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James Pauley

Day 3 of the House of Paine Dirty Tricks Campaign…
…and still no word from Paine campaign manager, and former Nebraska Democrat Party and Chuck Hassebrook staffer, James Pauley.

The NDP, Chairman Vince Powers and others seem content to throw Pauley under the bus — but the NDP Tweeted that they won’t say anything until Pauley does.

And that’s fine, since it would also be appropriate for them to discover who else Pauley told about his “despicable” (said the LJS) dirty trick. Was the Paine staffer who is now working for Brad Ashford in on it? What did he know and when?

And did anyone at the Nebraska Democrat Party know? (Assume they’re all trying to figure that out before Pauley speaks…)

Though who knows when or how Pauley will make a statement, since he took down his Facebook and Twitter accounts yesterday.


And just a note on Democrat Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler — with a hat tip to Coby Mach from his interview with Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm

When Beutler announced that he was taking Mitch Paine’s name out of contention for the Lincoln Air Quality board, he said

This is another aspect of D.C.-style politics that I abhor…

In other words, he equates the dirty trick of making fun of a former homeless person using the Bum Fights video, with the Lincoln City Council doing their job in vetting a candidate for a city board.

See, a majority of the Lincoln City Council originally objected to Paine being on the Air Quality Board because of his radical environmental views.

And Paine is…SURPRISE!…a protege of Jane Kleeb and Bold Nebraska!

Paine has spoken on behalf of Bold Nebraska and the Sierra Club at a number of forums around the state, and has served as the Boldies’ photographer — even fossil-fueling it to D.C. photographing their protest in front of the White House. (You remember: Jane let others get hauled off to jail while she sucked the air of freedom.)

The 26-year-old Paine had posted on Facebook his belief in “leveraging public policy” for his radical environmental causes. So the Council took him at his word…and rejected him.

But to Mayor Beutler, the Council doing their job and the Paine campaign’s Dirty Tricks are just examples of “DC-style politics”.

Just so you know where Beutler’s head is at, he apologized to Lamm for Paine’s campaign — but not for accusing Lamm of the same “DC-style politics.”


In all this action in Lincoln, discussion of the latest ad from the “Don’t Let Them Vote!” forces got tabled. Let’s pick it back up.

After being infused with (at least!) $400,000 of out-of-state cash, the Voter Suppression forces are going up with this ad:

You will see Senator Colby Coash and Senator Sara Howard’s legislative aide on there deriding the idea that Nebraskans should vote on this (“I’m not signing anything!“).

And if they want to persuade you to vote against the Death Penalty, mazel tov. There are more than enough people who will have that discussion.

But that’s not what Coash and the rest are saying.
They are saying that Nebraskans SHOULD NOT HAVE the right to vote on the Death Penalty.

Which is interesting.
Because, remember, the override on the Governor’s veto passed by ONE vote in the Unicameral.

And let’s focus on ONE vote.
State Senator Robert Hilkemann.

In the 2014 campaign, Hilkemann ran against Stacy Ryan — who, like Hilkemann, described herself as a “conservative.”

But there was a difference between the two, as expressed in their pre-election profile:

“I do not support the death penalty,” Ryan said.

“I think the death penalty is still necessary for the more heinous crimes,” Hilkemann said.

And Hilkemann won the race.

But when he got to Lincoln — to hell with what he told the voters — the 67-year-old Hilkemann voted to repeal the death penalty.

And why is his age noted? Because Hilkemann had approximately 49 years since he was able to vote to think about the death penalty. And giving it that thought, he announced his position to voters. And then 4 months later “changed his mind.”

So now, with the voters deceived by Hilkemann, the “Don’t Sign!” forces think that YOU Nebraskans should not have the right to vote on it.

We keep hearing about Nebraska’s “second house”.

But Coash, the ACLU and a host of others don’t want you to have the keys.


  1. Absurdidy says:

    How about the Nebraska Republicans Party ferrets out its own members, specifically Pat McPherson and Bill Kintner.

  2. The Grundle King says:

    Absurdidy (sic) wrote: “How about the Nebraska Republicans Party ferrets out its own members, specifically Pat McPherson and Bill Kintner.”

    Why? Because some anonymous Democrat doesn’t like what they believe (or in McPherson’s case, are ALLEGED to believe)? If you think Kintner’s tweeted photo is bad, I implore you to read about the horrible manner in which Raymond Mata, Jr. murdered Adam Gomez. Hannibal Lecter ain’t got shit on that guy.

    I have a feeling that the odds of you voting for either gentleman, or ANY Republican for that matter, are on par with winning the lottery on the same day that you get eaten by a bear after being struck by lightning in the middle of a sharknado. So why do you feel compelled to dabble in their party matters? Isn’t the Democrat platform enough for you?

    What is it with the liberal control complex?

  3. NEGOP central committee member says:

    Anyone who is involved in Nebraska Republican Party politics knows that Pay McPherson is an unapologetic racist and not one person doubts that he wrote those things. Too bad Grundy King doesn’t know any of these people or he could just go ask them himself.

  4. Dudley Sharp says:

    Pick your side:

    Nebraskans for The Death Penalty is supported by:

    Nebraska County Sheriffs
    The Police Officers’ Association of Nebraska
    Attorney General Doug Peterson
    Nebraska County Attorneys Association

    They want Nebraskans to vote on the issue

    The anti death penalty group Nebraskans for Public Safety is supported by:

    Murderers on Death Row
    The ACLU of Nebraska
    Sen. Ernie “ISIS are the Police” Chambers
    Nebraska Criminal Defense Attorneys Association

    They want to stop Nebraskans from voting on the issue.

  5. YOUR NEGOP State Senator on homeless. says:

    Look at the Facebook page Kintner Quotes, there’s a screenshot of SENATOR Kintner saying this “Also, I think we will find, homelss people love to ride it because it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can imagine, how nice the cars will be after some homeless person pees int he cars or takes a dump.”

  6. Anonymous says:

    So the voters in Hilkemann’s district banked their full support and vote on one line and one issue? The man worked hard to earn a vote door to door. To reduce his entire campaign to whether or not he supported the death penalty is shallow ignorance. Ryan had a boatload of her own issues one of which was failure to realize she didn’t know how to run a campaign and connect to plain folks. Get over it and do your homework before making such broad brush conclusions.

  7. Ken says:

    I find it particularly galling to have a state senator telling me we shouldn’t have the right to vote on the death penalty. It’s essentially saying “we made the decision, and how dare you use your rights granted to you by our state constitution to refer legislative acts to the people to try to overturn it”. Pure arrogance.

  8. Bill Kintner Compassionate Conservative says:

    I don’t want to hear a thing about some 24 year old kid who got paid to knock on doors for the NDP when Senator Bill Kintner is posting on Facbeook about how homeless people urinate and deficate in public transportation (and he used different words.)

  9. Hesdeadjim says:

    To the above:
    If Republicans are supposed to just deal with the awful things Ernie Chambers has said over the last three or four decades (do I really need to revisit any of them?) then you dems can just take a walk while you piss and moan about what a Republican State Senator does says on his facebook page. At least he has the decency to keep his most offensive lines on the web and out of the rotunda.

  10. The Grundle King says:

    So stating that many homeless people do, in fact, use the world as their restroom…that’s somehow worse than what this tool Pauly (allegedly*) did?

    Tell me, how much time have you spent in Lincoln or Omaha? I drove out of Randolph car wash in Lincoln one day, only to pull on to N Street to find some homeless guy pissing on the sidewalk. He didn’t even have the decency, or apparently the humility, to face away from the street and pee in the bushes. He just let it hang for all of eastbound N Street to see.

    Just because someone doesn’t want to smell, walk through, or sit in their excrement, that doesn’t mean said person lacks any sort of empathy towards the homeless.

  11. Anonymous says:

    After Coash’s 15 minutes of fame are over in 2017 it will be interesting to see if he picks up a new job, different than the one he has had throughout his legislative career. In fact, following the money usually reveals a lot about previous associations and Soros – funded groups have a lot of money.

  12. Coach Coash says:

    But…but…he has his acting career to fall back on. He’s been working on his pouty face ever since he lost the Speaker election.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Considering how nasty you are in comments Grundle King, maybe the homeless person saw it was you coming and responded accordingly.

  14. Bill Kintner's Press Envy says:

    Why would Senator Kintner make such an abrasive comment about homeless people when all of this stuff is blowing up in the media. It’s almost like he’s so narcissistic that he’s jealous he’s not the center-of-attention so he talks about homeless people defecating on public transportation to see if he can get some press out of it. Why else would he suddenly talk trash about homeless people, today of all days.

  15. Jiggery-pokery says:

    I’m tired of all the games the Boldies play. The House of Paine proves what depths of jiggery-pokery the Democrats will play in our elections

  16. Anonymous says:

    Nixon. How I miss Tricky Dick. Now there was a man who knew how to engage in political chicanery. The way LSt. writes these days you’d think another Watergate break-in occurred, but no, it’s mere child’s play. Those of us of a certain age will never forget Nixon. And we’ll continue to remind the world who he was, what he did, and what party he so noblely, clearly and capably lead. Nixon, the eternal, dark soul of modern Republicanism. Nixon…forever. Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush…none can compare.

  17. Nixon was a liberal who founded the EPA, and instituted Affirmative Action and government price controls. He’ would have no place in the modern Republican party. But he’d be at home among modern liberals.

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    Nixon, like politicians generally, lied, and he got caught lying. If it hadn’t been for that damnable Nam war, Nixon may have been a better politician than he was, but given his circumstance we remember him now as nothing more than a liar. Bush 1 and Bush 2 lied about the necessity of going to war, whereas Clinton lied about a sexual tryst. On the other hand, Obama said The Affordable Care Act IS constitutional and damn if he hasn’t been proven correct. Now twice!

    When comparing these Republican liars with these Democrat liars, which liars have caused the greater harm?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’m just waiting for the grown ups to show up in both political parties in Nebraska. Seems like both sides have been taken over by people with the maturity levels of 15 year old boys.

  20. Anonymous says:

    “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” – oh yeah, Gerard. That’s equal to public impeachment hearings seen only once in the history of the Republic. You’re a smart guy, smart enough to know what “over-reaching” is. Do us all a favor and take your right hand and hit yourself in the head, you can save me the trouble of doing it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Nixon, of course, Texas Annie. Nobody else comes close. Not Clintons recreational activities. Not the Bush Family’s turning America into a security state for Big Oil. Not even Obama’s 2nd & 3rd terms of the Carter Administration.

    Nixon. Nixon, Nixon, Nixon. Nixon!

  22. That’s equal to public impeachment hearings seen only once in the history of the Republic.

    Three times, moron. The sheer invincible ignorance of liberals never ceases to amaze me.

    Politifact, not a right-leaning site, gave it their ‘lie of the year’ award in 2013.

    “Do us all a favor and take your right hand and hit yourself in the head, you can save me the trouble of doing it.”

    You wouldn’t have the cojones. You don’t even have the nads to post under your own name.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Neither of the other two reached the Nixonian level, Gerard, which you well know. And the only reason I ask you to hit yourself is to avoid the permanent damage I would so instantly inflict. Only a bit dog howls, and you don’t like it.

    I’ll post my name when every else does. Till then, see ya in class.

  24. Gerard Harbison - Climate Change Denier says:

    Professor, tell us again how you don’t think that we can prove conclusively that man-made activity is causing climate change.

  25. Of course, the chicket5h17 at 8:43 is now posting libel under the cover of anonymity. Human emission of CO2 is causing climate change, beyond reasonable doubt (nothing in science is ‘conclusive’).

    I guess if I don’t cower before anonymous threats, lying about me is the next step. Hey, maybe you can put up a web site…oh, wait, you;ve tried that a couple of times.

    The Left are pond scum, and that’s all they are.

  26. Anonymous says:

    “Its not a political issue” says billionaire out of state Soros and other Democrats who demand I don’t vote. What the f*ck is it any of their business what I do?

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