Radio, TV & more plans?

Andy Stebbing for Mayor of Lincoln has a new radio ad up.
Hear it here:

Once again, this lays it out for the Lincoln voters: You can vote for Beutler, and spending big money on bike lanes and barber poles.

Or you can vote for Stebbing, who has a law enforcement background and who has experience and results innovating and saving taxpayer money.

(And if you want to hear more from Stebbing, be sure to listen to my interview with him on The Wheels Down Politics Show.)


On that note, Nebraska Right to Life issued this flyer with their endorsements for the Lincoln elections:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 8.17.15 AM

As we have noted in the past, you might ask, “Who cares whether the Board of Education member is Pro-Life? Or the Weed Commissioner, for that matter!

Just remember that most pols get to where they are by starting low and climbing the political ladder. (Think County Board member, City Councilman, Mayor, Governor, Ag Secretary and Senator Mike Johanns.)

Nebraska Right to Life knows this, and wants to push their candidates early — and nip those candidates in the bud who oppose their issues.

Forward political thinking.


The bill in the Nebraska legislature to repeal the Death Penalty got a little national attention last night from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow (they’re touting her as the “real news” John Stewart these days).

(You can hear the Nebraska references at the 13:49 mark, and then again in the last minute.)

If you can, like I did, sit through 20 minutes of her talking to herself in an echo-y studio, you’ll note that she references the repeal proposal in “Deep Red” Nebraska, “conservative Nebraska”.

(Gee, maybe if you play your cards right, you could get her to do her show from the Rotunda. It would mean more people watching her than do now…)

It is not clear how this vote is going to go down — and you should expect a fair amount of horse trading at least being proposed on it.

If the Governor really feels strongly about this, it’s going to take more than just a veto.


You couldn’t miss it yesterday with Nebraska Football Coach Mike Riley and AD Shawn Eichorst visiting Washington, D.C., to apparently JUST go to the Nebraska Breakfast at the Capitol.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 8.31.31 AM

If you’ve ever been to the Nebraska Breakfast, this is easily the most exciting thing to happen at it since the original Nebraska Breakfast, where the Founders had a meal of whisky and hemp and discussed the Louisiana Purchase.

But note it here, that if Ben Sasse ever decides to run for the highest office in the land, he followed in the footsteps of one of the greats, by trying to push a football play onto the coach.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 8.58.36 AM

(We will note that Sasse could be like the “going to China” Nixon, as opposed to the “pay off The Plumbers” one…)


And next week is “Nebraska Wish Week”, to support Make-A-Wish Nebraska.

See their 30 second spot here, and feel free to contribute to this great cause.


And finally, for the “news” you’re REALLY looking for, here is KETV’s report on the UNO Arena’s new Taco Cannon:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.25.16 AM


Be sure to listen to the recent podcasts on The Wheels Down Politics Show! Tell your friends (and enemies)!


  1. The Dramatically Illuminated Lincoln Downtown Obelisk, a.k.a. Beutler’s folly, is right opposite a Lincoln institution, the Captain’s Chair, and therefore painting it like a barber’s pole would in fact have been very appropriate.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! You mean Ben Sassee is still around? I sent him an email two months ago about my concerns of ISIS, immigration and the border. Know what I heard? Crickets. Where’s the Winnebago when you need it after the election?

  3. The Grundle King says:

    Thanks alot, Professor. Now every time I drive by, I’m going to laugh at that moniker. Though, it is a fitting companion to the Capital, given the long-time nickname it has held.

    When combined with the wierd-ass statues hanging out at 21st & P and 8th & R, a guy starts to think maybe the artist should change his name to Richard Cranium.

  4. Anonymous got Crickets says:

    Anonymous: Did you REALLY think you would get a reply from Senator Sasse? No, seriously. REALLY? Get your own Winnebago and drive to the border if you’re so interested. (Crickets are on special at PetSmart if Sasse’s office ran out.)

  5. nightowl says:

    Why should Sen. Ben Sasse answer you? Because you are a voter? There are 1.41 million registered voters in Nebraska.

    U. S. Senators have not cared about what any individual voter thinks since 1913, when the U S Constitution was changed so that U. S. Senators are now popularly elected statewide. Before that, your State legislators picked your U. S. Senators for you. — Most Americans assume the popular vote for Senators makes them more accountable to the people. That is wrong. The Popular Vote makes U. S. Senators unaccountable to anyone.

    Your U. S. Senator ignores you as 1 out of 1.14 million voting NE constituents. Your Senator couldn’t ignore 49 State Senators if those 49 were the ones picking him or her to be a U. S. Senator.

    Imagine 1913 never happened. Instead of U. S. Senators today schmoozing 1.4 million distracted voters every 6 years, they’d have to please 49 politically savvy Unicameral Senators, most of whom get around a 10,000 total voter turnouts for their LDs, meaning most can literally know everyone who votes for them.

    If Sasse was selected by the Unicameral and Sasse didn’t respond to your Email, you could drive over to your State Senator’s house, tell him, and he’d chew Sasse’s ass. And Sasse would pay attention.

  6. TexasAnnie says:

    Street Sweeper: I’m getting worried about your judgment. You describe NRL’s endorsements as “forward thinking!” Remember, NRL endorsed Ben Nelson!!!

  7. TA,
    I don’t really care, but at least make the effort to read what I wrote in context.
    I JUST wrote that they were paying attention to candidates in very very down ballot races.
    It is THAT aspect that is “forward” thinking.
    Not WHO they endorse.
    But thanks for reading.

  8. Anonymous says:

    It is true what is being said about Sasse. His office does not respond to the every day people or the influential corporate types. I have heard it from several people who have reached out to him. Votes are what he wanted to get to Washington DC. The Winnebago is now used to store all of their unopened mail. The good people of NE, their emails, calls, letters that is now small stuff to Mr. PhD.

  9. Anon says:

    Nite Owl, even though you Krist and the republicans have Ernie voting the same way they do the scene of Pansing Brooks, Hansen, Garrett, and more picking the senator ruins that thought.

  10. Hesdeadjim says:

    Most of us called it from the get-go with Ben Sasse. He is now, and has been for YEARS a Washington DC guy, whose main concern is Ben Sasse’s power. We called it from the beginning, Ben Sasse is Chuck Hagel 2.0. Lee Terry once told me that he really didn’t mind working with Ben Nelson, because Ben Nelson still cared about constituents and was willing to spend some time on non-headline issues. Chuck Hagel and his staff, he said, wouldn’t lift a finger if the issue wasn’t going to be front page news.

    To this point I’ve heard of and spoken directly with dozens (yes dozens) of constituents who haven’t heard squat from our new Senator but boy we’ve seen him on TV quite a few times. Since we know Ben Sasse and staff read this blog, maybe they’ll wake up and start to give a damn.

  11. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    TA: SS is correct. We have even dialed it down to Weed Board, Community College and NRD’s in the past.
    As to Senator Sasse, how about a campaign meme/pledge that was made regarding pro-life issues that we knew was unachievable but it was touted among pro-life voters anyway. Here it is: The First 100 Days, Ben Sasse Pro-Life: 1. Pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. 2. Pass the Parental Non-Discrimination Act. 3. Stop forced taxpayer funding of abortion. 4. Stop the assault on religious liberty. 5. Stop government donations to Planned Parenthood. 6. Promote adoption by loving families. What, if any of this (except #6.) could be achieved in the first 100 days of his term? Why do campaigns insist on hyperbole? How could Senator Sasse look back on this now and think that issuing this kind of exaggerated promise was a good idea? I have yet to hear from him or or his office as to what on this list he has accomplished or is working on. That’s the problem with grandiose claims made in the heat of a campaign. Most voters will forget but there are some who will call you on it later.

  12. Hesdeadjim says:

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about! Sasse and Co. don’t correspond with constituents at all. Sasse did nothing but talk BIG IDEAS and BIG legislation (including would-be landmark legislation that you mentioned) during his campaign. No that he’s (back) in DC where he belongs, he can’t accomplish anything so he just jumps in front of every camera he can find. I think Sasse would find that it’s not terribly difficult to accomplish something if A) you’re not attempting landmark legislation as a frosh Senator and B) you don’t mind signing onto one of those POS post office naming bills along the way.

  13. McGinnis says:

    Has anyone read the Constitution! Especially Article 6 section 2. I don’t know about you but this country is going to hell in a hand basket.

  14. Rosie says:

    Nebraska Right to Life only endorsed candidates in response to Planned Parenthood Voters of Nebraska doing so first. So who are the real forward thinkers here?

  15. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Rosie, we have endorsed local city and county candidates off and on for years, usually accompanied with a lit drop at churches. You can’t find PP’s endorsements in a Primary. They are stealth because they know we will put their endorsements on our Primary piece, if we can find them. I only found these after the Primary and in time for our General piece because they posted them individually on Facebook. If they put out a mailer, we never see it. Totally under the radar in the Primary.

  16. Rosie says:

    Julie – Just because you haven’t received a flyer in the mail doesn’t mean they don’t openly endorse candidates. They actually speak directly with people to discuss the candidates they endorse in both the primary and general elections. If endorsing candidates in local elections is forward political thinking, then PPVN are forward political thinkers.

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