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The New 3 Stooges 01It was very apparent that the post earlier this week that featured a catalog of votes by the Nebraska legislature (complied by John Orr) touched the nerves of many Democrats in the state.

The Twitters started bouncing around and re-Tweets and names were bandied about, when it was pointed out how partisan and dogmatic the Unicameral’s Democrats really are.

One leading Democrat Twitterer even went so far as to call those who vote party-line “Partisan Stooges.” I guess it doesn’t take tooo much imagination to see Nordquist and Morfeld whacking each other with hammers and ladders, while Mello smacks them both across the mug with a whole tuna.

But again, many in your local media find that to be just fine, as long as they vote in lock-step on THEIR issues — no matter how they conflict with the majority of state voters.

If the Republicans did this, of course, they would be called out as Karl Rovian Robots.


The Governor is pushing the legislature to not repeal the Death Penalty, taking to the press releases and press conference.

(And now, thankfully, taking plenty of questions too. Did we see him use the term “lock-step”?)

Few will be surprised if this is too little, too late. Will any state Senators be influenced?  

Shaking your fist at them after the horse has left the barn won’t do much good.


Nancy Hicks of the LJS has written of Mayor Chris Beutler that he “understands how city government works“ and calls him the “always-thoughtful Beutler”.

Now, possibly in honor of the retiring David Letterman, she decided to double-down and made a “Top 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Beutler.”

No kidding.
(No doubt, she had to whittle it down from the original 90.)

Her list includes things like, “he collected stamps for three years!”
And, lord help us…

“One of his favorite music groups is the ‘Crash Test Dummies,’ a Canadian folk/rock/alternative band widely known for its 1993 single, ‘Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.'”

This is an affirmative statement.
Made willingly.
Not one that was focus-group tested.
Or spit out after being water-boarded.

This is your Mayor, City of Lincoln.
Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm.

But the pièce de résistance is the last one:

Right now, he’s reading “World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability.

That’s right, Beutler is reading about how the huddled masses in the third world can’t handle democracy, and further, they need lots and lots of redistribution of wealth.

Shocked! Shocked we are, to see a progressive Democrat reading such a tome.

You know Mayor Beutler, next time you should just go for the discount books, right here through my Amazon site:

Das Capital.
The Communist Manifesto.

Gets right to the crux of it all.


  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    Death penalty repealed. It’s a great day for limited government conservatives. It’s a great day for religious social conservatives. It’s a great day for Nebraskans.

  2. So, it seems we will go from a situation where we don’t execute people for murder, and pay a lot of money to death penalty lawyers litigating the color of the lethal injection syringes (cruel and unusual blue!), to one where we don’t execute people for murder, and said lawyers have to go back to chasing ambulances.

    Has anyone thought about the climate change impact, hmmm?

  3. Actually, a much more significant story is Deena Winter’s, on the audit of the Antelope Valley project. It turns out the city paid a much higher fraction of the costs than was originally promised.

  4. Quincy, M.E. says:

    Subject: Ricketts Administration

    Date of Death: May 20, 2015

    Observations: The decedent looks to have been stabbed in the back multiple times by what appears to be Rhinoceros Horn wounds. The decedent was not protected by his staff member and they are the proximate cause of his demises.

    Cause of Death: RINO Attack

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn’t John Orr be knocking Murante off his 100% Conservative status on his chart after Murante voted for cloture and for repeal of the death penalty this morning?

  6. To Anon 12:37 says:

    His chart was based on Select File vote, in which Murante was EXC, not voting. As an FYI…he voted yes in general file so I am not sure how Orr missed that!

  7. Judy Rangle says:

    I agree Mike. I voted for Brett under the premise that he was a conservative. I wish I could take back my vote and voted for you instead. I’m ashamed.

  8. To above says:

    On seriour note I can not belive that they are not lobbying state senators. This is mind boggling. How can Gov staff let this happen. NO LINES of communication

  9. Ken says:

    Well, John Murante can kiss his congressional bid goodbye after voting for death penalty repeal. I’d rather see Ashford win again than get him in. Better to have an honest moderate/liberal than one who is but claims to be something else.

  10. Nick says:

    Everyone is state legislature should be ashamed of themselves. Their ego’s are out of check. No tax relief in the first session. However they find time to dabble in incremental tax hikes on gas, and worry about a mary jane pill, and try repealing the death penalty. Every one of them should be fired.

  11. Anonymous says:

    RIP, Nebraska death penalty. Ricketts gets to veto it and the Unicameral gets to override it. Everyone is happy. And the yawn you see in this blog sums up the rest.

    I am in favor of a death penalty but only if it is a real penalty that people will wish to avoid, like public flaying or being burned alive. Nebraska has hung and electrocuted some, grisly events that may have had some deterring effect. But then we decided to kill them with kindness.

    Execution by lethal injection is the same happy death by drug overdose that addicts pay pushers for in downtown Omaha. Your own death is unlikely to be as painless and pleasant.

    A recent Tecumseh prison riot that killed two inmates painfully and violently has done more to deter people from wanting to go to prison than did the three guys Ben Nelson executed by drug overdose.

    With either public flaying or regularly scheduled prison riots, we could run that on Pay for View and NE taxes would be a thing of the past. Oh well. It was just a happy thought.

  12. Hesdeadjim says:

    Shortly after Nebraska’s liberal legislature repealed the death penalty, a criminal with an arrest warrant shot and killed an Omaha police officer.

    Ernie Chambers must be proud- He publicly endorsed both the repeal of the death penalty and shooting of Police officers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Catholic Conference is noting that while Larson and Schilz sat out on the final vote for death penalty repeal, they were instrumental in its passage because they voted for cloture to get to the final vote. Of course these are two guys who are on the way out due to term limits so no repercussions will befall them. Maybe Murante thinks staying in the good graces of the Omaha Archbishop on the death penalty vote will help him in a NE2 run. Apparently he doesn’t realize the Catholic Church can’t have a PAC. Good luck with that.

  14. Ken says:

    For a state senator who is running for Congress-yes, any vote they make, especially one as big as this will be an issue. Whether it’s an issue they would face in Congress or not is irrelevant-it goes to their overall philosophy and how they relate to the base.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Bob, one can already envision the mailers and TV ads which are plentiful in a Primary. It won’t be pretty.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Don’t much care what Ernie’s opinion of penalties is compared to him advocating shooting police.

    For every policeman shot, Ernie should jamb a pencil into his body and shove a paper clip in there. Penance for being a shit head and an asshole at the same time.

  17. Ken says:

    The thing that really gets me about Lindstrom is he took his name off as a cosponsor of the death penalty repeal because of Ernie’s police comments-a completely meaningless gesture. I’ve been more disappointed in him then any of the freshmen senators. And to think he actually ran against Lee Terry from the right.

  18. Confused in Crete says:

    Wasn’t this a win today for those that are pro-life? At least you can still smoke a cigar in Scott’s bar.

  19. Ballot Measure says:

    For the Republican idiots that voted with Ernie, the repeal of the repeal will be on the ballot in 2016. You just pissed off a billionaire. Your votes won’t go unnoticed and every republican that wants your seat will run in 2016 and 18 against you on this vote. You think murders are going to stop? Every major murder case that happens is going to have you tied to it. Oh, Sen. Lindstrom, we have you on record supporting the death penalty. Your mailers will be the worst.

  20. get real says:

    When compiled data pisses off people, it’s not the data’s fault. Its more due to people being blind to their own condition and situation.

    How is it even possible that Liberals think they are less in lock step than Conservatives? And why would anyone think Conservatives might be more unified than Liberals?

    Governmentalists (Liberal-Progressive/Democrats) prefer to seek “one size fits all” federal solutions, laws and regulations which come with the word “one” built-in. Indeed, a federal solution blanket applies to everyone. –That’s lock step. And yet Liberals see themselves as diverse iconoclasts. Well, yea, insofar as iconoclasts can all goose step in unison in the same one federal direction. They value security which is tyranny.

    Individualists (Conservative-Libertarian/Republicans) see federal solutions as a last resort. They demand problems stay in the hands of 50 different states, or better yet, 3,144 county governments, or 35,000 city/town governments, or best of all, in the hands of 318,857,056 individual citizens. — That’s chaos. And yet Conservatives see themselves as united in one common goal. Well, yea, insofar as they all agree that they want to avoid having one common federal solution and instead prefer a third of a billion different solutions to each problem. They value freedom which is chaos.

    Both approaches have aspects that are at once useful and dangerously limited, depending what’s going on at the time. We may thus assume the occasional pendulum swing of power from one to the other extreme is a good idea, perhaps critically so for our national wellbeing.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    The con artists have spoken: Nikko Jenkins’ life is worth more than yours. How much is yours worth? Well, let’s see: it costs about a half a million dollars more to keep someone on death row vs the general prison population. Divided by the 4 people he murdered, that comes to about $125,000 each. But how much is yours really worth? Right now, it is worth only what goes on in the minds of murderers like Nikko Jenkins. It is only worth whatever impulse enters their minds when they meet up with you. The Unicam has spoken. You are worthless.

    Bottom line in Nebraska now: arm yourselves, train hard, and shoot first and plead self-defense later. Go, Cops. I’ll have your backs on the jury if you decide to save the taxpayers some money by settling the case out in the streets. Yep, Confused in Crete, this was a real win for pro-life.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Ernie Chambers is dancing a jig today: overturned the death penalty and a cop got shot and killed all in the same day!

  23. Folks, the death penalty effectively ended in the late 1990s. Know how many people Nebraska has executed since Charlie Starkweather? 3. 3 in 55 years. In that time we’ve had around 3000 murders. A Nebraska murderer has around a 0.1% chance of actually being executed.

    This isn’t a hill worth dying on.

  24. Outsider says:

    The floodgates have opened with a new weak governor. Gov. Dave did not let all of this happen, dreamers licenses, death penalty repeal, gas tax increase, medicaid spending . . . .

  25. Spineless says:

    How much time and money does it take to buy the souls of weak freshman senators? Not much, but it happens too easily. Safe to say voting to side with Rickett’s veto might not save your asses. Good luck in re-election.

  26. gummiment says:

    Lindstrom and McCollister both lied to their constituents. I have been told they won’t even take meetings from citizens that want to speak with them about the tough issues. What a bunch of gutless cowards. I sure hope the ‘Scott’s’ are happy thy elevated brett to this level so he can screw over his constituents.

    At least Murante is conistent on his opinions of the death penalty. I still don’t agree with it though. Although I will note, for bacon and his staff claiming this hardcore religious right platform, they sure are quick to throw stones.

    Ricketts is a mess. I saw this coming when he had that strange private / public arrangement with that advisor lady. I hope he isn’t paying her much as he hasn’t really gained any results.

    That being said, where the hell is Petes chief of staff? or Pete for that matter? Why isn’t he lobbying senators directly instead of just holding press conferences.

    None of this would have happened with our last Governor. Let’s face it, you may be able to buy a governorship with daddies money but that doesn’t mean you will be successful when he gets you there.

  27. Vote Traders says:

    I can understand (but not accept, because the Senator is elected to represent his/her voters) a religious conviction to support an issue.

    I will work to humiliate and shame the elected ‘converts’ who became enlighten after they were elected:

    God will judge those Senators who sold their Death Penalty vote for Gas Tax, Gambling and Pigs.

    This vote will stick to these Senators for whatever office they seek. Good Luck Senator and Smith and Schilz as you look towards state wide office.

  28. Statewide Office says:

    Larson is an idiot. He has no chance statewide. Thank god he is term limited. One of the biggest Republican disappointments in the Legislature.

  29. TexasAnnie says:

    Y’all are worked up this morning! As Gerard says, you haven’t had a death penalty there for quite a while. Evidently you just didn’t know it. As for me, I’m ambivalent about the death penalty. I care less for death row inmates, or any inmate, than I care about the disabled children whose growth in educational spending there will be less over the next biennium than the growth in all other forms of educational spending. I figure the growth should be the same. But as Macdaddy points out, some lives in Nebraska are worthless…

    While I was living in Omaha I knew some Libertarians named Lindstrom, but not Brett. I wonder if he is related? The problem I had with the Nebraska Libertarians was that they only wanted to abide the Constitution(s) when it suited them; otherwise ignore it, as in special education spending. And this Lindstrom did indeed vote against equitable SPED spending growth when he had the chance. Is he Libertarian? He does believe in property tax relief as per his vote on LB414.

  30. Anonymous says:

    The term limit bill exposed the flakes in the Unicam. Despite crap legislation what is sad is the depth of the skills of these clowns

  31. Unicameral Watcher says:

    Most of these senators are so caught up in their vote trading they have now traded in their principles. The only one with any smarts has dominated this session our great Senator from Bellevue, Ernie Chambers.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t the real complaint that after 40 years of work, Ernie Chambers out-thought, out-fought, out-smarted and out-maneuvered every Republican in Nebraska over that same 40 years?

  33. Anonymous says:

    The “flakes” in a Unicam are created by the Unicam being a Unicam.

    Every person who is physically forced to legislate with reason might, but without that force they won’t. The same people when starving will lie, cheat, steal, and eat human flesh. People are just people. Elect them and they won’t stop being people. Nature makes people conserve energy and maximize opportunity for themselves. They flow downhill. Put them in a baptismal font, they flow. Put them in a toilet, they flow.

    A legislative house is a toilet and a second house is the flush lever for bad ideas that rise up in its mirror other house.

    Get this through your heads… All vetos can be overridden and yet every bill can be killed dead by a second legislative house. Vetos are speed bumps. A Bicameral’s second house is a brick wall, which come with a vested interest in not letting really stupid bills pass.

    Executive governors and judicial courts have entirely different natures and aims than a legislature. A second house however is in direct competition with the first. And exposing flakes in the other body is delightfully productive for all who inhabit a bicameral. The check of a bicameral is a wall of legislative body self-interest pitted against legislative body self-interest. Without that, cults of personality spring up flaky weeds that overcome every pristine seed you send into it.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Okay, Chambers is a bully and a racist wh, after 40 years of work, out-thought, out-fought, out-smarted and out-maneuvered every Republican in Nebraska over that same 40 years. Why condemn Ernie for being just as much a bully and racist as many white politicians are?

    If being a bully and a racist disqualified a public office holder, our legislatures would look a lot different, wouldn’t they?

  35. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    I don’t know who is confusing the death penalty repeal as a pro-life issue. Of course the Catholic Church views it that way but National Right to Life (NRLC) its State Affiliates (of which Nebraska Right to Life is one) and its local chapters adhere stringently to our single issue focus: to restore legal protection to innocent human life from fertilization through natural death. Thus our work against abortion, euthanasia and unethical medical research creating/destroying human embryos. NRLC, since its inception in 1973, is the legislative and political arm of the nation-wide pro-life movement. We do not take a position on the death penalty or a myriad number of other multi or pro-family issues and never have. NRLC’s founders knew that we needed to draw as many people together as possible over the single issue of protecting and advocating for innocent and vulnerable life at risk of death from abortion and euthanasia. Unethical medical research was added to our mission when that issue came to the forefront decades after Roe. So there will never be any scorecard of Congressional or State Legislative votes from NRLC and its State Affiliates that takes into account anyone’s position on death penalty or other issues outside our purview and our PAC endorsements reflect that.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ernie Chambers has also out-thought, out-fought, out-smarted and out-maneuvered every DEMOCRAT in Nebraska over that same 40 years.

    It would have been more difficult for him to have done that in a BICAMERAL than in the unchecked, unbalanced, nonpartisan Unicameral. Only in such a vacuum of mechanical checks and amid such lack of principled partisan balance can cults of personality arise to such a degree that the like of Chambers can fully flourish.

    The one legged unconstrained creature that is the Nonpartisan Unicameral is perfect for Ernie.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yup, and we’re going to have the UNICAMERAL until Jesus comes back. If you’ve got political support to return to a bicameral legislature go for it. Otherwise cease your endless yammering about the politically impossible. PLEASE. Some moron keeps bringing this up. As Bush Sr. said “Not gonna happen.”

  38. Spineless says:

    Its not so much Chambers, he’s a piece of trash, granted. But its more about the rest of those pansies that think they are high and mighty enough to do whatever the hell they want, and ignore their constituants. there will be a day of reckoning. I will not support someone or anyone who flip flops or trades votes. bottoom line.

  39. Words mean things says:

    “The people of Gretna and Sarpy County have been clear that they support the death penalty. As their representative, I am obliged to respect their opinion.”

  40. Charles Garman says:

    if the veto is overridden, we’ll just do a referendum. Why is it wrong to let the people decide such an important decision?

  41. Macdaddy says:

    Whether or not it is used is actually besides the point although I would prefer it would be used quicker and more often. The point of a death penalty is that it says you are worth something. LWOP says that there is nothing that you can do to another human being that will make you pay any higher penalty than 3 hots, a cot, free clothing, free lawyers, free medical care, never having to work, free gym membership, and your own TV. These are not people who would otherwise have been contributing members of society. These are people who have no prospects and prison is a step up. That is not Justice. And by making it a practical matter, it cheapens life even further. Your life is now worth less than $500,000. That’s the cost savings of not having someone on death row. That’s less than the average price of 2 houses in Omaha. Good to know that your life is so cheap, isn’t it?

  42. Bob Loblaw says:


    In a vacuum your points are valid. But we don’t live in a vacuum. In the real world justice is carried out by the government who is made up of people. People like David Kofoed. People like the investigators in the Stock murders in Murdock. People like the investigators in the Beatrice 6 case. These are real injustices that occurred in our state. How can you trust the government to take someones life? They can’t do anything else right. Now, do I feel good about the death row inmates getting 3 hots & a cot and cable? Absolutely not. But that to me is a better choice than having someone executed who is later found out to be innocent. No amount of money can bring back that life either.

  43. Macdaddy says:


    Yes, we do live in the real world where people can be actually, for certain, guilty. People like Robert Hawkins. People like Nikko Jenkins. He should not be allowed to live. Why not? Because Andrea Kruger’s life was worth more than his. If you want to tighten up the rules, I have no beef with that, but you cheapen her life by saying we just can’t be sure when in fact we can.

  44. Bob Loblaw says:


    How many people sentenced to death have been innocent? I’ve seen a study where it is as high as 4% (google it since theres no links allowed) Do you think people were absolutely certain that those 4% were guilty too when sentenced? Look, Nikko Jenkins is a filthy, worthless, piece of garbage. It’s hard for me to be on a side of an issue that may be beneficial to a guy like that. But, my distrust of government and the incompetence of it’s institutions don’t allow me to trust them to carry out the death sentence. I’ve seen some micarriages of justice in Nebraska and have seen some horrible stories from other states. I do support a supermax penalty like they have in the federal system. 23 hours locked in a cell with no television. That is a penalty I could support.

    I see both sides of the death penalty issue, but I feel the conservative position is anti-death penalty.

  45. repentinglawyer says:

    Sweeper in the middle of the excitement about the death penalty I have a less emotional question, have you read the Tiger Mom’s book on exporting democracy and unregulated markets. It supports a very traditional conservative thesis that both democracy and free markets have certain institutional prerequisites and without those the institutions can not easily be transported to places with racial, tribal,or religious devisions. I recall nothing about redistribution, and her views on childrearing and education hardly have thrilled a lot of Liberals

  46. MacDaddy, clairvoyant says:

    Bob Loblaw brings up innocence and the Beatrice Six. MacDaddy responds with “Nikko Jenkins!”

    Yet somehow MacDaddy, and MacDaddy alone, knows who is TRULY guilty and who is not. Who wouldn’t have said the same thing about the Beatrice Six being “actually, for certain, guilty” prior to the evidence in 2008 proving Bruce Allen Smith was the actual murderer? Who wouldn’t have said the same about the 153 people exonerated from death row?

    MacDaddy says we cheapen life by letting Nikko Jenkins rot in jail. But how isn’t life cheapened when innocents face death from an incompetent government making an irreversible decision if carried out?

    So MacDaddy knows who is TRULY guilty. We are fortunate to be in the presence of such an individual! But with much regret, our judicial system isn’t headed by MacDaddy, dispensing judgement over who deserves death. We have an incompetent government you don’t trust wrongfully convicting people, cheapening their lives and ours.

    I have an idea. Someone tell Governor Ricketts the next time we have a judicial vacancy to appoint the all-knowing MacDaddy to the bench so we know for sure who’s guilty and who isn’t.

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