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Garth Glissman & Jerry Kratochvil (clearly standing in a hole).

Jerry Kratochvil interviews attorney, Douglas County GOP Legal Counsel and former Nebraska quarterback, Garth Glissman.

Kratochvil begins by asking, and Glissman makes an announcement, regarding his plans for Nebraska’s 2nd District Congressional seat.

Glissman discusses his background in politics, as well his job as Legal Counsel for the county party.

They continue their discussion of the state of the Republican party in Omaha and Douglas County. And they talk about the state of the Republicans in the Unicameral and some of the issues and votes there.

They conclude by talking about some of the current Presidential candidates, and their access in Iowa. Glissman also gives his preference, and why, for the GOP Presidential nomination.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.44.40 PMAnd Glissman finishes by talking just a bit about playing under both Frank Solich and Bill Callahan.

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  1. Captain on farm team? says:

    Jerry, that might be your view from Kansas but people in the know see McCoy, Murante, Bena, as much higher in stature then a guy who has never run. Glissman was also the one who ruled to kick all the good members of of the DCRP and let the paulbots run wild.

  2. Party on Garth says:

    Wow. Losing a primary to Bits Bacon must be the political equivalent of backing up Jamal Lord and Joe Dailey.

    *Is he in? I don’t have time to listen to your podcasts.

  3. Greetings Haters!
    A few notes:
    I’m not sure I’d put those you’ve mentioned on what I’m calling the “Farm Team”. And
    McCoy and Bena have expressed that they have no interest in Congress. Murante may again in the future, but like GG, he passed on 2016.
    In any case, like the Huskers, I have no problem with multiple Captains.
    “Party On”…I don’t have time to answer your questions.
    But, as always, thanks for reading.

  4. more players says:

    How about Dave Phipps-Taft, Claire Duda, Pat McPherson, Patrick Bonnett, and jerry Odom need to be interviewed about thier interest in CD2

  5. Playa hater says:

    Bonnett would be a force. He would definitely have the support of the tea party. Have you seen the number of people at the Walnut Grove rallies. In the words of Trump “it’s huge!”

  6. Garth Sold out the party says:

    Either GG is a terrible lawyer or he intentionally allowed the paulbots to break the DCRP constitution and have their way with it like a cheap hooker.

    Either way, not the kind of guy I would want to support for congress.

  7. Sparkles says:

    I’m not sure you can attribute the recent spike in people at Walnut Grove, to Patrick Bonnett’s rallies.

    I have it on good authority that many of those TEA Party rallies have simply coincided with the numerous gay wedding ceremonies now being performed at Walnut Grove Park.
    Ceremonies recently made legal, from sea to shining sea.

  8. Big reunion says:

    Rumor has it Senator McCoy will be attending his high school reunion. He avtually graduated first in his class which is quite an achievement. This accomplishment led him to highly regarded Havard of the midwest, Bellevue U. They have an incredibly dificult admissions process. They require two! Not one but TWO letters of recomendation from teachers and non family members………they also require an active pulse…..unless your name is Bernie.

  9. Sparkles says:

    A quick aside –
    Scotty Walker is going to throw down $250M (up to $400M w/interest) tax payer dollars to help a couple hedge fund billionaires build a new stadium for the Milwaukee Bucks.
    That $250 million, benefitting a single private enterprise, just happens to be the same amount that Scott Walker cut from the state’s university system this year.
    Coincidentally, another of the Bucks owners, real estate mogul Jon Hammes, just happens to be the national finance co-chairman of Walker’s campaign and has given $150,000 to a Walker super PAC.

    Gotta give it up to Scotty, he certainly knows which corks to soak.

  10. The Judge says:

    The only thing worse than the delusional and lazy TEA Party wing of the DCRP is the entitled and lazy establishment wing of the DCRP.

    If Glissman ruled against the, um, “good” members of the DCRP, it was likely because those establishment folks were asleep at the wheel, again.

  11. To Sparkles says:

    Defunding Madison that coddles whack job liberal professors that teach hate is quite an accomplishment. I wish our Republican Board of Regents could do the same.

  12. Madison is actually not the worst offender. It’s the minor campuses like La Crosse that harbor the majority of leftist nuts. The reason UWM is an excellent university is it hires people who are real scholars, instead of faculty who award credit for things like attending demonstrations.

  13. @ the judge From KR says:

    Actually it would have appeared the “lazy establishment” as well as some new folks that wanted to get involved were unjustly kicked off the party.

    The PaulBots couldn’t win in their legal reasoning so they had to have someone like Garth with a low self esteem to be bullied into agreeing with them.

    Go ahead and ask Garth if he would turn in an opinion like that at work.

  14. I agree with above says:

    The Paulbots are not Republicans and have destroyed the party. I actually think some are Dem plants. Garth was the single legal opinion that kicked out soo many DCRP members.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Glissman didn’t make an “unjust” or even difficult decision.
    He interpreted the constitution at face value.
    Want to blame someone? Try blaming whoever wrote the constitution, or maybe those people who couldn’t find the time to show up at the stupid meetings.

  16. Sparkles says:

    What the DCRP really needs, is more armed guards.

    That must have been a proud moment for those who view themselves ‘leaders’.

  17. The Political Insider's Intern says:

    Bena: Out – although he would be good, he’s busy running the Sarpy County Election Commission
    Bonnett: Out – he’s running for re-election of his seat on the NRD but he’d be good too
    BITS / Bacon – He’s still in if anyone has been curious – crickets –
    McPherson – Out – but it’s rumored he is recruiting John Sieler or Robyn Terry to run
    Glissman – He was In before he got Out and now he’s just confused
    Kagan – HHS is still looking for their child-welfare files and may recall him back to sort things out
    Thompson – In It To Win It!
    Buescher – In – In that is if Kutok says he can be in
    Frei – In then Out then In then Out then In now definitely Out
    Maxwell – Maxxed Out but he’s still In
    Wehrner – Still Considering It
    Moore – Wheatfield’s Listening Tour, but he should get In
    Jeffers – Out – but is running for SID Board
    Holtzaphel – In – but not for CD2
    Hagar – Out – running for re-election to the Learning Community

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