Maxwell announces announcement

Chip-Maxwell-02 (1)Chip Maxwell will formally announce his candidacy for the GOP nomination to Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional seat on Thursday, September 10th at 10AM at the Omaha Press Club.

He will follow up that evening with an “announcement event” at the UNO Thompson Center.


You will remember that Maxwell changed his party registration to “Independent” back in 2013 to prep for a bid against Lee Terry in 2014. In the end, he decided not to run — though he held back on “endorsing” Terry — and had announced that he would run for the GOP nomination in 2016.

Since then, Maxwell has been speaking to Republican groups, but did have a dust-up with the Sarpy County GOP’s Jerry Anderson, who said

“I don’t consider him to ‘really’ to be a Republican. He changed (his party affiliation) then so that he could run as a Nonpartisan or Independent. He is another Brad Ashford that was a Registered Republican, Independent and now a Democrat.”

The question now is, will Maxwell run what some would call a “serious” campaign? Will he be raising big money, have a serious staff and make it a real race between him and Don Bacon?

While Bacon hasn’t produced stunning financial reports, he has made it clear that he will be a very competitve candidate against anyone in the GOP primary, and against Brad Ashford. He has secured major endorsements, has an experienced campaign manager and has thus far run a pretty flawless roll-out and campaign.

Will Maxwell do the same?
Or will it be shoe-string?


On this Carl Curtis open comment Friday, you can hear a short clip from an interview on the Adam Carolla Show podcast this week. Adam was interviewing John and Morgan Langley from the show COPS, and they discussed the shooting death of sound engineer Bryce Dion at the Dodge Street Wendy’s in Omaha last year.

I wasn’t sure if that full story had ever been printed, so I asked permission from Carolla’s peeps to put up the segment.

You can hear it here:

You can hear the entire episode which includes the interview with the Langleys by clicking here.


A long time reader wanted to note this one:

Ivanka and Chelsea

Ivanka and Chelsea are buds.


And this one via The Facebook is clever:

Dad And His 8-Year-Old Son Are Creating A Pun-Fueled Food Map Of Every US State

And…I’m just going to spoil it for you.



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  1. Maxwell, really? says:

    Chip is great at talking, but what did he ever really accomplish in the offices he held. He was a lackluster State Senator with little to show for his time in Lincoln. He is also horribly divisive. I have never heard him say a nice thing about any fellow Republican and he did a great job of tearing the party in half last time. Let’s face it, he shares in the blame for why we now have Ashford. This guy is all about himself, the taxpayer be damned.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nooo…last time I heard, Maxwell was the taxpayer’s friend. Doesn’t he support the flat tax? Or replacing the IRS with a national sales tax? I think Maxwell believes in tax justice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The real question is when will he announce he’s not running just one more time in another rousing rendition of: Pull my finger.

  4. Reporters beware: watch your microphones says:

    Chip likes to toss other people’s phones according to Leavenworth. I wonder if he will throw a temper tantrum and toss any microphones that reporters put in front of him?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Chip Maxwell initially impressed me as emotionally damaged. He is smart but so are some serial killers. Look in that fellow’s eyes and there is something in there barking to get out.

  6. Two Republicans candidates? says:

    Do we have another Republican candidate who has jumped into the race? I know of one candidate. is Chip being counted in that number? He is hardly a real Republican, he is usually a registered independent unless it suits him to be a Republican. We can hardly trust that he will stay a republican if he made it to Congress. Usually we call disloyal members of the party “RINOs” but I don’t think Chip even deserves that title. If anything, he is a temporary Republican by convenience – a title that Ashford also once owned. Speaking of which, Chip’s self centered behavior is one of the reasons we have Ashford in office today. I for one will support anyone over Brad or Chip, both of whom are two birds of a feather.

  7. Henry Robert says:

    I really want Beau McCoy to run for district 2. He seems the most logical of all republicans right now to run. That or Murante but we all know how he messed that up.

    McCoy 2016.

  8. Anonymous says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

    8:07 a.m. CD1 doesn’t have the Tea Party fervor that CD2 has. If it had half the rabid Libertarian bent that CD2 has they might be able to make him run in the Primary. Plus, Fort’s people are very adept at keeping the competition out i.e. Col Tom Brewer ? running in CD3 instead of CD1 where he lived.

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