Iran (so far away)

Explain to the kids what this funny looking CD is...
Explain to the kids what this funny looking CD is…

Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford will…probably…vote against the proposed Iran Nuclear deal…unless something better comes along.

He told the OWH: “If that’s what we get to vote on, I’m not going to vote for it the way it is.

Is there some other proposal that is out there that we don’t know about? Sure Senator Deb Fischer and others have told John Kerry to go back and negotiate a better deal. But Kerry has insisted that the crappy deal that they negotiated is going to be as good as it’s gonna get.

But Congressman Ashford has also said he will “continue to listen to all parties” (translation: “woo me at the White House!!!”).

Of course that’s a meager bone he has thrown to his likely angry Democrat constituents. It is still unlikely that he would get primaried, but his polling must tell an interesting story.

But Ashford does toss in one final liner that’s a hoot:

“Many Republicans seem to be opposing the agreement simply because Obama is for it.”

Right. THAT’s why. How about you add that they’re racist too, just for the cherry on top.

Boy are we lucky to find someone as thoughtful as Ashford (who is in a tightly contested race)…who is willing to vote the way his consultants tell him.

(Oh, but he’s still willing to listen!!!!)


And the day before Ashford announced, Rep. Jeff Fortenberry announced his opposition to the Iran deal.

So that’s 5 for 5 of the Nebraska Congressional delegation.

Wondering which of these five Don Walton will declare did NOT give careful, thoughtful consideration to the President’s deal.

Someone must have been haphazard and obtuse, right?

Looking forward to that column (as well as the recognition and lament that the Bluejays are now in first place in the East).


The Marco Rubio for President campaign announced that they have a new Nebraska state chairman.

He is Carlos Castillo. You will remember Castillo as the architect behind Dave Heineman’s 2006 GOP Governor’s primary victory over Tom Osborne. He also worked in the Heineman administration as the Director of Administrative Service

Castillo said…

“I’m proud to serve as Marco Rubio’s Nebraska state chairman. As we saw in the debate last Thursday, Marco is a conservative leader who has a positive vision for building a New American Century. I look forward to leading Marco’s campaign in Nebraska.”

Castillo is currently the VP of Government Relations for Charles W. Herbster’s Conklin Company.

Serendipitously, this announcement came just after my interview with Douglas County Republican Party Legal Counsel, Garth Glissman, who declared his preference for Senator Rubio in the Presidential race. (Glissman was not aware of the announcement.)

He noted the very future oriented view that Rubio holds, and the youthful spirit of the campaign.


Hey, I’m not recommending it.
But if this email server stuff REALLY hits the fan for Hillary…and it could…
…You can say you saw this here first:



  1. The Grundle King says:

    It would seem that what Ashford needs to hear from the White House is exactly how much money the Dems are going to put into his re-election campaign, since he’s had little apparent interest in raising his own. Surely, once that magic number is agreed upon, he’ll make a ‘reasoned and measured’ decision to vote for the agreement.

  2. “Many Republicans seem to be opposing the agreement simply because Obama is for it.”

    And, as for Chuck Schumer he’s a Joo, so what do you expect? Divided loyalty, etc.

    (BTW, I heard a very disturbing story about babies and Passover)

  3. Hide'n the Bagel says:

    Biden & Hagel. We can see that. Like ammonia it burns a little. But we can indeed see it.

    The rationale: Clinton would sabotage Obama’s legacy which is his obsession, so Obama is now preemptively sabotaging Hillary by leaking her TS emails. Barry see’s Joe as Barry’s legacy and future. For whether or not Biden wins, Joe being the Dem nominee after Obama would keep Obama active in future Democrat politics. While, conversely, a Hillary nomination would allow her and her fmr POTUS hubby to decrease if not expunge Obama. So, Barry needs Joe. And Joe may need Chuck.

    Barry, Joe and Chuck are old SFAC buddies. Joe and Chuck owe Barry their highest gigs and with Barry hamstringing Hillary, would owe him for a shot at these new higher gigs too. For Chuck, it is the old VP slot Bush had promised Chuck and then reneged to pick Dick. Hagel never got over that. He tasted that blood. Then too average Americans think Hagel is a Republican.

    Biden may need a GOP running mate in today’s intensely anti-party environment as a vote getter. Of course, most other Democrats would prefer maybe a Biden & Warren ticket. But Elizabeth Warren’s bigger brain and testicles would make Joe look like a sock puppet. Chuck’s brains are no threat and his war medals and GOP status help Joe more than most can.

    Obama well understands Joe’s fears because Barry’s own grades were crap. And “professor” Chuck has a bach. degree in talking. Biden was caught being so stupid he had to plagiarize his way out of college.

    While stupidity is never been an impediment to holding high office, a POTUS Biden and VP Hagel, advised by Saint Barry of the Sexwaxed Board, might form a vacuum of intellect black hole that consumes everything inside the beltway. Nice.

  4. Molson's says:

    Ted Cruz was born in Canada but per the US 1940 Immigration Act, because his mother was a US citizen,Ted can legally run for President.

    However, unlike Kenyan law which dumped Obama as a citizen at the age of 23, Canada kept Ted Cruz forever as a dual citizen Canuck.

    Cruz is a brilliant lawyer. Really. A laudable legal brain. And yet Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship on May 2014, 17 months after Cruz became a US Senator.

    I wanted to see him run for Prime Minister and President at the same time, Eh?

  5. Macdaddy says:

    IF this email stuff has hit the fan? Imagine the fan is facing up at the base of a 10 story building and it’s a giant fan, 50 feet across. The s*** has already been tossed off the roof and has passed story number 5. It won’t miss the fan. The Democrat front runner is guilty of multiple felonies possibly even treason depending on why Herself set up the server the way she did.

    I saw a crappy car with a crooked license plate getting towed the other day. It had a Ready for Hillary bumper sticker. I’m guessing the car was going to the impound lot.

  6. repentinglawyer says:

    Gerard H, No one believes in Little St Hugh of Lincoln and he had nothing to do with the Iran deal. Has not Haratz{sp.} been supportive or is it secretly owned by Christians.

  7. Brian T. Osborn says:

    By all means, let’s refuse the President’s Iran deal. All in favor, your kids get to die first in the next unnecessary war. If you are young enough, then get your ass down to the recruiter’s office so that YOU can die first.

  8. The Grundle King says:

    I see Brian is just the latest to offer the false choice between Obama’s deal, and war.

    But since he’s just parroting what President Dreamy has been saying, I can hardly hold Brian to blame.

    I’m curious…when Iran gets their big payday from this deal, and suddenly has billions of dollars to funnel into the terrori…sorry, “political” groups they’ve already been helping (Hamas and Hezbollah)…then later benefits from the end of the ‘traditional arms’ embargo (pretty much all weapons non-nuclear)…what will we call the all-too-likely aftermath?

    My initial offering is the ‘ObamaCaust’, but I’m open to suggestion.

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