Shame on YOU

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 2.33.01 PMAh, nothing like a good scolding from the peeps at the Omaha World-Herald.

The OWH editorial folks wrote about how important the death penalty debate is, and that State Senator Bill Kintner’s Facebook post with the beheading photo, “fell well short of that mark“.

But on that SAME PAGE…a funny from cartoonist Jeff Koterba…about Kintner!

Is this some sort of meta-editorial that the kids seem to always be talking about? A mirror within a mirror within a mirror?

Please OWH, let us know when we are to be “sincere, sober, thoughtful and respectful” and when we’re supposed to chuckle (while thinking!).

(Or maybe they’re just jealous that Kintner made people think about the issue, using a simple photo, more than 10 OWH editorials do.)

Oh, and please readers, do NOT comment on this editorial…because you CAN’T.

“Comments have been disabled.”

So much for a discussion.


And then there is out old friend, Matt Hansen.

Hansen wrote an interesting piece about the Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner announcement, like many other columnists have. But Hansen made it local, interviewing a UNO professor on the subject.

A couple of notes though.

One, Hansen does his own scolding to you the reader, though in a much more passive aggressive way. See, he announces (twice) that HE is an “ignoramus” for having preconceived and immature notions about transgender people.

Ah, but by the end of the article where he became much more enlightened and helped to personify the transgender community, he has passed from that state of “ignorami”.

But that leaves YOU, reader, as STILL in a state of ignoramisy — until you too have been enlightened on the subject in just the right way (you ignoramus).


And Two, Hansen and UNO Prof. Irwin cite “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” as an example of a movie making fun of a transgender person.

Which is intersting…except that’s not necessarily an accurate portrayal. Note that in the scene where Jim Carrey’s character realizes that Sean Young’s character is transgender, Boy George’s song, “The Crying Game” — from the movie of the same name — is playing. And then Ace goes into the bathroom and vomits, and otherwise overreacts Jim Carrey-like.

But obviously, that is a play on exactly what happened in the movie, The Crying Game, when the main character realizes that the woman who he has been with is actually a man. The guy goes into the bathroom and vomits. And THAT was in a movie lauded by many for being the first to address the transgender issue in a popular culture way.

So, the point is, you can knock Ace Ventura for making a comic point involving a transgender person, but frankly, they were making fun of the reaction of a character in a serious movie on the subject.

(Maybe THAT’s the discussion Hansen should have had…)

That Jim Carrey. What an ignoramus.


Oh, and by the way, no comment section AT ALL for Hansen’s story.

Remember when we were supposed to be having “national discussions” about all of these issues?


Have a great weekend!
One week before the fun starts in the Big “O”!


  1. Hesdeadjim says:

    I think the media are blowing this transgender awareness business out of the water just a teensy bit. Less than one half of one percent of Americans are so called transgender. If you listen to the rhetoric and read the papers, this country has a major sect of the population who has been completely ignored and downtrodden; we must have mandated gender neutral bathrooms, we need to teach school children about boys dressing like girls in grade 2, and there needs to be a transgender character in every single sitcom, comic book, movie, short film, animated series, and book sold in order to more accurately reflect the modern state of affairs.

  2. Macdaddy says:

    OWH to Kintner: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
    OWH to the good citizens of Omaha: you must first submit your opinions to us and we will fix them for you.
    OWH to Nebraska’s murder victims: your lives aren’t really worth the effort. It’s water under the bridge. Any objections? Please speak up!

  3. Caitlyn's Gold Medal says:

    As usual, the media will take the Jenner story and run it into the ground, then when the public decides they are sick of hearing about this (I already am) then they will hammer on the public–especially conservatives–for being insensitive and creating a war on women/transgenders/LGBT community/whatever else they can come up with. If Jenner were black, they’d call them racist as well.

  4. Hesdeadjim says:

    MacD I will for this one brief moment defend the OWH: Newspapers, historically are not venues for you to express your thoughts. They exist to deliver the news to their subscribers and it is not their duty to host your opinion. That’s what facebook and the comments section of Leavenworth Street are for (thank you Mr. Sweeper). Lots of people submit letters to the editorial section and they can’t possibly print all of them.

  5. Guido the drug smuggler says:

    Hey Mr. Ricketts, I got the drugs you need, man! I just need $55,000 and a green card! Can I get that first?

  6. KHDS says:

    Matt is a talented writer but he received a liberal indoctrination at UNL.

    And how about that picture of the UNO prof? Androgyny defined.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    Not really an issue on the website, though. Server space is pretty cheap. I think Hillary has a couple she wants to unload.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Boston Corbett was the American hero who killed the assassin who killed Abraham Lincoln. Corbett cut off his own gonads with a scissors. Now, that is transgender! Not some coward who puts on a dress and makeup over this penis and testicles. That’s dress up. A real man will become a women on his own dime, the Republican way, with a rip saw.

    Democrats want taxpayers to fund surgery. Screw that. Pursue happiness on your own dime.

    Anyway, sex is bad for people. So too is marriage and having children. Government shouldn’t encourage it.

  9. In my experience, female-to-male transsexuals are the most hysterical, nasty, obsessive people on the ‘net, bar none. Speak a word against the only meme they deem correct — ‘female brain trapped in a male body’ — and you’ll be sentenced to death by outraged shrieking.

    Ray Blanchard and J. Michael Bailey have done decades of good scientific research on why transsexuals are the way they are. The answer is, there are several types of transsexuals, with completely different etiologies and motivations, and a large number of them don’t fit the PC mold. So the trannies tried to get Bailey fired from Noerthwestern, and his theory is anathema.

  10. Anonymous says:

    And most of them are academics, Gerard. That’s where the “hysterical, nasty, obsessive” part comes from. Present company excepted.

  11. Lil Mac says:

    Sorry to interrupt this genial discussion of genital mutilation but here’s some politics.

    Hillary Clinton is accusing GOP governors of restrictive voting policies ala Early Voting. She says she is the new Democratic Party champion of Early Voting. Now that is too funny.

    If you count all the governors, their party affiliations, and states with and without early voting, it adds up to the opposite conclusion.

    36 states have Early Voting while 14 don’t, including Hillary’s own New York State. Of the states that have Early Voting, 26 have GOP governors and 9 have Democrat governors. Of the states without Early Voting, 5 have GOP governors and a whopping 9 have Democrat governors.

    64% of states without Early Voting have Democrat governors while 74% of states with Early Voting have GOP governors. –Democratic Governors apparently aren’t very democratic.

    Yes, we know, legislatures not governors make voting laws. But it was Hillary herself who opened this worm can and it is full of wormy Democrats.

    Have you seen the above data anywhere else? It took three minutes to compile. So where’s our Fourth Estate? Biased, lazy or perhaps dreaming of mutilating their genitals. Have axe, will travel.

  12. OWH Bias says:

    If you are not supportive of the gay/trans agenda, certain OWH reporters automatically hate you. Their bias is very transparent.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Uhhhh the commenter above needs to be more inclusive. It’s actually LGBTQIA. You left off intersected and allies, you bigot

  14. The Venereal Bede says:

    Ace Ventura: “Einhorn is a man!” –Vomiting and other hygienic ablutions. – (Sardonically to himself) “Your gun is sticking into my hip… oh God!”

    Weird sex is a valid political topic here because Gay Marriage, like any licensed marriage, means your government gives gays your money. Nothing can be more political than taking your cash and giving it selectively to other people to force you to co-op their behaviors. Your money in a gay couple’s pocket makes you say “this is more than okay, this is GOOD!” In that way, egotistical leaders and blasé bureaucrats and Madison Avenue admen, who have the moral compasses of furniture, become ethics tyrants who replace the behavior coaches that holy books and philosophers once were. Forced morality-by-subsidy thanks to Uncle “I own your soul” Sam.

    Let’s be clear. Success needs no subsidy. So subsidy usually promotes failure.

    Subsidy has certainly damaged heterosexual marriage and child rearing. Our government forces us to pay people to be married and to raise children, which subsidizes unfaithful spouses and bad parents. It’s a bailout that “helps” cause millions of ghetto and hillbilly heterosexuals to spawn millions more human social parasites, all popping out of engorged sex organs to which vestigial bodies of subsidy-addicted US citizens are attached.

    But, hey, who turns down free money, right? That’s the fuel behind this auto-evolving self-reinforcing social pathology that is government subsidy.

    IRS deductions meld seamlessly into welfare largess. And the fact that rug munchers and fudge packers want a piece of this “normal” is a testament to human stupidity.

    But a good laugh is always welcome. Watch how Liberals twist into puritanical anti-Darwinian prigs who object to incest being legal in OH and RI. The same gay couples who sanctimoniously demand they be viewed as “natural” (not according to genetics) when incest is mentioned, vomit like Jim Carrey.

  15. I am an ignoramus? says:

    I am an ignoramus because I think? Because I think Bruce Jenner is mentally ill? Not saying ALL transgenders are mentally ill, but he comes off like a complete nut on tv now. And to Mr. Hansen: if I disagree with you about a dude having his junk removed, and THAT makes me an ignoramus, so be it. Speak for yourself. If the editors of the OWH think that I need a condescending lecture from them, they are seriously mistaken. If there’s any condescending lecturing to be done, we the readers will be doing it. Oh, wait… Comments disabled…

  16. Macdaddy says:

    VB, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Society needs people to have babies. Not having them is bad and leads to a demographic death spiral. Japan, Germany, and China have already entered it. It’s fitting that China is trying to expand her territory by building on sand. After thousands of years, China has been done in by her short-sighted Communist idiot leaders. But, those children should be raised well and not grow up in a cycle of government dependency that just leads to even more societal dysfunction. There’s more than one way to kill a nation after all.

  17. The Venereal Bede says:

    MD, one of these days government will figure out that it owns whatever percentage of a child it paid for and Solomon will come calling with his sword of justice to divide junior. Its a free country. We are free to keep the left over bits.

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