#NE4DP confident they’re there

Version 2The AP’s Grant Schulte is reporting that Nebraskans for the Death Penalty WILL likely get the signatures needed to put reinstatement of the Death Penalty on the Nebraska ballot in November of 2016.

He quotes NE4DP’s spokesman Chris Peterson saying,

“… it has gone well. We’re cautiously optimistic that we’re going to be successful.”

If this were a Monday Night Football game back in the 80’s, Dandy Don Meredith would be singing, “Turn out the lights! The party’s over…”

Considering how tight-lipped Peterson has been on any numbers over the past weeks, this is the first indication he has given, and it is unlikely that he’s say this is they still had major efforts needed.

Further, Don Walton is speculating in his weekly column that NE4DP will get not only the 5% needed to put it on the ballot, but the 10% they need stop the Death Penalty from being repealed in the interim. (He is getting that info from SOMEwhere…)

Walton’s question is whether they will try to execute someone in the mean time. Interesting question.

So if they do have it on the ballot, the real campaign for the General Election vote to reinstate the Death Penalty, will be over a YEAR away.

There is a decent chance the campaign for that will be head and shoulders over the Presidential vote in Nebraska.


The Koch Brothers had a retreat recently, and invited a select few elected officials to be speakers.

Sixteen, to be exact.

And one of those 16 was Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse.

The whole list:

The governors —
Wisconsin’s Scott Walker
Indiana’s Mike Pence
Illinois’ Bruce Rauner
Texas’ Greg Abbott
Arizona’s Doug Ducey
South Carolina’s Nikki Haley
North Carolina’s Pat McCrory

The senators —
Colorado’s Cory Gardner
Utah’s Mike Lee
Nebraska’s Ben Sasse
Alaska’s Dan Sullivan
Florida’s Marco Rubio
Texas’ Ted Cruz

The congressmen —
Ohio’s Jim Jordan, who chairs the House Freedom Caucus
Wisconsin’s Sean Duffy
Michigan’s Justin Amash

In addition to the elected officials, the crowd heard from presidential candidate Carly Fiorina earlier Saturday and will hear from former Florida governor Jeb Bush on Sunday.

The gang spoke to about 450 donors at a California resort.
Cash bar.


The LJS has a short iinterview with former Governor Dave Heineman — one of the first and few that he has given since leaving the McMansion back in January.

Nothing really breaking. Per usual, he doesn’t comment on Governor Ricketts at all noting, “You can only have one governor at a time.”

The main interesting note:

He called a return to elected office “unlikely” for him.
However, he said, “I don’t want to ever say never.”

By the way, a Terry Brandstad situation (of coming back) is not a likely thing.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I see that Obama is now curing Climate Change by raising heating bills on every impoverished family in the USA, while not impacting workers or profiteers in China and India who spew pollutants into the air in an effort to out-capitalist America. Obama cares about the USA’s air not Chinese air. Good thing climates don’t circulate air. Ah, it is all so easy if you have never taken a science class.

    Hillary agrees, illogically saying “Republicans fail to offer alternatives on Climate Change”. It’s a useful ploy. “Have you quit having sex with sheep… yes or no?” But on Climate Change?

    This planet’s climate is controlled by cosmic and geologic forces that are actually larger than Obama’s ego and Hillary’s ass; but not as large as the illogic of demanding Republicans “offer an alternative” to whichever Democrat turd sandwich is on the menu, in the form of a GOP turd sandwich. If you say “I’m not hungry, no thanks” you are confronted by angry Democrats who also demand you change your religion because you fail to put gay sex on the same level with Lincoln freeing the slaves.

    These are the same idiots who see the GOP upset that Planned Parenthood sells baby parts and figure “why not lease baby parts instead?” They look for the GOP’s version of a national fascist coopting of medicine and insurance.

    When these governmentalists, mostly Democrats, eat a turd sandwich, they argue over the condiments not the turd.

  2. TexasAnnie says:

    “Where I believe we need to start reforming welfare is eliminating welfare for the wealthy.”
    Charles Koch, Aug. 1, 2015!

  3. KHDS says:

    The next move by the Dems is to go to federal court and stop the the use of “foreign” drugs that maybe are expired or were acquired “illegally” for an “off-label” use. Or some such nonsense.

  4. The Grundle King says:

    Topic #1 – Death Penalty Petition Initiative
    Topic #2 – Koch Bros Retreat Attendees
    Topic #3 – Former Gov. Heineman

    That was tough.

  5. Corn pop says:

    Forget Peterson’s comments. Follow the pain. The ACLU’s nervous babbling suggests it sees this issue getting to the ballot and passing. It is a ballsy thing to sign your name to a public petition to kill even killers. If enough Nebraskans have the grit to do that, then it is far easier for other voters to vote that way in the anonymity of a voting booth. What is the ACLU to do? Parade murderers before voters for sympathy and so remind everyone of the vicious deaths inflicted on their innocent victims?

    This repeal is apparently a done deal. But then what?

    Nebraskans will still be stuck with the same unrestrained asshole lawmakers, who are unrestrained because they have no second house to restrain them and are assholes because all senators everywhere are assholes. Humble people don’t seek power. This then requires a real-time lawmaking restraint, which is why second lawmaking houses exist. Sure a second house will let some nonsense slip by, but it also checks on a real-time basis and stops the other house whenever it drops its pretense of caring what people want and think. That pretense is vital in a Republic. It is what passed for respect. In this Death Penalty case, Unicameral Senators knew exactly what most Nebraskan’s want and the Senators simply gave Nebraskans the middle finger with impunity. It is that impunity that is intolerable. A bicameral second house likely would have seen that and stopped it short.

    A bicameral is the only real-time check on lawmaking. It cannot be supplanted by after-the-fact blanket veto, or narrow judicial review, or for-profit unelected media, or by voters in a year-long petition process. Indeed, today’s effort of checking Unicameral lawmaking via the petition process is like having to call out a posse to try to get back all that was looted because you fired your police force. If you don’t reestablish something to police your lawmakers in real time, this will happen again and again.

    Do you think Nebraska’s non-donkey majority will see this as an opportunity to fix Nebraska lawmaking? All those Republicans who trust small government, plus all those Independent voters who trust no government, will they grasp this is the time to create a normal bicameral so as to give our state senators what all state senators need, i.e. a real time mirror form of second house policing for those special times when the assholes forget to pretend they respect the people they represent?

  6. The Grundle King says:

    “A bicameral second house likely would have seen that and stopped it short.”


    “…all senators everywhere are assholes. Humble people don’t seek power.”

    Therein lies the rub. From what I can tell, a bicameral legislature would simply be a 2nd house of “assholes” seeking to impose their will (which may or may not be guided by the people who voted for them)…and the only difference between the 2nd house and the 1st house would be how the state determines whence said assholes came.

  7. Ed Stevens says:

    Grundle and Corn Pop:

    Hard to argue with your characterization of our state senators (a$$holes, etc.), but can we just pause a minute to reflect on who put these a$$holes in office?? That’s right, boys and girls – WE DID!!

    Mayhap we the people need to do a little serious mea culpa-ing before we start slinging around invective.

    Food for thought ….

  8. Anonymous says:

    There is no political support in Nebraska for a return to a bicameral state legislature. Prove me wrong if you can or kindly shut up.

  9. Sparkles says:

    Corn pop,

    You’ve diagnosed the problem as;
    government run amok, unaccountable to the people.

    The solution you’ve offered;
    more government.

    It’s important to note that this unicameral you so detest, consists of 35R, 13D and 1 Ernie.

    Your discontent is therefore with an R Governor, R AG, R appointed Judiciary, R controlled Legislator.

    The more I think about it, the more these secession movements seem to make sense.
    In fact, I would be all in favor of vacating and turning over to you and your ideological brethren the state of Kansas.
    And what the heck, you can have Oklahoma also.
    Then for all of you for whom government simply can’t be too far right, too extreme, you can lay claim to your own land of dreams.
    You can divide up the territory however you choose. You can fly a united Confederate Flag, or maybe a Gadsden Flag. Or, you can divide the territory into sub regions, and rename them Kochistan, ALECville, TEAstonia, or REAL Murrica! (the exclamation mark required).
    You can then defund all your schools, drown your own pseudo government(s) in the bathtub, arm each and every militia-inclined citizen to the hilt and commence to building your long desired giant wall around all your borders.
    Heck – I bet you could could even get the your former countrymen to help you with that wall. After all, with no schools and even the TEA party toddlers packing heat, the outside world would welcome a wall.
    A really big wall.

  10. The Grundle King says:

    @Ed Stevens,

    Speak for yourself…I did not vote for my representative, Matt Hansen. I think it’s unfair to say “we” put the current senators in office when a whole heck of a lot of us didn’t actually vote for the person representing us.

    That said, you’re probably right…and a-hole wouldn’t really be the proper term for Hansen. He’d have to stand for something…anything…to earn a reputation by which someone could judge his semblance with said orifice. Thus far, his only principle seems to be doing whatever Vince Powers tells him to do.

  11. Corn pop says:

    I get your point, GK. Like the lady told the amorous drunk, “You want to get into my pants? Now why would I want to have TWO assholes in there?” That might apply to a bicameral, except that lawmakers aren’t the kind of assholes that can be regulated to produce more constantly wise laws by virtue of an occasional draconian liter of prune juice or petition. It’s a law making process, a process. Balances aren’t supposed to function like an emergency colostomy but more gently, regularly. A second house is more government like adding a fire department is more government.

    Of course a second house is full of assholes. Every voter is an asshole. Every citizen has their own opinion of what’s best and if they thought it was only best for themselves and not for others, then voters would not impose their will on others by voting; and we’d not come here to share/foist our opinions with/on others. The only difference between citizens and Senators is that Senators have power to hurt intentionally and unintentionally. Stupid assholes here are harmless, not so in a Senate. Balancing mechanisms are needed that mirror power against other different power.

    The important thing isn’t that a second house provides more assholes but rather different assholes, to naturally pit self-interest against different self-interest on a real time basis.

    One may liken this to a husband and wife. You can think they would always work in cahoots and agree. On big stuff, they usually do. But when one of them is acting self destructively stupid in public, the other will usually at some point give the icy stare that says “You are embarrassing both of us”. The whole point of Sweeper’s analysis is that this is trending toward voters kicking the Unicameral in the teeth. A second house might have foreseen that, or not. But it certainly cannot have any braking effect if it doesn’t exist.

  12. Anonymous says:

    And it won’t exist. Why keep bringing up the effectively impossible. Trump in the White House is more likely. Of course if Trump is nominated we’ll have Clinton in the White House, but I digress….

  13. Not For The Squeamish says:

    Looking forward to seeing the state senators who will be running for re-election in 2016 try to defend their position of voting for repeal of the death penalty. It will be fun to watch a few of them like Al Davis squirm mightlily.

  14. The Grundle King says:

    @ Not for the squeamish,

    I happen to believe that a good number of them have more to defend than just their votes on the death penalty. I look back on the ‘conserv-o-meter’ table that Sweeps posted a couple months back, and it’s apparent that there are more than a few senators who have been pulling a political Caitlyn Jenner. Sure, they’ll tell you that they’re conservative and do their best to look the part…but a closer examination reveals that the liberal parts are all there.

  15. staying healthy says:

    I was told that fruits and nuts are the cornerstone to a healthy diet. Since the Nebraska Young Democrats are full of them I would be interested in their opinion.

  16. Sparkles says:


    “..there are more than a few senators who have been pulling a political Caitlyn Jenner. ”

    From a political perspective, your analogy falls short.
    The Senators you castigate were Republicans prior to their election and insist they remain so post election, just as Caitlyn was an avowed Republican while Bruce and openly remains so, ‘post-Bruce’.

    There are no ‘liberal parts’ on display here.
    This side show screams ‘pure GOP’.

  17. Not For The Squeamish says:

    @Grundle King…

    While I can appreciate your attempt to compare some state senators voting records to Caitlyn Jenner, I do have to say that gives some very unsettling mental images.

  18. The Grundle King says:

    Well, based on the way those senators have been acting and voting…it should be unsettling. 😉

    Sparkles, when I need advice on deciding what constitutes a conservative, I’m sorry to say that yours will be about the last I seek. BTW, didn’t you know our legislature is non-partisan?

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