McCoy is an opportunist? Have you even met him or are you listening to the chief of the libertarians, Scott Petersen?

  23. Macdaddy says:

    I don’t care if McCoy is running or not running. I certainly don’t care if he changes his mind. People sometimes do that.

  24. To People Who Can't Read or Hear says:

    McCoy is clearly trying to gain favor with police unions. Perhaps he plans to run for Omaha Mayor and let Jean Stothert run for Congress. Who knows? But to say he has no plans to run for office is nonsense.

    All this Chambers crap is just burning time off the clock of the Unicameral session. Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom is already advising its members to complain to Senators about the lack of progress on tax cuts.

    The conservative agenda has stalled due to lack of communication and lack of effective lobbying and McCoy is just exploiting the situation.

  25. KHDS says:

    OWH reported that Jane Kleeb’s lawsuit is based on an oral contact, but LJS has a quote stating that her dispute with the small, local business is “black and white.”

    1. Jane, an oral contract isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

    2. LJS, stop covering for Bold Nebraska and working as its propagandist.

  26. repentinglawyer says:

    KHDS, are you saying oral contracts are generally unenforceable? If so I would appreciate a citation, even The Statute of Frauds is shot through with exceptions.

  27. KHDS says:

    Just citing the great jurist Grocho Marx.

    Yes, oral contracts can be enforceable but as a matter of proof and to avoid future misunderstandings the great Kleeb should have scratched something on paper. Better to have contracts in black and white than to rely on “he said, she said.”

    In fact, I have an oral contract with Jane to paint her house for forty ounces of gold.

  28. repentinglawyer says:

    KHDS, Groucho is a great source except on law, for that you must turn to his lawyer the Honorable Charles J McCarthy comma, full stop, mark it fragile.

  29. Macdaddy says:

    Hey, thanks to Groucho, Chico beat espionage charges in Duck Soup. Of course, he was the judge. And the defense attorney. Now that’s legal talent!

  30. Anonymous says:

    To “People who can’t read or hear”
    You are an idiot. McCoy does not live in the city limits and can’t even vote in the election for mayor, much less run for mayor. And how many times does a guy have to say I am not running for congress before you get it?

  31. Interested says:

    So who on the Governor’s staff failed to appear in Court 1, 2 or 3 times as someone is alluding too? That is pretty serious. Did someone use any influence??? Usually a warrant is issued when you fail to come to court.

  32. Not Interested says:

    No one cares about the Governor’s staff except Democrats that want to take cheap shots against Jessica and Matt. Get a life.

  33. Packing the Trunk says:

    The NEGOP is dead in the water.

    It has become painfully evident this Legislative session that the Nebraska Republican Party is a bunch of dysfunctional misfits.

    Look at who the “leader” of the Nebraska Republican Party is…a Governor who has never been an elected official before, and the only other time he has run a campaign, he was beaten by almost 30 points by a Democrat, even after he spent $16 million of his own money in the campaign.

    There are three separate splinters of the party at the moment. There’s the “RINOs” (Republicans In Name Only, who proudly would’ve called themselves “Ben Nelson Democrats” twenty years ago). Then there’s the “Ron Paul” Libertarian wing, whose biggest concern right now seems to be cancelling out other Republicans and getting as many of them elected as they can. Finally, there’s the “conservatives”. What few of them there actually are can’t seem to get their message across, because they are either ineffective at speaking on the floor or working behind the scenes to build coalitions. These three groups are literally working against each other on a daily basis. Has everyone forgotten Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment?

    It’s this splintering of the party that is causing the most problems right now. When was the last time you’ve heard of major dissention in the Democratic Party? Certainly not in Nebraska. There were the “Blue Dog Democrats” who came out against Obama early in his first term. Anyone know what became of them? Either the Democrats got rid of them (better to have your enemy more clearly defined) or they were made to toe the party line. When was the last time you’ve heard a Democrat in the Nebraska Legislature say “I wasn’t contacted by my party leadership on this issue”? It just doesn’t happen. Ever hear Adam Morfeld or any other freshman Democrat go against party leadership? Nope, wouldn’t happen.

    All this boils down to leadership. The two most powerful politicians in the State of Nebraska today are:
    1. Ernie Chambers (who else can make the entire Legislature cower with fear when their bills come to the floor? Who else can dare the Legislature to censure or even expel him, knowing full well that no one will act on it?)
    2. Heath Mello (the most powerful person on the most powerful committee in the Legislature. The GOP better pray that he doesn’t figure out how to campaign in the Third District, or he could send Ricketts packing in 2018)

    You could go a lot farther down that list before you came across a Republican name. Who would be that standard bearer, that face of the Party? Let’s face it, there isn’t one.

    Politics have taken a dangerous turn since 2008. Elections are no longer about issues and principles, they are strictly about who can raise the most cash. This specifically hurts the Republican Party because the GOP is supposed to be a party of principles. Democrats can bend whichever way the political winds blow, but Republicans have traditionally hung their hats on less government, lower taxes, strong national defense, and “traditional family values”. Democrats read down this laundry list, simply find out which ones that Republican candidates are weak on, and hammer them as long and loudly as possible. It’s gotten so bad that Republicans hide from these core values and almost feel the need to apologize for them. If Republicans continue to play defense on these issues, the hammer of political correctness will continue to pound the foundations of what the party was built on.

    Democrats have done a great job of getting the different Republican splinters to chase after single issues. The Republicans in the Legislature have been chasing various pet projects like Voter ID, Winner Take All, fighting Medicaid expansion, and lower property taxes that they are missing the big picture. When the biggest victory your party can claim all year is keeping open cigar bars in Nebraska, that’s a massive failure for the people of Nebraska. Almost nobody in the Third District—your most consistent conservative voting block statewide—cares about that.

    The NEGOP needs to lay out a clear, consistent vision for where they want to take the party, and the state of Nebraska. They need to put people in leadership positions that can articulately communicate that message to the masses, and then have the backbone to follow through with it. Don’t just put in the people who have “paid their dues” or “waited in line”. Don’t just get people who fit the “target demographics”. Here’s a crazy idea: how about putting the good of the state ahead of personal gain. But then again, that would go against everything the party has stood for the past several years.

    No message, no messenger.

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