Death and Faxes

First, a quick SAB for a couple in the news…

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert, and Omaha City Council member, Aimee Melton.


(This one is based more on head-tilt and lipstick shade than anything else, but still…)


The aforementioned Aimee Melton has signed on, along with Bob Evnen of Lincoln and Judy Glassburner of Geneva to head up the Death Penalty Repeal-Repeal (as it were).

Though political observers will note that the actual peeps heading things up are Chris Peterson and…an unidentified “person close to the governor”.

Hmm, wonder who that could be???

Could it be one of Peterson’s partners who also has an official gig in state government?

(Sort of surprising that Joe Duggan at the OWH couldn’t at least note Peterson’s past work with the Governor when wondering out loud, “whether the governor was involved”.)

And no word on just what Senator Beau McCoy’s involvement will be, but it is the understanding here that the Governor and his minions will be taking the full lead on this and it will live or die by their actions.


The vote of the Unicameral has of course been garnering interesting national attention.

Jonah Goldberg wrote today about the intellectual dishonesty of the “expense” argument by the anti-Death Penalty forces, particularly in Nebraska.

But then John Oliver, who is a generally amusing and clever Brit on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight” show, also took jabs at Nebraska, and especially its Governor.

See it here:

Mostly a number of cheap shots.
(The square states in the Midwest! Who can tell them apart!)
(Look at the funny-looking bald Governor! A thumb! A shaved-owl! A boiled-egg with teeth!)

And he says Ricketts “found the murder drugs”.
So you’re of course getting a typical slanted view from the Limey*.

But Ricketts will likely continue to receive ridicule about the purchase of the Indian drugs, as it is unclear how that ever looked like a great idea.

And Oliver does have one clever line:

“‘My words cannot express how appalled I am..’
Words cannot express? Why don’t you try, it’s a written public statement!”

In any case, gird yourselves Nebraskans for the hammering from the literati from either coast as they try to shame you fly-over staters for the gall to think you can re-instate the Death Penalty.

It will be coming hard and heavy.


*Originally I, Jerry Kratochvil (in case there’s any confusion about who is writing this) had written “Limey-Poofter”. Unbeknownst to me that term has apparently taken a harsher meaning from when P.J. O’Rourke used it back in the day. Now it’s apparently a gay-insult, that is the worst of the worst to use. Apologies all around to any who were offended. In the future I’ll be sure to consult my shelf-set of Urban Dictionaries before knocking the Arseholes who don’t know murder from capital punishment.


And speaking of criticism. The OWH wrote an editorial about the Death Penalty repeal. They talk about the “second house” of Nebraska government speaking up.

Which would be an interesting voice for the OWH to listen to, except…

“Comments have been disabled”

Heaven forbid a counter voice pop-up on an editorial page…


So back to the OWH and the other above referenced Omaha official, Mayor Jean Stothert.

The issue of the Mayor’s text messages and the route it is all taking is interesting.

One thing that was noticeable is some of the language used in the OWH’s article about …the OWH.

They quote OWH Executive Editor Mike Reilly who says, “The ruling affirms that…”

Whoa! Hold on there cowboy.

This isn’t a “ruling”. The AG’s office doesn’t “rule” on anything. This was a “disposition”…with no binding legal effect. Which is why City Attorney Paul Kratz chose to ignore it.

Now…the effect of the City’s actions DOES matter. Since the City has chosen to (arguably) not comply with the AG’s “order” (which is strange to call it an “order” as it can be ignored), then the OWH’s editor can now either file suit against the city or tell the AG to do so.

It is an interesting statute they are operating under here, and frankly puts the AG’s office in a strange position.

In any case, as some have pointed out, try to explain in a 30 second ad why the state is suing Omaha. Mayor Stothert’s decision regarding what to and what not to release makes it all awkward, at the minimum.

Maybe it won’t turn out to be a big deal, but it’s an unusual talking point at least.


By the way, the Mayor’s issue surrounds text messages, emails and voice mails — and probably not faxes. But the headline sounded better that way and…you get it.


  1. Macdaddy says:

    Do you know who has the death penalty? The federal government. Why hasn’t boring, predictable Brit John Oliver asked Obama why he hasn’t done away with the federal death penalty? The answer to my question is predictable and boringly hypocritical.

  2. Governor Moenning says:

    These idiots have no clue who pays me and for what. I’m not an official employee…..hahahahahahaha!

  3. The Eye Ball says:

    Jonah Goldberg is an ignorant whiner. The electric chair cost next to nothing to operate yet the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled it not Constitutional. Lethal injection was brought in and Rickets spend $55,000 for the drugs! That is just one of the reasons why the death penalty goes up in costs.

  4. KHDS says:

    Until now I had never seen the Limey-puffer before. Not funny at all. Is this what passes for humor on the Left? “Murder drugs?”

    The clown didn’t go to a Jesuit school.

  5. Poofter has always meant gay on the other side of the pond. Sheesh, Sweep, don’t go all PC on us. When I saw ‘poofter’, I only had to lean for a few brief seconds on the fainting couch. It’s not as if you said pansy. Or ponce. Or fairy.

  6. Brian T. Osborn says:

    I’m one of the Arseholes that knows the difference between murder and capital punishment. The first one is a despicable act by a sociopathic individual; the second one is a despicable act by proxy committed by a sociopathic government.

  7. KHDS says:


    Here’s a really despicable act. Dr. Garcia drives miles to Omaha to kill young Tommy Hunter and his parents’ housekeeper one afternoon in their midtown Omaha house. Said Dr. Garcia isn’t finished as he returns to Omaha years later to murder a Creighton professor and his wife right at the beginning of their retirement.

    All of the above are only allegations and he is presumed innocent.

    I’m not a doctor but does that sound like a sociopath?

    Now explain to me again the meaning of the word “despicable.”

  8. Save the Republic says:

    We need to have party leaders like McGinnis and Odom take over the party and take this Republic back. We need to rally at Dick’s Sporting Goods and march to the Cheese Cake Factory and Demand our Freedom back by ordering lots of food and REFUSING to leave a 15% tip. This is the only way our country can be saved!!!!!

  9. The Grundle King says:

    Brian, why is putting a murderer to death by the most humane method possible (lethal injection), as you say, despicable? Every year, thousands of dangerous animals are euthanized in a similar fashion, because society has determined that these animals are too dangerous to remain in society, and it’s less expensive to euthanize them than it is to house them until the natural end of their life.

    “But those are animals!” you might say. So are the murderers on death row, and lest you have any doubt about that, read the full and horrible account of how Raymond Mata killed and dismembered Adam Gomez. As you read it, try to visualize Mata’s actions. I don’t understand how anyone could come to the conclusion that Raymond Mata is anything more than a subhuman savage.

    Now, I’m not advocating for the reinstatement of the death penalty. I’m merely pointing out that you’ll need to come up with a hell of a lot stronger argument than, ‘Executing murderers makes us no better than them!’ Wrong. We could execute all of them tomorrow, and we’d still be a damn far sight better than the the lot of them.

  10. Bob Loblaw says:

    Grundle King,

    It doesn’t make me feel good in the least knowing that being against the death penalty will benefit no good trash like Raymond Mata. That being said, how can you trust the government to get it right when there have been so many instances of cases where the police and prosecution got it wrong?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t former Gov. Dave have some culpability here? He appointed Krist, Garrett and Seiler. Now they all subsequently ran and won election but he put them in to begin with and they gained the power of incumbency. If retention of the death penalty is one of your key things, wouldn’t you properly vet someone on that issue if you were appointing them to the Legislature? There would be three votes peeled away from 30 and they probably never would have got the cloture vote either.

  12. Anonymous says:

    KHDS says: …The clown didn’t go to a Jesuit school.
    Unfortunately, Street Sweeper did. As a fellow graduate from ’70s, what happened to that school in the ’80s? Hard to believe SS is a product of the same school I went to.

  13. 80's Prep Grad says:

    Nothing happened at Prep in the 80’s. We have several prominent local Republicans graduate from that era. We learned free thinking in the 80’s and not hitting the pipe like they did in the 70’s.

  14. KHDS says:

    The clown is John Oliver and he went to Cambridge and a non-Jesuit high school.

    Street Sweeper is a fine product of Jesuit education. His work here is outstanding.

    And during my time at Prep in the 70s drug use was not a major problem and it was way less that at WHS. Fr. Laughlin and Bro. Wilmot ran a tight ship and would smack us around if we misbehaved. The two of them had most of us terrified.

    But I remain mystified about my classmate Bob Krist’s death penalty repeal vote. See account above about the despicable murder of young Tommy Humter’s by the socio-path Garcia.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Republican, free-thinking, are mutually exclusive terms.

    By the way, didn’t any of you former Prepsters pick up on the commandment “Thou shalt not kill”? I had a theology class taught by Gary Giombi where it was stressed that it would not be justified to kill one person even if that would save thousands. Guess most of you are the “pick and choose” type of Catholics (i.e. Sunday Catholics?)

    Speaking of Brother Wilmot, he was brought in to coteach that class as Mr. Giombi lost control of it. If you weren’t a smart ass, WIlmot was easy to get along with.

  16. repentinglawyer says:

    Two points, perhaps the Prepsters against the death penalty were paying attention to the emerging magisterial opposition to the death penalty from among others St. JP II and the Jesuit Pope Secondly while I am no fan of the OWH the practice in NE has been to treat opinions of the AG as quasi judicial and to refer to them as decisions. I always thought it stupid but the papers usage was standard. By the way while I endured one year on 72 nt, The real Prep was on the Hill while Father Henry Sullivan was in charge.

  17. The Grundle King says:

    Bob, if you had read any of my comments from the past few days/week, you’d see that I absolutely do not trust the government to get it right every time, which is why I’m okay with the repeal of the death penalty.

    But as far as society being somehow damaged by executing scum like those that reside on Nebraska’s death row, I don’t buy it. If that makes me a savage, so be it…I’m still a savage that’s never raped, robbed, or murdered anyone.

  18. KHDS says:

    Hate to break it to my fellow Catholics, but there is a separation of Church and State in Nebraska.

    But I do want to know if liberal Catholics will now adopt the Church’s strict rule against SSM?

    I like the First Amendment.

    And Garcia should get death if convicted.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hate to break it to my fellow Catholics, but there is a separation of Church and State in Nebraska.

    Correct, but that doesn’t excuse your actions, i.e. promoting the death penalty. Too many people think they can compartmentalize their beliefs and pick and choose when their beliefs and those of their church can be ignored. You don’t get an out because the state is executing, not your church.

  20. Anon says:

    I may not be up on current events, but I am a Catholic and what you say we can’t do is pretty much how most of us roll and in Omaha the people we elect, especially on the east, Example-Boyles

  21. Macdaddy says:

    You guys really want to go there? Do you want to make being Catholic a more important reason to vote for or against somebody than their character? If so, when clearly the current group of Catholic Senators are not the least bit interested in even limiting the abortions in this state, how are we to predict which Catholic values they are going to uphold? Is lying, to further the Church’s beliefs, permissible? That’s where you want to go?

  22. Macdaddy says:

    I look forward to you death penalty repealers to now call for the disarming of Nebraska’s law enforcement officers since in the performance of their official duties and at your direction, they could shoot and kill the wrong person. And they have. I also look forward to your calls to bring home all our military because they have been doing a lot of killing of innocent people in the last few years. And not by lethal injection but by big ass bombs and big ass bullets. Accidentally, of course. That’s on you. Have you said any Hail Mary’s for that lately?

    You ignore the tens of thousands to focus on the handful (possibly that many).

  23. Catholic Republican says:

    So where is all of your righteous indignation on Abortion and voting for pro-abortion Democrats my liberal friends?

  24. Hesdeadjim says:

    To the multiple anonymous commenters talking about the ten commandments with relation to the death penalty:

    Do you apply the same thou shalt not kill doctrine to abortion? Because if the liberal catholics are willing to support a full stop on abortion, I will gladly get on board for a national campaign against the death penalty. It only makes sense that if we won’t kill murderers for their wrongdoings, we shouldn’t kill unborn people who happen to have come into existence via rape.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Not all religions believe a fetus is human life. The Catholic Church originally had a problem with abortion because it hid illicit sex, not because it thought a human life was lost. A person who kills, while despicable, is human life, and everyone agrees on that. This is the difference that none of you seem to get.

  26. RE: 1:35 pm says:

    You are obviously not Catholic and/or don’t know Catholic Theology at all.

    Sounds like you’ve heard something enough times, that it become true to yuou.

  27. Macdaddy says:

    Hesdeadjim, I am more than happy to take that trade-off as well. Apparently it isn’t on the table. Neither is tightening up the death penalty process to address Bob’s concerns. Neither is an alternate method of the death penalty to address the FDA’s concerns.

  28. The Grundle King says:

    @ anon 1:35,

    Scientifically speaking, a human fetus is an organism composed of living tissue containing DNA specific to humans. Hence, abortion kills human life.

    Yes, scientifically speaking, murderers are also technically human life…but I’ve never categorized myself as “pro-life” because I believe there are people who deserve to die, as well as people who should be allowed to die, if that is their wish. Who is our government to forced unwanted health care onto those who wish to die on their own terms?

    The difference that the pro-abort…I mean pro-choice / anti-death penalty folks don’t seem to get is that an aborted human fetus/unborn child/what-have-you did absolutely nothing to deserve their fate…except, I suppose, to have been conceived in the wrong womb. Those sentenced to death, or about 99% of them (government fallibility, and all) have perpetrated acts so vile and heinous as to have warranted distinction between themselves and the rest of the human race.

  29. Hesdeadjim says:

    @1:35 stop being such a luddite. A fetus is scientifically a human life and there is no way around it. The science is settled.

    Speaking of settled science: A single amp can stop a beating heart. It’s not the voltage that kills, it’s the amps.

  30. 1:35 says:

    I was Catholic, going to Catholic schools for 12 years. Since I abhor hypocrisy, I’m no longer Catholic, and I do know what I’m talking about. Do the research yourself. I always love lazy rebuttals like this (since I don’t agree with you, you must be wrong!). You’ll never convince me or most thinking people that a 2-cell organism is as human as me. Potential, yes, but not there yet, and no awareness of an abortion.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well, I feel better about the death penalty staying repealed while the pro-death penalty people have Bill Kintner on THEIR side. Ha ha. What a moron.

  32. Brian T. Osborn says:

    KHDS, you could have consulted your Funk & Wagnal’s, but here are some synonyms for “despicable.” Let me know if they present any problems for your comprehension of them:

    contemptible, loathsome, hateful, detestable, reprehensible, abhorrent, abominable, awful, heinous; odious, vile, low, mean, abject, shameful, ignominious, shabby, ignoble, disreputable, discreditable, unworthy; informaldirty, rotten, lowdown, lousy; beastly; archaic-scurvy

    We agree that murder, especially cold-blooded murder, is a despicable act. When the state executes someone, supposedly on our behalf, it is done in the most cold-blooded way conceivable. I have more compassion for the person who, in a fit of rage, kills out of vengeance to attone for the loss of a loved one than I do for all of the attorneys, politicians and Governors that hide their murderous intents behind volumes of law books.

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