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Senator Marco Rubio & Jordan McGrain in Council Bluffs, July 2015.
Senator Marco Rubio & Jordan McGrain in Council Bluffs, July 2015.

Jerry Kratochvil interviews political consultant Jordan McGrain in a very special Back to School episode.

Jerry and Jordan first discuss Governor Pete Ricketts’ appointment of Nicole Fox to the District 7 Legislative seat in the Nebraska Legislature. They talk about her background in politics, and her chances for victory when she runs in 2016.

They then talk about the 2nd District Congressional seat, and the current two-man GOP race in what many thought would be a crowded field. They discuss who could yet get into the race, and what the deadlines may be for an unknown or non-self-funding candidate to get in the race.

Jordan then talks a little about a group he is connected to —, and their work in changing laws regarding alternative schools for kids around the country. They also delve into the discussion of whether Charter Schools would be effective in Nebraska, and some differences he may have with Millard Public School Board member, Mike Kennedy.

Finally Jordan takes part in the first Wheels Down Politics game: Back to School with Nebraska Politics. Can Jordan score a passing grade? Or will he have to go…Back to School!

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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    It took some effort to find the time, but this podcast was worth that effort. I did google and was pleased to learn about this movement. I absolutely agree with the mission statement(s) of this organization and clicked on ‘Texas’ to learn about the movement’s progress here. However when I clicked on ‘Nebraska’ —NOTHING!

    Synowiecki back in the Unicam? Wasn’t he essentially a lobbyist for the Catholic church when he “served” the people of District 7 before?

    And John Gale not running for Secretary of State?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Catholics vote, TA. What’s your beef? Is there something in being elected by the Catholic majority of a legislative district that makes it impossible to serve, to the best of one’s ability, the non-Catholic minority in that same legislative district? Or Democrat-Republican, or Republican-Democrat-Libertarian-Independent? Pick your dichotomy, trichotomy, whatever.

    Hell, TA, I might even vote for you, and me a Catholic, if I thought you did the best job, among available candidates of both representing me, representing people completely unlike me, and tempering that representation with your own values, which I might or might not agree with. But Synowiecki doesn’t deserve that same consideration because – why exactly?

    I call BS, TA. Admit it, you’re an anti-Catholic, Know-Nothing bigot. Not liking Catholicism, that’s your perfect right. Not liking someone because they take their own beliefs seriously? Wow, can you be that shallow? Do us a favor and take your favorite topics back to TX and Go. Pound. Sand. We’re tired of your unchanging rant.

  3. TexasAnnie says:

    Thanx Anonymous for your rant! But I couldn’t find much truth in that.

    To others: My concern was the fine, nay, invisible line Synowiecki was drawing between his duties as a state senator and his duties as a paid govt. relations director, simultaneously. There is a difference between being a Senator and a lobbyist.

  4. Anonymous says:

    “My concern was the fine, nay, invisible line Synowiecki was drawing between his duties as a state senator and his duties as a paid govt. relations director, simultaneously.”

    Is there an objective measure of this “line” and its “width?”

  5. Anonymous says:

    TA, are you saying that Senator was a “paid govt. relations director” for Catholic Charities? What does that mean?

    He was paid by whom? And for what? I don’t know the guy so I was trying to get a picture of your heartburn to grasp what he did wrong so as to prompt you to volunteer your bile. Him being a Catholic certainly seems to piss you off.

    BTW, the current Marxist Pope can kiss my un-catholic ass. But that doesn’t make your anger any more comprehensible.

  6. Anonymous says:

    John Synowiecki: Dir. of Grants/ Govt. Relations, Catholic Charities, 2015

    John Synowiecki: Program Dir. Govt. Relations, Catholic Charities, 2004
    Elected to Nebraska Legislature, Dist. 7, 2004

    John Synowiecki: Govt. Liaison, Catholic Charities, 2002
    Appointed to Nebraska Legislature, Dist. 7, 2002

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous @ 6:07:
    No. The line is invisible.

    Anonymous @ 6:19:
    I believe he was paid by the Catholics to proselytize.
    BTW, I like the current pope.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Street Sweeper:
    I am trying to respond to your podcasts. But it seems my ideas are more popular than Jordan McGrain’s…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Sweeper. Fix your audio on your interviews……you fade and the one you interview is strong. It is annoying and has been a problem for some time.

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