I’ll send an SoS to the world…

Nebraska's most famous Secretary of State (...aw crap...)
Nebraska’s most famous Secretary of State (…aw crap…)

The Death Penalty reinstatement petition has a week to go and Twitterers are noting that they are getting robocalls to sign.

While that may indicate that they still want signatures, there are different levels for that.

The word right now is that they definitely have enough signatures to get the issue on the 2016 General Election ballot (around 58,000). But they would like to stop the law from going into effect — the 10% level, or around 115,000 sigs.

The CW is that you need around 15% more than the actual number to feel safe about your totals, since many are thrown out or challenged for various reasons. So while 115K is the actual number, what they are really shooting for is closer to 133,000.

It could be tight. If you want to have this issue on the ballot — while holding up the law in the mean time — you should contact one of the offices and put pen to paper.

The guess here is that they do get the totals they need.


In yesterday’s podcast on The Wheels Down Politics Show, Jordan McGrain and I discussed some of the excitement around the down-ballot races in Nebraska.

That’s right, excitement.


Well, it is assumed that Secretary of State John Gale will be hanging it up next year in 2018. And what a great, non-term limited gig it is.

[Yup, got a little ahead of myself. The SoS is not up ’til 2018. Well, everyone can have longer to think about it. Same rest still applies…]

Unlike the 2nd District Congressional gig that involves lots of commuting and fundraising every two years, the SoS job can be a bit more family-friendly.

So who is interested?

Well here are a few names that have been floated to Leavenworth St., in alphabetical order (FLOATED, mind you. No confirmation from any of these folks.):

Attorney Bob Evnen
State Senator Tyson Larson
State Senator Bob Krist
State Senator John Murante
State Senator Ken Schilz
State Senator Jim Smith

How’s that for a list for ya! (We will add to or remove from, as necessary — particularly if any of those do NOT want to be listed.)
CNN will need to take a poll to whittle down the Reagan Library debate field when the time comes!

Of course, as I asked McGrain, how you separate as the TOP person for SoS in that field? And then IF you do, how do you let the voters know?

That’s some serious techno-GOTVing going on there.

Leavenworth St. will provide you with the scintillating details of this race as the candidates announce, and as it progresses…for 3 more years.

(It is very possible a Wipe-Out style obstacle course will be developed for the primary…)


Hey did you catch pundit Ann Coulter the other day? She was harshing on Carly Fiorina because Carly said something anti-Trump…

Coulter then said this:

I have turned against her (Carly Fiorina) as of yesterday with the hot, hot hate of a 1000 suns.

First, I admit I was suspicious, because I hate this, “ohh a woman can talk, isn’t that great.” Why not Sid Tillsdale, he ran for Senate in Nebraska, he is a wealthy banker, he’s worth a few billion dollars.

He ran for senate and lost; she ran for governor and lost.

Well, it is fairly apparent that she was referring to Pinnacle Bank President Sid DINSDALE — oh, and Fiorina ran for Senate in California, not Governor (she may be thinking of Meg Whitman).

Not sure who Ann was kvetching with prior to the show to name-drop Dinsdale, but I disagree with her in general.

There are plenty of female candidates out there at all levels. Bachman, Palin and Clinton are a few that come to mind immediately. I don’t think any can hold a candle to how Fiorina can deliver a response on many issues. That ain’t just “talking”, otherwise any Miss America contestant would be running for President.

And when we compliment a man for a good response, do we EVER say, “ooh he can talk, isn’t that great!” No, it’s one of many ways we judge them. Mike Huckabee is a perfect case in point where he’s a great speaker, but people are judging him on many other aspects.

They will do the same with Fiorina.
Whether Ann Coulter likes it or not.


  1. Peter Castle says:

    We need to send out an SOS to find Ann Coulter’s mind. Coulter has gone go gaga over Trump that she despises Fiorina. Moreover, her comments were misogynistic.

    Google “Ann Coulter Hates Carly Fiorina”.

  2. Synowiecki for Legislature says:

    Nothing excites the Democratic party base like a geriatric pro-life ambulance chaser that was appointed by a Republican governor.

  3. Sparkles says:

    And now for something completely different..

    Josh Duggar, the former Executive Director of the Family Research Council, had a paid Ashley Madison account.

    Family Research Council a “Christian public policy ministry in Washington D.C. defending religious liberty, the unborn & families”.

    How’s that old Johnny Lee song go..
    “..lookin’ for love in all the wrong places. Lookin’ for love in too many faces.”

  4. wire brush says:

    Truth and medicine taste bad. If you need sugar on the spoon you have a child’s mind.

    Coulter can reach too far for a witty put down thus leaving you trying to remember her original topic. Yet she’s a lawyer so there’s a point in there somewhere. Her point about Fiorina wasn’t invalid.

    “Mr. Trump; there is no excuse,” Fiorina tweeted. “I stand with Megyn Kelly.” The problem with that is, Kelly was standing with Rosy O’Donnell. Talk about getting caught with your burning-bras flapping in the PC wind!

    Under Trump’s relentless bluntness, the scales of Political Correctness fall first from the eyes of those least politically habituated. It was average voters who first saw Megan Kelly fume over Trump calling Rosy O’Donnell a “disgusting pig” and then saw O’Donnell respond saying, “I’d like to take my period(menstrual) blood… smear it all over some people’s faces.” Real pigs aren’t that disgusting. So Trump was right. And average voters see him being right. But Kelly didn’t. And Fiorina doesn’t.

    Being a businessperson puts Fiorina on par with businessperson Trump. But his personality looms. So Fiorina also plays the “only female GOP candidate” who is championing women. Shades of Obama’s race card! Fiorina isn’t defending the GOP, or conservative policy, or principles, but just women despite principles, policies and parties, including defending Rosy O’Donnell’s make-believe right to not be called the disgusting pig she proves she is.

    PC addiction makes candidates forget that Presidents must serve and protect all not just some and must rise above being chivvied into stepping in their own PC foolishness. If Fiorina is naïve to her PC-ness, she has company because plenty of male GOP candidates are blind to their own.

    PC is like pus in politicians. It has Dems in a coma but it also widely infects and blinds Republican pols.

    A few Gingrich types are starting to grasp that what Trump is doing is of watershed importance. It does not matter if Trump is brilliantly calculating or lucky or an idiot savant, for the outcome is the same. He is scratching at every elephant’s skin and pus-like PC erupts from people who didn’t know they were infected.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “reach too far for a witty put down thus leaving you trying to remember her original topic” – yes, rather like the post above. Lose the pus and get an editor.

  6. ‘relentless bluntness’. Or in plain English, mind-numbing stupidity.

    You can actually say what you want without being a complete asshole. You could criticize Megyn Kelly’s questioning, without a gibe about menstruation. You could take apart John McCain’s politics, without disparaging his heroism. But that would take an actual brain.

    And for me, a brain is a requirement for the job.

  7. Anonymous says:

    At 7:23AM –that is obscenely ridiculous except it supports the theory of moving someone up to the highest level of incompetency

  8. Sparkles says:

    Gotta say, I’m thrilled the leading lights of the GOP have launched a full scale assault on political correctness.
    After all, “politically incorrect” is just a politically correct term for being offensive.

    I’m thrilled that being offensive is the latest mania among the extreme right, a faction that has clearly taken over a once deliberative party.
    A party that, prior to the Gingrich shutdown of ’95, took their responsibility to govern seriously.

    Please Republicans, please keep following the lead of your new Birther King and keep telling yourselves that ineptitude and offensiveness is a winning formula.

  9. The Grundle King says:

    “Being offensive” is just a politically correct term for “unwillingness to cave to a bunch of whiny assholes”. So, if you find yourself offended by speech that isn’t “politically correct”, it probably means you’re a whiny asshole.

  10. Let me see if I can explain it to you, Sparkles.

    It is politically incorrect to refer to illegal aliens. The Left would prefer you to refer to them as undocumented aliens, as if they had simply mislaid their documents. But they are here illegally, and they are aliens. That’s the fact, Jack.

    It is politically incorrect to refer to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner as a man. The Left would prefer you called Bruce/Caitlyn a woman, but that is becuase they are fond of an unscientific theory that says gender is culturally determined. Of course, biologists refer to mammals with XY sex chromosomes as male, and so to refuse to kowtow to the Left on this is entirely justified.

    On the other hand, it is offensive to suggest that because you don’t like someone’s questioning, they are menstruating. Allusions to intimate bodily functions are generally in bad taste, but more importantly, this attacks the person, not the issue, and in a way that is gender specific.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Since we routinely refer to both men and women as “mankind,” what’s the problem, Gerard? Are you suffering from a gender gap?

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