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First a little Separated at Birth for ya…

State Senator retired Colonel Tommy Garrett and his wife Julie (circa…80s? 90s?)…

Garretts and Bacons SAB 01

…and retired General Don Bacon (and #NE02 candidate) and his wife Angie (circa now).

C’mon! That’s a freaky one, no?!


It’s our Carl Curtis Open Friday, where you can comment on all things conservative (like the Reagan-Republican, Curtis was), or not.

A few items…


The LJS, which endorsed Democrat Mayor Chris Beutler, had this headline regarding Beutler’s decision to withhold information until after Tuesday’s election:

Stebbing campaign says mayor tried to delay pension news until after election

Well, that’s one way to put it.

Of course in their story, they point out notwithstanding the BS reasons they gave for withholding the report…

“In previous years, the administration released the report to the council and public much sooner, within four to six weeks after receiving it from Milliman Inc., the company conducting the actuarial review, according to several council members.”


Well then here is an update to that headline:

Mayor tried to delay pension news until after election

(What they really meant to say was, “More Bike Lanes!!!”)


Apparently some of you didn’t get the joke that was put up here regarding Leavenworth St.’s version of the recent Sen. Ben Sasse video.

So here it is, laid out for you:

The following video is a MASH-UP of Sasse’s video on Iran!
It’s FUNNY! It’s a JOKE!
But you can’t SEE the joke unless you click PLAY on this 60 second video!

So click play!

(Explaining a joke always makes it funnier…sheesh…)


And here is Senator Deb Fischer also talking about Iran.

(This video isn’t mashed…)


Apparently Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford is getting tough with the President.

The first line of today’s OWH story

WASHINGTON — Rep. Brad Ashford, D-Neb., walked out of a meeting with President Barack Obama on Thursday…

Wow. Apparently Ashford is taking the lead from that little kid who shut off the President the other day.



  1. TexasAnnie says:

    Well I see from your last posting, Street Sweeper, that you have entered into a lovefest with RWP concerning his superior knowledge of medical marijuana. RWP did not know about the Epilepsy Foundation endorsement and the AMA’s declared desire for legitimate (legal) study.

  2. Liberty for Real says:

    False NE “conservatives” tout federal FDA tyrannies that say what you can and cannot put into your body.

    The FDA today allows drug companies to promise to ease your illness while warning you that same drug has a chance of giving you a stroke, a coronary, etc.

    For Christ’s sake, the FDA allows tobacco and booze to kill people as government taxed industries for recreational use.

    Yet it is GOP conservatives like Ricketts and Sweeper and Libertarians like RWP who want that same FDA to tell us if smoking weed is good or bad? A cure all? A foodstuff? Wake up. it is not the poisonous carcinogen nicotine being smoked in your own political smoke filled back rooms.

    Damn you. Some of us have glaucoma and unremitting pain. What does it take to open your eyes?

    Do you need to awaken to your loved ones being similarly afflicted? God forbid. But is that what it will take for you as a flaccid freedomist to stop acting like a big government regulating ass?

  3. Glaucoma and unremitting pain must be affecting your reading skills, 10:14. I don’t know how many times I have to say I support the legalization of cannabis. I just don’t want it called medicine. And nor do you, because once it is, the FDA is going to require it passes the same tests and criteria that Lipitor did. And it won’t.

  4. TexasAnnie says:

    Gerard: When the marijuana plant is breed and processed for treatment of specific medical issues, such as epilepsy, I fully intend to call it medical marijuana. However, your caution about the FDA is spot on. Not as much because the testing criteria would fail, but rather because the companies already selling drugs for epilepsy (which do not work well enough) have very, very powerful lobbies!!!

  5. You can call it sushi if you want. Just don’t expect everyone else to follow along.

    If medicine has a scientific basis, and most doctors like to think it has, then it’s long left the era when herbal concoctions were prescribed as medicine. However, nothing I wrote would bar you from growing marijuana, buying or selling marijuana, and using it for whatever therapeutic purpose you think it might have. All it would prevent you from doing is selling it while making claims about its safety or effectivness. That’s basic fraud prevention.

    At the moment you can buy all sorts of nutritional supplements that are unregulated by the FDA. Some of them might be called ‘medical’ in the same sense that medical marijuana is. I take some of them myself. It’s actually a fairly satisfactory situation; you can buy stuff that’s been through a rigorous series of FDA-approved studies, with a much higher level of confidence of safety and effectiveness; or you can buy something a little dodgier from (made up link, Sweeper!), with less confidence, but probably cheaper and no guarantees. Caveat emptor.

    Actual, real studies have been done on marijuana as treatment for glaucoma. It’s not as safe or effective as FDA approved drugs. Studies are being done on CBD for epilepsy, and the results are decidedly mixed. It’s never going to replace opioids for pain. And meanwhile, most marijuana preparations have a psychotropic effect that, in the long term, looks worrying; the association with schizophrenia is well-established.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There may be a connection, but new research points to the direction of schizophrenics tending to smoke marijuana, not that marijuana causes schizophrenia where it didn’t exists previously. The rate of schizophrenia is stable or declining in spite of increased teen usage of marijuana.

  7. To Just Wondering says:

    Yea, what has he done. The Senate is a liberal as ever. Where is Ben Filibustering to preserve conservative values

  8. Anonymous says:

    What do you think a U. S. Senator can “accomplish”.

    Its a legislature of 100 members. They show up and vote.

  9. Ben fillibustering? says:

    Sasse will never launch an event where Senators are proclaiming, “I stand with Ben.” That could tarnish his image as he prepares to run for POTUS in 2020.

  10. Liberty for Real says:

    Making fun of glaucoma? And we all thought you held the Emily Post Chair of Social Graces at the University of Politeness. No matter.

    Professor, thank you for clarifying that you are for pot legalization. If you feel that was obvious, it wasn’t.

    You are a Libertarian who appeared to be arguing fine points against legalization. You were actually just arguing fine points, as a scientist perhaps frustrated that average voters demand impossibly simple choices to resolve complex matters. Perhaps we do need a category other than “recreational” and “medical”. Perhaps a “Pot-For-Whatever-Reason” category. But good luck expecting more reason from people. We have a republic not a democracy because problems aren’t simple yet people are.

    You have many sides. A drug scientist who demands reason and precision in drug legislation; a libertarian who doesn’t care if people drink dog piss; a rationalist who grasps that some will drink it; and a realist who know that everyone, if in enough pain, will try a sip. That last bit is a long way from reason and precision. Nes’t pas?

    I know a brilliant executive who took so many iron supplements his organs began to shut down and a psychologist who drank so much carrot juice she turned orange. That’s true. And so too are my descriptions of maladies. My spouse required surgery to both irises for N-A glaucoma and I’m on bone marrow suppressants. Since I used to administer surgeries, I am like you normally rational. I assume you made a joke of our illnesses because you thought I was wishing you ill. Not so. I’ve seen too much hell to wish that on anyone. Rather, I was illustrating the point that dry rationality loses out to excitability when pain and fear draws one’s view inward. If I sounded too damply emotional about the issue, that’s because I suffer. If you sounded too dryly aloof, that’s because you are a chemical scientist. We were, I suspect, arguing apples and cored apples.

    I am delighted that you are for legalization. If the pain eases, I will be delighted for sake of you upholding liberty for individuals. Until then, there is a grasping at anything, even a sip of dog piss.

  11. Anonymous says:

    LFR sounds a lot like another blogger here. A pseudonym who took a pen name. Funny. But that’s better than using a real name. Street Sweeper and others might find it cathartic to exit the closet of anonymity. Yet to move out of mythology into reality is a little death of mystery for your readers and a lessening of civilization. There is truth in faceless graffiti and lies required to maintain face. Being known is overrated. Don’t go into that limelight.

  12. Eyerowknee says:

    Sasse won’t answer me! Nelson wouldn’t answer me either. Boo hoo.

    Q: Why don’t your US Senators answer you? A: Because you are useless to them as one voter.

    Since 1913, US Senators care only for 51% of voters statewide and then only one year out of every six. The other five they have the same zero real time accountability as do fascist and communist officials. House Reps, by comparison, campaign in smaller districts and are thus more anchored. Popularly elected US Senators essentially answer to nobody inside or outside of Nebraska.

    Before 1913, you could have had your state senator poke your US Senator in the ribs and he’d jump in a hurry. That was because your 49 NE state senators (today’s number) would have selected your US Senators for you. You’d have no direct vote for your US Senators but they’d be kissing NE unicameral asses. As it is now, they listen to zero Nebraskans.

    This isn’t about partisanship. This is about Americans naively thinking Direct Democracy is better than a Representative Republic. However, the USA had never been a democracy. Take that as a big hint.

    People believe voting makes incumbents want to be more responsible, but to whom? To you as one out of a half million voters? Neb’s US Senators used to be accountable 24/7 to 47 NE state senators.

    The more we get to vote directly, the more the winners of our elections get to ignore us. Ironic,

  13. Colin Fury says:

    Howdy ya’ll. Wrekcin you bess lea’ my boss outta diss or you might get a world a hurtin.

    I aint even needa take off my ball cap for dat.

  14. @Liberty for Real

    I don’t know how many times I’ve posted that I support marijuana legalization. It’s not my fault you weren’t paying attention. I’m not arguing fine points; I’m arguing for the integrity of medical science. Since I sit on advisory panels advising the Federal Government about medical science, I’m allowed.

    Advice: don’t try to post French phrases if you don’t speak French. N’est-ce pas?

    I have no way of knowing if you have personal injuries. That’s a hazard of posting pseudonymously. No one knows you’re a dog on the internet.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Before 1913, you could have had your state senator poke your US Senator in the ribs and he’d jump in a hurry.

    You have no way of proving that. Just an opinion you pulled out of thin air,

  16. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Eyerowknee, with this current crop in the Legislature the only one I see them jumping for is Ernie. Don’t bet on them being able to hold anyone accountable. They’re complaining that they need longer terms because senior staff is retiring and won’t be there to hold their hands. And you think THEY would kick a U.S. Senator’s rear?

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