NRCC on TV vs Ashford & a new State Senator

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) will go on TV with ads hitting three Democrat Congressman.

One of them is Nebraska Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford.

See it here:

And here is the ad text:

Ashford: “This is a very serious threat to our country, and to the world.”

Commentator: “Ashford says, ‘We cannot ignore the threat from ISIS terrorists.'”

Narrator: “The truth? Brad Ashford voted to cut funding for troops fighting the war on terror. And to end airstrikes against ISIS. Ashford even voted to allow suspected terrorists to be released from Guantanamo Bay, sending them back into battle. Brad Ashford’s record? Dangerous.”

Early and often will clearly be the drumbeat from the NRCC in #NE02.

According to Roll Call:

The NRCC will spend a combined six-figure sum on a month’s worth of ads hitting Democratic Reps. Scott Peters, Brad Ashford and Rick Nolan on national security issues, according to the source. The early buy is a sign Republicans will still play offense against vulnerable House Democrats in 2016, even as the GOP defends a number of seats Democrats often carry in presidential cycles.

They also note:

Ashford represents a district GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney carried by a 7-point margin in 2012, making him one of the most vulnerable House Democrats this cycle. His race is rated a Tossup by the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report/Roll Call.

It was no surprise that the NRCC has been targeting Ashford, but it is a little surprising that they are going after him 15 months out. They do always like Omaha’s cheap media market, and likely figure they can get some bang for their buck.

As far as the message?

Anyone watching Ashford’s first term can see that it has all been about trying to please everyone — without offending anyone.

Boy he sure hates that Iran deal, but….on the other hand…he is still willing to listen!
He’d sure like that Keystone pipeline to go through, but…on the other hand…let’s not rush the President and his 7 year timetable.
Gee Planned Parenthood is a good organization, but…on the other hand…if OTHER members of Congress want to “investigate” how they spend their abortion money, who am I to stop them!

And here, while “criticizing” some of the worst people on the planet, he isn’t willing to stick his neck out and call for steps to actually stop them.

Themes catch on for a reason.

2nd District voters will probably give Ashford leeway to run down the middle on a lot of issues. But they also won’t tolerate a squish. If Ashford isn’t willing to stand up and show his convictions with votes, they will look elsewhere.

Oh, and this is only the first hit Ashford will be taking in this loooong season.


Nicole Fox 01Governor Pete Ricketts has chosen Nicole Fox to replace Democrat State Senator Jeremy Nordquist for South Omaha’s District 7 in the Legislature. Nordquist quit the job voters elected him for to go work for Brad Ashford.

Fox’s forte is healthcare policy and teaches at Nebraska Medicine. She said she has advocated for health care policies in the past.

She has never held office before, but is an active Republican.

She has been active in the Douglas Co. GOP as the District 7 rep and in the Nebraska Young Republicans and has volunteered in campaigns.

Nicole Fox 02From the Gov’s office:

Fox, 40, works as a Nutrition Therapist Specialist at Nebraska Medicine in Omaha where she provides medical nutrition therapy to patients undergoing a variety of cancer treatments. She is also an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) lecturing for several programs including Medical Nutrition Education, College of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, and the Physician Assistant Program.

Fox is a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Medical Nutrition Therapist. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Oncology Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group, Nebraska Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Omaha District Dietetic Association.

Fox has delivered numerous lectures for organizations and has been published by a variety of outlets.


Millard School Board member Mike Kennedy was in the news today leading the spokespeeps regarding Millard Schools dumping the “class ranking” system in favor of a “Latin” “Summa Cum Laude”, “Cum Laude”, etc, system.

(Unfortunately, since Millard doesn’t teach Latin anymore, students will have to take to Rosetta Stone to find out what those words mean…)

Apparently this is a trend nationally among high schools, and kudos for Kennedy and his colleagues on the Millard board for getting ahead of the curve on this. Not quite sure how students trying to “game” the system to get a high class rank will differ from students trying to game the system of Latin ranks, but people in the college ranks apparently think its different.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen, Kennedy gave his thoughts on other changes Millard has made and his criticisms of some of the plans others have regarding Charter Schools, Magnet Schools and vouchers in the system, on The Wheels Down Politics Show.

You can listen to the podcast here — and find all of the podcasts at Wheels Down Politics.


  1. Charles Isom says:

    Nichole Fox has been active in the DCRP and in numerous campaigns that I have had a hand in. She will a welcome addition to the State Legislature.

  2. TexasAnnie says:

    Haven’t heard of Nicole Fox before. Do you think, Charles Isom, that she will treat children with disability in need of a public education fairly?

  3. Sparkles says:

    It will be fascinating to watch how the NRCC (and GOP at large) battles the new levels of toxic extremism introduced on the right by The Donald.

    Trump has officially set the purity bar at:
    Destroying our nation’s economy through the logistically impossible feat of deporting 11 million immigrants.

    And not to be out-crazied, Scotty Walker has now promised to end birthright citizenship, I guess by repealing (rewriting?) the 14th amendment.

    Now that these two new litmus tests have been introduced (and quickly embraced), what NE’s ‘constitutional conservatives’ are going to demand to know:
    Where does Don Bacon stand on the immediate deportation of 11 million immigrants and rescinding birthright citizenship?

    Nothing less than total anti-immigration purity will do!
    If Mr. Bacon doesn’t pledge total fealty to the new party line, if he isn’t extreme enough, by God the toxic right will find someone who is!

    Oh, by the way, all the pointy headed talk, those graphs, studies, demographic trends and stuff, all showing the GOP needing to make substantive gains among the Hispanic vote if they ever hope to win another Presidential election?
    Yea, just ignore that.

    Good times.

  4. TexasAnnie says:

    RE: 14th Amendment

    Even Lindsay Graham is spouting nonsense. He said birthright citizenship may be changed statutorily.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Not to throw cold water on the NRCC targeting Ashford, but Boehner is still ruler of the House, he’s still a worthless weasel, and it’s unlikely that any of the Republican leadership has learned anything from either the last election or Trump’s current rise. In other words, unless the Republican leadership changes its ways, the NRCC is wasting other people’s money. But then that’s how they roll, right? Just saying.

  6. Pollutical Corneckness says:

    The FDA has been forced by Feminists to approve ahead of schedule a largely bogus female Viagra that supposedly gives ladies the sexual urges of a male mountain gorilla.

    It used to be a crime to slip a woman Spanish Fly to turn her into sexually hysterical whore. The word hysteria comes from the same root as uterus. — Oh brother… or, more apt… oh sister.

    Forget for a moment that unlike men, woman can have multiple orgasms without taking any pills. And forget that female sexuality actually increases with age whereas the physical functionality of males goes downhill after the age of 18. And also forget that feminists blame testosterone for turning men into vicious irrational apes. And forget that increased female hormones (as do phytoestrogens) will cause women would ooze milk, quit menstruating and give up sex in an effort to be maternal. So whatever is driving this drug, its not hormonally female in nature.

    The true irony here is that the main side effect of this new drug “Addyi” is that it makes women faint.
    Faint. –Do they have to flutter a fan first? Perhaps deliver a soliloquy?

    Scarlett to Captain Butler, “Oh Rhett, you cad! I do believe you give me the vapors! But strip dude!”

    This new drug, “Addyi” is said by experts to be a “problem-prone drug for a questionable medical condition”.

    Well hell yes. What’s it supposed to do? Cure multiple orgasms?

    “Women deserve equal treatment when it comes to sex,” demand feminist groups. They have pushed the FDA into approving this drug ahead of schedule. That’s a political PC sham but it can also kill people.

    Maybe Trump calling out PC isn’t enough. Maybe Political Correctness has to kill people before Americans wake up.

  7. The Grundle King says:

    “And forget that female sexuality actually increases with age…”

    Much like the Waco Kid asked when Sheriff Bart told him that, if he kept drinking like that, he was going to die, I find myself asking…


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