Ashford’s House of Waffles

Brad Ashford 107When it comes to the Iran Nuclear Deal, Democrat Congressman Brad Ashford tells the LJS’s Don Walton that he “won’t vote for this if I had to vote today.

But if he had to vote the EXACT SAME DEAL…tomorrow?
Whoa there Nelly! That’s a WHOLE ‘nother deal!



“I won’t vote without further assurances. I’m always open, but I am in the ‘no’ category now.”

Wait, what?

So if the wording is the EXACT SAME, but if President Obama calls him and gives him “further assurances”, then new ball game?

What the hell?

Secretary of State John Kerry has yelled at those looking for a “better deal” that there IS no better deal! This is as good as it gets.

And Ashford (presumably) has read the exact same proposed agreement that Deb Fischer, Ben Sasse, Adrian Smith and Jeff Fortenberry have read.

Yet, he’s hoping there’s some reading between the lines that he doesn’t know about? Some penumbra to take solace with?

Maybe something written on the back in invisible ink? (Get your lemon juice and a hair dryer!)

So what else is Ashford waiting for?

“Assad has to go (in Syria), Iran needs to agree to release its hostages, Iran needs to state that its policy to destroy Israel no longer exists.”

Oh is THAT all.
Well then. His fence straddling isn’t unreasonable at all…


And then let’s jump over to the Planned Parenthood scandal.

Once again, the four other members of Nebraska’s Congressional Delegation say that Congress should defund Planned Parenthood, so that taxpayer money doesn’t support the organ harvesting scheme they are running, among other things.

But Ashford?

Speaking to the Nebraska Radio Network, he says…

“I have no problem with an investigation at all, if that is what the Congress desires.”

So, once again, what is Ashford’s position?

He has “no problem” with Congress demanding an investigation?
If that’s what “Congress” desires?

Didn’t the voters of Nebraska’s 2nd District elect Ashford to make decisions?
To vote?
To, at the minimum, express an opinion?

They did not elect him to “go along” with however anyone else votes.

Is this what it’s going to be for the next 15 months?
“Well, on the one hand I might do this, but on the other, that’s a good idea, but hey who knows! I’m an open book!”


And while we’re at it, there is word that the President may be making a decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Ashford has said he is in favor of the pipe, but the President seems to be leaning against what the majority of Nebraskans prefer and instead will take the radical environmentalist stance.

Will Ashford be taking the lead on that?
Will he call the President?
When the Prez lobbies him on Iran, will he bring up this aspect of energy independence?

Or is this another one of those either/or scenarios?


On another subject…

There’s one of those internet theories going around (I’m not saying from whom) that says…

“Vote for Trump! He will prosecute Lois Lerner and the IRS! He will prosecute Obama! He’ll prosecute his good buddy Hillary! No one else will! He’s a wild card! He’ll probably go after them just for fun! Who KNOWS what he’ll do???!”

Right. And also for fun he might give us Scotland’s health care system.
Or maybe Canada’s.
Maybe he’ll start a trade war with China and Japan.

What else?
Who knows!

But there are those out there who seem to think going with the mysterious grab-bag is just what America needs.

I’ve seen the, “We’ll need to accept this to find out what’s in it,” plan.
I’m not interested in that again.


  1. McCollister says:

    Good thing McCollister is replacing Ashford in the legislature, he is just as liberal as he is. McCollister was endorsed by Planned Parenthood and has turned out to be successful in persuading Republicans to vote with the liberals in the legislature.

  2. Sparkles says:

    Aug 13 –
    (The Iran deal) “meets the key objective, shared by recent administrations of both parties, that Iran limit itself to a strictly civilian nuclear program with unprecedented verification and monitoring by the IAEA and the UN Security Council.”
    – Brent Scowcroft, former U.S. National Security Adviser to both Presidents Ford and H.W. Bush, Military Assistant to Nixon, Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under George W and a trusted confident of many of Bush’s successors.
    And, by the way, the man who helped Barrack Obama select his national security team.

    Scowcroft continued –
    “To turn our back on [the JCPOA] would be an abdication of America’s unique role and responsibility, incurring justified dismay among our allies and friends.”

  3. Sparkles says:

    The newest Fox ‘News’ national poll (Aug 11 – 13) shows 53% of respondents support Trump, Carson, Cruz or Huckabee, which is more than twice the percentage supporting Bush, Walker, Rubio, Kasich or Christie.. combined.

    All aboard! Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa!
    Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay

  4. TexasAnnie says:

    Those who know little of the Iran deal decline to opine.

    And the Trump ascendency only illustrates how out of touch the GOP really is.

  5. facebook profile pic says:

    Senator McCoy’s facebook photo looks just like JFK’s famous pic……..after JFK went on a donut binge with Kintner and Campbell. JFK stopped a nuclear war, McCoy can spell nuclear. JFK served in combat and was a war hero, McCoy is good at guitar hero. JFK set to put a man on the moon, McCoy knows most of the words to REM’s man on the moon.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Ashford can’t find his way around the Capitol Building and he can’t find his way around an issue either. Does he think he can shake Obama down for his vote? Obama doesn’t care. There will be no money coming your way Congressman. He’s not your constituent anyway but I am. Now serve me and vote against the Iran deal and vote to defund Planned Parenthood’s Houses of Horrors.

  7. chop salad says:

    What Ashford isn’t is never more important than all that his replacement should be, nes’t pas?

    Brad Ashford has zero experience in anything other than politics. As a party jumper at Senate-to-Senate levels. he is untrustworthy to friend and foe alike. There isn’t much there, really.

    The antidote might be a Don Bacon. Being a general guarantees executive ability that no one picks up in law school and Bacon’s degree is in Political Science and internship in DC for a GOP Congressman before he entered the military is, frankly, far broader than most. Of course we all need to sort through all the candidates to settle on one who best fits our view of what is needed in Congress. But a good place to start is by looking at the three kinds of average Congressman today who are making America fail because they start out lacking the necessary full chops.

    First, in Congress, are the lawyers with zero background in real life, causing their solutions to real world problems to be largely useless guesswork. Secondly are former executives who think they can act out the boardroom CEO role, amid a vastly different sea of legislative politics, and thus fail to get their real world solutions embraced by the aforementioned guesswork lawyers there. Thirdly, are the venal Brad Ashford types and party jumpers who have little background in real life and who also lack rudimentary appreciation for partisan and policy principles of any sort. They are expedient to the point of psychopathy.

    When you find someone like Bacon, who has with both political chops and executive experience, that is a useful place to start, especially against such a feckless turd as Ashford.

  8. Sparkles says:

    Re: “the organ harvesting scheme”

    Fetal-tissue research used fetal kidney cells to create the first poliovirus vaccines.
    I know most of you are intelligent enough (or old enough) to understand the reign of terror that gripped our nation in the 1950’s.
    Still today those vaccines are estimated to save 550,000 lives worldwide every year.

    Fetal lung cell tissues were used to create the Rubella vaccine. Rubella is the ‘R’ component of the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine which is administered, twice, to nearly every child in America.
    The original WI-38 fetal lung cell line is still utilized in the creation of the Rubella vaccine.

    And of course you’re all likely now aware that Dr. Ben Carson himself conducted research utilizing 17 week old fetal tissue samples.

    Are you also aware that the 1993 law (National Institutes of Health Revitalization Act), which explicitly allows this fetal tissue research to continue -and more specifically- defines the nominal compensation received by Planned Parenthood, passed the Senate by a margin of 93 to 4?
    (Yea votes including McConnell, Hatch, Grassley and McCain)

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