Which Democrat staffer created the Bum Fights-linked website?

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.53.46 AMYesterday, Democrat Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler withdrew the nomination of Mitch Paine to be on a local board because of Paine’s dirty “DC-style” campaign tactics in the recent Lincoln City Council elections.

Paine denied creating the false campaign site of his opponent, Cyndi Lamm, that linked to a “Bum Fights” video.

According to the LJS:

He said his campaign manager apparently purchased the domain and created the website without his knowledge or permission.

And no where does Nancy Hicks of the LJS (an unabashed Democrat cheerleader) ask exactly WHO his manager was and who DID make the site.

Because Paine’s campaign is a Who’s-Who of the Young Turks of the Nebraska Democrat Party.


According to the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission, Paine spent 73% of his campaign donations to pay the following three people as consultants for his loss in the Lincoln City Council primary:

James Pauley: $8,000
Nathan Janulewicz: $2,000
Elizabeth Hertzler: $1,354.86
TOTAL: $11,354.86

(By the way, the campaign only raised a total of $15,350, so the other $4K was for mail.)

So who gets the blame for creating the outrageous website?


Let’s note, by the way, that this WAS outrageous and disgusting.

This wasn’t just some “Rick-Roll” where a web viewer thought they were going to a campaign site and instead saw a video of cats playing the piano.

One doesn’t pick the “Bum Fights” video that was linked, out of the blue.

This was specifically tailored to mock Cyndi Lamm’s past as being homeless — before eventually going to law school and becoming a success.

Someone thought they were being very clever.

You know, like mocking Ben Sasse’s campaign RV:

Breaking Sasse
Go ahead, click to see where this was posted…

See, that is sort of clever. And it doesn’t really hurt anyone — I suppose some could question the taste of comparing a Senate campaign to a meth-operation, but it isn’t particularly mean-spirited

But the person — or people — who came up with linking Cyndi Lamm to drunken homeless people fighting, while the person filming giggles, thought they were being very clever. Heck, they knew they were being clever by changing “cyndi” to “cindy” in the URL.

And where do such campaign folk get that experience?
Mayor Beutler called it DC-style tactics.



James Pauley lists himself as CURRENTLY working for the Nebraska Democrat Party. (@Vince_Powers Tweeted that Pauley “has not worked for the NDP since approximately Dec 2013.“)

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.45.34 AM


Nathan Janulewicz lists himself as CURRENTLY working for Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.46.44 AM


Elizabeth Hertzler lists herself as CURRENTLY an aide to Democrat state Senator, and leader of the Democrats in the Unicameral, Heath Mello.

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 10.47.36 AM

**See Update for Elizabeth Hertzler below**

So, if Mitch Paine says he didn’t do it, and a campaign staffer did…WHICH ONE DID IT?

Is Vince Powers of the Nebraska Democrats asking?
Is Congressman Brad Ashford asking?
Is Senator Heath Mello asking?
(And while we’re at it, lets also include Bob Kerrey, Chuck Hassebrook, Jim Suttle, Tom White and Ben Nelson, all of whom these three list as employers on LinkedIn.)

Or are they OK with making fun of Cyndi Lamm’s past?


And, oh by the way, you don’t light a candle, and put it under a bushel.

Once you make this oh-so-clever website, you TELL people about it.
At least you tell those with whom you work closely.

And guess what? The site (cindyforthecity.com) was up until JUST today.
And now, SOMEONE has taken it down.

So who did know about it for the past four months?
And why did they let it stay up?

So Chris Beutler and Vince Powers and Brad Ashford and Heath Mello, are you asking your staffers these questions?

And if not, why not?


**UPDATE at 12:40pm**

Leavenworth St. received the following statement from Elizabeth Hertzler:

June 24, 2015

“Mitch Paine was my client as an independent financial and compliance consultant. In my capacity, I had no knowledge of this level of campaign strategy or decision making. The actions taken by the campaign do not reflect my work and my personal ethical standard. I would hope that discussions do not continue to incorrectly connect me with this deplorable action. Any further questions should be directed to the Campaign Manager, James Pauley.”

­Elizabeth Hertzler


  1. What Mitch Wrote says:

    Mitch Paine clearly wrote on Vince Powers’ Facebook page that he’d learned it was his campaign manager who did it. Everyone knows James Pauley was his campaign manager and full time staff. You can see on A&D that James Pauley was compensated $8,000 for the race and the other two just a few hundred dollars.

  2. Flatlander says:

    Sweeper, do the details really matter in this? Mitch Paine “said he had no idea… his campaign manager had purchased the website and linked the video.” Sure. And Jim Suttle didn’t know his operatives were purchasing shirts depicting Jean Stothert as a whore. And Bob Kerrey was unaware of similar sexist bashing his boys were dumping on Deb Fischer. But the obvious punchline here is: COUNCILWOMAN Lamm, MAYOR Stothert and US SENATOR Fischer.

    Either these GOP women are better than Democrat males, or Democrats have a problem that is the Democrat male It may be both but let’s focus on the latter.

    Apparently, Democrat party males are so habituated to the ease of stabbing Republicans as “racists” and “sexists,” that even a male Democrat who is as obviously minority as is Paine, thought he could with impunity get away with punching a woman. All these Democrat men punched GOP women.

    NE voters dislike partisanship. But NE voters absolutely hate men who hit women.

    Liberal Democrat males apparently feel that the years they invested in proving themselves for liberal squishy causes allows them license to erupt with vicious, racist, sexism against GOP opponents whom Obama literally calls his “enemy”. For people who tout democracy, this is an ugly hypocrisy.

    If Democrat women are okay with this, they shouldn’t be. Maybe by them seeing GOP women successful, Dem women might wonder why they are being assigned to sweep up after Democratic men who think they have earned the right to be sexist assholes.

  3. Fly on the wall says:

    Have you talked to any one who was around last APRIL when the Mayor heard about this site being on @fakestebbing’s twitter feed?

  4. Spider on the wall says:

    Mayor Beutler oversees a $400 million budget and over a thousand employees, I’m sure he cares a great deal about a fake twitter account and it’s 20 followers.

  5. Tea Bagger Party says:

    Is that a shot of bum fights or a picture of the guy with herpes in Paris Hilton’s “home video”? eitherway, these articles are sure stretching for any kind of news nowadays…

  6. The Y in Cindy says:

    Who cares? Bet the farm is this was a Republican staffer involved in this, OWH, LJS, Jane Kleeb, Vince Powers and the KMTV Action News team would be all over this. Chris Jerram holds up a t-shirt depicting Jean Stothert as a stripper a few years back, and all the Dems can say is the exact same crap…”who cares”. Get you house in order, Dems.

  7. As I said, it was pretty obvious Elizabeth was doing the NADC filings, etc. She’s listed as Assistant treasurer in the NADC forms for Friends for Mitch Paine. Colleen Seng was the treasurer, but as usual, the treasurer does nothing and the assistant does all the work.

  8. The Grundle King says:

    I know we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but just judging the three based on appearances, this was clearly done by James Pauley. He has that ‘frat douche’ look about him, and an act this childish is surely the work of the frat douche mentality.

  9. Anonymous says:

    If I were Elizabeth, I wouldn’t want anything to do with these sexist assholes. I do like how quick she was to point to James Pauley by name.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Elizabeth is bending over backwards to distance herself from this. Maybe legislative staffers shouldn’t try to moonlight as “consultants.” Too much conflict of interest to begin with.

  11. Anonymous says:

    The idea has that ginger Edison McDonald written all over it. “Why?” you ask… because this was a dirtbag move and ginger’s don’t have souls.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Hillary Clinton’s husband set the gold standard on how Democrats like to treat women. It will be interesting to see if the Nebraska Democrat Party takes a page out of Hillary’s playbook and sweeps it all under the rug with extreme prejudice. Of course, regardless of how they handle this, they will be kissing Hillary’s cankles when the Enabler-In-Chief comes by with the First Molester in tow. Who is waging the war on women again?

  13. Vince Powers runs for the exits says:

    Come on Vince! That’s it? You’re claiming plausible deniability here by saying “he hasn’t worked here since 2013?” Vince doesn’t want to admit the NDP condones their war on women. No condemnation from the NDP? Par. For. The. Course.

  14. Mark Munger! says:

    Kinda “shocking” that a member of LFR retweeted the Sasse MethMobile picture that James Pauley posted on tweeter. Then again, given the culture of hazing at LFR with whistleblowers, maybe it’s not so suprising Munger did that. They’ll haze anybody.

  15. Anonymous says:

    None of this agitprop is helping us get better governance out of Pete Ricketts. You can’t control the Democrats. You can control which Republicans get elected and hold those same Republicans accountable for their actions & inactions. Time to go back to our regularly-scheduled programming.

  16. Kintner's Severed Head Picture says:

    A 24 year old kid hired to knock on doors and put up yard signs did something childish and stupid, meanwhile the NEGOP Senator Bill Kintner, personally appointed by Governor Heineman, posts a picture of a woman beheaded on his State Senate Facebook page. Are you all serious?

  17. Homelessness says:

    Where is all this newfound sympathy and understanding from the NEGOP and LIBA when it comes to taking care of the needy? Cyndi Lamm will go with LIBA in opposing mental health services, medicaid expansion, public transportation, libraries, community colleges, AFDC, WIC, affordable daycare, and everything else that will help people facing crippling poverty. Just because Cyndi Lamm used to be homeless doesn’t make her an advocate for the homeless and needy population.

  18. Get a clue says:

    To Homelessness:

    You’re right. The real advocates for the homeless are the ones who are making fake websites with videos of drunk and mentally ill homeless men fighting. They’re the real heroes.

  19. The Joke says:

    James Pauley’s joke wasn’t about homelessness,,it w a about Lamm’s riculous radio commercials “hey look at me I used to smoke crack and live in a slide, now I’m an attorney”. She is a tool.

  20. Macdaddy says:

    And speaking of sports, which Democrat is going to be the first to call for the CWS trophy to be stripped from a team that was named after a bunch of slaveowners? How were these racists even allowed to participate in the tournament?

  21. To The Joke says:

    Mr. Paine and Mr. Pauley Are the tools.. Their joke WAS about her homelessness. End of discussion, because Buetler rescinded his endorsement of Mr. Paine.

  22. Anonymous' fantasy says:

    Nobody is buying your line on controlling which Republicans get elected. That’s a cop out. Start concentrating on which Democrats you are going to target for defeat. That’s how you move the Legislature to the right.

  23. LJS editorial this morning smacks Paine pretty hard, but it still maintains the fiction that the ‘staffer’ who did this hasn’t been named. It also said it had no clue the video had been produced until this week. That’s because it has no clue about anything that isn’t in a NDP press release.

  24. Pundit says:

    GOP, you had better keep an eye on Chris Beutler. He has made much more hay for himself out of Paine’s Bum video than Paine ever did.

    Had Democrat Beutler accused Democrat Paine of “DC style politics” while Paine was running for City Council, then Beutler would have hurt the NDP’s chances of winning. Yet Paine lost even without Beutler weighing in, thus making Paine today damaged goods and Beutler’s indignation a façade. But a damn good façade. For Beutler appears to hammer a fellow Democratic candidate for ethics violations, thus making Beutler seem fair minded and nonpartisan, while in no way harming Beutler’s own party. To voters, Beutler appears to put ethics above party. Slick.

    Beutler elegantly accuses Paine of “DC style politics”. That’s amazing. Because Paine’s Bum video is typical of Cornhusker naïveté ala giggly young staffers egging windows and cranky overzealous supporters. Frankly, the most slick “DC style politics” here is a Democrat Mayor wiping his butt with a useless fellow Democrat loser so as to appear to put ethics above party.

    Whether or not you feel Beutler’s partisan aims hurt Nebraska, his job as mayor is to fill pot holes. Not being stupid is a good thing in a chief executive. There’s nothing like pissed off townspeople who want garbage picked up to put your party principles in perspective. Beutler has played this well.

    If Republicans want to beat Democrats like Beutler, they need to have candidates smarter than Paine and Beutler. Beutler figures Paine was beaten by a bum. Republicans can hope Beutler’s ego comes with pyrrhic hubris but they’d better not count on it. He played this scam quite well.

  25. Frequent Voter says:

    Homelessness at 9:34 – Cyndi has served on the board of the People’s City Mission for more than 10 years. She not only cares about the needy, she is involved in serving. The remaining issues you address are state and federal issues, except for libraries and public transportation. But were you better informed on any level, you would know that.

  26. The Grundle King says:

    Beutler HAD to distance himself from Paine, because Paine was his hand-picked candidate to represent the northeast Lincoln district. Paine served in Beutler’s administration. Of course he’s going to do everything in his power to distance himself from this train-wreck, because it calls his own judgment into question for having hired this kid.

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