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**UPDATE at 11:00am**

Nebraskans for the Death Penalty has opened up 2 offices for the public to sign the petition to get the issue on the November 2016 ballot:

11605 Miracle Hills Drive
Suite 100
Office Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm; Sunday, 1pm-7pm

1610 N Street
(Nebraska Republican Party office)
Office Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm; Sunday, 1pm-7pm


Interesting stories over the weekend about the initiative petition efforts to get the Death Penalty on the ballot.

Just “on the ballot”, mind you.
Not “I’m in favor of the Death Penalty.”

As was written here recently, it would be supremely appropriate for Senators who told their constituents they were in FAVOR of the Death Penalty, then voted for the REPEAL, to encourage those constituents to sign the petition.

They would be encouraging the “Nebraska’s second house” that we hear so much about, to exercise their voices on an issue that is easy to understand.

For instance, like ot or hate it, the Minimum Wage increase vote was one that people could understand. Now maybe those against it felt it was hard to educate people about how employers might have to cut back if wages were forced up — but they had that opportunity.

There is a decent argument that “expansion of Medicaid” is something that the average voter can NOT easily wrap their head around, and is more appropriate for the legislature.

But the Death Penalty is one of those issues that can be easily spelled out.

So why not let Nebraskans vote on it?


Well, people like “Nebraskans for Alternatives to the Death Penalty” don’t want you to vote.

And Danielle Conrad of the ACLU — the A freaking CLU — doesn’t want you to sign it.

Well…they’re going to help “educate” potential signers on the issue. Uh huh.
I wonder if THEY’RE going to have people sign the petition as well then, right?

Shouldn’t their “educators” (hmm — they could have their own summer camps & they could call them “Re-education camps”…) also be gathering signatures to put this on the ballot and educate their folks to vote against the Death Penalty?

People should VOTE on this, right?

(Oh just you wait. You’re going to hear the “people are too stupid to vote on this issue” argument, from the same peeps who pushed the Minimum Wage vote and are pushing the Medicaid vote. Just. You. Wait.)


And this one is rich:

Anderson said her anti-death penalty group is a small nonprofit that doesn’t have the money to mount such a campaign.


And she is…working for free?
And the other stafferS (plural) are working for free?
And the extra staffer for the “conservatives” wing, was also working for free?


Well, then call up your Sugar-Daddy, George Soros, who has been bankrolling this issue across the United States, and let him know you need some more cha-ching. Or however you want to fund the effort that will get millions poured into it.


Nebraska State Treasurer, and former Attorney General, Don Stenberg , who is a co-chair of the “Reinstate the Death Penalty” forces, was quoted in the OWH saying,

“…the death penalty can function in Nebraska as it does in Texas ‘with the right leadership and staff in the Attorney General’s Office.'”

The guess here is that this wasn’t a dig at a former AG or staff — that he was simply trying to compliment the current AG. But those quotes are always interesting.


And Don Walton is always a good read for politics on Monday, but he failed to drop the heavy liberal ordinances this week.

Though there was this little personal message out to the 2nd District:

And, of course, there’s a big House contest in Omaha, where Democratic Rep. Brad Ashford faces that first critical re-election test. Clear that barrier and you might be around a long time.

Oh wait, that wasn’t to the 2nd, that was to Brad himself!

Not clear how Don can type with his fingers crossed.
(Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk…)


Senator Ben Sasse writes about the recent TSA failures in an op-ed in the USAToday.

In part…

Here is what keeps me up at night: The publicly available facts are disturbing, but the classified details are even worse. Millions of families will soon fly to summer vacations, but if moms knew what members of Congress have learned behind closed doors, they would march on Washington demanding an urgent, top-to-bottom reevaluation of airport security.


Interesting story over the weekend about the leadership of the Omaha City-Council.

Though the council is 4 Democrats (Festersen, Jerram, Gray & Gernandt) and 3 Republicans (Thompson, Melton & Pahls), the question of who would be the new Council President is apparently up in the air.

Ben Gray has support of some of the Dems — but it looked like Franklin Thompson was looking to form a coaltion of sorts with Garry Gernandt to swing things his way.

There is word now that Ben Gray DOES have the votes to become President — though without Gernandt. (Hmm…)

Of course unless you’re going to go all Lormong Lo on the city, the gig is more ceremonial than anything. But still.

Come back for updates!


  1. A couple of points says:

    No one istrying to expand medicare. It is MEDICAID! Stenberg calls out himself because he could not execute anyone in his last 6 years as AG. Let the people vote on this

  2. AskDanThePRMan says:

    A couple of points says: It would have been quite the feat if Stenberg could have carried out the death penalty the past six years as State Treasurer.

  3. Make no mistake says:

    Stenberg’s comments were absolutely, positively, no-doubt-about-it a swipe at Bruning and his failure to finish a death sentence while AG.

  4. Dist 5 voter says:

    Do you think your constituents share your support for Ben Gray to lead the council Mr Pahls??? That idiot caled the mayor a racist. You need to have your head examined if you think this is a good idea

  5. Anonymous says:

    NADP will have even more new-found money to combat the DP on the ballot. When have they ever hired Walt Radcliffe and Lindsay/Wesely to lobby? Well they did this session. Also looks like they got staffed up this year. That money is coming from Nebraskans? Right. They must meet with Jane Kleeb on a regular basis to fight over whose turn it is this month to get the Holland/Soros check. If we had any investigative media they might possibly be educating the public on all of the lib Soros/Holland-funded groups in this State. Would be quite a list.

  6. Anonymous says:

    As an in-frequent flyer and middle class person I have to wonder if Sasse is on point when he says “millions” of families fly for summer vacation? I think “millions” might drive for a summer vacation but I don’t know about fly. Sounds kind of like an elitist mind-set to me.

  7. En Francais says:

    Those petitions printed in French aren’t going to fly when submitted to the Secretary of State’s office.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    I now realize that the ultimate goal of the Left in wrecking our education system is to prevent people from being able to read. So when Oregon does a randomized controlled trial of expanding medicaid with 30,000 participants, people won’t be able to comprehend that it led to higher costs, more ER visits, and no change in health measures. Expanding Medicaid is nothing but additional welfare. Period. It does not make people healthier. It does not shift the costs away from the expensive ER. Period.

    Look! A Kardashian!

  9. Someone’s certainly out of touch, but I don’t think it’s Sasse.

    Americans will take approximately 150 million tourist trips by air this year. Google “Where Will Americans Travel in 2015?”

  10. Macdaddy says:

    Sweeper, we will find out the true face of the Left when they begin to stalk the petitions and start a campaign against individual signers. See Brendan Eich.

  11. McGinnis says:

    Why must the state of Nebraska disobey the Constitution!?! Based of Article 20 Section 3 we can not have a petiton drive. The only way the state of Nebraska gets back to its glory days is with the leadership of Jerry Odom. Odom has the strength of 10 men and the virtuousness of God.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Gerard, thanks for the stats. I was referring to the Sasse quote where he said “millions of families will soon fly to summer vacations” and maintain that that is exactly what he meant, “millions of families” as opposed to “millions of Americans” referring to individuals and couples on vacay. His reference stilll seems like a ton of “families” flying as opposed to loading up the mini van for the trek to across 3 States to see the grandparents.

  13. The Eye Ball says:

    Say it once, say it again, but it won’t matter when people will follow their passions regardless of the facts.
    Nebraska’s death penalty has been gone for over a decade it won’t come back. Vote on it all you want, the action is totally futile waste of time.

    Even Stenberg did not tell people that Texas is now out of drugs and won’t be able to carry out another execution. But who cares? Open up offices, waste hours in the sun collecting signatures.

    Meanwhile, socialists are looking to the next elections to exploit the situation.

  14. Hesdeadjim to RINO Watcher says:

    Take it easy on Rich Pahls. Rich is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. He’s also effective and has never claimed to be a dyed in the wool conservative. He’s a pro-business, moderate Republican. If you don’t want RIch Pahls to support Ben Gray, give him a call and politely tell him what you think.

  15. glow worm says:

    Nebraskans for the Death Penalty? Are you kidding. You got to sell it. Make it shine, like a guillotine blade. That’s entertainment!

    Those of us who were in the business of bombing cities grasp the need for selling the ugly. We were not “Americans for Armageddon”. We were a bland Strategic Deterrence, which we then sold under the happy slogan “Peace is our Profession”. Yes it was a façade. But American voters love that tasty sausage and hate being told what’s in it. If you want them to vote for capital punishment, you might wish to consider throwing some honey onto that spoonful of cockleburs you call “Nebraskans for the Death Penalty”.

    How about “Nebraskans For Helping Criminals Find Eternal Peace”. That sausage sounds delicious.

  16. Gerard Harbison says:

    1:33 150 million Americans is tens of millions of families. Be a man, and admit you were wrong. Jeez.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    Gerard: Don’t miss out on the point originally made, that Sasse is regarded elitist.

    Street Sweeper: Why shouldn’t the people of Nebraska enjoy a vote on Medicaid expansion? Do you fear the majority will?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Let’s all take a minute to appreciate how nice it is to read the comments section without Ricky’s drivel taking up space.

  19. Bob Loblaw says:

    So, Ben Sasse is elitist because he might fly his family to Disneyland rather than strap granny on the roof like the Clampetts?

    Heres a statistic from the US Travel association:
    “In 2012, 26 percent of domestic leisure travelers traveled with children under the age of 18 (408.5 million trips) compared with 2008, when 31 percent of adults traveled with children (466.2 million trips).”

    Seems like you’re stretching to find something to criticize him for.

  20. RINO Watcher says:

    To hesdeadjim — I did call Rich Pahls and I also talk with him on a fairly regular basis — I told him that he should vote for Franklin because he will bring respect and dignity to the office. Whereas, Mr. Gray will only bring shame and embarrassment.

    He definately is a nice guy and is my type of conservative….but this thing is just caving to a bully.

  21. PoliticsJunky says:

    It’s interesting to note that the Omaha office for Nebraskans for the Death Penalty is the same place that Governor Ricketts’ main office was. I wonder who is behind that…

  22. So... says:

    You’re saying the DP hasnt been utilized in years – and it “wont” be utilized for years to come…

    So why so passionate against it? If we’re not killing these so-called “innocent” criminals… Then why are you banging your head against the concrete stating that we will kill an innocent person? But you’re totally okay with giving an “innocent” criminal life in prison without parole – which you turn around and say is all we are doing anyways…

    Why are you so worked up about the citizen’s voting on whether or not to keep the policy? That you claim doesn’t even happen anyways…

    If half of you people spent half of your “pro-life” “anti-DP” time advocating for the lives of the TRULY INNOCENT, unborn children… maybe you would actually save a life.

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