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Chambers - Juinor 03There was another “editorial” — this time in column form — that was not included in the last post, that should be noted.

Don Walton of the LJS wrote in his weekly column…

The two-hour legislative discussion last week about “what Ernie Chambers said” was revealing.

…a subsequent media-driven storm…

Generally speaking, the harshest words directed at Chambers tended to come from freshman senators as opposed to veteran senators, those who know him best.

Later that day, Lincoln Public Safety Director Tom Casady, a career cop, tweeted: “I think Sen. Chambers is far more likely to give birth than shoot a police officer. Wouldn’t mind having him as a partner in the 1970s.”

Ah, where to begin…

It amazes me to see journalists pussy-foot around the real issues on a particular issue, like Don Walton does here.

First, enough about “those who know Chambers best.” They “know him best”…why? Because they’ve been in the Legislature four more years than their colleagues?

We’ve ALL heard Chambers for the last 40 years. Just because you’ve stood next to him for a few more months doesn’t give you any more clarity into his ravings from the floor.

And frankly, you may know him personally from breaking bread at his home and having done a Vulcan mind meld with him.

So what?
THAT excuses what he SAID.
The WORDS that came out of his mouth?

So is (Lincoln’s) Tom Casady correct? That Chambers is more likely to go Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Junior” than Arnie in “Terminator”?

Is that really the point?

But it is funny how Walton chose not to report Part 2 of Casady’s Tweet:

Nevertheless, it never hurts to say “I’m sorry.” —from one who has a personal record of foot-in-mouth.

No, I don’t think Chambers is likely to go outside and shoot a policeman.
But how about asking the POLICE from Chambers’ district if they think that was a wise thing for Chambers to say.

Or was it extremely reckless, and only makes their job more dangerous?

And “media driven storm”? Yeah, heaven forbid the media actually report what comes out of Chambers’ mouth.


Last week it was announced that there is a new director of the Nebraska Department of Administrative Services (at $115K a year…).

That means that Larry Bare, the former Chief of Staff to Governor Dave Heineman is no longer working in state government for Governor Pete Ricketts.

So not only did lose (got rid of?) the most knowledgeable and experienced guy in the administration, they lost of the most knowledgeable and experienced person in ALL of Nebraska state government.


In other news, the improvements to Wrigley Field seem to be humming along.


The Cook Poliitcal Report “officially” called Nebraska’s 2nd District House race, a “Toss Up”.

Not really THAT surprising, but it wouldn’t have been a shock to see it “Lean Democrat”.

Ashford’s seat is the only Dem seat to be listed as a Toss Up. Freshman Iowa Rep. Rod Blum from the northeast 1st District is also listed as a “Toss Up”, but that is a way more Dem district than what Ashford faces.

Wonder if Ashford is still taking it seriously..


  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Having had vast experience watching the unicam while I lived there, I have not been surprised by Chambers’ recent rant. So.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Larry Bare came across some special treatment of a high level Rickets staffer by the law and that’s why he was let go… He was incredibly good at his job and it is sad to see him go.

    Of course, that’s just speculation. I am sure they wouldn’t be dumb enough to leave public record of said favors…

  3. File a Protection Order says:

    Oh come on! This is all political BS and any Nebraska political junkie should know. If any officer felt “threaten” they can do what the rest of us would do. File a protection order. Anyone who sat through the whole hearing knew what Chambers was getting at.

  4. State worker says:

    Larry intended to retire. He was not forced out. He had said his last Governor would be Heineman, and was asked to stay on as DAS Director until a replacement was found. Nothing to see here…moving on.

  5. Writing on the wall says:

    Governor Moenning does not play well with others. She has got rid of most of the old guard. The governor is failing miserably in the Unicameral. What has she got passed this session? Oh that’s right Cigar Bars! Heath Mello runs the budget and he will have enough votes to override

  6. to File a Protection Order says:

    In what wacked out world do you live in that saying you want to shoot (a cop) first and ask questions later is okay, in any context?

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Chambers needs to resign. He has done his district no favors at any point in his career and in fact has mostly worked against their interests to make sure his district had one of the highest murder rates for African-Americans and one of the highest unemployment rates in the entire country. That’s no small feat.

  8. KHDS says:

    Just expel Chambers. He asked for it, so give it to him.

    He wastes all sorts of time on the floor and controls the whole body.

    Show some courage.

    What would George Norris do?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The worship of George Norris is a scourge on this state. No other state allows debate to go on 8 hours, they’re able to cut it off with a simple majority! But no, Norris wanted sweep clean state government and impose his ‘vision’ on Nebraska.

  10. The Grundle King says:

    “In what wacked out world do you live in that saying you want to shoot (a cop) first and ask questions later is okay, in any context?”

    The same world where the Vice POTUS say something as idiotic as, “…[if] you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door,” and ALSO gets to keep his job.

  11. To Governor Moenning says:

    Where are you at on this? You asked only for an apology???? The Fort is a real leader!!

    From the LJS:
    Rep. Jeff Fortenberry said Friday he believes the Nebraska Legislature should at least censure Sen. Ernie Chambers for his remarks comparing police interaction with black citizens to Islamic State treatment of its victims in the Mideast.

    “Senator Chambers’ long history of bullying, bigotry and hatred has reached a new low,” the Republican congressman said in a written statement.

    “This latest episode of condoning violence against police is reckless and contradicts the sacred duty of a lawmaker to protect society.

    “I ask that the Legislature — at a minimum — censure Senator Chambers, particularly in light of his refusal to take back his words.”

  12. fedora says:

    Since the subject here is politicians killing their own law enforcement officers (AG Holder actually did that as a drug cartel sniper-rifle dealer), and also political males giving birth, try this on for size.

    Secretary of State John Kerry told Iran, “I am proud of the Iranian-Americans in my own family” and am “strongly committed to resolving differences… to the mutual benefit of both of our people.”
    But who are Kerry’s “people”? Does he mean Americans a decade from now threatened with annihilation by Iran? Or does he mean his only in-laws whose entire families are in Iran with swords at their necks today?

    Kerry’s son in law is Behrooz Vala Nahed. Call him Brian, like Barack is called Barry, except Barry’s family are all Americans or Kenyans. Brian’s are all Iranians, ready to have their heads sawn on television depending on what John Kerry says about Iran.

    That’s not a problem if Kerry is a tough war hero. It is a problem however if he’s an emotional nutcase of the sort who’d wear rubber breasts to nurse a baby to get the motherly experience.

    Daughter Vanessa Kerry told the NYT that her daddy designed her wedding dress. “He drew a sketch of what he thought I should wear on my big day… It’s really just been the three of us planning the wedding.” Per the NYTs, “Kerry offered input on everything from choices of invitations and tablecloths to the style of his daughter’s wedding dress to the colors of the tents at their outdoor reception.“ — Kerry was already remarried. His daughter had a stepmother. But it was John Kerry who strapped on the rubber milk boobs. — That is scary weird in a man that powerful.

    Obama’s ability to pick sick sycophants is impressive. From the tax evader Treasurer, to a buck sergeant SECDEF, to the mother of all Conflicts of Interest, Madam Secretary John Kerry.

    As with Ernie Chambers, it is not the subjects of Kerry’s speechifying who are most hurt. Rather it is those whom they officially represent whom they most endanger by willful neglect and self interest.

  13. So if says:

    So, for those who asked Pat McPherson to resign over a statement on his blog that he apparently didn’t pay attention to, will you ask the same of Ernie Chambers who actually did say the words?

  14. Macdaddy says:

    You can ask all you want. Chambers will not resign. There are only 3 choices: symbolic censure that means nothing, drop it which means nothing, or expel him and be prepared for the inevitable lawsuit and protests bussed in from other states. Now which do I think our Profiles in Courage recipients will do? Well, they won’t need lawyers!

  15. Disagree with removing elected representatives for saying dumb, obnoxious shite. Chambers isn’t the problem; he’s a symptom of a completely dysfunctional legislature so shackled by a weak set of rules that it spends most of its time in filibusters and in debating bills that cannot pass. Reduce the supermajorities needed for cloture and allow cloture motions to be introduced without wasting an entire day. Eliminate all secret ballots, so we can see what our senators are doing. Eliminate the bracket rule. Those would be a start.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Now, now give Governor Jessica a break…..she’s got the entire state to focus upon as well as their new state chair. Pete and Dan…..and all that work in the legislature. Notice how many appointments are coming from Norfolk? Who is from Norfolk? Maybe Governor Huckabee will charm Governor Jessica back to Iowa again in 2016….it’s why we didn’t call Pete Senator and Mike President. Just ain’t a win.

  17. Lil Mac says:

    While we indeed have a dysfunctional legislature, aiming for new rules while keeping it a unicameral is like putting a band-aid on an amputated leg. For whether it is Ernie using his constituents for his own empowerment or a Sand hills Senator using his for the same, none of them will break their own rice bowls. They make their own rules and who can hammer them hard enough to force them to change? Voters are distant and infrequent, the executive is an all-or-nothing veto, and news media, while revelatory, is non-legislative and often rather dim.

    There is no second equal partner, with lawmaking acumen and in real time, in a unicameral. Yet only such an equal partner has a chance of making the other house behave. The same normal human selfishness won’t allow a unicameral member to break his own rice bowl, forces a member of a second house to shift the spotlight away from his own house’s flaws onto that of the other house.

    Good government cannot rise from unfettered human nature. Good government happens obliquely, when mechanisms pit the worst of people against the worst of others as their equals in lawmaking, thus forming a neutral field in which productive ideas may blossom. That’s a bicameral.

    Or more poetically put, the creature stands upon one leg. It hops. To wonder why it doesn’t run correctly is as shortsighted as all possible remedies for that one leg are folly. It is but one leg. You cannot paint its toenails or lace upon it a shoe to make it run right.

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    …and besides, Gerard and Lil Mac, rules changes have been debated by past legislatures. They couldn’t get ’em past Chambers! My memory dictates that he is a man who growls into his microphone while race-baiting, and declaring that he “owns” the legislature.
    For the most part, he did.

  19. Reality Check says:

    Obama and the Dems controlled both houses and passed Obama Care. Governor Ricketts has 35 out of 49 Senators and can only pass a Cigar Bar Bill. What’s wrong here? Jon Bruning would have kicked some arse and closed the ranks.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    Reality Check, Ricketts has 35 wink, wink votes. I call them wink, wink rather than outright liars because I want to be Nebraska Nice. But to my Senator who stood on my front porch and made himself out to be a conservative Republican: I will not make the same mistake twice.

  21. JEOPARDY! says:

    The category is, oddball legislatures.
    Name this animal often compared to Nebraska State Senators….
    “What is a Gelding?”

  22. Anonymous says:

    Why do so many people fault what Senator Chambers said by only partially quoting him and removing all context from his statements?

  23. Anonymous says:

    What did Senator Chambers say that was any different than what almost any 2nd Amendment spouting Tea-Partier hadn’t already said. It is obvious that a 30 round clip of armor piercing shells in an AR-15 is for confronting the police and our government.

  24. The Grundle King says:

    “It is obvious that a 30 round clip of armor piercing shells in an AR-15 is for confronting the police and our government.”

    No, it’s for whatever I choose to use it for. You morons keep thinking we need to come up with some sort of justification for possessing such guns. The only justification that I need, is that I can.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Then you won’t mind when I install a battery of surface to air missiles in my back yard right next to my Abrams tank, will you? The Constitution says nothing about limiting what arms I may possess.

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