Organized Voter Suppression

voter-suppression-300x233A George Soros funded group — Proteus Action League — which is an arm of the Proteus Fund, which uses a web of groups and donors to launder the cash for their “progressive” pet projects, donated $400,000 to keep Nebraskans from voting on the Death Penalty.

Oh but wait! They’re just “educating” voters about the evils of the Death Penalty, right?

Uh, no.


Heck, you want to talk about voter suppression? You want to talk about keeping people from voting? Forget about some Texas lady who couldn’t figure out a state I.D.

Here are billionaires from across the country who think Nebraskans are so stupid that they want to take away their right to vote on an issue.

As the OWH notes regarding former State Senator Danielle Conrad…

Conrad said Friday that her group (the ACLU) has hired a national consultant, Fieldworks, to organize opposition to the referendum.

That’s OPPOSITION, not “education” as Ms. Conrad tries to weasel.

Hey Democrat Party? Where’s the outrage?
Hey progressives? Where’s the march? Where’s the chant?
The Whole World’s Watching!
Let Them Vote!
(Or some such.)

See, just like they favor “free speech” — when it is speech they like — the Left favors voting — as long as it is voting on issues they like.

This is an absolute crock.


And the Monday LJS Don Walton column always gets things going:

“the nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature truly is nonpartisan”

“party labels are mostly checked at the door”

“you can’t be sure what’s going to happen”

Wrong, wrong and wrong.
Anyone who can read and count can tell you EXACTLY what will happen.

2015 Conservative Scorecard NELEG DEMS
Courtesy John Orr

The Democrats in the Legislature will vote as a unified BLOCK.
They do not vote “independently”.
The are STRICTLY partisan.

And frankly, they are a complete affront to whatever angelic principle Don finds in George Norris’s Unicameral.


Oh, and just for accuracy’s sake…

Don noted…

“Members of Congress caucus together based simply on their partisan political affiliation…”

Actually there are 275 Congressional Caucuses (according to Wikipedia) that range from “A” Appalachian Caucus to “Z” Zero Capital Gains Tax Caucus.


By the way, back in Barack Obama’s first term as President he hammered through a Health Care law that no member had read or understood.

But, with both Houses a majority Democrat, he didn’t hammer through whatever anti-gun measures he thinks would cure what he thinks ails America.

Enjoying the finger wagging in the mean time though.

(Oh, and the President’s claim that “this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries. It doesn’t happen in other places with this kind of frequency,” got a rating of “Mostly False” from Politifact.)



State Senator John Murante announced that he will NOT be running for Congress (NE-02) in 2016, and will instead be running for re-election to the legislature.


  1. The Patriot says:

    In what district does Jerry Odom reside? We need him down in Lincoln to get our state senators whipped into shape. Run Jerry Odom Run!

  2. Henry Robert says:

    John Murante not running for Congress? “A vote for me is a vote for Pizza” would have been a great tag line! But I’m glad he is staying in the Unicam because his hair is unstoppable. So I guess that is a green light for McCoy to run? His hair is a bit more liberal than others. (That side shave hair on top thing). Bacon’s hair is pretty straight forward – clean cut. So does this mean Beau gets an advantage with the young people?

  3. Macdaddy says:

    Oh, Walton has it right. Their party labels are checked at the door, along with their integrity. BTW, is the Unicam going to come up with some sort of giveaway to green energy? The Pope has decreed it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maxwell is always running, but actually is a declared candidate. Frei is trying to dissolve his committee. Bow is taking full advantage of the limelight on the death penalty……he was everywhere a camera went. Passion or positioning? Bacon is waiting for a coronation.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Soros-funded TV ads that went up for the DP opponents’ group have Colby Coash in them. I suppose they use him as he has some acting background but he just comes across as an angry elf “I’m not signing anything!” So there! Who cares. Probably some Soros money in his future too. After all, Kevin O’Hanlon is reaping the benefits.

  6. Why Chicago, Ben Sasse? says:

    Wouldn’t you think that a US Senator from Nebraska, in the awkward position of having to get rid of campaign money from a notorious white supremacist tied to an alleged mass murderer would give that money to a Nebraska non-profit rather than a Chicago non-profit? Guessing Ben’s actually a Chicago politician masquerading as a Nebraskan.

  7. The Sasse Freak Out says:

    Imagine you were a Harvard man, just got elected to the US Senate, and got caught with your pants down. You’re front page news for being the BIGGEST recipient of funds from a white supremacist tied to a killer. It’s a CRISIS because even before you won your seat in the Senate, you started planning your path to the Oval Office. The reason you don’t give the money to say, Boys Town, is because it creates more attention to the donation. Bad, Bad, BAD!

  8. NDP Lawsuit says:

    If Vince Powers is successful at getting access to Jessica Moennong’s private emails and Facebook messages, who knows what will turn up…

  9. TexasAnnie says:

    Two points, Street Sweeper:

    Why decry desired voter suppression concerning the death penalty repeal? Desired voter suppression is not unusual within the human condition. It is actual voter suppression which tips the scale to injustice. Let the people discuss, sign, vote, and repeal, -or not, the death penalty in Nebraska. It is only by an actual vote that any of us will KNOW what the people of Nebraska really want. Advertising, both pro and con, could only doubtfully change my opinion, but hey, advertising is a legal and valid method of persuasion; in fact, it’s called CAPITALISM! And besides, advertising does represent cash register ca-chings! Please don’t cry ‘wolf’ until you actually see the wolf!

    And…again, I must inform your readers that Chambers IS NOT a Democrat. He detests the Democrat Party. So, the conservative rating compiled by Orr is invalid on it’s face. Whatever point Orr tried to establish is necessarily rendered false, and not only due to Chambers’ inclusion, but also because the very issues he tried to summon as ‘evidence’ substantiating his claim, are equally applicable to registered Republicans of the same legislative body! For example: the gas tax. There are valid “conservative” reasons for voting both ‘For’ and ‘Against’ this particular tax hike….it just depends on whether one wants tax justice or if one is trying to keep a ‘No New Taxes Pledge.’

    • Mary says:

      It’s interesting that you list the Dems as not being conservative, but leave off the Republicans who came into rank and file on most of the same issues. It’s funny how Leavenworth Street keeps trying to hide the fact that Tommy Garrett is bad for the Nebraska Republicans and bad for his district. He’s all over the place and a loose cannon. His newsletter looked like a 5th grader put it together. Was that our tax dollars that paid for that mess? Our local party kept talking about finding someone to run against him in the primary. What happened to that? Nobody wants the position unless its an appointment or vacant? Go figure.

  10. TA:

    Orr is quite clear Chambers is not a Democrat. The category is ‘Democrats plus Ernie Chambers’. That is a perfectly valid category.

    If I’d been asked, I could have done a PCA analysis on legislative votes, and identified the liberal cluster of Senators, without knowing their names or party labels in advance. I’m confident my results would have been nearly identical to John’s.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Off topic but relevant to DP discussion. I saw someone in the paper touting Pastor Lauren Ekdahl’s Op-Ed wherein he attacked Gov. Ricketts on his DP position. Elsewhere it has been pointed out how liberal Ekdahl is. A quick perusal of his Facebook “Likes” for pages shows: Occupy Democrats, the Democratic Party, Emily’s List, Liberal & Proud Of It and Move.on. org, to name a few. My question is, how the crap did he get invited to give the Invocation at the Ricketts’ Inaugeral when HE knew what the Governor’s positions are and when HIS are readily discernable? It was an odd pick and now coming back to bite the Administration. It’s important to vet people at every level and someone either had a personal friendship with this goofball or they just let their guard down. Wierd.

  12. Meanwhile, in Lincoln, the new GOP council majority voted down Mayor Beutler’s nominee for a hitherto obscure ‘Air Pollution Control Board’.

    The nominee, Mitch Paine, ran for a City Council seat, losing badly to the ultimate winner, Cyndi Lamm, and another Democrat. During the campaign, however, he appararently registered a website address cindyforthe, very similar to the candidate’s, and linked it to a video of homeless people fighting. Cyndi Lamm was, according to her campaign material, once homeless. The NEGOP has now come out asking Beutler to withdraw the nomination.

    I’ve looked at his Linked-In page. Clearly a wannabe political operative, puffing up his fairly meager career of mostly unpaid advisory work for liberal cities and advocacy organizations ( and the Boildies, of course). If it turns out he did put up the link, he’s a thoroughly unsavory individual. He was also, apparently, appointed to a real state position in flood mitigation management by Heineman. Once more I ask what the former governor was thinking.

  13. Hesdeadjim says:

    I see Doug Kagan and the get-off-my-lawn group is throwing a 7z4 Tea Party. What the hell guys, can’t you just sit down with some friends and family, eat some hot dogs, and drink some beer like the rest of the country? Nobody wants to go listen to people gripe about taxes and I guarantee whomever is invited to speak doesn’t want to be there either.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The Heiny Administration had other libs in some higher spots. Go look at McKillips in Tourism and ask why that woman got to ride it out during what was supposed to be a conservative reign. In fact, why is she still there?

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