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Carl CurtisIt’s that time of the week again…the Carl Curtis Friday!, where we honor the conservative Nebraska Senator who was a Reagan Republican before there were Reagan Republicans.

Jump your bad-self down to the comments section and opine about all things conservative and non-conservative.

(Keep it civil, don’t suck, etc., etc…)


An alert reader fired off an email noting that the Nebraska Democrat Party’s Chair of Chairs (a dude named Bud Pettigrew, whose name sometime shows up in the comments) has this pic posted on his Facebook page:

Santorum-bin Laden 01

A comparison of former Senator, and likely Presidential candidate, Rick Santorum to terrorist, and killer of thousands, Osama bin Laden.

They’re both “religious” you see.

And thus endeth our summary of who is leading up your Democrat party in Nebraska.


The State Board of Education must have felt that their press clippings were getting a little light, so they decided to stir up the Pat McPherson controversy again.

This time, they’re codifiying a rule that “encourages” members of the Board to put “disclaimers” on their writings.

You know, like the thing every press flalk puts on the Twitter, “opinions are my own, re-Tweet does not mean endorsement”, or some such.

Because, you know, this is the important stuff you expect your State Board of Education to be discussing during the limited and valuable time they have. (Apparently this is what happens when they’re not discussing how much was raised at the Bake Sale, and who is going to lead the Prom committee.)

Here, SBoE, I’ll handle it for you.
You just attach the following to the end of your emails, automatically, underneath the disclaimer about it going to the wrong person:

Yes, I am ON the State Board of Education, but that doesn’t mean I LIKE Pat McPherson. Yes, I’ve sat next to him before, and we exchanged half-smiles before sitting down at our big table. But that does NOT mean I endorse ANYTHING he says, and if I had heard of his blog before the election, I totally would have disclaimed THAT. But I didn’t. So I didn’t. But I WOULD have.

Just cut and paste.


Well, Governor Ricketts vetoed the Gas Tax. And now we get to see if his Veto makes any difference.

And if not, a topical discussion would be, Why not?


  1. Carl Jr. says:

    Glad that the Governor did not cave to the minority of Senators who were whining about the friendliness of his nominee for director of the Department of Public Health. One of the last qualities I would want for the Chief medical officer dealing with rogue docs and Ebola is “perkiness”.

  2. Pot holes > Criminals says:

    The only thing I support a tax increase for is to build another prison. Or to put worthless pond scum like Nikko Jenkins and Roberto Martinez-Marinero on death row.

    Society can handle a few potholes. We cannot handle more senseless crimes occurring on our streets. Lock em up. Utilize the chair, firing squad, lethal injection, rope, anything.

    And hey! Did anyone notice the illegal immigrant that cooperated with police and wasn’t a violent criminal?

  3. To Carl Jr. says:

    Minority of Senators??? The guy is a total d bag but helping run HHS into the ground ain’t a great feather in his cap. He is a hinderance to change.

  4. Carl Jr. says:

    Yes, six no votes is a minority. That was after four hours of debate. About twice as long as debate on budget.

  5. McGinnis says:

    Based on Article 5 section 3 of the Constiution states have the right to abolish HHS. We can no longer afford to keep the program around. Help me in my fight for freedom.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Funny disclaimer on the NE State Board of Education though sadly true I think. Odd. I wrote the members a letter about my support of Pat and only one had the courtesy to send a reply. That’s learnin those youngins.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, McGinnis. I can’t help you be a selfish ass by abolishing a governmental branch that is needed by quite a few people through no fault of their own. Please explain how Article 5 section 3 supports your contention, as it couldn’t be by a rational thought process.

  8. To KHDS says:

    Liberal Catholics love abortion, gay marriage, trashing the church, etc, etc. They believe in what Bud said

  9. Bicameral or Bust says:

    So, you want to “see if his Veto makes any difference”? A difference in what? Lawmaking?

    Vetos come after lawmaking. Vetos aren’t part of that digestive process.

    Digesting facts and extracting the nutrients for wise laws isn’t meant to be a one-organ process. Yet in Nebraska all law-Making is done by a UNI-bowel. There is no second house to aid in digestion, to force nutrients of reason to strengthen the muscle and bone of the Husker State.

    Of course, you can digest food without a gall bladder or normal flora. Nebraska too can make laws without a second legislative house continually watching and stopping the other house’s bad decisions. But in both cases, you are guaranteed a bellyache and diarrhea when it comes out.

    A veto tries to be a cork. However, the same legislative body that created the crappy law is the same one that can overturn any veto. That’s asking a lot of a cork. And a cork in no way functions as a diaper.

    A second house exists not to veto bad laws but to kill them before they are born, while they are still bad ideas inside the heads of the members of the other house.

    This blog is for Nebraska politics. If anything comes out of your mouth other than the words “Nebraska needs a Bicameral” then you are part of the problem. Nothing can work optimally in NE lawmaking unless and until a second legislative house exists.

  10. TexasAnnie says:

    Happy Mother’s Day to All Nebraska Mothers! I’m very comfortable here in Texas with my infant-like adult daughter. Are mothers there happy with the advancement of the mainline budget bill?

    Once again your unicam has decided to screw disabled children of whom it is constitutionally obligated to PROVIDE an education. And once again, life-loving Nebraskans don’t care enough to object. Your budget growth is 3%, and 3% growth is provided to universitites, colleges, community colleges, and schools, but not special education (which gets only 2.5% growth).

    If the school districts don’t get enough SPED money from the feds and state (any they don’t) then where will the needed funding come from? From property tax of course! So why do you suppose the unicam just created another hole in the property tax base? Do you think they are trying to further screw the disabled children there? I can assure y’all, savvy parents of children with disability will see that their children do not get screwed; it’s the law. But who looks after the wards of the state???

  11. Bud is NOT a leader. says:

    I was involved in the Democratic party a few years ago but had to get out because of people like Bud Pettigrew and Brian Osborn. They think that they are the “righteous saviors” of the party and to personally destroy people like Lisa Hannah or Marion Bahensky or Deb Quirk is justified. I heard Bud did the same thing to Ron Kaminski a while back. Bud is supposed to be the Chair of Chairs yet last year Dave Domino only got 17% of the vote in Cherry county, a county Ben Nelson won handily in 2006. Bud should just focus on Cherry county before he tries going around destroying others.

  12. 2nd House says:

    There is a 2nd House; the citizens of Nebraska. They need to work to kill bad laws before they are born. not another elected body. If our citizens were more involved in the process, it would work. Contact your senators, follow bills, go to hearings, if you can’t go to hearings then send letters. get your neighbors, friends, family etc to do the same.

    We have a 2nd house. It’s just too lazy to be watchful.

  13. To "2nd House" says:

    If only there were a second house whose approval was required BEFORE a bill became law…

    Until then, it doesn’t matter how involved the citizens are, the senators can (and have) lied to them and vote for the bad law anyway! Thank you term limits for freeing the senators from any accountability in their second terms!

  14. Outsider says:

    So the Governor isn’t there supporting his new Corrections Director with the press?? Only does press conferences where he is giving “good news?”

  15. Brian T. Osborn says:

    While it is nice to be remembered, I’ll remind you that I am no longer active in the NDP shenanigans. The sheeple spoke quite clearly what they wanted at their last State Convention. They are intent on following the likes of Vince Powers, Vic Covalt, Steve Achelpohl, Deb Quirk, Marion Bahensky, Lisa Hannah, Bud Pettigrew, et. al. over the cliff into the abyss.
    Since all of my efforts during my tenure within the party were aimed at providing a greater voice for the the majority of registered Democrats in Nebraska, and the legally elected representatives to its “Supreme Governing Body” have indicated that they only want to attend meetings for the sake of the free coffee and donuts, never bothering to research what their own responsibilities and authorities are, preferring to be led around by their noses by the oligarchs, I threw in the towel.
    My life has been much more content since I made that decision. I no longer have to bang my head against the immovable objects that populate the NDP hierarchy. It is always either their way or the highway. Since their way has demonstrated itself to be the further demise of what was once a proud and effective party, I choose to have no part in it. In fact, I am going down to the county courthouse today and changing my registration to Independent. I will no longer be the Phelps County Democratic Party Chair, nor will I be involved with them in any way. I’m done wasting my time with them.
    My last effort within the NDP was to re-introduce a resolution that stated the NDP would promote and support the legalization of medical marijuana. It passed unanimously, and yet the NDP hierarchy has done absolutely nothing to support the will of its people. Screw them! It took a conservative Republican State Senator, Tommy Garrett. to realize what rational people should have been working for all along.
    From now on, I will support those politicians, be they Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Socialist or Independent that share my beliefs. Partisan politics has proven itself to be counter-productive to the democratic process.

  16. Bob Loblaw says:


    Will you please keep posting at L Street? I honestly like a lot of your posts even though we’re on different sides of the aisle on most issues. Please keep posting here. This site is better for it.

  17. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Bob Lob, I don’t have as much time to dedicate to political blogs as I once did. I still check in here on L St. to see what’s going on in the state, but I have to admit that my interest in Nebraska’s dysfunctional political system has taken a back seat to a renewed interest in some of my older, more enjoyable, pastimes.
    When there is something going on within the political sphere that piques my interest I will, when the mood strikes me, participate in the conversation. I will most likely do so here on Leavenworth Street as it remains Nebraska’s premier political blog. In the past I used L St. to vent my frustrations with the NDP. I couldn’t do it on any official NDP sites since they have blocked me from participation everywhere they could. If they can’t beat you, they censor you. That is pretty ironic for a party that uses the word “Democratic” in its name, is it not?
    At any rate, I have always enjoyed the arguments that take place here. Since I am a newly minted Independent, I would imagine my comments in the future won’t contain so much partisan rancor as they have in the past. I remain an unapologetic Liberal/Socialist on most issues, but I’ll admit that I don’t necessarily disagree with everything my conservative friends hold dear.
    I’ll keep posting on L St., but probably not as often as I have in the past. I have work to do.

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