Beutler’s Top Concern

“Cross of Corn” is a contributing writer on Leavenworth St.

sidewalk-chalk-paint-1In Wednesday’s LJS we learned from the President of the Chris Beutler Fan Club (a/k/a Nancy Hicks) that Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler is PERSONALLY policing the Beutler Barberpole he constructed with our tax dollars in downtown Lincoln.

Some young adults were hanging out in the square. A few seemed to be drawing on the dark bricks with sidewalk chalk.

A small gray Honda pulled up to the curb on P Street near 13th and parked illegally. The driver got out, left the engine running and the driver’s door open.

It was the mayor. He walked over to the person writing with chalk, had a conversation, then walked back to his car and drove away.

The chalk drawing stopped.

Yep, that’s right, Mayor Beutler pulled his car over on a Saturday afternoon to scare off a young woman who was using sidewalk chalk to draw on some bricks. (Someone should tell him it washes away and is greenie/enviro-friendly).

The vignette is telling.

Beutler is more than willing to pull his car over on a Saturday to personally police and protect his public art and green projects … but drives right over the potholes and shoddy Lincoln streets, nary a concern.

* * *

Tim Clare 01Has anyone else noticed that Nebraska Regent Tim Clare appears to be a wee-bit more active than his fellow Regents?

In recent days we received a copy of the March/April 2015 edition of “Tim Clare’s Newsletter” (yeah, the catchy title could use a bit of work) highlighting his meetings and appearances throughout the state on behalf of the University. The question is: what’s he running for?

Clare is 52 years old. Is he hoping to run for governor when he’s 60? Is he waiting to see whether Sen. Deb Fischer–already 64 years old–seeks reelection in 2018? Or is he taking a look at Lincoln Mayor in 2019?

Based on his travel schedule and social media posts, we suspect he views himself as a statewide candidate. The Clare name–known to anyone who has ever been a Husker fan–carries a lot. But his greatest success to date–and greatest potential liability–is Pinnacle Bank Arena. The real bills for the project will come after Mayor Beutler has left office . . . just around the time Tim Clare might be running for higher office.

Could it be the Democrats knew that all along?


  1. Secret NEGOP strategy says:

    The secret NEGOP strategy for 2016 is to find a way for Brendan Evans to run all of the Democratic legislative races like he did for Meg Mikolajczyk.

  2. Tim Clare originally ran for Regent in 2008 as an alternative to the University’s ringer candidate, Earl Scudder. He seemed to be conservative and not beholden to anyone, so I had hopes. They didn’t last long. Even before his election, Clare came out against the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative, when most of the GOP establishment was content to merely sit on the fence (to his credit, Pete Ricketts was an early supporter). And even since his election, Clare has been a reliable tool of the university and the Lincoln political elite.

    Rest assured, if he runs statewide, I’ll be happy to remind Nebraskans Tim Clare thinks other people’s kids should be given advantages over yours on account of their race or ethnicity. Assuming you’re one of those icky white people.

  3. KHDS says:

    When has a Regent ever done anything of signficance?

    The only real job they have is to hire the top guy and they subbed that out after Harvey retired.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What are you griping about, Whitey? Asian-American kids can get straight A’s and still be denied a scholarship because they are statically deemed smarter than White kids and Black kids.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope your heartburn is only with calling the guy Whitey. He’s as Irish as Obama’s momma. My own family is mixed race. So lighten up. I was agreeing with RWP. The comment about Asians isn’t BS.

    Asian students sued Harvard and UNC for race selection policy that penalized Asians. Physicist and former Lt Gov of Delaware, S. B. Woo, says top US colleges clearly limit the number of Asians they admit. And Princeton’s Dr. Espenshade writes, “to receive equal consideration by elite colleges, Asian Americans must outperform Whites by 140 points, Hispanics by 280 points, Blacks by 450 points in SAT (Total 1600).”

    Federal rules push academia to raise select “minority” races above their actual performance. And that selective raising isn’t based on real minority status or on discrimination suffered, but rather on federal guidelines that with surprising blatancy equate minority status with poverty and victimization and not skin color. One might well conclude the USA’s federal race industry is a wealth redistribution façade that masquerades as civil rights.

    Jim Crow laws against Asians voting and marrying Whites only finally disappeared in the 1960’s along with such laws for Blacks. Both suffered discrimination yet Asians today out-perform Whites and Blacks don’t. Why? Asian Americans beat their kids, 24/7, to make them get straight A’s. Sometimes literally. Conversely, White parents hope their kids just graduate and Black moms hope their kids don’t have to get a GED in prison.

    Asian Americans instill dread fear of failure and a habituated work ethic into their stressed-out kids. A few of those kids commit suicide but most benefit greatly from the pressure of parents who refuse to play the role of lazy impoverished victim that government and academia equate with that of a protected minority. Asian Americans an inconvenient truth for the US race industry, We should be color blind as a nation.

  6. Governor Overide says:

    The Ricketts era of Nebraska politics only lasted about 5 months. These senators have found a way to get 30 votes on several issues despite Pete’s efforts. This does not bode well for the governor

  7. Whitey is a fair descriptor. I don’t have an identifiable ancestor who was not Irish.

    The point about Asian Americans is spot on. In fact, whites suffer only marginally from AA; they’re a big group, and don’t receive the biggest racial penalty. An Asian American applying to one of the very top tier schools better have, in addition to 2400 SATs, concert violin skills and a year in the Peace Corps. Yes, I exaggerate, but only slightly.

  8. Officerdown says:

    Today is the annual Law Officers’ Memorial Service in Wash DC. I have relatives among the fallen. So, is it too much to ask that a President who is conducting a War on America’s Police not attend?

    For those who voted for Obama, please know that someday when you most need a cop you may find yourself alone with the predatory objects of his misplaced sympathies. And as they consume you in violence, so you will have consumed yourself by ignorance.

  9. On another subject, I hve a proposal. Assuming a constitutional change to eliminate the lunatic asylum charmingly called the unicam is not feasible, and given at least half the liberal cretins currently infesting that house of madness are registered Republicans, I think the NEGOP neeeds to adopt a certification procedure. Of course, anyone can run and call themselves a Republcian, but to be certified, one needs to fill out a detailed questionnire about one’s positions on current issues; one also needs to be vetted, to make sure that on the Phelps County Sewer Commission, or whatever, one wasn’t proposing collecivization of all local farms, or whatever. And one certified Republican needs to be on the ballot in all 49 districts. Sure the media will squeal about non-partisanship, but no one actually cares what Don Walton thinks.

    The alternative is that the Nebraska Republican brand, which currently is somewhere between clown-car and whoopie cushion in value, continues tio spiral downward.

  10. Lil Mac says:

    Well said, Professor. That calls for a pint.

    I should think the Asian American reaction to “social leveling” is useful in disproving AA. It makes one wonder what affluent Jewish voters think of themselves being lumped them in with Black looters and Hispanics whom Liberal minds believe to be unable to learn English by immersion as have all others.

    It is as if Liberals have the most negative possible view of human beings as miserable creatures. I have heard that Liberals always poll out as being more personally depressed and unhappy compared to Conservatives. And that rather makes sense. I suppose both sides can yell just as loudly but if you want change, you inherently aren’t happy where you are. Ces’t non?

  11. The Grundle King says:

    I noticed in Nancy Hicks’ article that Beutler commented on how he really hates vandalism.

    He should track down the guy who had the gall to vandalize the heart of downtown Lincoln with a giant bong.

  12. GK: you mean the Dramatically Illuminated Lincoln Downtown Obelisk? In which case, ‘dong’ is the word you want. You know, Dong with the Luminous Nose. It’s a children’s poem.

  13. LM: it’s all a question of perspective. Vox today says climate change is inevitably going to be awful for humanity. Awful compared with what? 10% of the German population was killed in the 30 Years War. I don’t think anyone knows the true carnage of the Black Death. Tamerlane put entire large medieval cities to death by torture. Three of the five deadliest conflicts in history occured in China, and the Chinese students I’ve talked to have generally never heard of any of them. We’re all descended from one woman, who lived 100,000 – 200,000 years ago. It’s not remarkable we’re descended from one woman; it’s an inevitability. What is remarkable is that it’s so recent, and it means most of our species was wiped out by an event less than 100,000 years ago that we’re still just speculating about.

    Looking back at all that, why would you be miserable? Just simply being alive makes each of us the product of hundreds of the luckiest accidents.

  14. Thunderlips the Ultimate Male says:

    I drove down 70th street in Lincoln today. I didn’t realize that Lincoln had a rash of sink holes but, alas, there they were. But, thankfully, the barber pole is safe and sound from the horrors of sidewalk chalk. And, golly gee, I thank the gods above that the bike lanes are almost done (and free and clear of potholes I’m sure).

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