Chip Maxwell’s phone-throwing campaign

Chip Maxwell - Gretna 02Chip Maxwell had a conundrum prior to the Gretna Days Parade this past Saturday.

It seems he forgot to — or didn’t want to — pay the $250 to enter a “float” in the parade. (As everyone who has watched a local parade knows, politicians rarely have an actual float, but instead just duct tape some yard signs to the side of a Dodge Charger, or some such.)

So Maxwell instead did the next best thing: He took his campaign to the Sarpy County Republican Party float. They were offering — for a mere $50 — to put any Republican candidate’s signs up on it. Quite a few paid the $50, and that way the county party can recoup the expense of the float from people who support them, and everyone is happy.

And Sarpy County Republican Brad Kuiper stepped up with his truck to pull the GOP trailer “float”.

And then things took a turn.

Since Maxwell didn’t have his own entry — and Kuiper, a Maxwell supporter, was driving the truck — Maxwell took it upon himself to put his largest signs on the truck.

As you can see here:

Gretna Days 2015 Sarpy GOP Entry - Initial Plan

And it essentially looked like a Chip Maxwell float — or like the Sarpy County Republicans had endorsed Chip Maxwell.

And several Republicans waiting at the parade start noticed.

So someone got on their phone and made a call to a Sarpy County GOP official to get a “ruling” on what had become of this parade entry.

The Sarpy GOP official decided that no one candidate should take over the float to give it the impression that it is their’s.

And further, even though the vehicle owner wanted to deck it out with extra Maxwell signage, that would not be appropriate as, again, it was a Party float, not meant to favor one candidate.

And Chip got this message over someone else’s cell phone…

…that was in his hand…

…which he promptly chucked towards someone else’s car.

(No immediate damage to either the cell phone, the vehicle, or the listener on the other end was reported.)

And the giant Maxwell signs were removed and everyone moved on to passing out stickers.


There is no real intention here to pick on Chip.

He is apparently running for Congress.

If there has been a formal announcement, none has been forwarded to Leavenworth St. or otherwise mentioned in the press.

He does have YouTube videos up on his campaign web page that shows him speaking to people at Champions Club and at the Tea Party event this year.

In the Champions video he says, “…I am getting ready to run for the Nebraska 2nd District House Seat.

He has filed a campaign finance report with the FEC.

But apparently we will have to wait until he makes an official announcement.

It will be interesting to see where all this goes.


Senator Deb Fischer issued a column yesterday where she detailed her objections to the proposed Iran nuclear deal.

She notes:

We cannot undo sanctions for an agreement that is built on the hope that the Iranian government changes its behavior. This used to be a bedrock principle. In fact, the president himself repeatedly stated that no deal would be better than a bad deal. The president’s rhetoric seems to have changed. Now, recent history is being erased, and we are told that the only alternative to this agreement would be war. That is not true.

If you are averse to reading, or simply like your articles read to you, Senator Fischer does that as well, which you can get by clicking here.


And for your really breaking/broken news, Senator Ben Sasse hits the rankings as number 4 in the U.S. Senate.

Oh, sorry.

That’s #4, among male Senators, in the “Sexy Congress” rankings.

For the record, Sasse ranks #52 overall among both male and female Members of Congress.

(The first 45 are all women.)

Among only male MOC’s he comes in 7th.

He comes in just behind Senator, and Presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, who is 6th among all men.

3rd District Representative Adrian Smith comes in at #64 among all male Congresspersons.

1st District Rep Jeff Fortenberry is at #134.

2nd District Rep Brad Ashford is ranked 315th sexiest of the 429 male MOCs.

And Senator Deb Fischer comes in at a respectable #52 among the 104 female Members of Congress. (That is, if you “respect” this sort of thing…)

Well, clearly the interns and junior staffers are keeping busy with something….


  1. Hesdeadjim says:

    Classic Maxwell move is really all you can say about this incident from beginning to end. I don’t know how in the world Chip expects to make his “campaign” work when he has made zero attempt to mend fences and rebuild bridges that he so selfishly burnt in his quixotic run in 2014.

  2. maxwell says:

    didn’t he say in 2014 that he would raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for his 2016 congressional bid because he stayed out. And now he can’t even afford a float entry for a parade?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Operative word about Maxwell? Cheap! He sponged plenty of air time off of a local talk radio station all the while knowing full well he was going to run for Congress, or not run for Congress, or collect signatures to run for Congress as an Indie…..the guy uses people, plays dumb and gets away with it…..because everyone loves Chip or so he thinks.

  4. Sparkles says:

    We’re still waiting for the “fact based, specific arguments against the Iran deal” that we were assured in yesterday’s post (A NYer’s view of the world) have been offered by Fischer, Sasse and Smith.

    The above quote from Fischer, accompanied by a link to her soliloquy to an empty Senate chamber, adds up to nothing more than vague conjecture and fear mongering.

    Deb’s argument can accurately be summed up as;
    Sanctions = Good; Obama Change = Bad

    It is while under Deb’s beloved sanctions that Iran grew their number of centrifuges from a total of 164 in 2003, to 19,000 today.

    It is while under Deb’s beloved sanctions that Iran produced and distributed thousands of deadly IED’s to radical religious groups intent on killing and maiming American soldiers.

    It is while under Deb’s beloved sanctions (and with the monumental assist of GW’s NeoCon cabal destabilizing the entire mideast) that Iran has broadened it’s reach and expanded it’s powers.

    It is under Deb’s beloved sanctions that Iran has developed a rocket theoretically capable of Intercontinental ranges (albeit while carrying only a very tiny payload of no more than 100kg)

    Sanctions have clearly failed to contain Iran’s ambitions.
    But as is almost always the case, Deb and her GOP companions bring to the table absolutely -zero- solutions for the evolving challenges that face our nation.

    Fischer, Sasse and Smith have contributed absolutely nothing of value to this historic effort.
    Instead, each of them has chosen to fall back on the mind numbing yet base appeasing grunt of: Obama Bad!

  5. To sparkles says:

    I think Iran will make a great ally. They seem very open to LGBT parades! If fact they are dying to have one or maybe they would kill you for having one, can’t wuite remeber. They also love the ladies that is in a slave/slavemaster sort of way. Heck Cuba will make a great ally too

  6. Sparkles apparently believes that because sanctions haven’t inhibited Iran enough, we should instead give them $100 bn and guarantee their bomb-producing facilities against attack.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anybody who throws a phone near me is going to be shitting phone parts for a year – along with their remaining teeth.

    Phone throwing is in no way tolerable behavior. For anyone.

  8. Be Like Lindsey says:

    Maxwell is just trying to be like Lindsey Graham! Now there is a guy who knows how to throw a phone!

  9. midtownguy says:

    I guess Chip tiring to save money because he did not have floats in Florence Parade or the Ralston Parade. But he sure was working the crowds for the votes. Don Bacon couched up the cash to be in both parades.

  10. Wrong kind of temperament! says:

    We don’t need a guy who acts like Maxwell going to Washington. He tries to rip off both the Chamber and the Sarpy GOP and when he is called on it he treats the property of others like garbage. It makes one curious as to how he acts when people aren’t watching. There are too many stories about abusive members of congress. We have enough spoiled brats in DC – we don’t need another.

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