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Brad Ashford 01Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford (NE-02) filed an anemic second quarter report with the FEC over the weekend.

Ashford, who brought in $200K last quarter, only raised $155,485 for the 2nd quarter of 2015. That leaves him with Cash on Hand of $254K.

For comparison, at this time in 2013, Lee Terry raised $250K in the quarter. In Arizona, Congresswoman Martha McSally, who is being targeted by the DCCC, raised over $1 million in the 2nd quarter.

There are those who will say, “Oh Ashford will have plenty of money to get his message out during the campaign.” Well, maybe.

Ashford has made it a point that he does NOT like fundraising and is unwilling to go through the rigors of campaigning. These numbers certainly back that up.

But it will be interesting to watch Ashford try to untie himself from the assumed Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton. And he will of course be connected to the Death Penalty vote.

And getting those messages out, whatever they may be, takes some cash to put it on the airwaves.

As the rest of the candidates around the country hit the July 15th FEC deadline, it will be fun to watch to see how Ashford compares.


On the Republican side, General Don Bacon posted his FIRST fundraising numbers of the season.

Bacon raised over $110,000 and has $88,000 COH.

While this may make a few Dems grin, the Bacon camp notes this:

As a point of reference, Bacon’s fundraising surpasses each of the contribution totals posted by the campaigns of Congressmen Brad Ashford, Jeff Fortenberry, Lee Terry and Adrian Smith in each of their very first financial quarters as successful Congressional candidates.

Bacon’s total of over $110,000 in contributions is more than the total in the first quarters for Ashford in 2014 ($89,405.31), Smith in 2006 ($55,724.17), Fortenberry in 2004 ($97,019.38), and Terry in 1998 ($92,363.24).


Some Democrats are just itching to make a deal — ANY deal — with Iran because…just because.

So thank you to Senator Ben Sasse for actually pointing out the WORDS that are in the currently proposed deal with Iran. As Sasse wrote in a letter to the President, the proposal would put the burden on the United States to prove that Iran was not in compliance with the agreements, in order to reinstate sanctions. Oh, and that would also mean they are subject to review by the United Nations, before anything could happen.

Gee, what could go wrong with Russia and China making those decisions?

The President has made it known that he considers a deal with Iran to be essential to his “legacy”.

But as Senator Sasse and Senator Deb Fischer have been saying all along: No deal is better than a bad deal.

(And last time I checked, the students marching in the streets aren’t the ones in charge of Iran.)


Just one beef with Don Walton of the LJS today.
This quote:

Yanks, Cubs and Twins would all be in the postseason if the season ended now at the All-Star break. That would be fun.

Uh, Cubs I get.
Haven’t won a World Series in forever. WGN fave. Nebraska connection.

But Twins and Yankees?
Since when does anyone care about the Twins?
And fun? Yeah, nothing like October baseball in Minnesota.

And the freaking Yankees?
I get Don’s obsession with the team that can purchase players like no other — but “fun”? If you’re looking for more fun than watching the Yankees in the postseason, try clicking on one of those FEC filings links up above.

(Oh an BTW Don, the FIRST PLACE Kansas City Royals have an affiliate that plays just 30 minutes away from you. People around here like them. And you’ll find a photo of them when you’ve looking up “FUN” in the dictionary.)


Apropos of nothing, but as long as we’re talking sports, ESPN assigned “emojis” to various athletes.

Such as:

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 11.42.29 AM

And another guy also did it for all of the Heisman trophy winners.
Here they are for the Heisman Huskers:

1972: Johnny Rodgers (Nebraska) — ✈️
1983: Mike Rozier (Nebraska) — 🎩
2001: Eric Crouch (Nebraska) — ⚡️

JR and Crouch were easy, but Rozier’s stumped me.
Here are the explanations:

1972: Johnny Rodgers (Nebraska) — ✈️
Long before Kenny Smith, Johnny Rodgers’ nickname was “The Jet.”

1983: Mike Rozier (Nebraska) — 🎩
No one would be surprised if Rozier wore a top hat to the Heisman ceremony after recent outfits like this.

2001: Eric Crouch (Nebraska) — ⚡️
The option QB had lightning quickness at Nebraska.

See them all here.

(I’m sure this could be done with politics. It could take some time…)


  1. Twerking For Justice says:

    So the death penalty campaign is telling people that the petitioner in the video tweaking at traffic was a volunteer. Riiiight…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Someone who is working as a petitioner said that the death penalty campaign is instructing everyone who is a paid petitioner to tell everyone they are “volunteers.”

  3. Blue Dot says:

    Ashford will win reelection easily as the Clinton campaign, flush with cash, will drop a half million or so into CD2.

  4. Sparkles says:

    To 12:39

    I’m assuming the ‘yr’ in the ‘omaha yr emoji’ stands for Omaha Young Republicans.

    And the emoji you’ve depicted is a prediction of the stunned looked on OYR’s (all 3 of them) after Ashford cruises to an easy victory and Hillary takes NE2, ala Obama in ’08.

    Bring on the skewed polls!!

    – BREAKING NEWS – Trump International Golf Club just filed for bankruptcy.

    Good times.

  5. repentinglawyer says:

    Be kind to the Cubs, their fans suffer enough and so far they have done better that the Gov. Though Cubs will probably tank and Gov. will keep wanting to execute somebody.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you feel a need to explain your fundraising totals then they aren’t that great. If you raise 300K it speaks for itself. Ashford is solidifying his brand while his challenger waits…..and waits……and waits. Crickets.

  7. FEC Watch says:

    Not to burst the Bacon-Trost-Temoshek bubble, but Terry and Fortenberry and Smith were all raising money in hotly contested primaries with significant competition for every fundraising dollar. Don Bacon has had the entire race to himself for 6 months, and no amount of meaningless historical context can change the fact that his total as the only GOP candidate in a heavy GOP donor district ain’t so great.

  8. To FEC watch... says:

    I don’t think you can call the second district a heavy GOP district ~ Obama even carried it in 2008. As for Bacon, most people didn’t even know who he was three months ago. The fact that he has raised over one hundred thousand, even though he has never run for office, is impressive. Also, Terry, Fortenberry, and Smith were all established names way before their house runs. Not so for Bacon.

    As for Brad, it is surprising that he has raised so little, especially considering that he has been in this game for several decades. He is an established brand. The question is why didn’t he raise more?

  9. Bacon's $$$ says:

    Is actually even more impressive given that during the quarter there were several candidates considering running and therefore causing some donors to keep their power dry .

  10. To: To FEC watch... says:

    Ashford is indeed an established brand. However, he is a brand with a constantly changing logo, menu, etc… Like a restaurant that serves Pepsi one day, Coke the next, and can’t decide what kind of food they want on the menu. Not dependable at all.

  11. Paul Hammel on Twitter says:

    Paul Hammel ‏@PaulHammelOWH Jul 10
    @NE4DeathPenalty now says the lewd dancer on O Street was briefly a volunteer circulator, but that he was dismissed due to misconduct.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ashford need not “untie himself from the assumed Democrat nominee” because the same voters who chose childish Obama over a GOP war hero and over a GOP fiscal genius, while America was at war and in an economic slump, will be the same voting electorate in 2016. And the GOP cannot read votes. Americans tell pollsters they demand freedom and then in Nov they vote for their rice bowls.

    As for Ashford being connected to the NE Death Penalty vote, his side won. It passed. Points for Grandma Brad. But now he’s in DC and what the unicameral does without him is not going to be seen as his problem.

    Democrats are dug in and the GOP seems to staking its hope on Democrats running out of ammo.

  13. Macdaddy says:

    It’s a shame that all Sasse wants to do is write meaningless letters. His actual vote on the Corker bill assured that Obama will get a deal with Iran in all its craptacular glory. Way to go, Sasse. You got played.

  14. Macdaddy says:

    Sparkles, you left out that it was a club in Puerto Rico. The whole country is going bankrupt. Oh, and Trump has no financial stake in the club. Not sure what you are so gleeful about. Real people are losing their jobs. I guess that’s a cause for celebration on the Left.

    BTW, Hillary won’t be the Dem nominee for President. Ever. Another of Obama’s lies: You’re likeable enough, Hillary.

  15. Why guess says:

    Macdaddy. Why guess? You know that misery interferes with profits. It is the Governmentalist Left that seeks to empower themselves by coopting human pain so as to gain license to impose order. Just as good people don’t require government. happy people don’t require Leftists, be they true wealth-sharing socialists or those coopting industry to share wealth via Obama-style fascism.

    The Lefts’ need for human misery is laid bare in Yuri’s brother’s words.

    “It was a war between the Allies and Germany… And which of them won was a matter of indifference. My task, the Party’s task, was to organize defeat. From defeat would spring the Revolution and the Revolution would be victory for us… the Party looked to the conscript peasants, most of them wearing their first good pair of boots. When the boots wore out, they’d be ready to listen.“ Yevgraf Zhivago

    President Obama thrives off human misery. He has fomented a brutal nightmare of racial hatred and division; eviscerated his nation’s defense; raised criminals to power, abetted the murder of American law enforcement and officials by criminals abroad and domestic; ignored law, circumvented congress, and ruled by decree. Internationally, Obama has advanced slavery – real human slavery – by rewarding Malaysia, the worst human trafficking nation on earth, with an upgraded trade status, even while mass graves are being uncovered there. And today he has guaranteed the top terrorist state on earth, Iran, the eventual nuclear ability to wipe out US cities based on an old yellowed façade of peace in our time.

    What Hitler, Stalin, and the KKK couldn’t do to America, this quintessential Democratic Party true believer is doing. One can but wish that he shared only his wife’s limitation of simply hating America. His aim to destroy it, however, it is as relentless as the misery he needs in order to coopt the people amid what Yevgraf would have called their “cursed capacity to endure”.

  16. The next Chuck Hagel says:

    Ben Sasse has been a major disappointment. Where are all these bills he was going to pass? Obamacare???

  17. Anonymous says:

    To Why Guess:
    Nice fiction! Do you think you’re omniscient or something? Sad thing is that you actually believe your ramblings.

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