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"Ditch the Rule" ad
“Ditch the Rule” ad

The other day, the Nebraska Congressional delegation, along with the Governor, gave a strong critique to the proposed Federal Waters of the U.S. rule. They noted that it is overly broad and hurts farmers and ranchers — and organizations such as the Farm Bureau agree.

So who does the local media go to for a counter position?
Local farmer? State Senator? Scientist?

They of course talk to…Jane Kleeb!

Jane jumped to the mic and declared:

“That rule is about making sure industries like coal plants are not polluting our waterways,” Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska said.

Kleeb said the EPA is doing its job and calls the concerns leveled scare tactics.

“In fact, farms and ranches are exempt from the Clean Water rule,” Kleeb said. “All regular agricultural activities are exempt from it. This is about big polluters.”

Uh huh.
Well, except, no.

Here are some of the many ways, as noted by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the final rule gives the EPA the tools to regulate a farmer’s field:

  • The final rule preamble claims jurisdiction over irrigation canals and the rule fails to exempt irrigation ditches.
  • The final rule excludes waters used for ordinary farming activities from the category of “adjacent” waters, but EPA can claim a “significant nexus.”
  • By allowing remote sensing technology such as LIDAR to identify tributaries, the rule has no meaningful limit on the definition of tributary and can include erosion features on farmers’ fields.
  • The definition of “significant nexus” is so broad it can capture any water feature that holds water, infiltrates groundwater, or is used by animals, birds, and insects.

So no doubt someone, like Jane, thought, “Oh, we will save the environment with these rules!” But not being out in the field, they have no idea of how their proposals affect real people.

And don’t forget: Kleeb isn’t a farmer. And she’s not a government expert.

Yet for some reason, the news media asks for her to comment on things about which she “less than an expert”, to put it lightly.

You know, like about the Ogallala Aquifer.

Yeah, Leavenworth St. is still taking input from the University of Nebraska expert on drilling wells and the Ogallala Aquifer, over her.


And from the pure satire department…

Ernie Chambers says Governor’s actions are inappropriate.


Chambers, the state’s leading opponent of capital punishment, said it was inappropriate for the Republican governor to fund the effort after failing to convince the Nebraska Legislature to retain capital punishment.

But Chambers, the same guy who compared the cops to ISIS and suggested shooting cops, thinks it’s totally cool for out-of-state groups to funnel money into the state to prevent Nebraskans from voting on the issue.

They should have done that “Inside Out” movie from inside Ernie’s head. Now THERE’s some comedy.


Hey, email the Gov if you’re from South O and want to be a State Senator!

Preferences include:

  • Being an extremely pasty-complexioned Swede;
  • Desire to vote with the Democrats 99.9% of the time, even though you’re constantly told that the Legislature is non-partisan;
  • A keen eye for seeking out the chance to leave early to cash in for a newer sweet paying gig.

Wait, are we confused about how this works?


  1. Ogallalan says:

    Jane Kleeb is the definition of a know nothing busy body. Jim Goecke knows more about the Ogallala Aquifer than anyone else in this state. His knowledge and expertise are above what anybody could hope to achieve. I’ve worked with Jim before and he has forgotten more about the aquifer than most of us will ever hope to know.

  2. Pete says:

    My favorite thing about Insane Jane is the conviction with which she spews false information. Not since I was a child and saw Bill Clinton, pointing his finger and shaking his fist say, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” on the television, have I known anyone to more thoroughly believe their own bullshit. It seems like every time she and her brave bunch of boldies turn super-activist, there is something glaringly hypocritical about their tactic but as far as she is concerned, she is THE environmental authority in Nebraska.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So Pete, are you OK with Chris Christie? The Newark NJ Star-Ledger has a recent editorial about how much of a serial liar he is. Google it to read the list of his greatest ones. My favorite quote is He has a silver tongue. But if you look closely, you can see that it is forked like a serpent’s.

  4. Thing you have to remember about Jane is, she has the IQ of an Anopheles mosquito. She graduated from Flagler, which is where rich Floridians send their dumb kids. She wouldn’t know a carbon footprint if she had to wipe it off her face. She opposes Keystone XL, because it’s bad for the planet, and supports bioethanol, because it’s worse for the planet. It’s all about ambition, ambition without the mental wherewithal to sustain it.

    Tired of stupid people telling me how I have to live.

  5. Actual Farmer says:

    Um…if you talk to some actual farmers and ranchers you will find they agree more about KXL with Jane Kleeb than some anonymous blogger from D.C.

  6. KHDS says:

    Jane Kleeb has cost NE millions of dollars and the USA billions in wealth creation.

    And why?

    She is a cog and useful idiot in the global warming scam. The Earth is going to burn up in the future! But when? Not saying! Just hand over the money.

    But I give her full credit for our smarting the failed and dopey Govenor Dave.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Jane grew up hoisting irrigation pipe in……Florida. If the media wasn’t head over heels for Jane they would go back and write follow-up stories to the ones where she gives them bad info. After awhile you would think they would know that they are being made fools of by the great imposter. Never has so much been written about someone with so little credentials to be an expert on anything.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    I thought Jane was a farmer. Didn’t I see her in an FFA jacket? She sure farms Dick Holland for cash crops.

  9. Rockstar Kleeb says:

    You can say what you want about Jane Kleeb but she was successful in lobbying Ben Nelson to supporting a cloture vote for the Affordable Care Act and has kept Keystone XL out of our state.

  10. Pete says:

    Not sure what the hell Chris Christie has to do with this but no I don’t like him. I think he’s an obnoxious, vindictive east coast scoundrel. Kind of like Jane and Scott Kleeb.

  11. Transcanada says:

    Obama’s about to drop the big NO on Keystone XL, quick Sweeper, write a bunch more articles about Mitch Paine and cindyforthecity.Com and tie him to Jane Kleeb and Obama. That makes more sense talking about actual issues and forming actual arguments.

  12. To Jane Kweeb says:

    Jane- you ignorant…
    Best personal regards,
    Dan Akroids
    Press Assistant,
    Office of Governor Cricketts

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