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Trump supporter 01My sense is that people like their baseball separated from politics — but that didn’t stop at least a few folks from staying involved down at the College World Series.

There was this guy who is all-in for The Donald. He was waving his home-made sign out on the southwest corner, doing his best to prep everyone for the Big Announcement on Tuesday.

The scalpers (which I have to ASSUME is a word that we are NOT allowed to use anymore…) were more aggressive than he was.


And there were some, but not lots of Death Penalty initiative petition peeps out there as well.

I will confess that I’m not up on all of the rules as far as advertising who you are and why you’re there, but the “anti’s” should at least take comfort in the fact that these guys were nearly invisible in the crowd.

You really needed to know that they might be out there, and pretty much seek them out in order to sign. This guy had just started, and was very polite (let me take a pic of his board).

Version 2But these guys are working hourly, so they really don’t care if they get signatures or not. They get paid either way. They really weren’t yelling (much) about what they were doing — say, in the way the Trump guy was.

They almost need another person next to them with one of those spinning sign boards saying, “Sign the Petition HERE” or somesuch.

I suspect that they will get the signatures they need to get it on the ballot (though probably not to halt the law). But it looks to be slow-going at the moment.

Maybe it’s more of a county fair thing…


Hey the Griswolds are on their way back from the great European Vacation.

Sort of an interesting strategy — talking to people who have already invested in the state. (Sort of reminds me of that scene in the movie “Dave” where the imposter-President notes that it doesn’t make sense to try to convince people that they really love what they already have.)

In the past these types of missions — to China or Cuba, for instance — involved signing new deals in emerging markets. This seemed more like a trip for a trip’s sake.

But hey, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe there will be great new things for the state that will emerge from it. Fingers crossed.


And finally, Deena Winter at Nebraska Watchdog notes that Vince Powers of the Nebraska Democrats says he will sue Governor Ricketts to get additional documents regarding private/public consultant Jessica Moenning’s relationship with the Governor.

According to the story, Powers wants:

• The clients (Moenning) represents in her consulting business.
• The amount of salary and benefits she receives from Ricketts. Ricketts hasn’t disclosed her compensation.
• The content of records, emails, text messages and all her other records related to her work for Ricketts.
• Any assistance she receives, such as office space, paid utilities and Internet access.

This really isn’t surprising, likely won’t end here and will probably continue on as long as this arrangement continues.

So there you go.


  1. I am suing the Omaha YRs for age discrimination says:

    Article III: Membership

    Section 1: Active membership in the club shall be limited
    to registered Republicans not less than eighteen (18) but
    not more than forty (40) years of age unless you are super creepy and live/work in Sarpy. You also need to sign a grils are icky pledge.

  2. just a guess says:

    maybe the reasons why the YR’s is a shadow of its former self is because A) events outside of meetings come once in a blue moon and B) The group hasn’t done anything to elect republicans in….. well I can’t remember the last time.

  3. To Brian Baumgardener and Scott Petersout says:

    What is your awkward obsession with the young republicans? Ever since you failed at taking over the group you have turned to essentially stalking its members online? Did a Yr give you a wedgie or pick on you in high school? Whats with the obsession?

    What not go start your own club? I’ve got some good names for them:

    Extreme Tanners Anonymous
    Anger management for middle aged men club
    Fundraising 101
    Rand Paul MANBOY love group
    Recently Fired from nonprofits support group
    How to bankrupt a party and campaigns by charging too much for print support group
    Stroke my Ego and more MANBOY extreme angry tanners anonymous

    See! The possibilities are endless!

  4. Sign This says:

    Not sure why signature gatherers would spend any time outside the CWS when maybe 1 in 3 people wandering by even live in Nebraska.

  5. Anon says:

    It’s hilarious how the commenter at 2:03 talks about Bryan and Scott’s “awkward obsession” when they seem quite creepily obsessed with Bryan and Scott themselves.

  6. @ just a guess says:

    It’s my understanding that the blue crew will be walking in a parade this weekend. So you see they do get people elected.

  7. just a guess says:

    Actually the lack of Blue Crew (and complete lack of a coherent thought) is why we have congressman ashford.

  8. The Eye Ball says:

    The petition drive has PAID petitioners? Who is funding this operation? Pete Ricketts and Don Stenberg? Who else has the money to do so? Such money would be better spent on presidential candidates!

  9. To 2:03 says:

    Speaking of stalking where has Cat Stinkerton been? I actually found that te blue crew were the work horses for many campaigns. Yes they were a bit socially awkward and perhaps voted in high school most likely to kill your cat but stil hard workers.

  10. Rat Finkerton says:

    I’m still here bisshes….and still reeling from when the YR’s aged me out. I’m getting so old now that I get a discount on velcro shoes and Old Country Buffet

  11. Liberty says:

    Q and A

    Q: How do e solve our debt poblem? A: Liberty
    Q: How do we fix our Healthcare system A: Liberty
    Q: Flat tax? A: Liberty
    Q: How do we hold politicians more accountable? A: Liberty
    Q: Favorite color? A: Liberty
    Q: Please solve (Dn * B^Pn) + (Dn-1 * B^Pn-1) + … + (Dn1 * B^Pn1) + (Dn0 * B^Pn0) A: Liberty
    Q: How do you join the young republicans A: Hate Liberty

  12. Jumping John Freedom says:

    @ Liberty
    I’m glad you like to mock and demean what makes this country great, but half your comments are correct. If we had more liberty and freedom to make our own choices we would be better off. I feel we are passed the point of no return. However, there’s is hope and his name is JERRY ODOM!

  13. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Vince Powers has to pull lame -brained stunts like this because he hasn’t got any other game. His campaign of “continuity” is succeeding at destroying what is left of the NDP.

  14. Brian T. Osborn says:

    To the asswipe above. There are plenty of self-centered bozos in the NDP to hold accountable for it’s decline into irrelevance. I would imagine you are one of them. Now go back to your SCC meeting and feel like you are “important.”

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