Watching the storm

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 11.48.24 AMWell, the Legislature is ready to override a veto by Governor Ricketts on the Gas Tax.

And, not to make too big a deal of it, but they also hammered a minor apointee of his, Dr. Acierno, Esq.?

Never put it past the legislature to see how petty they can be. Poor bedside manner? Vote NO!

After stamping their feet, the Unicams made their point and gave the Gov his guy. But geez, did ANYONE see that coming?

It took little effort to find out that many of the Senators hate the guy. Did anyone from the Gov’s office take 30 seconds to find out?

And now the Gas Tax goes kerplooey?

Wierd rumblings being sent from those around that office…


Word is that Bryan Slone is definitely OUT for the #NE02 race.

That leaves Retired Gen. Don Bacon as the only for sure candidate for the GOP nomination.

We are generally expecting state Senator John Murante to make a move, but haven’t heard any confirmations just yet.

Attorney and DCRP Counsel (and former Husker QB) Garth Glissman’s name is still out there, and may be until the end of the summer.

There is definitely space for a few more candidates.

Who will step up to take on Brad?


And speaking of Brad…

unnamedThe NRCC has an interesting theme going about Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford’s time as CEO of the Omaha Housing Authority:

One audit found that during Ashford’s time as CEO, OHA:

  • Failed to properly obtain bids for contracts totaling $1.2 million in expenditures
  • Allowed unauthorized staff to award contracts totaling in excess of $650,000 – sometimes without requests for proposals or invitations for bid
  • Made more than $5,419 in ineligible purchases, including Halloween items, a football banquet, and cheerleading uniforms.

Just a little more digging into his background, this time around.

(And the accompanying photo cracked me up.)


Ashford is also having problems with the folks at…the Daily Kos, of all places.

Dear Brad Ashford: Leave Me Alone

I’m sorry, Brad, I do not know who you are, what state you are from, who you represent. Sometime during the 2014 election, I gave some money to you. Probably through Act Blue, probably as a result of a plea from People for the American Way, or Off the Sidelines, or some other group telling me how close your race was and how desperate your need was and how my donation could make the difference. I’m glad I did, I’m glad you won. But frankly, I don’t give a crap about politics in your state. I don’t want to hear about what you’ve been up to, I don’t care what your finance chairman told you last night, and I especially don’t want to hear how this fundraising deadline is so much more important than the last one. The truth is, I’m tired of hearing that, from you and about 20 other people and groups I have donated to in the past several years.

Geez, if you’ve lost the Daily Kos…


FWIW, Repbulican Andy Stebbing only lost by an average of 16 votes per precinct in Tuesday’s Lincoln Mayor’s race.

Of course, shaving off those votes in every precinct would have been no small task. Always reminds me of the golfer who says if he could have only knocked off one stroke per hole, he’d have the course record…


And the love-fest with Mayor Beutler continues at the LJS:

The always-thoughtful Beutler was back to city business Wednesday morning…

This is a NEWS story by Nancy Hicks. Not a column. News.


Keeping things interesting, here is Senator Ben Sasse on FOXNews:

Say what you want, Sasse is very good on his feet.


  1. Keeping Score says:

    From what I remember of the campaign, Pete Ricketts aggressively defended his positions on immigration and crime, in addition to his lower taxes platform.

    In his first session as Governor, Ricketts and his team will be powerless to stop a gas tax increase, drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants, a reduction in mandatory minimums for violent criminals, and repeal of the death penalty.

    Ricketts is learning there is more to leadership than just writing another check. There are plenty who would say “we told you so.”

    What a disaster.

  2. Gosh says:

    If only some people during the 2014 race had said “let’s attack Ashford’s record and make use of this opp research file we have sitting in a thick file” maybe we wouldn’t have Congressman Ashford. This isn’t the first time anyone has heard of Ashford’s past mismanagement.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of WATCHING the storm, should we be expecting a statement, release, presser, Facebook post, tweet, anything from the Governor on the floods and tornado damage? Not like the capitol city is under water or anything…

  4. Crappy Nebraska QB's says:

    Glissman? Really. He needs to ask the last QB that ran that nobody cares about of you were a player.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did Bob Krist really go off on Dr. A saying he had an ego, was arrogant and spoke in a demeaning manner to people? Really? Pot/Kettle.

  6. Lil Mac says:

    It is foolish to expect any gubernatorial veto power to replace and supplant real time legislative check of a Second House, without which the inherent unaccountability of a Unicameral is unchecked.

    An Ashford donor was publically griping about how effectively he is being solicited by Ashford. That isn’t the Democratic donkey bucking Ashford off.

    The NRCC’s dirt on Ashford shuts the door after Brad is already inside the congressional barn.

    While the LJS’s “news” story editorializing “the always-thoughtful Beutler” may not revoke the Stinkin’ Urinal Star’s place in the First Amendment, any newspaper that cannot tell its own opinions from news is useless as news. Staple this reporter’s head to the front door. The others will get the idea.

  7. Yeah, real 'news flash.' says:

    Single blogger pokes finger at silliness of politicians’ online fundraising appeals. Ability to get re-elected = DOOMED!

  8. Rumors about Sen. Hilkmann says:

    The rumors (plural) are that Sen. Hilkmann, who has voted PRESENT, NOT VOTING on all votes regarding a TAX INCREASE on gas, is on board to vote to OVER RIDE a threatened veto by the Gov. He will be the 33rd vote required to put the tax increase over the top. I for one am SICK AND TIRED of having my taxes increased, and I’m hoping that the rumors are wrong. Sen. Hilkmann? What say YOU?

  9. TexasAnnie says:

    Did y’all notice that your unicam passed another property tax exemption? (That means those of you that must pay your property tax are getting screwed.)

  10. Truth about Sen. Hilkemann says:

    Perhaps more indicative of Hilkemann’s record in his first year in the Legislature is his stance on LB 599. Of any of the significant or potentially-partisan bills that have been heard this year, only LB 599 has had the full and continued support from both the urban and rural Republicans.

    The lone “Republican” detractors have been Hilkemann and Baker. The bill will need 33 votes to advance to the Governor’s desk and, without the support from at least one of them, it will fall a vote short. This will be a slap in the face to the Republican Party and both of them can expect to hear about this topic if they should decide to run in 2018.

    Hilkemann would do well to remember his votes are owed to the constituents of the district he represents, not his Democrat staffers.

    As it is, so much for all those “Republican” legislators.

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