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Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 1.26.41 PMJerry Kratochvil sits down with Don Bacon for Congress (NE-02) campaign general consultant, Aaron Trost.

Trost first tells a little about General Bacon and why he is running for Congress.

He then discusses his own background in politics and how he came to work with the Deb Fischer for the U.S. Senate and Doug Peterson for Attorney General campaigns — and why those candidates won.

They finish talking about the upcoming Congressional race, potential GOP challengers, and what he thinks will be the Achilles heel for Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford in November 2016.

On the web: Don Bacon for Congress
Twitter: @DonBacon2016
Facebook: Don Bacon for Congress
Aaron Trost at Singularis Group


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  1. Anonymous says:

    More interesting is how suddenly Bacon realizes he needs to act alive and get media. Why is that, Don? Wonder who he talked to finally wake the sleeping dog. Trost had the luck of having a client whose two opponents, both attorneys by profession, out argued each other with nasty tactics which made a three way split possible for the third district contender to make a run around the side or up the middle. Had Fischer run only against either Stenberg or Bruning she may not have fared as well. Fact is Bruning won Douglas County. Interesting too why candidates would rather support the Kansas economy as opposed to their own Nebraska or Omaha for that fact. For every dollar put into the local economy five or more are generated. Seems like a fiscally conservative way to go. Handlers don’t win campaigns in today’s climate. Good old fashioned retail politics in the trenches with one on one engagements are the long hard road where candidates used to go for a win. Now it is boring postcards sent in direct mail blizzards that are dumped in seconds unread or endless TV spots that annoy, bore or snore. Few political handlers understand the mechanics of marketing, advertising or public relations. If they did they wouldn’t keep raising more for less return on their dollar. Wonder why DC is awash in runaway spending? Take a look inside a campaign in how other people’s dollars are wasted. This candidate isn’t a household name except by meat product and is banking heavy on Trost to pull a miracle. Pray tell.

  2. South Omaha voter says:

    I am amazed that anyone would want to run for office with people making backbiting comments like the previous post. I like to read Leavenworth and I am amazed at times at the nasty vitriol tossed at State Senators, candidates, high profile activists, etc…

    If you want retail politics, how about this: I got to meet General Bacon at Cinco De Mayo and La Vista. Alive and in person, not a post card or cardboard cutout as a stand-in! He seems like a pretty nice guy.

  3. Party Activist says:

    They said Amanda Temosheck is on the team. She is a Nebraskan and worked for Fischer and Sasse. You can’t get more Nebraska than her.

  4. Anonymous says:

    every major campaign in Nebraska has had a consultant and/or staff member from outside the state. common in political campaigns in either party to have a pollster from Virginia or a TV person from California or a press person from Florida.

  5. Fischer supporter says:

    Deb would have won, even if it were against only Bruning. Jon isn’t a bad guy, but Nebraskans were ready for a fresh face. Deb provided that.

  6. (Loretta's) Lynch Mob says:

    A man kills 9 people in a church and him hating them is supposed to be worse than him killing them? My family is less white than Barack Obama is and we are fed up with this “hate crime” bullshit.

    Everyone feels hate and no authority has X-ray glasses into souls. It is actions, not feelings, that matter. Ghetto and hillbilly people murder each other a lot, for money, revenge, gang perks, jealousy, notoriety, hate, boredom There are many many reasons for murder, and none justify the crime. Everyone hates. Not everyone commits murder. This focus on hate is a political sham.

    This particular killer may have hated black people, or hated Christians, or maybe he hated the Black Republicans that he killed in that church.

    No one is more hated than Black Republicans. The Black Ernie Chambers, and the half-Black Barack Obama, and the zero-Black Rachel Dolezal all hate Black Republicans so badly that Obama called them his “enemy” and Ernie suggested Black Republicans be murdered. They ooze hatred like clan members. They feel justified. That’s sick. But if they don’t murder, who cares what they hate?

    America should by now be utterly color blind. And our justice should punish crimes not feelings.

    Lynch this shooter if you will. But don’t do it because he’s full of “hate”. Because that would be hateful of you. Just a nice dispassionate lynching please.

  7. to Anonymouse at 4:37 says:

    “More interesting is how suddenly Bacon realizes he needs to act alive and get media.” (REALLY? Yeah that is REALLY interesting. In fact, I was so obsessed with that fact last night I could barely sleep.)

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