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Carl Curtis button 01Today we will keep with our new-ish Friday tradition of the Carl Curtis Open Comment Friday.

The comments section is open up to the topics that YOU want to discuss.


And please feel free to continue the discussion of Charter Schools, that was initiated during my podcast interview with Millard School Board Member, Mike Kennedy.

Kennedy expressed that he is not a big fan of Charters, though may be in favor of vouchers.

Others in the recent comments have said they are fans of Charters, and that they can be effective and can be held accountable.

Have at it.


Other topics?

  • Iran Nuclear deal
  • The Planned Parenthood tissue harvesting videos
  • Reinstatement of the Death Penalty
  • Your favorite Presidential candidate…


More later as things hit the wires.
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(Yes, I did use this headline before, about 4 years ago. There’re only so many songs by The Cure…)


  1. …but in the spirit of the Iran nuclear deal, I’m proposing we completely eliminate speed traps, and have drivers just email their estimated maximum speed and applicable speed limit to the county prosecutor’s office.

    (Personally, I always stay at least five mph under the limit, just to be sure. Honest. I swear by Allah and the Prophet!)

    And let’s just do away with W2s. Write down the amount of money you think you earned, how much tax was withheld, and what your refund should be. The IRS will be pleased to mail you a check!

  2. Macdaddy says:

    I heard Obama was so desperate for a deal he offered to nuke Israel himself, but the Iranians turned down the offer because they wanted to do it.

  3. actually RWP says:

    When people signed up for Obamacare all they had to do is “attest” to income for purposes of getting subsides to pay for the health insurance. They also had insurance companies “attest” to what they thought was owed to them by Obamacare when those subsidies flowed through the U.S. Treasury to the insurers.

    So, yeah, Obama has a whole bunch of experience with trust and almost verify.

  4. The Eye Ball says:

    Kennedy does not understand the dynamics which happen with charter schools. If done right, enough competition is created to the point all schools see improvement.

  5. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Planned Parenthood is In a world of hurt on this one. David Dalieden and the Center for Medical Progress have penetrated the armour and it’s only the beginning. Apparently this is a three year investigation with thousands of hours of footage which they say will be released weekly over the next few months. Two House Committees are investigating and corporate sponsors are pulling support of PP. Hopefully Dalieden and CMP are lawyered up as the DOJ is investigating them at the behest of Dem officials. It’s the old, “attack the messenger, not the message” ploy. I predict PPFA’s $500K CEO Cecile Richards will be throwing more PP abortion doctors under the bus before it’s over.

  6. To Eye Ball says:

    You must have cataracts Eye-Ball because Kennedy supports Vouchers that can be used at any school. The “Charter Club” opposes the use of funds for already hi-performing private schools that already serve these communities. Charters are usually out of state organizations that suck money out of this state. Imagine if kids in failing schools could go to established award winning schools like Holy Name, St. Cecilia’s, ICC and other great schools.

  7. KHDS says:

    The best high school in the state is the Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart. Public school apologists can whine all day about how DASH is able to select its students, but that still doesn’t explain the fact that it spends less than half as much as OPS and Millard.

    Omaha South, Bryan and Benson each have maybe 5 OWH scholars per year. DASH has 20-30 out of a class of under 100.

    But the public schools wouldn’t begin to examine how Duchesne runs its school and maybe LEARN something. Instead more studies and outside consultants.

    And Street Sweeper’s sister is a Dolly and he knows I’m right!

  8. To KHDS says:

    Do you even know what you are talking about??? Duchesne with Tuition and fees is almost $12,000 a year!!! Millard’s per pupil is less than that. That doesn’t count the millions Duchesne Parents pour into that school. I’m not saying Duchesne is a bad school, (its a great school) but they are pretty selective and I’m sure don’t take ELL kids, Sped Kids, Sudanesse immigrants, and kids with severe and profound handicaps, pregnant kids, kids with criminal records like the public schools have to do.

  9. Julie-Schmit Felon says:

    Julie, tell us about your encounter with Lancaster county attorney Gary Lacey when you illegally spied on Planned Parenthood.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Julie, weren’t you charged with a crime for accessing confidential patient information that a disgruntled Planned Parenthood employee provided you?

  11. TexasAnnie says:

    During the sixteen years my daughter with disability attended a single school in OPS, it ‘seemed’ like a charter school because ALL the children in the school were experiencing very significant disability. The cost per pupil was higher at that school than any other OPS school, yet, the cost for (properly) educating each of those students was less than it would have been had they been dispersed throughout the district. Therein lies a true value of charter schools!

    Dispersement, or mainstreaming, students with challenges not found in the general population results in greater cost simply because special teaching skills and equipment cannot be shared easily. For example, the adapted tricycle used at my daughter’s OPS school, with a cost in excess of $1,000, was utilized by several students able to acquire that skill. And the wheelchair swing was utilized by several other students unable to mount a tricycle. Of course, mainstreaming such students and NOT providing special equipment can reduce educational cost, too. And if my memory serves me well, I think it was the Millard district that chose this route back in the day when mainstreaming was in vogue…

    So, forget Duchesne and public schools which do not make provision for ALL students. It is all, not just some students, who possess a constitutional guarantee of an education! And what is it about Nebraska(ns) that often tilts toward inequity?

  12. TexasAnnie says:

    Julie, I won’t pile on about the “crime” you committed regarding PP. At the time I regarded it a witch hunt and I still do. But I will take this opportunity to remind you that some living people there desperately need your help. They are children with disability. And funding growth for their education has been set less than that of all other categories of educational spending in Nebraska over the next biennium. When hard times come, SPED growth (kept at a slower growth rate), will get cut at the same or greater rate than the other categories of education spending. Or, even without hard times, SPED growth may be capped out of spite ( a la Ben Nelson). And now that I have left the state, I haven’t heard any voices speaking for these living people who can’t speak up for themselves. Won’t you reconsider your single-minded advocacy (anti-abortion) which later evolved into a double-minded advocacy (anti-stem cell research) and most recently a triple-minded advocacy (anti-euthanasia)? Won’t you clear your mind, just a little, for the children, —with disability, that is?

  13. KHDS says:

    Omaha Metro School Districts average $20k per student K-12. They don’t break out the HS only expense which has to be the highest.

    They continually make excuses about their spending.

    The Omaha Catholic schools don’t have CEOs knocking down six figures. They also don’t pay millions to lawyers and consultants.

    The Omaha public school districts fail their customers; especially the poorest. There is NO reason Omaha South has only a couple of OWH scholars per year; nearly statistically impossible. As a taxpayer, I only wish the failure wasn’t so expensive.

  14. repentinglawyer says:

    Texas Annie is right, the Catholic schools in Omaha made no provisions for students with disabilities or from difficult social back grounds. Things may be getting better but in the pasted the gap between teaching and practice was very wide. The preferential option for the poor seemed to be a doctrine not widely noticed.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Surely Creighton can be doing better, repentinglawyer. If $20K/month can be found for 4 or 5 months to pay John Delany of Giraffe, LLC to be acting VP of marketing & communications, surely funds can be found to support prospective Creighton students in need. And who has taken responsibility for that moronic decision? Exactly no one. Perhaps some enterprising lawyer can look into this issue.

  16. Julie Schmit-Albin says:

    Hey Last Night Anon: This is tedious but I won’t play along with your own version of “kill the messenger” in an effort to shut me up about PP. No, I never “accessed confidential patient information” or “illegally spied on PP”. In fact, the most pertinent info from the e-mails the anonymous PP informant sent to me I forwarded on to DHHS, the Attorney General, Dept of Insurance, the Governor and the media, just to mention the main players, none of whom cared to take any action at the time UNTIL a pro-choice Republican County Attorney did PP’s bidding and issued a trumped up, politically motivated charge against me drawing me in on the thinnest of threads possible that even my well-respected defense attorney couldn’t believe. Said charge was dismissed when they let me into pre-trial diversion for the “crime” of passing the insider info on to all the major players. Again, you’re just going to have to wait for me to write the tell-all. In the meantime, I will continue speaking out against PP, the largest provider and promoter of abortion in the U.S.

  17. Millard Parent says:

    I personally know Mike Pate, Pat Ricketts and Mike Kennedy. They are some of the most conservative people you will meet that are committed to education that is efficient and affordable. I went online to Millard’s 2014 Annual report. Here are their spending numbers per pupil and their state comparison.

    Without Federal Expenditures Millard $9,144 State $11,040
    With Federal Expenditures Millard$9,590 State $11,764

  18. repentinglawyer says:

    Anonymous at 8:01, I do not think Catholic schools ever failed in the teaching of facts nor do I see why a school qua school can not teach prayer, though public schools in US cannot because of 1st Amendment. In grade school the RSM and in high school the SJ did both when I was young. Anonymous at 8:16, I have no idea what CU does or does not do or why and my legal talents are rusting away at the old lawyers home.

  19. Peptic Skeptic says:

    “Almost without exception the (Roman Catholic) church fathers believe the state has a right in certain circumstances to use the death penalty,” Ricketts said.

    Ricketts is taking his cues on governing Nebraska from the Catholic Church whose Pope says, “I have met many Marxists in my life who are good people so I don’t feel offended” being called a Marxist. The Pope dislikes Marxism because it kills people who believe in God. Yet this same Pope demands all governments relieve global poverty through state intervention in free markets. The Catholic Church would force people who earn money to give it as welfare to people who don’t.

    As a Conservative, Ricketts is picking the wrong example on which to base his policy positions. Christ’s Socialism is the core of Hillary’s wealth sharing Communitarianism. Jesus was a socialist.

    Giving all you own to the poor, turning your cheek yet also wrecking free enterprise for moneylenders, and then volunteering to die to go someplace better than here while forgiving criminals for secular crime, is the message of Jesus and Pope Francis, not a fiscally conservative Nebraska governor.

    I am sure Ricketts sincerely believes in executing killers. I do too. But based on religion? So how does he feel about selling fetal body parts? That’s the most fiscally conservative thing about abortion. Make a buck. But then making a buck is bad because the church opposes abortion?

    Liberals are exactly that hypocritical when it fits their own greedy needs. But this governor today is a fiscal and social conservative. It is his hypocrisy that matters when he bases his secular actions on his religion and he then gets his own religion wrong. That’s dumb. Dumb is deadly in those we as voters hire to govern us as our elected Pontius Pilots. Of course, all who govern view themselves as Christ-like. From such non-scrutinizing sureness of one’s beliefs springs most social tyranny and misery.

  20. To Erin Grace says:

    I’m waiting on your thoughts on Gay Marriage and Abortion. I really enjoyed your using of the Catholic faith to slam the Governor (not really) Are you a Catholic Erin???

  21. Former OWH Reader says:

    I remember when the OWH spotlighted Liberal Sara Fluke wannabees that trashed the Catholic Church and Abortion. Grace’s column is no surprise

  22. repentinglawyer says:

    Erin Grace’s bio at the WH says she went to Marian and Marquette U, which would indicate she was once a Catholic, current religious views not mentioned. Nothing shocking in article to anyone familiar with the current position of the Magisterium on capital punishment. Article mentions position of St. John Paul II, hardly a Marxist. There are ways of presenting a position in support of capital punishment that fits with current Church teaching. Ricketts problem is his argument simply ignores the current Church and pretends Constantinople is old Byzantium, the area Church Fathers tended to hang out in.

  23. Anonymous says:

    What’s with the focus on Erin Grace and her story? It is Ricketts who professes to be the big Catholic by single handedly….cough, cough….saving Holy Name School while others were left in the dust of his sole/soul generosity. He’s a saint among men. Never mind the blighted neighborhood to erect his corporate shrine in the western sky of Omaha. If he is so pro life how can he be funding the death penalty with a straight face and such zeal?

  24. To Millard Parent says:

    Does the cost per student include the bonds that your conservative friends championed?

    I would be more impressed if the board would champion cost cutting measures (or at least examine best practices to reduce costs).

  25. Millard Parent says:

    I guess you didn’t read the paper this year where Millard’s Board reviewed every aspect of its budget and made cuts with public comment at public meetings. That has been the Millard Way for years. Hence, they are the 3rd from the bottom on per pupil spending out of 260 school district that are in this state.

  26. Pope Grace says:

    A Catholic Democrat’s position on Gay Marriage and the abortion of children is nothing the church should concern itself with.

  27. Anonymous says:

    ABC has Trump leading the Republican pack. Really? From Reagan to…this? I forget whether Trump is the Riddler or the Joker?

  28. Fort Street Fury says:

    This is why I love not being a Catholic. Someone says, “Look what the Pope says!!” regarding global “climate change”, gay marriage, death penalty, pick your wedge issue and I just respond with “Good for him”.

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