The Wheels Down Politics Show – Jonah Goldberg on the Death Penalty

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Jonah Goldberg 02Jerry Kratochvil interviews author and columnist Jonah Goldberg on the Death Penalty.

Jerry and Jonah discuss the recent vote by the Nebraska legislature to abolish the Death Penalty, as well as a deeper discussion of the merits of the Death Penalty.

They discuss some of the fallacies of the arguments against — such as government’s role in putting someone to death and the work of the “Innocence Project” —  as well as some of the shortcomings of the arguments for.

Jonah also gives his thoughts on whether support of the Death Penalty is a staple of true conservatism.

A bestselling author and columnist, Jonah Goldberg’s nationally syndicated column appears regularly in scores of newspapers across the United States. He is also a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, a member of the board of contributors to USA Today, a contributor to Fox News, a contributing editor to National Review, the founding editor of National Review Online and a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hoping he can find a strong, conservative Latino who can serve that district well but stay true to conservative principles. I know that’s a tall order but surely there is someone there who is a good match.

  2. KHDS says:

    Scalia’s majority decision established that the death penalty discourages murder and other criminal activity.

  3. Brad Ashford on Lee Terry's raise says:

    A ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR RAISE! That little twerp. I beat him. He was supposed to SUFFER damn it!

  4. Ernie Chambers says:

    I humbly offer myself to be appointed to Senator Nordquists’s seat only because the entire Legislature would be lost without my gracious and magnanimous contribution of intellect and willingness to sue God.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who’d pay Lee Terry a single dollar has money to burn and is a fool. Seriously, does Terry even know what an honest day’s work IS?

  6. Nancy Hicks and the Lincoln Journal Star at it again says:

    Nancy Hicks at the Lincoln Journal Star is going to the mattresses defending her boy, Mitch Paine by writing:

    “…an earnest, idealistic young man, a straight arrow who thrives on policy talk, was an unwitting victim of both the political power struggle and his campaign manager’s stupidity.”

    So, there you go. Mitch is an innocent, It is those dastardly (unnamed) campaign people who are evil.


  7. The Grundle King says:

    Ditto on the Confederate flag…a brief moment of research would reveal that there are real, living black people who defend the confederate flag.

    Of course, those folks are written off as Uncle Toms for selling out their race…even though we’re supposed to be putting national unity over racial solidarity.

  8. LJS Editorial Board says:

    Don’t you people know that Mitch Paine is a bright & talented individual who was blind sided by the dirty tactics that his campaign manager used? I mean, on a big complicated campaign like Lincoln city Council where there are so many staffers how was he supposed to know what everyone is doing? I bet he never even met or knew who his campaign manager was. Like Nancy said, Mitch is the victim here. Hes a victim of the political power struggle. His campaign manager wouldn’t have to pull such dirty tricks if he didn’t think that the Republicans would probably pull them first. I’m sure he was just reacting to what he thought the GOP would do to him. They’re the real monsters here. Don’t blame Mitch. Blame the Republicans. They forced him to do it.

  9. Freedom Now says:

    Methinks tis not that simple, RWP. For does Cromwell’s flag fly over any government building in the UK? Does the Japanese or US flag fly over Philippine government buildings? Nope. That a defeated Confederate rebel flag was officially allowed after the Civil War was Lincoln’s fault. Abe was so accommodatingly nice to defeated rebels that Radical Republicans (sort of like today’s Tea Party) passed much more draconian congressional punishments of the South, which Lincoln vetoed. The South’s best friend in the North was Abe Lincoln.

    If black slavery is the reason for today’s heartburn, then blacks better forget the Stars and Bars and instead get rid of the Democratic Party. It remains the biggest political force for owning blacks.

    Our founders wrote the US Constitution to eventually get rid of slavery. It banned its expansion into new states. Obama’s Democratic Party not only perpetuated slavery but it expanded slavery into new states (Kansas Nebraska) where it was expressly forbidden. Democrats did that. The GOP was born to fight Democrats enslaving blacks. When Lincoln was elected on a non-expansion ticket that simply wished to limit Democrats from pushing slavery into new states, Democrats split America in half and caused the Civil War. Some Radical Republicans back then said “fine”. Let the Confederacy go and take their horrid slavery with them. – Had that happened, the USA today would be smaller, sans NASCAR, and a modern Confederate Republic from Missouri to Florida would be like Liberia. Mexicans wouldn’t be in a hurry to sneak into that!

    However, Lincoln was a centrist, what you’d today call a RINO. He kept the Union intact, basically keeping the disease that was slavery and its aftermath, the Democratic Party, in the USA fold. So now today we still suffer from Democrats having an amazingly persistent need to own black people, now as vote slaves kept in urban ghettos and fed Democrat chow.

    Some things don’t change. Republican centrists and radicals are still fighting each other over principles while Democrats still love owning blacks, having exchanged DNC ownership dog collars on Black Americans from iron chains to race subsidies. Since it took Lincoln issuing decrees to free blacks who didn’t free themselves, maybe Blacks still aren’t interested in freeing themselves from the DNC’s ghetto plantation. If Black Americans want out of that, they need quit focusing on an old flag and instead grasp that today’s Democratic Party buys blacks for food stamps and a crazy mix of pity and respect. That hyphen between Black and American is the new enslavement.

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