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Lincoln Mayoral candidate, and Lancaster County Treasurer, Andy Stebbing has a new radio ad out.
Hear it here:

This tells the story of Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler sweeping whistleblower retaliation under the rug. It was featured in this LJS story.

It notes that instead of addressing the retaliation head on, Beutler, “chose to focus on the future.”

“Focus on Election Day” may be more accurate.

But we’re sure that Beutler will be up front about everything else.




Stebbing has a release out today noting that…

“In the days leading up to the Lincoln General Election the Andy Stebbing for Mayor Campaign learned that the city was intentionally delaying until after the election release of the 2014 Police and Fire Pension Fund Report showing Lincoln taxpayers owe millions of additional dollars.”

The Stebbing campaign had to make a FOIA request, then eventually crowbar the report out of Lincoln City Hall that…

“…outlined the condition of the pension funds showing that the city’s unfunded pension liability has jumped from just over 65 million dollars to over 88 million dollars, an increase of over 23 million dollars in just one year. This increase was in spite of the fact that the fund had generated above average returns on investments for the year.”

Well, if no one had said anything, or if the Stebbing campaign had just waited for the report in the mail, it would have likely showed up sometime…oh…next Wednesday.

FYI, Lincoln elections are this coming Tuesday.


Governor Pete Ricketts staked out his position on medical marijuana the other day. If you read the entire release, you will find it well thought out, well explained and very well written.

It gets to the nub of the issue for those who don’t support expanding availability of marijuana for medicinal purposes: It is not approved by the FDA. And in those places where it has been approved for a sort of general distribution with a doctor’s note, it’s all wink-and-nod and Bob’s-your-uncle and here’s your dope.

Now, some like state Senator Tommy Garrett don’t dig that. They say there’s plenty of proof that marijuana is an acceptable and safe drug for many maladies.

And he may be right. But the groups that the United States uses — namely the FDA — to make a decision about such things do NOT agree with Garrett. At least not yet.

I have noted on Leavenworth St. in the past that I don’t understand what the hell is taking the FDA so long to make a definitive statement on this. Some note that they HAVE been definitive. But there is still much hemming and hawing that “more studies” are needed. How we can be pretty clear about opiates, how they’re going to be used and what the restrictions are, yet we haven’t cleared that up with pot. (I’m sure a certain Chemistry Prof will dive in on that point.)

In the mean time, Ricketts made a responsible decision, based on the the facts and based on the way we handle drugs.


Governor Ricketts also announced the candidates for Director of NEBRASKA Department of Roads.
Two guys from Kansas and a dude from Vermont.

This seems to be in-line with the other new state Directors:
Dept. of Corrections, Scott Frakes of Washington
Department of Health and Human Services, Courtney Phillips of Louisiana
Department of Economic Development, Brenda Hicks-Sorensen of Wisconsin

Hey, it’s not like every person in Nebraska State Government has to be from Beemer and Yutan.

But it is a bit curious that for all these major positions, there are, apparently, ZERO qualified peeps in the Cornhusker State.

Maybe the Gov needs to start a walk-on program.


Senator Ben Sasse put out another one of his “on the road” videos, with his daughter as videographer, on the way to the airport.
See it here:

In the video, Senator Sasse asks four questions of the President…

1) Didn’t we decide we wouldn’t tolerate state sponsors of terrorism?

2) Why change 36 years of bipartisan policy consensus that prohibited Iran’s nuclear weapons?

3) What is the administration’s best case scenario for a nuclear Iran?

4) What really happens if we lift the sanctions and Iran cheats?

…and provides thoughts and commentary on each.

These videos that Sasse has been doing since the early days of the election are good. He obviously doesn’t have any notes and he comes across as informed and sincere.


I hate to get the Senator in Dutch with the Missus…but holy cow!

We gotta encourage the good Senator to KEEP HIS EYES ON THE ROAD:

No more distracted driving!

Someone from the staff get the Senator a Go-Pro to mount on the dash, or heck…DRIVE HIM!

(Otherwise, very nice vid.)


  1. Coby Mach'ss Betrayal says:

    In a Lincoln City council district election you van expect a lot 10,000 voters voting or so and based on voting history you can fairly accurately predict who these 10,000 people would be. Why would Coby Mach dump all of the Citizens for a Better Lincoln cash into radio buys in the media market of 400,000 people and billboards instead of just sending direct mail to the 10,000 we know will be voting? He gets a commission off radio and billboard sales, not direct mail. Monte Froelich is furious about this.

  2. Professional Political Consultant says:

    I highly recommend billboards.

    1) You get to drive by them at 40 mph, and try and see what text is up there.
    2) Everyone in Lincoln, including non registered voters and ALL inactive voters see them.
    3) You can really move a person emotionally with a billboard.
    4) They really make the candidates happy to see themselves 30 feet tall.

  3. The difference between opiates and pot is this. Morphine (one example) is a pure substance, whose pharmacology has been studied scientifically and in real life use for 100 years. its composition does not vary. Cannabis, on the other hand, is a god-awful mixture of chemicals, with different potencies and different effects. Some of the chemicals actually cross-react with others. No medicinal chemist is going to want to deal with that. Reproducibility is a cornerstone of science. And if you do extract pure Delta-9-THC, it’s expensive as all hell.

    Moreover, these compounds have to be both safe and efficacious. Not only do they have to not kill you or produce undue side effects, they have to actually work.

    And finally, of course, no drug company is motivated to put pure THC through trials, because trials are expensive, you can’t patent it, and so there’s no pay off.

    Solution: stop calling it medicine. Legalize it, let people call it a nutritional supplement if they want (like St. John’s wort), don’t try to regulate it, and caveat emptor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What happened to Sasse leaving the wife and kids in Fremont? Seems he is accompanied by a daughter everywhere. Unless the 13 year old is driving the car home after dropping Dad at the airport. Are the kids still home-schooled and does that include a dispensation when they travel with Dad if Mom and the toddler are at home? I’m so confused….and yes, start the attacks about what business is it to the rest of us. Only that he said his family would stay firmly rooted in Fremont and a campaign ad had his wife saying inexplicably, “I’m never leaving.” Nebraska, that is.

  5. Matt Innis = Worst LCRP Chair Ever says:

    Are we going to win even one race this year, besides Connie Duncan who Matt Innis has publicly tried to excommunitace?

  6. Pea Brain says:

    I went to Harvard, Oxford, and Yale. Because of my superior brain (think a guy with 22 inch arms, except that’s what my BRAIN is like) I am capable of doing things you could only dream of, except that your brain isn’t large enough to dream them. PLEASE do not presume to criticize me for taking my eyes off the road, pea brain. I’m Ben Sasse, and I approve this message.

  7. Thunderlips says:

    First off, good to see that Sasse has finally hired some staff. Granted, there may be a little nepotism, but eh.

    Second, the race in Lincoln is over. I really think Beutler could get caught with a dead girl AND a live boy and the liberal base would still come out and vote for him over Stebbing. I suspect that if this had been a race between half way decent candidate v. Beutler, maybe there would be a chance with all of the stuff that Beutler has done or failed to do but Stebbing isn’t that type of candidate.

    The GOP should be worried as well on the Jon Camp front. He and the other PACs are running numerous ads, including negative, just to get caught up with the deficit from the primary. I think even his district is also tired of some of his issues, including “negotiating” a huge water bill and the family problems. That race, however, becomes huge because if he loses, the city council is lost as well.

  8. The Grundle King says:

    There’s a great article in today’s Lincoln Journal Star about the campaign contributions that the Beutler and Stebbing campaigns have amassed. Truly, Beutler’s list of contributors reads like like a whos-who of Lincoln businesses in the engineering and construction arena (heh, get it?). You gotta pay to play, baby!

  9. GK:

    Nebraska in general, and Lincoln in particular, is an inbred, incestuous pit, where all the deals are done and the ink is dry before anything gets made public. I moved here from New York, and even so, I was shocked by it at first.

  10. Anon says:

    I went back and watched the video and noticed Ben does not appear to have on his seat belt! Isn’t that a violation of state law? Anyway, he says his daughter drew the straw to make the weekly commute with him to DC that week. So again, are they all in Fremont, all in DC, 1/2 and 1/2? How do you homeschool a daughter who is in DC three days of the week if Mom is in Fremont and Dad is busy doing Senate stuff. Just little details like that stick out.

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