First, a Separated at Birth passed on by a loyal reader…

From Governor Ricketts’ office, Public Relations Director Taylor Gage and from NBC’s The Office, John Krasinski!

Taylor Gage - John Krasinski

(That one’s scary, yeah?)


Speaking of the Governor, Ricketts has come out strong against the bill in the Nebraska legislature that proposes a raise to the Gas Tax.

However, that bill just passed the first of three rounds, before it would go to the Governor’s pen, by a vote of 26-10.

Annnnnd…along with various GOP members who have supported the tax increase is the think-tank founded by Ricketts, the Platte Institute.

Platte Institute Director Jim Vokal forwarded their position to Leavenworth St.

They conclude their analysis, saying…

Nebraskans also need general relief for both property and income taxes. Offsetting it with a gas tax increase will lessen the stress placed on county and general funds. A functional transportation system coupled with lower tax rates is an investment in both our infrastructure and our people, and the best way to grow our state.

Interestingly, after a Tweet on the disconnect between Platte and Ricketts, this short flurry went by:

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 11.56.10 AM

So we will see where all of that lands.
Platte likes the bill, but maybe doesn’t?

Senator Kitner doesn’t like the bill, and likely won’t.

The Gov seems pretty firm on it. Could any changes change his mind?

This will be a big issue to watch.


It was noted here that former Governor Heineman Chief of Staff, Larry Bare, left…as Director of the Department of Administrative Services. Some had commented that Bare left on his own accord because he planned to “retire”.

Well, except that he JUST took a gig with the Legislature as a “senior research consultant”.

It is probably a good thing for Nebraska that arguably the person most knowledgable about state government is still working there — at least in one of the branches.


If you didn’t listen to The Wheels Down Politics Show interview with state Senator John Murante...well, one can’t say just what sort of animal you are, but it ain’t a political animal!

In any case, you might want to take a hear, and listen to Murante’s thoughts about running for the GOP nomination for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat.

Murante didn’t say he is “in”. But he didn’t say he isn’t in.

It may not be surprising to see some Murante for Congress signs up in less than a year…

(So listen to the show already! Oh, and tell your friends. We have more good interviews coming soon!)


Happy Passover, a blessed Good Friday and a Happy Easter to ya’ll!


  1. Unicameral Guy says:

    Ricketts and his staff have no clout in the Legislature. He blew all of us off before he took office. no one has access to him. His Paul Landow clone Jessica runs the show. They have been absent on all of the legislation except for his standing Order no taxes. Pete will get overridden on every bill he vetoes. We have never had this weak of a governor before

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