Comparing the cops to ISIS again?

Ayatollah shirtFirst, taking the escalator up to the “Who said it?” department, this headline:

ISIS and American police are ‘all the same’

Could it be the Mountain Lion of the Unicameral, Senator Ernie Chambers, is at it again?

Ha ha!

No, this one is from a source a little farther to the East:

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.31.21 PM

Looking forward to the Chambers statement about how even the Iranians have some sound ideas. (Though it should be noted that Khamenei’s statement seems to be focused on the FBI. Tsarnaev related, maybe?)

As Homer Simpson noted to his lovely wife…

Marge: Can we get rid of this Ayatollah tee-shirt? Khomeini died years ago.

Homer: But Marge, it works on any Ayatollah! Ayatollah Nakhbadeh, Ayatollah Zahedi… Even as we speak, Ayatollah Razmara and his cadre of fanatics are consolidating their power!

Homer. Always looking forward.


Always interesting when a big issue comes up — this past week being all about the Death Penalty and the potential reinstatement — and then people get distracted like a rodeo bull heading for the guy with the clown makeup.

In this case, Channel 7 focuses their “Big Story”, ostensibly about the Death Penalty on…Senator Bill Kintner and his Facebook page.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.19.06 PM

Yes, you probably all know by now that Kintner posted a photo of a beheaded woman, with the note that in Nebraska her killers could now only get life behind bars (with “nice meals”).

Kintner makes an interesting point, and maybe those who automatically get such an image on their FB feeds are upset, etc. But is this really the issue for top of the newscast coverage?


Well, he has since taken it down, and replaced with some in utero babies, making a point about protecting innocent life.

Now for weather and traffic!


ICYMI, Deena Winter over at Watchdog continues her quest to discover Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford’s involvement in the Omaha Housing Authority spending scandal.

The latest, according to Winter, is that…

“The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is refusing to release to the public an audit of the Omaha Housing Authority conducted in part when Congressman Brad Ashford led the agency.”

There are questions about Ashford’s involvement both before and after the scandal occurred — but HUD’s refusal to release all of the info prevents any full accounting by the public and the press.

This could be an interesting one to watch.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Someone mentioned on a Facebook discussion about the death penalty repeal that one of the death row inmates was actually commenting on the FB discussion which raises the question, why the crap do death row inmates have computer/Facebook privileges, etc? Can some investigative media in the State (I know that’s asking a lot) look into exactly what privileges death row inmates are afforded along with their three hots and a cot? If they have the same privileges as the general inmate population except that they are sequestered off from them, then why?

  2. KHDS says:

    The black guy who pulled a giant knife on the Boston cops was shot and killed by the police. He has a brother who is a muslim cleric. Check out Imam Rahim’s Facebook post. This man of Allah alleged his brother was unarmed and shot three times in the back by the police. He further falsely stated his criminal brother was on the phone with their beloved father and told his father, “I can’t breathe.”

    The radical Islamists in this country are trying to use the whole “unarmed black man/ hands up don’t shoot” false narrative for their own evil purposes.

    Senator Chambers just doing his part in the war against the police and the United States.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    I guess Kintner’s Facebook page was too much for the delicate flowers that don’t have the courage to take seriously their societal responsibility for meting out Justice. I bet they think the tofurkey sausage just magically shows up in the store, too.

  4. Jack Black says:


    What war on police? Thats such a false narrative. It’s never been a safer time than now to be a police officer. The statistics back that up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    KETV said in a story the Death Penalty was overridden by a “conservative coalition”, this is how in touch they were with the doings of the session, most had the voting record the same as Pansing-Brooks

  6. KHDS says:

    Jack Black:

    Tell baby Olivia Orozco that there is no war on the police.
    No, wait. She is an infant. She will never know her mother because she was murdered two weeks ago by a fugitive felon.

    Get a clue, dude.

    Use your head, brain and mind.

  7. Anonymous says:

    KHDS, there’s no way you went to Prep and graduated. Your response is on par with Senator Inhofe bringing a snowball to Congress, thus disproving global warming. That’s a very sad situation, but it says nothing as to whether overall cops are safer than in the past.

  8. Jack Black says:

    I didn’t say it was 100% safe, or that there aren’t senseless tragedies like Officer Orizco. I just said that today it is the safest time to be a police officer in the U.S. as there ever has been. Statistics back that up. This is from late lasts year in the Washington Post:

    Policing has been getting safer for 20 years. In terms of raw number of deaths, 2013 was the safest year for cops since World War II. If we look at the rate of deaths, 2013 was the safest year for police in well over a century. At the current pace, we can expect to see a 17 percent increase in on the job law enforcement fatalities this year over last year. That would put the total number of police officers who die on the job this year at 117, making 2014 the second safest year for cops in terms of raw fatalities since 1959. It would also put 2014 as the safest year for fatality rates in over a century. You’re more likely to be murdered simply by living in about half of the largest cities in America than you are while working as a police officer.

  9. KHDS says:

    Safer to be a cop now compared to what? A blogger?

    I thought all lives mattered.

    Why is it okay with the two of you that any cops are being killed by the criminals?

    Why are these people committing crimes? If the criminals would STOP committing crimes there would no occasion for an encounter with the police. That’s the first thing of significance here.

    Face facts. The two of you sympathize with criminals and cop killers.

  10. KHDS says:

    One hundred and seven is about 40% of my class at Prep. Way, way too many needlessly lost lives.

    The two of you need to do some real soul searching.

    Which side are you on? Good or evil?

    BTW, global warming is a complete hoax based on faked and massaged data all whipped up into a prediction that has been dead wrong for at least 17 years. I consider anyone who has fallen for this scam to be a naive dunce. If you can’t figure this out after the hockey stick graph and leaked emails exposed this fraud, you need to get a refund for your college education.

  11. KHDS says:

    And Jack Black, wouldn’t it be the case that the police population in 1959 is way smaller than today? Raw numbers mean nothing when I would guess that the US population has probably grown by 100m in 60 years.

    But a nice rationalization attempt by those who sympathize with criminals.

  12. Anonymous says:

    KHDS: An example of brainwashing that works.

    JB mentioned a rate stat, so change in population would make no difference. And if raw numbers are lower with a higher population, then conditions are even better than the raw numbers alone would indicate. How you draw the conclusion that we are criminal sympathizers is beyond comprehension. We just like to deal with reality, not falsehoods masquerading as such. At this point I’m doubting you graduated from any high school.

  13. Jack Black says:


    I think you may need to learn how statistics work. There’s more cops on the street now, and less of them are killed. I don’t know how that’s fudging any numbers. I presented you with conclusive data that says being a police officer is safer now then it has been in America. I didn’t say there was no risk to being a police officer. There is. They could be killed on the job. But there’s a risk to being a fisherman, a garbage man, or a farmer too. And they all have higher fatality rates than police officers.

  14. KHDS says:

    Jack Black:

    You are too much.

    In your own words, the number of police killed this year is on pace to increase 17%. I’m guessing total US population is growing at about a 2 % rate; consistent with GDP growth.
    Ergo, police deaths are well in excess of “normal” death rate as that should be at the same rate as population growth. Your OWN words confirms my war on police thesis.

    Your last sentence in your first reply about the general population murder rate in big cities exceeding that of the police only proves that crime is out of control in the Obama era.

    I can’t wait to see Spike Lee’s movie “Chi-Iraq.” More people were killed in Chicago last few summers than in Baghdad and that’s a raw number NOT adjusted for Chicago’s smaller size.

    You need to face facts. The Democrat party has failed its base by its complete inability to protect the citizenry. Isn’t that the first duty of government? Protect the good people from the bad?

    And BTW, I was at the very top of my class at Prep back in the day when the entire school’s grades were posted next to Fr. Laughlin’s office. I don’t need insults from two libs. Only sorry you two only learned how to spin.

  15. Jack Black says:


    I do not know who these names from Prep you keep dropping are. I guess it’s supposed to impress us, but not so much. But good on you for bringing up how smart you were in high school. I’m sure you’re tons of fun to be around if you’re still living off your high school glory.

    But apparently you didn’t pass reading comprehension in High School. Those numbers are from 2014 not this year. And last year was the second lowest fatalities for police since 1959.

    And yes the number one duty of the government is to protect its citizens. But that doesn’t mean that the police are above reproach or criticism or that the populace has no say in how policing tactics are carried out or funded.

  16. KHDS says:


    One dead police officer is one too many. You don’t seem to get that essential point.

    If you were intellectually honest you would concede defeat. But honesty (intellectual or otherwise) is in short supply in the Dem party. See, Clinton, Bill and Hillary.

    And that’s why I switched from the Dem party. The dishonesty and failures were too much to stand.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Is that an ashtray in senator Kintner’s house? Really?? He could save the state a few bucks if he would smoke outside and not expose his government-insured wife to cancer causing smoke. Is he really that ignorant and self-involved?

  18. Jack Black says:


    What makes you think I’m a democrat? I’m not. I’m a republican. I don’t know why you’d think I was a dem just because I cited some statistics on it being safer to be a law enforcement officer now than it ever has been.

    But you think you know everything. You’re a silver spooned prep kid who still brags about his HS grades and expects people to be impressed. It’s guys like you that are turning people my age away from the GOP. Those of you like SS who bitch and moan about the liberty caucus and Paulistas that are the only hope we have for our party to still be viable in 20 years. You’re the Lindsey Graham’s of the GOP and you couldn’t be more out of touch.

  19. KHDS says:

    Jack Black:

    I said there is a war on the police and a war on the U.S. The likes of Ernie Chambers and the Muslim cleric’s brother who attempted to behead a Boston cop join hands to do the same things: rhetoric that encourages the attacking and killing of Amercan citizens and cops and the coddling of criminals.

    Ernie’s ISIS rhetoric is completely out of bounds. No decent person would say that stuff.

    War means death. We are at war. People are being killed.

    You then cite WaPo by asserting that being a cop is safer than being a fisherman. But you are comparing apples to oranges. Those other jobs involve accidental deaths. The fish don’t jump out of the water and kill the fisherman. With cops, they are being killed intentionally by criminals while they are trying to protect the law abiding public. Put another way, but for the police we would be living in a Mad Max state of nature and the bad guys would just invade your house and steal your guitars. And don’t think it wouldn’t happen in Omaha as it is already happening in Baltimore and Chicago.

    Your fatal mistake was citing a rapid increase in police deaths; only proving there is a war on the police. If you are really a New Age Republican you need to be more rigorous in your thinking. Ninety percent of what the modern Dem party supports is bad for America and some of it is down right deadly. One can’t concede an inch to the Dems as they are masters of incrementalism and law fare. See, Heinman’s disastrous handling of KXL.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Every cops’ aim is go home alive and not go to jail. Now that Obama’s DOJ scrutinizes police after encounters with blacks, threatening police with jail, black on black murder rises as cops hang back.

    This isn’t about color. This is human garbage vs law.

    White hillbilly thugs and Black ghetto thugs equally prey on their neighbors and both hate police. But nobody in Obama’s DOJ cares when a cop shoots a hillbilly thug. Unless they hillbilly is black.

  21. Macdaddy says:

    Omaha has had an infinite increase in the rate of police officers killed on the job this year vs last year. That’s a problem. It’s an even bigger problem that Senator Ernie Chambers just advocated an approach to interacting with law enforcement that was then followed by the turd who shot at numerous cops and killed Officer Orrozco. And our spineless gutless Unicam rewarded his despicable and disgusting argument by giving him the victory he has worked decades for. Way to go, Senators.

  22. Brad Ashford's SECRET audit says:

    Just a hunch: Ashford would have voted to keep leadership votes in the Legislature secret too.

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