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WDsquareYOU already know this, but if one of your uncouth compadres didn’t listen to the most recent episode of The Wheels Down Politics Show, they would not know that Omaha City Council member Aimee Melton shared some news.

Melton told show listeners that she is no longer on the Board of Directors of Nebraskans for the Death Penalty. She said that though she is still a strong supporter of the group, she felt that for her constituents, she still needs to give her full attention to her Council work.

For those other suckers who have not yet listened to the show, they can hear the whole thing, which includes a discussion with Melton and retired Judge Ronald E. Reagan. Judge Reagan is part of the new ‘Nebraskans for Public Safety” which opposes the Death Penalty and the petition to put the issue on the ballot.

(You will note and find that Reagan does not believe that voters have, or could obtain, all of the significant information to make an informed decision about this issue — but is still fine with other initiative petitions.)

Click here to go to, where you can hear the Melton/Reagan podcast and find ALL of our other podcasts as well.


It is always hilarious when Don “George Norris” Walton of the LJS writes in one sentence about the non-partisan legislature (“with a capital N and capital P”) and then in the next sentence goes into the intricacies of the Democrat and Republican members.

Today Walton talks about who Governor Pete Ricketts will appoint to replace Jeremy Nordquist — and asks if it will be a conservative Republican or a Latino Democrat.

(Someone explain to Don how Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz made it into office.)


The other day, Deena Winter of Watchdog chuckled at an Op-Ed by former Democrat (now “Independent”?) Jim Jenkins in the LJS that quoted “a political blog” on an issue.

Except that it wasn’t THIS (unnamed) blog, it was Watchdog — which isn’t a blog.

Because, of course, much like Voldemort and Sauron, one must never name other media outlets like Watchdog or Leavenworth St., lest you accidentally click them!

(And don’t think it wasn’t an intentional nose-thumbing to derisively call Watchdog a “blog”.)

And just to put a point on it, the OWH puts up a video about a Miami college student, who is originally from Omaha, and notes that she is an intern “at a local Omaha TV station“.

Because Warren-forbid that anyone acknowledge the name of said TV station! Why you might…turn the channel! Or click somewhere else!

(There is no other media in town! Nyah-nyah-nyah we are covering our ears and not listening!!!)


  1. reader says:

    Are you blaming readers for not listening? We’d love to bask in your dulcet tones but simply haven’t the time. Where is the accompanying transcript?

    Listening to audio interviews is like throwing a record on the victrola and sitting in a 1930’s parlor for an eternity while recorded interviewees drone on. Unless you love those talking, it is excruciating.

    Humans invented writing to make trade contracts and to record laws, but also because cavemen hadn’t the time to waste listing to long winded cave politicians. People discovered that eyeball-scanning a text is much faster, gives you the ability to skip ahead, or slow down, absorb, and to quickly re-read.

    Alas, but textual news online is increasing being replaced with video “news” and audio interviews (as heard here) which demand people observe speech being spoken. That treats us like emotion sponges rather than reasoning beings who can more rationally and grasp it as written speech.

    All this video and audio is being foisted upon citizens who can read full sentences apparently in an attempt to appeal to their inner monkey and get a hoot of visceral reaction. That’s not being informed as much as being titillated.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is a long written way to describe people being long winded. I scanned it and you are right, that is easier than listening to you drone on.

  3. Yargle Blargle says:

    I read the Walton column. I took the non-partisan reference to refer to the votes take by this year’s legislature. The big votes didn’t exactly fall on party lines.

  4. The Grundle King says:

    Off topic, but what the hey…

    Why is it that Democrat politicians, who love them some government and whose intentions are always as pure as the driven snow (har har), are always looking to sue the people they say they want to serve?

    The ACLU, led by former State Senator Danielle Conrad, has sued Nebraska over same-sex marriage, prison riots, banning gay foster parents, and ‘DREAMer’ licenses.

    Wannabe-Governor Dave Domina sued Nebraska over the KXL route.

    Now Domina’s lackey and recent Lincoln City Council candidate Meg Miko… Mikoll… Mikolijewskinopolous wants to help sue the city of Lincoln over sewage backups.

    And who pays? ‘The government’ of course! But where does that money come from? Why, that doesn’t matter as long as they get their fees. Seems like they just like to punish the voters for not chowing down on their bullshit.

  5. Saving this Republic says:

    Agenda 21, military exercises in Texas, martial law, we need more guns and more pocket constitutions We didn’t start the fire it was always burning since the world was turning. Food rations, bunkers for all. gold bars, affirmative action. Our freedom is eroding!!!! Prohibition!!! Women voting!!!! More guns!!!! tinfoil! FREEDOM! William Wallace. Billy Joel!

    Only Jim McGinnis can save us !

  6. I am suing the Omaha YRs for age discrimination says:

    Article III: Membership

    Section 1: Active membership in the club shall be limited
    to registered Republicans not less than eighteen (18) but
    not more than forty (40) years of age unless you are super creepy and live/work in Sarpy. You also need to sign a grils are icky pledge.

  7. I am suing the Omaha YRs for age discrimination says:

    Article III: Membership

    Section 1: Active membership in the club shall be limited
    to registered Republicans not less than eighteen (18) but
    not more than forty (40) years of age unless you are super creepy and live/work in Sarpy. You also need to sign a girls are icky pledge.

  8. The Lincoln Urinal Star says:

    As a Catholic this headline is offensive “Archdiocese completes probe into life of Boys Town founder” The “Probe” is to see if Fr. Flannigan qualifies for sainthood and not some criminal investigation. Great job LJS

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