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State Senator, Dr. Bob Hilkemann (LD4 – Omaha) and eHarmony’s Neil Clark Warren!

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  1. Sparkles says:

    “The birther movement — of which Donald Trump is one of the author’s of — is another politer way of saying the N-word. It’s just more sophisticated and a little bit more clever,”

    Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns in an appearance on Sunday’s ‘Face The Nation’

  2. Sparkles: only a coward posts anonymous personal attacks. Please don’t make me go to the trouble of outing you. I’m busy, and it’s too much work.

    Claiming Obama was not born in the US is rather foolish — there is, after all, a well-attested newspaper birth announcement — but it’s not the equivalent of calling him a nigger. And in the grand scheme of things, while electing a non-native-born son president might be unconstitutional, it’s not intrinsically wrong, or as bad as electing an incompetent. And the latter is the problem with Obama. He;’s Dunning Kruger incarnate; he’s too incompetent to know he’s incompetent. He, rather quaintly, thinks he’s usually the “smartest man in the room”. Foreign policy is in the toilet, the stock market is in the toilet, and dozens of things that desperately need to get done can’t get done because Obama hasn’t a clue how to move things through Congress.

    This is not the first time the background of a president has been called into question, and therefore Burns’ was a stupid, inflammatory, and uninsightful comment to make. I personally am sick sore and tired of white liberals making the accusation that any criticism of Obama is motivated by racism. It’s a symptom of their intellectual bankruptcy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m tired of people denying that some criticism of Obama is motivated by racism. And for a lame duck president, he’s gotten quite a bit done lately. You may not agree with what he’s got done, but that’s your problem. Facts indicate Obama has a few more skills than you are willing to attribute to him.

  4. The Grundle King says:

    Very, very few would deny that SOME criticism of Obama is motivated by racism…after all, the vast majority of us are aware that the KKK still exists, and they don’t tend to be very complimentary of blacks…so of course some criticism is based on race.

    But race is not the basis for the majority of the criticism…or even a sizable portion of it.

    And exactly what has Obama gotten done lately? Negotiated an agreement to give Iran billions upon billions of dollars with which they can continue to arm American enemies, as well as to support “political” groups like Hamas and Hezbollah? A deal that, in a few short years, will allow Iran to start pouring money into their own arsenal? And for all that, we get “anytime, anywhere” inspections…ooops, wrong, that was never actually part of the deal, regardless of what energy secretary Ernest Moniz or security adviser Ben Rhodes might have said. What a deal!

    Or how about a climate change rule that extends well beyond the authority of the EPA’s powers? Congress authorized the EPA to regulate pollutant emissions at the source of the pollution…not to mandate energy efficiency programs in people’s homes, and certainly not to mandate a nationwide energy strategy.

    Oh, wait…I suppose you’re one that believes that Obama somehow managed to legalize gay marriage, despite having previously opposed it, and having no power whatsoever to dictate the decisions of the SCOTUS.

  5. Sparkles says:


    Re: “race is not the basis for the majority of the criticism”

    FWIW, I agree.
    But it’s we’d likely disagree on the definition of ‘sizeable’, as in “..or even a sizable portion of it.”

    Re your question: “exactly what has Obama gotten done lately”
    I spare you the detailed list, but I’m quite certain President Obama will indeed be viewed as one of the most consequential – in a positive manner – Presidents in modern history.

    And the Iran deal, of which passage is assured, is certain to rank high among his significant successes.

    Also, the EPA’s Clean Power Plan and their ability to enforce it’s component regulations is, in fact, on solid constitutional footing.

  6. TexasAnnie aka D'Anne says:

    I agree, Sparkles. I think the President is classy, and, I acknowledge that the middle East has been a s—hole my whole life!!! I can’t blame that on Obama. Plus, I’m tired of the one-sided Israeli point of view…

  7. TexasAnnie says:

    Let the Iran deal go. If it fails, that’s not worse than the generalized failure of the U.S. meddling in the middle East anyway!

  8. Henry Robert says:

    Saw some petitioners trying to get last week signatures at UNL’s Big Red Welcome. Some were really going hard on the new students and others could look like they could care less. I even saw Patrick McBride and some of UNL’s finest talking to them to make sure what they were doing was kosher. Three days until they have to turn in the signatures. *Cue can you feel it by the Jackson 5*

  9. Sparkles:

    I really doubt it.

    I think they’ll see the total withdrawal from Iraq as a mistake. I think they’ll see the lack of leadership in both Libya and Syria as having contributed to the growth of ISIS. They’ll see Russia’s conquest of a large part of Ukraine, effectively unchallenged, as another foreign policy failure. His early encouragement of the Arab Spring was a disaster, and also led to the alienation of Saudi Arabia, which led to their attempt to kill the US fracking industry, and the collapse of oil prices. They’ll see the anemic economic growth, which looks like it’s just hit a brick wall; the appointment of ultra-squish easy-money Janet Yellin will not end well. They’ll see the explosion of the national debt. They’ll see the lack of any meaningful corporate tax reform. Maybe PPACA will survive; maybe it will enter a death spiral; either way, it’s a relatively small program that has not solved the major US health problems, despite all the hype. They’ll see no immigration reform, and a use of executive orders that is dangerous and mostly unconstitutional, and will probably end in failure.

    And I haven’t even mentioned Iran; unfortunately, history will render any debate about that deal worthless, and history will be ugly.

  10. Sparkles says:

    Obama inherited a massively destabilized middle east, courtesy of the hegemonic zeal of a wholly incompetent cabal of oilmen who preceded him in office.
    Oilmen who toppled a nation only to leave in their wake a massive power vacuum for Iran to step in and assert a newly invigorated regional dominance.

    And leaving too early? Apparently you’ve forgotten.
    In one of his final acts in office, President Bush in December of 2008 had signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the Iraqi government that set the clock ticking on ending the war he’d launched in March of 2003. It was GW who signed the agreement declaring all U.S. forces be gone from Iraq by January 1, 2012.

    And if that date doesn’t meet your personal mandate, just how many trillions of American dollars and legions of freighters filled with American blood should we have sent to that festid hell hole which has been in a perpetual state of war for thousands of years?

    Since 9/11 America has been engaged in 4 wars in the Middle East (afghanistan, iraq, libya and yemen).
    What’s you’re magic number, Gerald?
    Which war is it in which we walk away and peace suddenly reigns over the land?

    And “alienation of the Saudi’s”.. really Gerald.
    You mean the same Saudi Arabia who is proven to have funded 9/11?
    The same Saudi Arabia that was the homeland of 15 of the 19 terrorists who flew the airplanes in the World Trade Center on 9/11?
    It is Saudi Wahhabism that fuels much much of the most violent extremism in the region.

    The fact is that it is Barack Obama who wrested the Mid East crisis from the clutches of hapless W’s bumbling neocon cabal. The Apple DumbF*^& gang who assured us we’d be greeted as liberators.
    It is Barack Obama who introduced sanity and reason to our complicated dealings with the mess that is the Middle East.

    Oh, and it takes remarkable hubris for someone on the right to even think of commenting on the actions of Janet Yellen.
    It was the Obama administration and more specifically the actions of the Fed that kept you, and hundreds of millions of others Americans from the f*&%ing soup lines.
    How many bespectacled, snot nosed little midwesterners do you think would be attending Chem 101 when mommy and daddy are unemployed?

    Tax policy can’t be addressed because one the Republican party refuses to engage in the act of governance. Period.

    And the PPACA –
    The uninsured rate is now the lowest in American history.
    As June 2015, the CBO notes that repeal of the PPACA would INCREASE our federal deficit by more than $137 Billion dollars over the next decade.
    As of December 2014 – the growth rate in medical spending was the lowest on record, a change government researchers are attributing both to the economy and to various health care policy implementations, including Obamacare.

    The glass if much, much more than half full.

  11. Oracle says:

    Sparkles, it’s impossible to argue with or explain anything to GH. He’s the poster child for cognitive bias.
    From Wikipedia: Individuals create their own “subjective social reality” from their perception of the input. An individual’s construction of social reality, not the objective input, may dictate their behaviour in the social world. Thus, cognitive biases may sometimes lead to perceptual distortion, inaccurate judgment, illogical interpretation, or what is broadly called irrationality.

  12. No. Obama inherited a stable Libya, which had given up its WMDs in response to Western pressure. He inherited a stable Syria and a stable Egypt. He inherited a moderately stable Iraq, after we beat back the al-Qaida insurgency. The government was a little closer to Iran than we liked.

    Now Libya is in utter chaos, as is Syria, and Syria has spilled over to Iraq. Turkey has been attacking our allies the Kurds, and we have done nothing. Egypt is temporarily stable, but only because the populist Muslim Brotherhood government that Obama encouraged has been overthrown. Europe has a major refugee crisis as a result of Libya and Syria.

    Saudi Arabia did not fund 9-11, troofer. Our active engagement in Libya and Yemen is Obama’s doing.

    Much of the effective response to the 2008 crisis happened under Bush’s watch. What we got under Obama was a boondoggle ‘stimulus’ that wasted a great deal of money with comparatively ineffective results.

    The decrase in uninsured under PPACA is largely due to Medicaid expansion. No one doubts that if you massively expand a government program, you can decrease the number of uninsured.

    Obama had a veto-proof majority in 2009. He wasted it. He would have the support of the GOP if he cut corporate taxes and eliminated loopholes. He has never presented a bill to Congress.

    And my name isn’t Gerald, stupid.

  13. One thing I have noticed is this. The liberals also know it’s all falling apart, because recently, here and on other sites, they’ve been even viler than usual. Long experience has already taught me not to waste more than cursory, brief politeness on this rabble. But their sheer rabidness recently says more about the failure of their agenda than anything I could.

  14. On another subject: trivia question. Which Omaha individual has contributed more money to political causes/campaigns than anyone else in the last quarter century? Hint: it’s almost exclusively to the Democrats, and AFAIk he’s not associated with Berkshire.

  15. Macdaddy says:

    I can believe the rise in health care spending was the lowest in a while. Rather than putting $2500 in each family’s pocket, Obamacare jacked the deductible by thousands of dollars for the average family, effectively putting healthcare out of reach for millions of law-abiding Americans. Unable to afford the deductibles, they go without. The other cost savings comes about from Medicare refusing to pay hospitals for all sorts of complications. That trend was in place before Obama became President. In short, the only thing Obama did was enact a huge transfer of wealth from the middle class to insurance companies. How very corporatist of him.

  16. Nope.

    Terrance Watanabe. His father got rich with the Oriental Trading Company, importing cheap plastic trinkets in the United States. Terrance inherited a fortune, which he then frittered away on gay rights and Democrat causes, and later gambling and drugs. Terrance managed to blow $127 million on a single Vegas trip. He was eventually charged with a felony for not paying his gambling debts, which he blamed on being lured by the casino (the drugs were also blamed on other people). About 2012 or so, he settled with the casinos, and moved with what remained of his loot to the San Francisco suburbs. In his heyday, he gave well over a million to the Democrats, twice as much as Dick Holland.

    I see him as a kind of Democrat poster boy.

    Now imagine, boys and girls, if a rich Republican megadonor in Omaha had wated hundreds of millions on booze, drugs and gambling, and gotten himself in serious legal trouble, would you have heard of him? I’d say nightly on the news for months in a row.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    Sparkles and Gerard:
    You both demonstrate adequate reasoning, and thus, only one’s bias may tip the scale of persuasion. But my inquiry is: How do you know what you know is true? (Have you read Hillary’s classified e-mails?!?)

    I’m suggesting that you may both be too dogmatic too acknowledge that your preferred political parties are the problem, not the solution. That’s not an attack, Gerard, merely an observation from outside your worldview. But thanx, Gerard, for coming close acknowledging the scrounge of tax injustice @7:09 pm…

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    To All:
    I recommend you dump your party registration and go ‘Independent.’
    You can still vote any damn way you please, but the R’s and D’s will no longer “count-on” your vote!

    • Lest TA provide info that is confusing, please note the following, via the SoS’s website:

      * If you wish to vote in the primary election, where parties choose their nominees for state and county offices, you need to declare your party affiliation.
      * If you register without a political party affiliation, you will receive only the non-partisan ballots at a primary election.
      * Non-partisans may designate a party preference at primary elections and receive partisan ballots for the Senate and House congressional races.
      * Party designation has no bearing when voting a non-partisan ballot or in the general election.

  19. The Grundle King says:

    * Non-partisans may designate a party preference at primary elections and receive partisan ballots for the Senate and House congressional races.

    This was news to me. Thanks Sweeps!

  20. Sparkles says:

    GeraRd at 7:09pm,

    I’ll skip much of your reply, because I’m running perilously low on give a f*%&s.

    But this statement is simply too inane to let stand:
    “Much of the effective response to the 2008 crisis happened under Bush’s watch. ”

    Is it really possible that anyone, even remotely aware of the politics, could somehow forget every factual account of the very resolution to which you refer, the meeting in late September of 2008?
    To refresh your memory –
    The United States (hence, the globe) is quite literally on the brink of financial collapse. A desperate candidate, John McCain, imagines this greatest crisis in modern history may, somehow, be twisted into an opportunity breath new life into his flailing campaign.
    In a move that will shock all White House and the Fed, John McCain steps in front of the cameras and demands a meeting in Washington.
    A meeting between he, Obama, Hank Paulson and President Bush.

    A meeting which McCain imagines he can (somehow?) present himself as a great victor, but a meeting that will expose to the world, that at a moment of immense crisis, America is currently being governed by the most ineffectual President in modern history, our GOP lead Congress has been terminally infected by a malfeasant strain of anti-governance malefactors and the champion of the GOP primary, the political creature seeking to assume reign over this toxic quagmire, is the very same man willing to put a tea addled grifter the likes of Sarah Palin within a heartbeat of the most powerful office on the planet.

    It’s a meeting in which Obama definitely secured his Presidency.

    Your delusion of an “effective response to the 2008 crisis” on behalf of W and clan, has been fully documented, annotated and footnoted.
    It is a story of a Republican party disgraced and in shambles.
    For a quick synopsis, I’ll point you to one of your very own, Rupert Murdoch’s WSJ. Google:
    When Mr. McCain Came to Washington
    Inside the White House meeting where Obama called McCain’s bluff:

    A short quote from the story, and from Henry Paulson’s book, ‘On The Brink’ –
    I was so concerned that McCain would do or say something rash that I resorted to a veiled threat: “I’m not a politician, but if you or anyone else does something that causes this system to collapse, it is not going to just be on me.”

    Speaking of September 2008, how about a peek at the abject chaos left behind, the millions of American lives shattered and families destroyed after 8 years of GW Bush – 6 of those 8 years under total GOP control, White House, Senate and House.
    September 2008 – 432,000 jobs lost
    October 2008 – 489,000 jobs lost
    November 2008 – 803,000 jobs lost
    December 2008 – 661,000 jobs lost
    January 2009 – 818,000 jobs lost (*Obama inaugurated Jan. 20th)
    February 2009 – 724,000 jobs lost
    March 2009 – 799,000 jobs lost
    April 2009 – 692,000 jobs lost

    *Impossible to pass this one up –
    On the very night of Obama’s inauguration the nation’s leading GOP powers were secluded in a hotel room on capital hill plotting their skullduggery. Newt Gingrich, Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Ryan, Jim DeMint, Jon Kyl, Tom Coburn and Frank Luntz.
    The plan would be: fight Obama on -everything-.
    Unyielding opposition, no matter the proposal no matter the cause no matter the merit, the response would be flat out denial and full scale opposition.
    All of this has been openly admitted by the Gingrich, Luntz and Co., all of it covered in great detail in a fascinating Frontline production called: Inside Obama’s Presidency.
    The inside story of GOP chicanery and political corruption that can still be viewed (or the transcript read) at PBS.org

  21. Oracle says:

    Oracle, who has never managed to actually win an argument on this site…
    I guess GH is the arbiter of who wins the argument. Full-blown cognitive bias. Unlike you, I’ll admit when I’m wrong. Never seen you do that, so I guess you’re right 100% of the time.
    (If one never reconsiders their position or reanalyzes when new information is introduced, then one will ALWAYS win the argument. In their mind, at least.)

  22. bynd says:

    One must have a great amount of sympathy for George Washington. The only president who didn’t have a preceding president to blame all his troubles on.

  23. Anonymous says:

    GH: Terry W. and family, Very high up in Omaha social circles and Ak-Sar-Ben crowd? Used to see his picture in Omaha high society mag all the time. Maybe he and Brenda Council used the same attorney?

  24. The 2008 crash was caused by a subprime mortgage bubble. This is hardly a secret. The origins of that bubble was the grotesque backstopping of subprime loans by Fannie May/Freddy Mac, which in turn was largely the result of political pressure to force racial equity in mortgage loans. As a result, mortgages that would previously have been financed by subprime lenders were being issued by banks, and the subprime lenders were pushed out to the limits, giving mortgages to anything with a pulse.

    The burst bubble coincided with a cyclical downturn, and as a result the recession was somewhat more harsh than usual. The bank liquidity problem was solved (if indeed it even needed solving) by TARP, a program that in the end cost very little. And as the data Sparkles himself shows, by the time Obama was elected, the worst was over, particularly when you consider that unemployment is a lagging indicator.

    John McCain wasn’t elected president, and so Henry Paulson’s self-justifying fantasies are pretty much irrelevant.

    Meanwhile, the GM bailout has never been fully recouped, and vast amounts of the so-called stimulus were wasted. Labor force participation is over 3 points below what it was at the height of the 2008 crisis. In fact, it’s fallen all the way through the Obama presidency, and is back to where it was in 1978. Real median household income has also fallen monotonically through the Obama presidency; it’s now $4,000 below where it was in 2006 under Bush, a nearly 8% decline. Obama has been president nearly seven years. The ‘Bush’s fault’ excuse is long past its expiration.

    And sorry, Sparkles dear, if you want to convince a conservative, you probably don’t want to go quoting ‘Frontline’ as an authority.

  25. Oracle says:

    If the shoe fits….

    By the way, More than 84 percent of the sub-prime mortgages in 2006 were issued by private lending. These private firms made nearly 83 percent of the subprime loans to low- and moderate-income borrowers that year. Google “Lest We Forget: Why We Had A Financial Crisis”, straight from Forbes.
    The origins of that bubble was the grotesque backstopping of subprime loans by Fannie May/Freddy Mac, WRONG. Those loans were made because of greed and failure to realize the good times wouldn’t last forever. The problems were in full bloom before any backstopping by Fannie May/Freddie Mac.

  26. Sparkles says:


    Did you catch that?
    Our resident scholar of all things scholarly has stated, in this thread alone, that:
    1) the universally revered filmmaker Ken Burns, is jackass.
    2) what is likely -the- most award winning (57 Emmys, and 15 Peabodys) documentary programs in the history of American television, Frontline, is just a bit of left wing lunacy.

    Oh yes, and it was only a few weeks ago that this same scholar of scholars confessed to his admiration of right wing ‘film’ maker, criminally convicted, James O’Keefe.
    The director of USC’s Annenberg School for Communication, summed it up best;
    “What [O’Keefe] does isn’t journalism. It’s agitpop, politi-punking, entrapment-entertainment. There is no responsible definition of journalism that includes what he does or how he does it.”

    Cognitive. Bias.

  27. bynd says:

    It isn’t wise to attribute such a collapse on one entity. Especially when the government and private business were so intertwined as the mortgage industry. Way back in the were ever, you needed 20% down and verifiable proof of income to buy a home. Standards meant to help insure less defaults and less risk for the banks. The government, through Fannie and Freddie supported many of these requirements and rightfully oversaw their enforcement. However, when the government objective turned from a solid mortgage system to one whose focus was to put everyone into the American dream of owning a house, private business was more than happy to help to participate. Because to them there was no down side. The government was there to take the risky mortgages off of their hands if necessary. You need only look to local and regional banks which were not hurt as bad, if at all, by this mortgage mess as they did not lower their standards. At least as much and as often as the big guys. But then, the government did not have the leverage on them that they had on the national/international banks.

    Government has proven over and over again, they can not handle the dual responsibilities of over site of a system and promotion of that system. The FAA and the air traffic system being the poster child for such incompetence. Argue all you want, neither side nor party has a high road on the current condition of this country or the happenings since 2008. Neither or none is selfless enough to do what is good for anyone but themselves.

  28. Sparkles:

    You might want to look up your pal Oracle’s definition of ‘confirmation bias’. Frontline won a bunch of awards. But who voted for Frontline’s awards?

    This reminds me of Pauline Kael’s celebrated “How could Nixon have won? Nobody I know voted for him”.

  29. “By the way, More than 84 percent of the sub-prime mortgages in 2006 were issued by private lending. These private firms made nearly 83 percent of the subprime loans to low- and moderate-income borrowers that year. Google “Lest We Forget: Why We Had A Financial Crisis”, straight from Forbes.
    The origins of that bubble was the grotesque backstopping of subprime loans by Fannie May/Freddy Mac, WRONG. Those loans were made because of greed and failure to realize the good times wouldn’t last forever. The problems were in full bloom before any backstopping by Fannie May/Freddie Mac.”

    First of all, Fannie May/Freddie Mac guaranteed private mortgages.

    And second of all, because they were doing that, subprime lenders were trawling below the level even FM squared were guaranteeing.

  30. So, I decided to see what Frontline had done in an area where I could reasonably be called an expert: GMOs (yes, I’ve made one; it was unnaturally blue, and overproduced a copper protein)

    It’s called “GMOs: Harvest of Fear”

    You guys can’t really be serious? This isn’t journalism; it’s publicly funded antiscientific activism.

  31. TexasAnnie says:

    Sparkles @10:16am & Gerard @ 12:52pm:

    Those are unconvincing responses to the inquiry I posed:
    How Do You Know That What You Know Is True?

    Thus I’ll assume that you, like the rest of us, don’t know, and can’t know “truth.” I won’t bother checking on your preferred sources; I’ve got my own preferences. But whoever introduced the term “cognitive bias” up the line didn’t miss the mark…

  32. Sparkles says:

    Gerard at 12:52 pm,

    ” The origins of that bubble was the grotesque backstopping of subprime loans by Fannie May/Freddy Mac, which in turn was largely the result of political pressure to force racial equity in mortgage loans.”

    Flat out B.S.
    Only in darkened confines of wingerland is this meme still paraded about as factual.

    -THE- definitive analysis and report of the financial collapse was released by the bipartisan Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC) in January 2011.
    A report that clearly concludes Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played only a very small role the crisis.

    A key finding:
    “More than 30 years of deregulation and reliance on self-regulation by financial institutions, championed by former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan and others, supported by successive administrations and Congresses, and actively pushed by the powerful financial industry at every turn, had stripped away key safeguards, which could have helped avoid catastrophe. This approach had opened up gaps in oversight of critical areas with trillions of dollars at risk, such as the shadow banking system and over-the-counter derivatives markets. In addition, the government permitted financial firms to pick their preferred regulators in what became a race to the weakest supervisor.”

    In a telling indictment of the wholesale depravity, corruption and collusion of the right wing, at the time the report was being written the four Republicans on the commission staged a vote (unsuccessful) to ban the words “Wall Street,” “shadow banking,” “interconnection,” and “deregulation” from the main report.

  33. Sparkles says:

    Come on Gerard, you’re letting the ID of your ideology rise up and strangle in it’s crib your super ego.

    Your cursory pan of Frontline is akin to a drive-by shooting.
    You’re a man of science Gerard. You’re required to, at the very least, appreciate Frontline, and NOVA, and NATURE, and The American Experience, and COSMOS (oh.. splendid COSMOS), and David Attenborough and the whole fabulous panoply that is PBS.
    I would have to believe that every teacher, and specifically a science teacher, would wholeheartedly agree that PBS has been a remarkable gift to America.

    A synopsis of the program you’ve singled out to pan –
    In “Harvest of Fear,” FRONTLINE and NOVA explore the intensifying debate over genetically-modified (GM) food crops. Interviewing scientists, farmers, biotech and food industry representatives, U.S. regulators, and critics of biotechnology, this two-hour report presents both sides of the debate–exploring the risks and benefits, the hopes and fears, of this new technology.

    I assume you’re maligning the title, “Harvest of Fear”. The title is simply good marketing. I thought libertarians and free market advocates appreciated good marketing, no?
    In the program Frontline takes no position, pro or con on GMOs.
    It’s a two hour report, presenting both sides of the debate.
    Wait, what’s the bastardized term I’m looking for… oh yes, “fair and balanced”.

  34. Although there is not a dedicated Kenya exchange traded fund listed in the US, daring investors can access Kenyan stocks via several U.S. That is if you are a believer that Monday’s temerity is a sign of things to come for Kenyan stocks.

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