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Dave Boomer 001Jerry Kratochvil talks with political consultant David Boomer.

Jerry and Dave talk about how Dave came up through the political ranks, first with Nebraska Rep. John Y. McCollister and Senator Carl Curtis, before working on such thing as revamping the welfare system in Connecticutt.

Then Dave talks about campaigning in Nebraska, mainly with Congressman Lee Terry and the battles he has had in Nebraska’s 2nd District.

He concludes with his thoughts on how #NE02 is shaping up for 2016.

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  1. Egads says:

    Nice interview but in the interest of actually discussing the political news of the day…

    Hillary Clinton is the first candidate in history to announce she wants to change the Bill of Rights. She’s stuck, needing to say she will clean up Washington and make America more fair. Yet her solution 1s to change the First Amendment to empower politicians to restrict political speech against and about the political class. By law and common sense your speech is the money you and your unions and your doctors and everyone else donate to candidates. That’s how messages get out. That’s how Hillary’s message is getting out right now. That is, unless she’s syphoning money from the Clinton Foundation. Think “Whitewater”.

    Forget for a moment that the Bill of Rights protects individuals from their own government. Just focus on the fact that class inequality has risen during the Obama years because the zero interest rate policy of federal government has gelled liquidity in the USA thus causing the stock market to rise to benefit the very few Americans who own most of the stocks. The name “Buffett” should come to mind. Democrats seem to hate the wannabe rich while they serve the super-rich like Gates and Buffett. It’s a scam dressed up as kindness to the masses.

    Hillary is stuck. She is the Whitewater Queen who yet now must appear somehow willing and able to drain the muddy swamp that ever has been Washington politics. And her solution is to say aloud that her priority is to restrict Free Speech. Wow. She is as scary as Obama is witless. It’s a tossup which is worse for America. Zero mainstream media are talking about this.

  2. Good friend of Boom! says:

    David Boomer is a great operative, and great guy. The best skill of Boomer that no one will ever fully appreciate is how many Terry campaigns he kept together. He was a great team builder, and everyone that ever worked for him loves him. He’s somebody you want in the fox hole with you.

  3. Pete says:

    I haven’t had the chance to listen yet, but I’m excited to do so! As stated above, Boomer kept things together and he was a heck of a team builder. He had a way of making everyone feel special and involved. The downside was that he had me hooked on filterless camel cigarettes for about a year. And freeze pops.

  4. Funny says:

    Last time sweeper interviewed a consultant, Mr. Owen Four got trashed. Now there’s a David Boomer interview and everyone loves him.

  5. Dr. CD-02 says:

    Who will be lucky enough to have Boom run their 2016 CD-02 campaign? This guy knows the district inside and out.

  6. Brandi says:

    @CT Republican Party: From someone who has worked on the ground in Connecticut and with local RTC’s — I can tell you he’s very much admired and respected in CT politics. But you probably wouldn’t know the first thing about how the CT republican party operates…

    And from someone who has worked with Boomer in Nebraska, I can tell you he is a class act. As mentioned before he is a team builder, he can rally the troops. And there is something to be said for his success in the second district. Maybe it was the freeze pops and coffee?

  7. Great Guy says:

    Boomer is a great guy and gave many people their start in politics. He was always willing to talk strategy and explain campaign concepts to the worker bees.

    He also managed to keep in Lee Terry in office all those years. Whoever picks him up as a campaign manager will be very lucky for the CD2 race.

  8. To Brandi says:

    Interesting take. Wasnt his boss a bit of trouble and he got in trouble. I think the new york times wrote about it.

  9. @1245 & 1259 says:

    Big deal, he worked for a corrupt politician which is to say he worked for a politician.

    David Boomer holds more knowledge about policy and campaigns in his freezer full of freeze pops than most “operatives” in this state will ever know.

  10. @ 12:45p says:

    Bad job at parsing out key facts. Dave Boomer did not have any wrongdoing with CT Gov John Rowland’s corruption issues.

  11. anonymous says:

    He must have thought by hiring a “younger” gun manager could get him out of his “I got a nice house and kid in college” killer re-election quote.

  12. Well the paper disagrees says:

    Last week some legislators criticized the former aide, David Boomer, after it became public that he had visited the commission’s office to review the records of Democratic lawmakers who were calling for an impeachment inquiry of the governor, a Republican.

    Mr. Boomer also announced Tuesday that he was voluntarily terminating his contract with the state Republican Party, which would have ended in March. Although he has denied it, some of Mr. Boomer’s critics have said they believe the state Republican Party was directing him to dig up potentially damaging information on Democrats.

  13. Hesdeadjim says:

    So 2:25 p.m. what in the world is wrong with reviewing public documents to look for dirt on your opponents that you can then shed light on? That’s just smart politics if you ask me.

  14. anonymous says:

    Correct. It’s called opposition research. It’s done in any campaign, administration, public or private entity for a variety of reasons. Public records are the first to be reviewed. Not a big deal.

  15. Trinity says:

    Boooooomeeeeer!!! Still quick to share the credit for his own accomplishments, values every member of the team, knows how to respond to the twists and turns of a campaign and how to make every day of a grueling campaign fun. One in a million!! Great choice for a podcast, Sweeper!

  16. McPherson says:

    I for one really hate opposition research.. Half-breed blog posts and the red robin should never be revealed to the public.

  17. Heather says:

    Dave Boomer is a class act, which is evidenced in this great podcast. I was lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him and like many others we miss our good friend. He truly cares about his staff, volunteers and clients and has always worked hard along side them.

    He treats everyone with respect and fairness, which is hard to do in challenging political campaigns. There is no ego or pretentiousness with “Boom.” For someone as experienced and knowledgeable as he is in politics and government that is a rare quality in this business. Iced coffees from Starbucks or Scooters and Sonic Chili Cheese Puffs are also “Boom” campaign survival staples!

  18. In the know says:

    I especially liked we Lee barely beat underfunded Democrat Ewing and had to pull two adds and lost the OWH endorsement. Great job Boomer.

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