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MASH-upThe LJS’s Nancy Hicks is at it again.

She decided to dive back into the cesspool of Democrat Mitch Paine for Lincoln City Council campaign’s dirty tricks.

But now, Hicks gives a vigorous defense of the radical environmentalist:

“…Paine, who is an earnest, idealistic young man, a straight arrow who thrives on policy talk, was an unwitting victim of both the political power struggle and his campaign manager’s stupidity.”

Where to begin…

First it should be noted that Nancy Hicks is listed as a “columnist”.
So wash away any pretense of “news” here.
Don’t be under the impression that she will give you what is known in newspaper-ese as “facts.”

But here are a few for ya.

The FACT is that Paine put himself in this situation.

First, he made it the goal of his young life to be an unabashed radical environmentalist. He made it well-known that he sided with those who believe they know what policies will make the world meet their lobbying group’s standards.

So when the Council rejected him from this rung on his climb to power in city and state politics, they were doing so based on HIS positions.

“Green”? That’s cute. Why not just call it the “Feel Good Perfectness Smiling Party”? Because my gosh who could be against THAT?

Yes, the Council was reacting to the inching power grab of the city by the radical environmentalist left. That’s called doing their JOB.

And here’s another FACT:

Paine hired this — unnamed and apparently unknowable — campaign manager. And he is responsible for what happens in his campaign. Otherwise Hick’s White Knight Mayor Beutler wouldn’t have canned Paine’s application.

And the FACT is that we don’t really know if Hicks’ “straight shooter” knew about the website or not. See, what a reporter should have written is, Paine said the website was purchased by his campaign manager without his blessing or knowledge.”

Because, absent at least some confirmation from another source — oh I don’t know, maybe one of the two other people who have not made any statements on this — we don’t have any other corroboration. All we have is Paine’s statement.

And it has been over a week now and still nothing from the LJS on the NAME of the campaign manager? Or on who else knew about it?

Zip? Nada?

Frankly with their effort to sweep this under the rug, you get to wondering how much more of the story the LJS really knows, and isn’t telling you.

In any case, Head Democrat cheerleader Hicks‘ final sentence is the most telling:

The Republican majority has the power to block any project it finds too expensive, too liberal, too green.

Or how about this Nancy:
“Too WRONG for the city.”

The city that elected a majority to the Council to put a check on this Mayor.


As long as we’re talking all things LJS, just a note on their Editorial today, entitled, “Time for ‘stars and bars’ to go”

The OWH had a good history of the various Confederate flags, and everyone’s favorite source, Wikipedia (which cites John Coski of the Harward Press to please you scoffers) succinctly notes:

“The Confederate Battle Flag…is also known as the rebel flag, Dixie flag, and Southern cross and is often incorrectly referred to as the “Stars and Bars”. (The actual “Stars and Bars” is the first national flag, which used an entirely different design.)

So you would think that the Editorial staff of the LJS could at least get that right, but no matter.

But when the LJS cites an internet meme for their newfound enlightenment on this issue? An internet meme???

Yes, an internet meme.

“…when an Internet meme replaces the stars and bars atop the General Lee car from “The Dukes of Hazzard” with the rainbow-colored gay pride flag, you know opinions have shifted.”

You know opinions have shifted because of an internet meme?


Confederate flags should be removed from official locations. Last time I checked, we all live under the American flag.

And I hate racists whether they use the Confederate Battle flag, the Nazi flag or the American flag to to stand in front of while they take their stupid photos and post them on the internet.

But I would note that 10-year-old me who used to watch the Dukes of Hazzard would have been pleased to know that 10 year olds are now writing the editorials for the LJS.


Democrat State Senator Jeremy Nordquist quit his District yesterday to go work for Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford.

And on the way out the door, Nordquist implored the Governor to replace him with…well, obviously someone just like him.

“Appointing a candidate that does not share their values and does not work in their best interest would certainly be unfortunate (and) an affront to our democracy.”

Curious that Nordquist doesn’t mind affronting democracy when he votes for all matters of other issues a majority of Nebraskans are against.

Of course, one could also argue that it is an affront to democracy, and his district, for Nordquist to quit on the people who elected him.

The good people of South O didn’t vote to have the Governor appoint their Senator. If Nordquist is so keen on democracy being served by someone just like him, he should stay on the job, instead of taking the sweet paying gig with Ashford.

Otherwise, he should just quit, say thank you, and move along.


I think you will enjoy listening to my most recent podcast on The Wheels Down Politics Show with National Review’s Jonah Goldberg. (Fire up that smart phone during your commute or your workout!)

Goldberg delivered a well thought out position on the death penalty, and we hit on many of the different sides of the discussion.

And that is interesting as the “Nebraskans for Public Safety” (that’s rich) group seems to be trying to glom onto Justice Breyer’s half-baked contention that the death penalty is not in the Constitution.

Because you can bet that those pro-voter suppression forces — and their no doubt millions of dollars from outside of Nebraska — will continue to try to come up with ANY idea they can to prevent Nebraskans from voting on this issue.


Going into the wayback machine for those of you were fans of M*A*S*H back in the day…

Remember when Hotlips was getting married to Lt. Col. Donald Penobscott, and the night before, the guys wrapped him in a body cast, so he was trapped in that the day of his wedding?

And the next morning Frank Burns said to him:

Gee, I’m glad I didn’t break my leg while I was asleep.

Anyway, that keeps coming back when reading some of the news coming out of the Blatt Beer & Table restrooms.


  1. McPherson's blog says:

    Are you seriously going to keep talking about 24 year old James Pauley when Pat McPherson sits on the State Board of Education? I mean come on guys. Get a life.

  2. The Grundle King says:

    The first two commenters would be jumping Paine’s shit if he was registered as a Republican. But if they’re really interested in a comparison, then let’s compare.

    1. Pat McPherson. ALLEGED to have written racist comments on an opinion blog, with no evidence that he actually wrote them aside from partisan-based speculation.

    2. Mitch Paine. CONFIRMED that a member of his campaign staff purchased the domain ‘’ amidst a race to become the next city councilman for the northeast Lincoln district.

    See the difference? If not, refer to the words in all-caps. If you still haven’t figured out the difference, then perhaps you’ll learn it when you return to 10th grade this fall.

  3. Kintner's Head says:

    Sweeper, since you’ve become the self appointed protector of decency, what are your thoughts on Bill Kintner posting a picture of a beheaded woman on Facebook? Seriously can you just imaging Bill Kintner sitting around the house looking through his Facebook feed, seeing a beheaded woman and thinking “I know where that goes…on my State Senate Facebook page!!”

  4. The Grundle King says:

    A beheaded woman is a pretty tame sight compared to what Raymond Mata Jr. (a Nebraska death row inmate) did to 3-year old Adam Gomez. It was bad enough that the prosecuting attorney (Doug Warner), who had previously opposed the death penalty, actually changed his mind and sought it for Mata.

    Here’s a brief sampling…

    Police searching Monica’s (Monica Mata, friend to Adam’s mother) residence found human remains in the basement room occupied by Raymond Mata. Hidden in the ceiling was a package wrapped in plastic and duct tape, which contained a crushed human skull.   The skull was fractured in several places by blunt force trauma that had occurred at or near the time of death.   The head had been severed from the body by a sharp object, at or near the time of death.   No evidence of strangulation could be found, although strangulation, smothering, and blunt force trauma could be neither ruled in nor ruled out as the cause of death.

    In the kitchen refrigerator of the residence, police found a foil-wrapped package of human flesh.   Raymond Mata’s fingerprint was  found on the foil.   Human remains were also found on a toilet plunger and were found to be clogging the sewerline from the residence.   Human flesh, both cooked and raw, was found in the dogfood bowl and in a bag of dogfood.   Human bone fragments were recovered from the dog’s digestive tract.

    Try to picture all of that. Go ahead, try. Perhaps then you’ll see why one might conclude that 3 hots and a cot (and apparently internet access) is far, far too kind for these savages.

  5. Hmmmmmm says:

    I wonder if wunder-kid politico Jessica Moenning will be going to work that goof ball, Mike Huckabee.

    You know the one who said that, “It is the first time in the history of civilization in which the carriers of a genuine plague have not been isolated.” (1992, as part of a Senate campaign.)

    “Has certainly not helped the people of Cuba.” (2002, while governor, trying to get the embargo lifted so Arkansas farmers could sell rice in Cuba.)

    “I…would veto any legislation that would lift the embargo.” (2007, while campaigning among anti-Castro Cuban Americans in Florida).

    Huckabee has certainly gone off the reservation and likely needs some message reshaping from Jessica. You know like — hey — instead of focusing on the issues that matter to the majority of Nebraskans — like tax reform, education reform and other campaign issues — lets fight with Ernie, block Medicaid Expansion and oh lets look like blood thirsty people and force a ballot initiative to drive up turn out which will backfire in the 2nd CD and Ashford will still be the Congressman when Omaha votes down the death penalty initiative.

  6. In other news... says:

    That no-good joke of a former Fire Chief is having an announcement party on July 15th at the Fire Union Hall. He will be running for Legislative District 5 which John Synowiecki announced he was running for election again to the seat that he once held. He lost to a social justice advocate, Tonya Ward for the Learning Community in 2014. Should be an interesting fight in that race.

  7. Sparkles says:

    Relentless attacks on a 20-something year old, wet behind ears City Council candidate embarrassed by previously unknown and childish antics of 20-something year old campaign manager.

    Yet nothing more than a whisper about the inaugural incompetence of a Governor of Nebraska who finds his closest allies in the legislature/state offices are the likes of Bill Kintner, Beau McCoy and Charlie Janssen.

    A Governor who has publicly announced his intention to purchase and smuggle illegal drugs into the country.

    A Governor who hand selected as the Grand Poobah of the NE State Patrol an evangelical fundamentalist who’s prior patrol leadership resulted in the NSP finding itself on the losing end of a federal gender discrimination lawsuit.

    A Governor who hand selected as Nebraska’s Economic Development Director the former VP of Scott Walker’s scandal plagued Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.
    An department of ‘economic development’ not only scandal ridden, but whose track record of ‘development’ trails nearly all of it’s peers.

    A Governor who has hand selected as his CEO of the Dept of Health and Human Services, a man who has played a prominent role in helping Bobby Jindal turn the Louisiana’s health system into to one the worst performing in the nation, a system now on the verge of collapse.

    Yep.. whatever you do, keep hammering away at the unprecedented horror of a failed City Council run in Lincoln!
    Because without your ever-vigilant eye on the bumbling of a couple 20-something year old political neophytes, the very salvation of our state may be in peril!

  8. 50 years ago, an 18 year old was a man, old enough to be drafted and shipped half-way across the world to fight a gruesome war against a diabolical enemy.

    Now a 24 year old is a child, absolved of any responsibility for his actions, even while running for political office.

    Here’s a free clue; if he ain’t old enough to be held responsible for his own campaign, he ain’t old enough to be on the city council.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Know-it-all GH has to chime in. First of all, it’s not “50 years ago”. Times change. If there was anything in James Pauley’s past that would have evoked concern about his maturity level, and Mitch had still hired him, then you’d have a point. But that’s not the case.

    Great post, Sparkles! It never cease to amaze me how people can completely ignore and disregard things that disagree with their worldview. Both sides do it, but it seems to be much more prevalent on the right.

  10. The Grundle King says:

    ” First of all, it’s not “50 years ago”. Times change. ”

    So in the last 50 years, as our society is supposed to have progressed, we’ve actually regressed? Now full-grown adults, who would have us believe they are fit to govern our lives (he did run for city council, after all), are too immature to be held accountable?

    All Mitch has to do is tell us who perpetrated this act. That’s it. If he didn’t do it, then who did? And if someone else did it, then THAT person needs to show a little testicular fortitude and own up to his/her act.

    BTW, was that a tacit admission that it was, in fact, James Pauley?

  11. I see our anonymous cowardly commenter has reverted to abuse. Fits the pattern.

    But since drooling 24 years olds who can’t handle 3 hours away from their mother’s tit are the life and soul of the Democrat party, I can understand why he took umbrage.

  12. GK: of course it was James Pauley. But poow widdle Mitch is just an innocent-as-an-unaborted-newborn-babe powicy wonk, and had no idea such mean mean things were being done on his behalf.

  13. Bob Loblaw says:

    Anonymous at 3:52,

    Don’t know if you noticed but we still send 18-19 year old men to fight our wars for us. many of them have had scars and injuries that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. You know the wars I’m talking about right? The one that your parties front runner voted for? But I guess privileged little brats like Mitch & James get a pass for anything they do because they’re just young kids who aren’t mature enough to not make fun of somebody who was homeless and lifted themselves up.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bob, I am in NO way giving James a pass. I’ve never liked the guy. However Mitch is getting trashed by association. Knowing both of them, it would be out of character for Mitch to have anything to do with that site.

  15. Anonymous coward: I hate to break into your childhood reverie, but when X employs Y, and Y does something bad, and X gets some of the blame for that, it’s not ‘guilt by association’.

    One of the last adult Democrats put it this way: the buck stops here.

  16. Hesdeadjim says:

    I seem to remember the Democrats jumping all over early Terri when one of his ads contained non factual information. Lee sure as heck did not write the the script for that commercial, but he took all of the blame.

  17. Anonymous says:

    X gets some of the blame for that
    Well, I can agree with that. However reading the previous posts, I’d say you all are assigning from 90 – 100% of the blame to Mitch. And conveniently ignore the rot in your party.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Hesdeadjim, I hardly consider that an equivalent comparison. Lee had every chance to view his own public commercial before it aired. If he didn’t do that, it’s on him. Mitch is being blamed for a web site that wasn’t made public and was in no way approved by him.

  19. Bob Loblaw says:

    Mitch’s name is the one on the ballot. Mitch’s campaign money paid for the website. And if he claims he didn’t know what his campaign manager was doing then either A) he’s lying or B) he’s incompetent and shouldn’t be involved in any type of leadership position. Either way Mitch carries a large part of this blame. Apparently he’s hardly made any statement about this either, so I’m going to assume he knew more than he’s letting on.

  20. Sparkles says:

    Professor. Harbison, re your comment:
    “But since drooling 24 years olds who can’t handle 3 hours away from their mother’s tit are the life and soul of the Democrat party,..”

    Just curious, do the signatures on a right wing 50 something UNL Prof’s checks read “Taxpayers Teat”?
    And when the GW and his Appledumbf&%k Gang destroyed the American economy, was it not John Q. Taxpayer that stepped up to the plate and made whole your generous lifetime pension?

    When the rubber -really- hits the road, it’s your profession – our bloated, confused, under prepared, ill-qualified educational system in America that permits the likes of Donald John Trump Sr. to have secured the Number 2 spot on the GOP Presidential roster, with Ted ‘Uber-Grifter’ Cruz and Ben “Crazy as a F’ing Loon” Carson nipping at his heals.

    Is it REALLY possible that fully conscious, literate members of the Grand Obstructionist Party aren’t totally embarrassed by the current state of their party?

    We’re all fortunate to have been drug back from the precipice of the Second Great Depression by a Democratic President assured to go down in history as one of America’s finest. I suspect his significance will not be fully appreciated by future generations unless they bother to learn about how nihilistic the GOP was throughout his presidency. From Pavlovian opposition to the time and energy they wasted in trying to manufacture scandals, it was truly amazing. Even worse, the so called mainstream media acted as enabler with its insipidness and credulity it paid flakes and charlatans like Paul Ryan. The Eisenhower generation had Murrow and Severeid; we’ve got Chuck Todd. I marvel at what Obama could have been had Republicans acted as Americans instead of partisan bigots. In spite of it, history will mark him a great president.

  21. Blather blather blather blather blather.

    Don’t have a pension, twit. And what would embarrass me would be to have a lifelong commie who used to write rape fantasies contesting with a superannuated corruptocrat for the my party’s nomination.

    ‘Been drug’? Really? Appalachia much?

    As for your fantasies about Obama the great president, with 7 years of anemic growth, a doubling of the national debt, and total collapse of foreign policy, well, ‘drug’ is the best explanation.

  22. Macdaddy says:

    Here’s a tip for Mitchie the Kid: Look up a famous Democrat named Harry S Truman and then be a man and take his advice: The Buck Stops Here. You’ll feel better, learn a valuable lesson, and be a better person for it. Being a weasel is no way to live your life.

  23. jiggery pokery says:

    Mitch came in 3rd in his City Council race. He is not a rising star for the Democrats. This incident put his aspirations to rest.

  24. GOP Strategy says:

    In the last week President Obama has had Obamacare cemented in stone, passed a historic trade deal, legalized same-sex marriage across the country, and established normalized relations with Cuba. Let’s just keep talking incessantly about James Pauley and Mitch Paine, I think it’s really the key to big wins in the future.

  25. Bob Loblaw says:

    GOP Strategy,

    You mean the trade deal most of his own party is fighting against? Do you mean the gay marriage he was against until about a year ago along with Hilary who not too long ago was giving speeches on the floor of the senate against gay marriage? You mean The Obamacare that has raised premiums and made healthcare more expensive for tens of millions of American families? You mean those things?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Can I please tie everyone who posts here in a bag together and throw them in the sea? Please? I’d gladly sacrifice myself as long as I could watch the rest of ya’s drown. What Nucking Futhouse.

  27. The labor force participation rate hit a 38 year low this morning. It’s now 3 full percentage points below when Obama took office. 3 of every 8 American adults (16-64) are neither employed nor actively looking for work.


  28. The Grundle King says:

    I’d like to know how Obama legalized LGBTQIA…. marriage (a liberal like you should know better than to use such an offensive and exclusive term as ‘same-sex marriage’…sex i.e. gender is fluid, don’t you know?!).

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