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Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.05.33 PMOn this Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday, a few items to toss out…


After yesterday’s post noting anecdotal input that the Death Penalty petition process is going slow, Leavenworth St. received a number of emails and comments noting that the process is going strong and is on-track.

Deena Winter of Watchdog tweeted that Nebraskans for the Death Penalty spokesman Chris Peterson said:

…response from Nebraskans has been “overwhelmingly positive” & first 5 weeks went well

While that is certainly a positive spin, it doesn’t exactly give stats that many would probably hope for (Coby Mach, we’re looking your direction).

On the other hand, the pro-Petition folks don’t exactly want to give the impression that things are over the moon. They no-doubt still need signatures, and as such, they should still be encouraging people to come and sign.

On that note, here are Omaha and Lincoln addresses for people to visit to sign in person:

11605 Miracle Hills Drive
Suite 100
Office Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm; Sunday, 1pm-7pm

1610 N Street
(Nebraska Republican Party office)
Office Hours: Monday-Saturday, 10am-7pm; Sunday, 1pm-7pm

(This was posted on Leavenworth St. a month ago. As any info on where people can go to sign is made available, you will see it here.)


This video is making the rounds, so you can see it just because:

The videographer is making the contention that…
1) This is an official Reinstate the Death Penalty petitioner…
2) on the job…
3) Drunk…
4) Making “sexual advances”.

Hmm. That does look like petitioner t-shirt.

And I suppose you would have to ask the folks who station these individuals, but the best guess here is that the Check Cashing parking lot corner is not exactly a hotbed for obtaining sigs.

And then, you can see for yourself that this person does not seem to have a signature sheet.

And “drunk”? Well that seems like a bit of a leap, no?

And finally, “sexual gestures”?

As Forest Gump’s mama said as they passed the TV showing Elvis singing Hound Dog, “This is not children’s eyes!

Just like the judge said, “I’ll know it when I see it.”


While Omaha attorney, and former U.S. Senate candidate Bart McLeay, says he is not running for the 2nd District House seat, he does like to keep active writing these types of pieces (for the LJS):

Local View: Turkey may hold wishbone in Middle East fight

(And still no one, beyond Don Bacon and Maxwell, coming up on a #NE02 run…)


Hey “Bob Kerrey” is selling his house in Fairacres.

You remember Bob.

He said he was moving to Omaha.
Whether he won or lost the Senate race.
Then he flew back to NYC.
And never came back.

Good times…


  1. The Grundle King says:

    No doubt, if the individual on the video had been wearing a T-shirt to sign minimum wage petition, he’d be viewed as simply having a little fun while entertaining the passers-by.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good to see Cyndi Lamm has recruited some old friends from back in the day to help out getting the death penalty reinstated.

  3. KHDS says:

    Can we have the numbers on Cosmic Bob’s real estate deal?

    Didn’t Bob make a profit courtesy of Susie Buffett?

    And is Susie living in Chicagoland? Her entity has an Illinois address. But state taxes are way higher in Chicagoland than beautiful Nebraskaland.

  4. It Smells says:

    I think the Trust is for some old Aunt. No one has lived in the house. There should be an FEC investigation

  5. Anonymous says:

    If I sign a petition to euthanize people who don’t want to sign a petition to reinstate the death penalty, will that help get Ernie off that street corner?

  6. Democracy In America says:

    What has our political system come to? A Nebraska Billionaire governor after unsuccessfully trying to purchase a legislature goes and hires an Ohio firm with a rampant history of voting fraud to finds crackheads to get signatures to kill people and then end up twerking at passing traffic.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear civics-retarded person at 12:49.

    America is a Republic not a Democracy.

    Your advice on politics might seem more credible if you knew what kind of government exists in the USA.

  8. Its a Republic if you can keep it says:

    Obama is abetting the slave trade. For real. Can you believe that?

    For sake of trade deals in the Pacific, he is upgrading Malaysia from a Tier 3 human rights violator (slave trade) to Tier 2 so he can “fast track” deals with Malaysia. That, directly after the discovery of a mass grave of enslaved escapees from Burma who were sold into slavery in Malaysia, the world’s worst human trafficking nation that smuggles in foreign workers, confiscates passports and enslaves women recruited for hotel work and sells them into the commercial sex trade. The conviction rate for slavers has actually fallen in Malaysia, while slavery is growing. Yet Obama is rewarding Malaysia.

    Obama’s slavery-is-okay “deal” with Malaysia ignores its growing enslavement of human beings, much like Obama’s nuclear “deal” with Iran ignores Iran’s oath to destroy us with nuclear weapons.

    If anyone should be enslaved or die miserably by radiation poisoning, is that not on the shoulders of Americans who elected Obama who abets, encourages, indeed deals for that to happen? And for what? His legacy? Obama’s only real job was him being hired by his wife to collect donations for churches. His career has been a snow job and his election as POTUS a blowjob. Get off your knees Democrats!

    Democrats deem themselves kindhearted good guys while they call GOP women whores and applaud Obama’s promotion of slavery and nuclear endangerment.

    Republicans are often cold and inept at politics. But Democrats are hypocritically bad human beings. Else Democrat are egotistically stupid to the point of endangering self and others. Hardly makes a difference since the end is just as bad either way.

  9. Democracy In America says:

    To Anonymous at 7:07….

    A republic is a form of democracy. You are an imbecile. Get off the blogs and come back after you complete your G.E.D.

  10. PoliticsJunky says:

    Dear trolls 7:07 and Democracy in America.

    The United States is a Democratic-Republic. We elect representatives to different levels of government but we are also able to vote on issues on the ballot. A google search might be helpful before trolling…..

  11. Home Hunter says:

    Dang that’s a nice house Bob whatshisname had. However, the one car garage, along with the Chuck Hagel endorsement make me think it probably has a radon problem.

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