Nebraska Emoji Day

Emoji-TestOn this Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday, you can let your freak-flag fly just a little more than it usually does in the comments section.

Oh sure, you were already discussing the Planned Parenthood Organ Harvesting video, and touching on the Iran deal. Not to mention a little Presidential politics mixed in.

But you can open it up to some of your own local stories as well.

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Just one more time I am going to pimp my podcast interview with GOP Presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson. You can listen right here:

The discussion is pretty much exclusively on the proposed Iran nuclear deal.

And as long as we’re on the POTUS candidates, here is one a few weeks back with Senator Lindsey Graham.

Graham has been trailing in the pack lately, but I can tell you that I think he will come more to the fore as the situation with Isis and Syria gets more heated.

You may remember that he proposed an invasion of Syria in our discussion:

And back at the Iowa Lincoln Day dinner, I also interviewed Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the leader in the Iowa polls.

I can prove it. See:


This was post-interview.

Alas, I had problems with my recorder and ended up getting none of our discussion.

We talked about his recent trip to Israel, his thoughts on Mideast and foreign policy in general. As those things go, he didn’t really say anything that he didn’t say in his other speeches that day.

I did try to nail him down on the goofball issue of that day:

Who would he want to see on the new $20 bill?

His response:

“I’m not so worried about whose face is on the twenty, as much as making sure Americans can keep as many of those $20 bills as possible in their pockets.”

Ahh, politicians…

(For those of you keeping a tally on who to put on the new $20 — or $10 I suppose:

Walker: Doesn’t care.

Graham: Keep it the same.

Sen. Deb Fischer: Doesn’t care.)


2nd District GOP candidate General Don Bacon made a statement about the Iran deal today. In full…

I’ve spent the last few days studying the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran. It deserved careful consideration. I’ve concluded this agreement is wrong for America and our allies.

The one benefit of the proposal is that it will make it harder for Iran to quickly obtain a nuclear weapon. However, the administration acknowledges that Iran will have a “1-year break-out” capability to amass enough fuel to produce a nuclear weapon even after this agreement is put into effect. This is not sufficient and the bar has been set too low.

The costs of this agreement are high. Iran will come out from underneath economic sanctions and eventually will have the weapons embargo removed. This will allow Iran to grow as a regional power and to ramp up its terrorism efforts, undermining its neighbors, Israel and the United States. The dire threat to Israel will continue. And, Iran will still hold four American hostages.

We should believe it when Iran says it is our enemy–its actions have shown it. Just last week their Supreme Leader said, “Death to America.” Iran is behind the killing of over a 1,000 Americans in Iraq using the Shi’a militias. During my year in Baghdad our area would normally get hit with between three to thirty rockets or mortars a day, and most originated from Sadr City where the Shi’a militias operated from. The weapons used were newly produced from Iran’s factories. Iran had two training camps for the Shi’a militias that were located South of Tehran, Iran. While I was there we captured a senior Iranian operative in Iraq who was evaluating the training needs of the Shi’a militia and who was advising them on their operations against American servicemen and women. And, we should not forget that the Beirut Barracks and Khobar Towers bombings were inspired by Iran.

We should maintain crippling economic sanctions, an arms embargo, and the credible threat of air strikes with the goal of dismantling the nuclear infrastructure in Iran. The current agreement sets the bar too low, and should have included the return of our American hostages being held in Iran. The President’s proposal will result in a stronger and more dangerous Iran.


So now for the REAL fun.

Did you know that today is World Emoji Day?

“Duh, Sweeper. Do you think I’m some sort of caveman/woman?”

Well, in light of the recent Tweets which attempted to describe NBA players and Heisman Trophy winners as Emojis, let’s do it with some Nebraska politicians.

So here is how it will go:

First, keep in mind that some of the Emojis are hard to see. Them’s the breaks. They also show up differently, depending on your platform (Twitter, web, etc.). Some are more descriptive than others. (You’d be surprised/not-really-that-surprised how few Emojis there really are, and how Japanese centric they are.) If you’re not sure what something is, try cutting and pasting it into the Google machine and see what it says.


Your task:

Connect the Politician’s letter with the Emoji’s number.
Then in the comments, list your results — with the meaning behind the Emoji.

(Example: “g4 because Johanns really likes sand“)

Uh, but do better than that.


a Chris Beutler 1 ©
b Hal Daub 2 🎣👆
c Mike Fahey 3 🚐
d Deb Fischer 4 ⌛️
e Jeff Fortenberry 5 🌽👢
f Dave Heineman 6 🍴
g Mike Johanns 7 🏡
h Bob Kerrey 8 🐊
i Ben Nelson 9 🚜
j Kay Orr 10 😇
k Tom Osborne 11 🎫
l Pete Ricketts 12 ⚾️
m Ben Sasse 13 🙋
n Adrian Smith 14 🌊
o Jean Stothert 15 🌉
p Jim Suttle 16 💈
q Lee Terry 17 ☝️🚣

Easy Bonus: Who is the non-Nebraskan politico Emoji up top?

Have at it, have fun (complaints will not be tolerated) and have a great weekend!


  1. Geez.

    This reminds me of one of my old poli-sci classes, where the prof announced he was going to use the Socratic Method the next class on whether the US Army should stay stationed in Germany. At the next class about 15 people out of 40 showed up.

    You don’t HAVE to guess on the Emoji quiz. It’s just a game. You can choose not to play that game, if you’d like to comment on something else.

    And as always, thanks for reading.

  2. Scared of Emoji's says:

    It’s either Friday and we’ve all checked out or the icons/emoji’s are too tiny for us to discern. I did blow them up but half of them are still a mystery to me. Sorry, I tried. Back to my regularly scheduled couch-surfing.

  3. Macdaddy says:

    I’ll play. Suttle is obviously the barber pole. Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck. Kerrey, Daub, Beutler, and Orr go with the assisted living facility van. The hour glass is Ricketts since time is quickly running out on his administration. Ironic, isn’t it, that he got his money through enabling people to invest at the speed of light and his administration is the Pony Express. For Nelson I would have picked .

  4. Brian T. Osborn says:

    If Lindsay Grahm wants another war, then he’d better suit up and lead it … from the front line this time.

  5. The New York Times has a story this morning about the death penalty petition. It is deeply disturbed Nebraskans are resisting the actions of our betters in the Unicameral. Plus, it’s disappointed we’re not in the vanguard of a vast nationwide conservative embrace of liberal tenets.

    It doesn’t seem to have occurred to them that’s because the Unicameral is not actually conservative.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    GH, quit setting the straw men on fire. Obama had a doozy of one in what will go down in history as the worst press conferences of all times. He accused his opponents of claiming that Iran wanted to take over the entire world.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Trump is a straw man in the sense he will never be nominated or elected. He has an actual big mouth which he actually uses to take attention off the Democrat candidates. Never a good thing.

  8. What scares me is that Trump will do a Ross Perot. I doubt he’d get 5% of the vote, but that 5% would largely come from the GOP, and could very easily make a difference.

    I know his familty was rich, but I’m befuddled how such a complete idiot mananged to get even richer.

  9. Fort Street Fury says:

    Serious question to all readers and commenters:

    Do any of you support Jeb Bush? If so, why?

    This isn’t an attempt to troll by any stretch. I see the polls that he is high up there but I haven’t met anyone who actually wants him to be President.

  10. Sparkles says:

    GH states:
    “the Unicameral is not actually conservative.”

    And if you’re so untethered from reality to believe that..
    Pete Ricketts will be starring in this summer’s Pinewood Bowl presentation of “Hair”, while across town at the Lincoln Community Playhouse, be sure not to miss our own Dave Heineman’s acting (and singing) debut as the genderqueer East German singer Hedwig, in Hedwig and the Angry Inch!

  11. Anonymous says:

    …the Unicameral is not actually conservative.
    Just shows how far to the right most of you posters are. Don’t have a clue as to where the real center is, and too arrogant and self-important to reexamine your viewpoints.

  12. The Grundle King says:

    “Don’t have a clue as to where the real center is, and too arrogant and self-important to reexamine your viewpoints.”

    Just remember that, when you point the finger, three fingers are pointing back at you.

  13. Sparkles says:


    Your ‘three fingers’ analysis is, how to put this… free from the constraints of reality.
    I know facts have little relevance to the Tea inspired, none-the-less, the facts still exist –

    To wit –
    A newly released Gallup poll shows the Democratic Party is seen more favorably than GOP, by a margin of 42% to 35%.

    In addition, a May 2015 poll shows 31% of Americans (and rising) claim the title ‘socially liberal’, vs. 31% (and declining) calling themselves ‘socially conservative.’
    And – a paltry 5% of Americans still cling to the title of ‘very conservative’ on social issues.

    Limbaugh and Ailes spent decades (and raked in billion$) mongering in hate (because it sells criminally inflated gold coins and survival seeds) while attempting to turn the word ‘liberal’ into a pejorative.
    It’s with great pleasure we can confirm that they have failed.
    By all empirical measures, the Republican ‘conservative’ base continues to shrink, while liberalism is in fact in ascendence.

    Hate to break it to ya Grundle, but Jerry Falwell, Pat Roberts and Cal Thomas’s little ponzi scheme they named the Moral Majority –
    a) Never was ‘moral’
    b) Is no longer a majority

  14. Sparkles: I expect everything looks conservative from your vantage point on the far left flank of the ecogenderqueertransanarchocommunistofcolor faction, but I’m speaking from the perspective of a normal human being.

  15. Brian T. Osborn says:

    Gerard, To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    Somewhere in the realm of possibilities there must also exist the hope of peace. War comes when those who profit from it come to power.

  16. The Grundle King says:

    Sparkles, I never doubted that you have a reasonable grasp on where the political center is. My ‘three fingers’ analogy was more related to the latter portion of said statement.

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