Memorial Day…and a poll

Memorial-Day-Thank-You-USAFirst, on Memorial Day, Thank You to all who have served.

The freedoms that we enjoy today, are because of those who we honor today.


And second…a poll…

…from a November 2013 Nebraska statewide survey.

Do you favor or oppose the death penalty?



Don’t Know/Refused……5%

There will undoubtably be some who say, “Alllll the way back in 2013? Who can even remember that far back! Oh how times have changed!”

Ah, November 2013.
Hollywood was thrusting yet another unwanted Thor movie upon us.
The Huskers were blowing it Minneapolis, yet winning in Ann Arbor.
And a young Lorde, was helping us to recall a cherubic George Brett in a confusing song called, Royals.

Yuh huh. Yeah well we’re rolling with it anyway.

And while the details, crosstabs, etc. etc. are not available for this posting, you will understand that such polling takes place ALL THE TIME by campaigns prior to election season.

2014 was one such season — and a big one for statewide candidates in Nebraska, eh?

And frankly, it would be unusual if members of the Legislature were not already aware of these types of numbers on the issue of capital punishment in Nebraska.

But just tossing them out anyway.

Have at it.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The fact that no one has invested in polling since 2013 shows that the pro-death supporters are not very committed to the issue.

  2. Pro-Life Shame says:

    I find it shameful that Death Penalty Repeal Senators play the ‘Pro-life’ card when they justify their vote. Voters must be contacting these Senators because Senators Campbell, Krist and Garrett are making statements attacking the voters position. I hear other Senators are reaching out via the phone to tell constituents why they lied during their campaigns.

    These so called ‘pro-life’ senators are by-standers when it comes to protecting the innocent. They have NEVER introduced legislation to reduce the number of abortions in the state. It often appears some ‘pro-life’ senators work against anti-abortion legislation (and I am not calling out Senator Krist with this statement).

    Two years ago, Senator Carlson introduced an Amendment to Senator Chambers’ death penalty repeal bill. The Amendment was to Outlaw Abortions in exchange for eliminating the Death Penalty. Sounded like a fair trade, 11 lives for 100’s of innocent Nebraska lives per year. But all the ‘pro-life’ senators ran from this Amendment.

    It is sad that our ‘pro-life’ senators can wheel-and-deal for their ‘pet’ bills and forget about innocent lives.

    I sure hope that these senators can enjoy their future state-wide elections, gambling and pig production deals.

  3. Bob Loblaw says:

    Why so much fuss for this one issue that really doesnt affect much of anything in this state? Its been used 3 times in 50 years. Why not have a bill outlawing shooting convicted murderers out of a circus cannon? Its been carried out almost as much as the death penalty in this state.

    I just dont see the big fuss over the death penalty. Eliminate it, move on, and get to the issues like the gas tax, property tax relief, and lowering of income tax rates that really have an effect on most Nebraskans. I just don’t understand why Ricketts chose this issue to be the one he puts the full court press on. Where has he been at on other more important issues this session? Hes been pretty much AWOL since his inaguration ball. Seems like he likes the idea of being Governor rather than actually governing.

  4. The Eye Ball says:

    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”- Benjamin Disraeli
    Polls and surveys are nothing more than the tyranny of the majority and have no acknowledgement of individual rights. But polls and surveys are used to shape public opinion. You notice the survey never asks if people would prefer an alternative to the death penalty?

  5. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Bob, when you don’t have the cards to be in the game you bluff and hope the other guys aren’t so sure about their own hands. Death penalty, abortion, voter ID, immigration, etc. is all the NEGOP has – not that the NDP is holding more than a pair of nines.
    Ricketts is just another of those clowns that have more money than they have any sense. He reminds me a lot of Bud Pettigrew.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Obama says we need to “repay” our war dead. My dead buddies will be happy to hear that. I guess Obama will dig up their bodies and stuff dollars in their pockets. He didn’t mention the patients the VA killed by neglect. Do we repay them too? He sees dead veterans as a good investment. They complain so little and only require a mow once a week.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This really isn’t as cut and dry as some people here think. Ask people whether they support the death penalty or life in prison without parole for capital offenses and the numbers change dramatically. A majority of Nebraskans support the latter. Check out the ACLU’s recent poll on their website. The full 18 pages of questions and cross tabs are available. Sure it’s the ACLU, but the questions are even handed and the demographics are spot on.

    By the way, do people really think Nebraskans appreciate anonymous, cowardly attacks by those who remain in the shadows? These mailers look like they’re backfiring with senator. Big mistake. What the hell is this governor thinking? Why aren’t we focused on taxes. This is absurdity.

  8. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Anon@3:39, there are many ways to “repay” our war dead. We can do it by trying to be better citizens, caring for our friends, families and neighbors. We can “repay” them by respecting, and not abusing, the rights that our Constitution guarantees us. It is, after all, the thing that every military person swore to defend. We can “repay” them by ending all the partisan bullshit that finds every fault originating with our current President. He has enough things that he can legitimately be criticized for, we don’t need to blame him for the problems he inherited.
    Those who love to invest in the deaths of our best are the ones that President Eisenhower warned us against … the military-industrial complex. Blame them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ike’s draft of that famous speech called it “the military-Congressional-industrial complex.” “Congressional” was removed to avoid antagonizing Congress, but the original language was more accurate.

    The whole thing has become a jobs program – no less socialized than the USSR while distributed to every State and Congressional district in the Union. We’ve never gotten the U.S off the war economy of World War Two; after 70 years of Congressional addiction to wealth redistribution what was once a vice is now a habit that the electorate doesn’t want to stop.

    Heaven help us.

  10. Future John Murante says:

    John Murante is a young enough guy that sometime in the future he will live through a Nebraska execution if he doesn’t vote for repeal. When he is at home with his family and the clock strikes midnight on Nebraska’s first execution, maybe 10 or 20 or 30 years in the future, what will be going through Murante’s mind? Heroism calls Senator.

  11. Oh yeah, honor the dead, be nice to Obama. Please be serious.

    Obama inherited an Iraq that was one state and comparatively stable, and a middle-east that was mostly at peace. He egged on revolutions against regimes that, if they were’nt altogether benign, were at least our friends. He inherited a stable Libya; it’s now a failed state. He inherited a stable Syria, which is now poisoned with gas, shred into multiple warring factions, and is the mother of ISIS. I don’t need to explain about ISIS, though it seems likely that to defeat Assad, Obama was shipping arms from Libya to Syria via the CIA at the time of Benghazi, to help ISIS, strenghtening lunatic jihadists and destabilizing two failed states further.

    Obama didn’t inherit those new Chinese islands in the South China Sea. China put them there, knowing he would do nothing. Obama may have inherited NSA spying, but he expanded it beyond its bounds, and has fought tooth and nail to keep it. Obama may have inherited a nasty national debt, but he’s more than doubled it.

  12. Brian T. Osborn says:

    And all the while the Republican Congress had NOTHING to do with any of all that, right Professor? Methinks you need to visit an oculist to treat your myopia.

  13. The Grundle King says:

    What ‘Republican Congress’? Are you talking about a Congress that only became ‘Republican’ in very recent history? Obama had a Democrat Congress for his first couple of years, and a mixed Congress for the next few.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Aside from the fact your data is old, the specifics of this poll were not identified. You can take any poll to achieve whatever results you wish dependent upon those who take it and what is asked in context. A crumb on the floor may give an idea of what was served just not the entire meal.

    • To those of you who find this poll “old” (riiiiight), non-specific or tailored for a certain result…
      Know that this was a poll from a candidate to take a survey of the Nebraska voter. It was meant for internal consumption only (at the time). The goal was to actually determine what voters THINK about various issues, in order to frame certain campaign themes. (i.e., if you’re pro-2nd Amendment, you’d want to know if voters agree with that, in order to push that issue.)

      Frankly, that should give these numbers more credence than anything else you’ll find today, which would be more driven by an outcome.

      And thanks for reading.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    You don’t like poll results from 2 years ago? Fine. Let’s have a real poll and put this to a vote. Oh, that’s right. The same liars who voted against what people wanted refused to do that. Bunch of cowards.

  16. The Grundle King says:

    Haven’t you heard, Brian? Congress can’t get anything done because of that darn, obstructionist President!

  17. To MacDaddy says:

    Read the ACLU’s poll from this April on the death penalty. The full 18 pages of questions and results are on their website.

  18. Anonymous says:

    GH says: Obama inherited an Iraq that was one state and comparatively stable,

    What have you been smoking? You might be able to point to a month or two of relative stability since GW recklessly invaded Iraq, but the factions that were unleashed made long-term stability impossible. But it’s more fun to blame Obama for everything.

  19. Macdaddy says:

    Anon 10:37, then let’s put it to a vote. You’ve got the numbers. What are you scared of? I’m sure you’ll have no problem signing the petition, right?

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