Promises for the LJS

Sometimes people ask how I come up with things to write on the blog. My response, and the response of many political writers is, “I read the papers, and what angers me most is what I write about.”

I thought about that when I saw this Lincoln Journal-Star article currently FEATURED on their web page:

LJS story - Schulte 01


What’s the story?

Well, Lincoln Public Schools Board member Matt Schulte is not going to send his Kindergartner and 2nd grader to Lincoln Public Schools.

And the REASON for the top-of-the-headline, 689-word story?

When asked during the campaign if he’d send his kids to Lincoln Public Schools, he said yes. But now? He has changed his mind about where he will send his 5 and 7 year olds to school.

That’s the sum of this TOP story, on the LJS.

Now keep in mind, Schulte was asked during the campaign about this. He didn’t run on it. And he didn’t make it the focus of his race.

He and his wife made this most-important decision about THEIR TWO LITTLE KIDS. Not about ANYONE ELSE’S KIDS.

Now it’s not as if — OH I DON’T KNOW — he changed his mind on whether he was going to raise the Gas Tax for all Nebraskans!

Or — OH I DON’T KNOW — he changed his mind about how he was going to vote on abolishing the Death Penalty.


But you know who THIS decision affects?
Schulte, his wife, and his two little kids!

(Gee, ya think I’m a little wound up about this?)

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is the kind of CRAP that keeps people from running for office.
THIS is the GARBAGE kicked out by the “news” papers that make perfectly reasonable people figure, “why the hell would I want to get involved with that?”

But make no mistake peeps: This was an attack.


Wellllllll, for starters, Schulte and his wife are a pair of those “outliers” who have chosen to home-school their kids.

I don’t know why they made that decision. I don’t know about the value of that decision. It’s none of my business. And I don’t care.

Oh, but shouldn’t it matter to the voters if he is part of the school system he votes on???
Well, here’s some news: People have to make decisions all the time about where to send their kids. If your vote is going to be based on how a family deals with their personal life, I’d suggest you find some new criteria. Because they are going to make personal decisions — which may change — based upon their family, and not what voters think.

Can there be value of having your kids in the public school system, particularly as a Board Member? Maybe. But there are good reasons for Board members NOT having their kids there. I can think of many.

But beyond that, there is more to the idea that the LJS is trying to convey that Schulte somehow lied to his constituents. Because what sort of animal would change his mind about the best thing for his kids after he told some reporter another thing? My gawd, the deceit is practically Nixonian!!!

Oh, but then there’s this little matter:
In a recent LPS Board vote regarding the budget, there was a proposal to put $10 million into a “cash reserve”.

Schulte maintained that there was no need to put that much into cash reserve — that they could lower that amount in cash reserve and return some money to the tax payers.

Oh, and LIBA and AFP made a big push to collect signatures and encourage people to send emails to the school board about lowering the tax levy and the amount into reserve.

In the end, Schulte was the lone member to vote for the idea of a lower amount.

And then, all of a sudden, the Lincoln Journal-Star puts the focus on just what sort of home-schooling, non-public-education-using, lower cash-reserve-wanting monster Schulte really is.

See, right in the freaking middle of an article about the PROMISE Schulte made to the PEOPLE OF LINCOLN where he would send HIS OWN KIDS…

As the lone vote against the district’s proposed budget, Schulte aligned himself with fiscally conservative groups including the Lincoln Independent Business Association and Americans for Prosperity. Both groups wanted LPS to lower its tax rate in light of an 8.9 percent increase in revenue.

Wait. What does that have to do with where his 5 and 7 year old are educated?
Abso-fricken-lutely nothing.

But there you go readers.

This is your press.
This what they do.
And this crap never stops.

What say you?


Hey on this Carl Curtis Open-Comment Friday here are a few more political fragments out there…


Aaron Trost, general consultant to the Don Bacon for Congress campaign — featured on The Wheels Down Politics Show just a few weeks back — will be the State Director for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s Presidential campaign in Iowa.

Trost, you may remember, managed U.S. Senator Deb Fischer’s primary campaign win over Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg, and general election win over Bob Kerrey. He also managed Attorny General Doug Peterson’s campaign last year. He hooked up with the Bacon camp this year for the Nebraska 2nd Congressional District race.

Huckabee has made a major focus on Iowa and is currently generally polling in the middle of the pack in that state.


And just to keep things snappy, Leavenworth St. received an email late last night about a NEW candidate in the #NE02 GOP race.

He is 25 year-old Dirk Arneson.

Dirk describes himself as “an everyday American with a full-time job living paycheck to paycheck to make a better life for my family.”

He says…

We need to stand United and become the United States of America Again. We Need to stand up and say Washington You are FIRED. We need to come together as working class Americans living in District 2 and end the rich get richer policies in Washington.

You can (maybe) learn more about him by going to Dirk Arneson for Congress on Facebook.


  1. I wouldn’t wrap fish in the Lincoln Journal Star. Meanwhile, in the comments section, another member of the school board, Don Mayhew, is attacking anyone who dares to criticize LPS. I challenged him to name one thing he thinks LPS does badly. He could not.

    Shallow boosterism is Lincoln’s besetting vice. Mention their best school, Lincoln East, ranks around 2000 nationally in U.S. News and World Report, and the booster squad will be on you like rabid piranhas.

  2. Sparkles says:

    Election Results – May 5, 2015

    Lincoln Board of Education: District 6
    Katie McLeese Stephenson 49.05%
    Matt Schulte 50.95%

  3. KHDS says:

    LJS and LPS work hand in hand.

    8.9% increase in gross tax receipts? LPS just needs more time to figure out how to spend it.

  4. TexasAnnie says:

    Yeah, Street Sweeper, the lead article is rather silly. But the LJS DID REPORT about the new abuse charges filed out of the Beatrice State Developmental Center!!! These charges of physical abuse have come “…less than a month after federal oversight of [BSDC] ended.” Y’all remember WHY the feds where overseeing. Right?

    Sparkles, have you learned about the BSDC deaths? It’s an awful tale and one that flies in the face of abortion and death penalty dogma. Yet it generates little interest among upstanding Nebraskans…shame, shame, shame…

  5. Outraged Conservative says:

    I admire that LeavenworthSt doesn’t violate Reagan’s 11th Commandment, but maybe if you would pay a little more attention to LPS (I’m not blaming you that you don’t), you would have seen Matt Schulte offer this up to a reporter when he decided to run in February.

    “I really am running because I want a great education for my own personal kids and want to be involved in the lives of kids,” he said.

    And according to the LJS’s voter guide, Schulte lists four kids in his response to their questionnaire: “Four children; three are pre-school aged and one is home-schooled now but will attend LPS.”

  6. Joe Bob says:

    So, Outraged Conservative, you’re saying Schulte should have done the “political” thing and put his kids in public school, even if his family made a determination that home-schooling was the best thing for the kids?

    Essentially, the LJS and everyone who is outraged by this is saying that Schulte should have put politics ahead of the best interests of his kids. Now, we don’t know what Schulte’s decision was based on, and we shouldn’t. That’s none of our business. The decision is between Schulte, his wife, and his kids. Assuming that home-schooling the kids is better, in their particular situation, than sending them to public school, Schulte did the right thing instead of the politically expedient thing.

  7. KHDS says:

    Obama was bragging about how much HS education improved in New Orleans after Katrina. He failed to mention that most of K-12 has been privatized through charter schools.

    Do the same in Lincoln and Omaha.

  8. Outraged Conservative says:

    Joe Bob, I don’t have a problem with him home schooling his kids. I think LJS and others have a problem with him saying he would and then not. He could have just been honest and say something like: “We don’t send our kids to LPS now and don’t know if we will in the future.”

    Home schooling your kids does not discount someone from serving on a school board. I think people are upset because they feel like he misrepresented his intentions.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have a problem with the president of the Lincoln Education Association suggesting that saying where you plan to send your kids for school is a “campaign pledge”.
    If that’s her position, she isn’t fit for the position she holds.

  10. The comments to that article are a textbook lesson in liberal intolerance, along with the usual sheep claiming Lincoln has a first rate public school system.

    The fact is, Lincoln doesn’t. Its best high school, East, ranks about 2000th nationally by USN&WR. Several of the others are in the bottom 50%. Given it’s a college town and state capital, with a relatively well-educated and demographically pretty homogenous population, LPS should be far better than it is.

    Personally, I blame UNL Teachers’ College, a petri dish for every wacky pedagogical idea that comes down the pike. It was Teachers’ College, remember, that thought Bill Ayers the terrorist would be a great invited speaker for their 100 th anniversary celebration. The students, indoctrinated with leftist educational ideas, go on to infest LPS, where they inflict nonsense like ‘whole language’ and ‘whole math’ on the unfortunate students (including 3 of my kids). The entire school board, excluding Schulte, is coopted into this lunacy.

  11. Outraged Conservative says:

    Anon: I agree it seems bizarre to call that a campaign “pledge.” Buuuuttt, had Schulte not offered that up for print, it wouldn’t be an issue, and she would seem even more out of touch with that position.

  12. Sparkles says:


    Regarding your question; “have you learned about the BSDC deaths?”

    I’m fully aware of the horrendous BSDC debacle, courtesy of the Heineman administration, that lead to the deaths of Nebraskans and cost our state an estimated $80 million.

    That’s just one of the tragedies Nebraskans were forced to endure throughout the dark decade that was the Heineman reign.
    History is certain to note that no other Governor in the history of Nebraska brought more pain and suffering to the least of these brothers and sisters of mine.
    As you’ve rightly noted there is the seemingly endless horror story of the BSDC.

    Add to that the colossal failure that was Heineman’s attempt to privatize child welfare. An attempt that harmed countless innocent children in addition to incurring of fine of $24 million and ultimately costing untold 10’s of millions more.

    Add to that the cluster$^%& of AccessNebraska. Yet another Heineman experiment in squeezing a few pennies from the poorest Nebraskans. An effort that again, cost Nebraska the loss of millions and millions in federal dollars and after 7 years of inept fiddling found by numerous investigations and reports to be “largely a failure”, or to have “failed dramatically”. All while Nebraskans suffered.

    Add that the purely partisan opposition to the expansion of Medicaid. A program Nebraskans have now reached into their pockets and fully funded for 3 years, yet haven’t received in return a single dime of benefit because we simply refuse to accept the money that is rightfully ours.
    An expansion providing life saving care and money saving preventative medicines to more than 80,000 Nebraskans.
    And expansion that a study by the University of NE Omaha found would:
    Bring $2.9 to $3.5 Billion federal dollars to Nebraska through 2020.
    Would generate at least $700 Million dollars in new economic activity each year, economic activity that would support more than 10,000 Nebraska jobs.

    A more recent (April 2015) study by two UN Kearney professors (management and economics, respectively) found that:
    “..the state’s economy would conservatively avoid more than $1 billion in silent taxes, medical-related bankruptcies and unnecessary state spending in the next five years with expanded Medicaid.
    With expansion, the state would receive nearly $2.1 billion during that time, drawing $992,000 daily in federal expansion funding and generating $5 billion in increased economic activity, the study showed.
    It would save, create and support 47,000 jobs between 2015 and 2020.
    “It preserves the hospitals. It preserves jobs. It preserves communities,” Konecny said.

    An expansion that would generate $174.8 million in state and local taxes, which would be more than enough to offset the $81 million cost to the state to expand Medicaid to 79,600 low-income, working Nebraskans.

    It’s quite literally a no-brainer.
    But like Heineman, Ricketts, for purely partisan reasons, will fight this expansion tooth and nail, and Nebraskans will continue to suffer.

    47,000 new jobs!
    The GOP will fight for the toxic funnel that is the keystone pipeline, calling it a ‘jobs bill’.
    But as we’re all aware, it’s a disaster waiting to strike Nebraska’s, and one of the planet’s, most precious natural resources.
    And, it’s a project that will ultimately create about 11 permanent jobs in Nebraska.


  13. Purple Penguin says:

    Maybe Matt Schulte doesn’t want his kids exposed to having girls and boys using opposite sex bathrooms and his kid being guilted about their “white privilege”. He is on the inside now and sees the indoctrination that Dr. Joel and his minions impose on LPS students.

  14. To Purple Penguin says:

    Just call LPS and ask them if teenage boys use the girls bathroom there. They are not telling the parents this.

  15. Gud Snavi says:

    Nobody cares that he home schools, and probably most people don’t think of what he said as a “pledge”. The problem is he said something he apparently didn’t mean and it makes it look like he was saying what he had to to win a tight race. He also realized Rachel Terry was getting destroyed in the primary so he backed away from CARE even though he’s clearly a member.

    If he had been honest about his intention to continue home schooling and about how close he was to CARE, he probably would have lost and he knows it. So people feel he’s dishonest.

  16. Gud Snavi says:

    Harbison: a school board member wouldn’t say anything bad about his district?

    Gosh he sounds just horrible. /sarcasm

    Did you think you were going to trap him with brainless questions? Your rhetorical skills are about on par with “when did you stop beating your wife?” His only “attack” on you was pointing out you think you know more than anybody else, which you admitted to. He played to your hubris and you walked into it.

  17. TexasAnnie says:

    THANK YOU SPARKLES for acknowledging the awful truth about BSDC. I have been issuing this and similar complaints about the treatment of the developmentally disabled there for several years, yet YOU are the FIRST to convey any regret at Leavenworth Street!

    Is there a second out there? Anyone?

  18. TexasAnnie says:

    On another thought before I leave for Austin:
    Sparkles, you are wrong that no other governor brought so much pain and suffering to the DD population. Governor Ben Nelson conspired with the unicam first to restrict SPED funding, and then, to actually prevent some disabled children from receiving a public education. I’ve got the documents! And unlike those Nebraska “tax studies” I’m disposing of, I’ll keep these legislative and Dept. of Ed. papers until… The good news was: gentle Johanns and righteous Raikes (former governor and state senator who served Nebraskans between Nelson and Heineman) put those children back in school and restored funding.)

    As for Medicaid. Hmmm. I do understand that it is the ‘catch-all’ for social services. Which is probably why it has become too expensive for states to manage. I would prefer a renewed distinction between health care and day care. (And yes, I would provide day care for the disabled as well.) But surely, now that the Affordable Health Care Act has passed constitutional muster, we can get to a single payer system in our lifetimes. Given our unjust taxing and spending policies, I do believe that only a nationalized health care system can be made just. If we had tax justice, though, I would not arrive at this same conclusion.

  19. TA:

    I have far more experience than you with a nationalized health care system. Believe, me, I am sincere when I say I really hope you get one in your lifetime.

    I also hope that’s in a different country than mine.

  20. “Gosh he sounds just horrible.”

    Actually, he does. It’s his job to oversee LPS. If he can’t find anything wrong with LPS, he’s doing a plain lousy job as overseer.

    I have some moderate oversight responsibilities at UNL. I can give you a list of things wrong with UNL. If I wasn’t aware of those things, I’d be unqualified to do my job.

    “Did you think you were going to trap him with brainless questions? Your rhetorical skills are about on par with “when did you stop beating your wife?” His only “attack” on you was pointing out you think you know more than anybody else, which you admitted to. He played to your hubris and you walked into it.”

    He’s an elected public official. It’s his responsibility to answer questions from the public. And I didn’t say I know more than anyone else. I said I know more than him. It’s a low bar.

  21. Gud Snavi says:

    Harbison, there’s a difference “couldn’t” and “wouldn’t”. I’m sure he’s much more aware of any actual shortcomings than what’s in your fevered imagination.

    And for the record, he said you know more than a board member, admin, and teachers, and you agreed that you did.

    You’re like the bad auditions on American Idol. In your head you think you sound great. But to the rest of us you sound like a pompous, tone-deaf, blowhard. Go re-read your exchange. You come off like an angry, name calling, old man who knows more about everything than anybody else, even though you have NO EXPERIENCE doing those things.

  22. Edward U. Casion says:

    You are wrong. This is news.

    This man sought the power to govern schools where he refuses to send his own children. That is hypocrisy on steroids. It is like a surgeon who refuses to have his own surgery in the hospital where he operates. It is like Gov. Ricketts living in Kansas and commuting to work. I don’t think this is a headline story. But it is a story.

    I get all of your points. The Stinkin Urinal-Scar is run by effete shitheads. And Public Schools suck. Don’t I know it! They graduated me with a barely passing GPA, challenging me not one iota as suggested by several subsequent honors degrees. Yet even while I was immersed in public schools, I felt the aim was to coddle the stupid and to suppress intelligence to a common lower mean mediocrity that in lib-think passes for social equality; a puerile system of self-reinforcing failure governed by political haymaking tax-money shovelers in DC who fill public curriculums with so much politically correct nonsense that it is a wonder that any of the students learn to read, write or add.

    However, this isn’t about that. This is about a man who volunteered to decide the fate of his neighbor’s children, on his neighbor’s tax-dime, empowered by his voting neighbors, but who then decides his own children should be schooled differently than his neighbor’s kids whom he governs. That is like Congress not being subject to its own laws.

    Unless this fellow is offering to home school all the kids under his jurisdictional thumb, then he should have perhaps sought to instead have power over something else, perhaps utilities. But hypocrites tend to be hypocrites 24/7. If he was on the Electric Co. board of governors, the headline would be about him going off-grid.

    I agree that Public Schools suck. Trying to justify blatant hypocrisy doesn’t help fix that problem.

  23. Gud Snavi says:

    I have to wonder how Schulte would feel if an atheist applied to be on his board of directors for Youth for Christ. That’s what his presence on the school board feels like. I’m just constantly questioning his motives. Like when he’s the ONLY board member voting against the budget.

    He won’t send his own kids to public school and he wants to cut funding. Hard to reconcile that with him pretending to be a supporter of public education.

  24. The school board isn’t atheist. It’s secular. If you don’t know the difference, learn.

    To suggest that religious people can’t be involved in American public institutions goes against every principle on which this country is based, and it nothing short of bigotry. Read Article 6 of the US Constitution.

    It is a shame Schulte is the only one in favor of cutting the budget. The whole board should want to do that.

  25. The President runs the Department of Edcuation, but doesn’t send his kids to public school. He didn’t even whan he was a Senator. Should that disqualify him?

    Should every member of the Board of Regents send their kids to the University of Nebraska? Heck, no. There are obviously far better schools out there, and if their kid gets in, why should the kid take a hit on their future career to further Dad’s own meager political career? When my daugher got into Cornell, I was delighted. It’s a far better program than ours.

    Schulte is a citizen, a registered voter, and a taxpayer. He has a right to decide how his money is spent. The School Board has far too many cheerleaders on it.

  26. Gud Snavi says:

    “The school board isn’t atheist. It’s secular.”

    Excellent example of a meaningless distinction. The point is he wants to run an organization he clearly doesn’t believe in.

    “The whole board should want to do that (cut the budget).”

    Why? Cuz gubmint = bad?

    Your distaste for cheerleading is becoming comical. If somebody supports an institution you don’t like, they’re obviously just cheerleading? Here’s a thought. Maybe they’re actually proud of the work they’re doing. Everybody who disagrees with you isn’t a shill.

    Maybe it’s past your nap time. Check first to see if there are any kids on your lawn.

  27. Sparkles says:


    Regarding your question:
    ” ‘moar free gummint cheese’.. Tell me how you’re going to pay for it.”

    We’re already paying for it.
    The tax dollars of hard working Nebraskans are currently being used to pay for health services and preventative medicine for the impoverished and working* poor in 31 states.
    31 states (including DC) that have embraced Medicaid expansion.
    Nebraska is among the minority of states who, at the expense of their citizenry, still clings to destructive partisan ideology. We share this regressive badge of honor with red states like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, etc..
    *Here are the demographics of those covered under Medicaid expansion –
    Predominantly white, non-hispanic, middle aged, working poor.
    76% are childless adults.
    66% are working, 43% are working full time.

    Also, you apparently missed the stunning numbers provided the the Professors of UNK and UNO. –
    $700,000 million in new economic activity each year.
    $174.8 million in new state and local taxes, which would be more than enough to offset the $81 million cost to the state to expand Medicaid to 79,600 low-income, -working- Nebraskans.
    47,000 new jobs.
    And we’ll skip the part where the expansion it will bring $10’s of Millions of new dollars to our struggling rural hospitals, saving more than a few from the fate of closure. $10’s of millions that will in turn circulate throughout rural communities, supporting schools, maintaining roads and utilities.
    We’ll skip the part where the preventative medicine and services may possible will save billions of dollars in the long term in the form of catastrophic illnesses.

    Here’s even more money. A quick and easy $100 Million plus in revenue. Revenue that our special interest owned GOP dominated NE legislature refuses to collect –
    Close the sales tax loophole where Nebraska defines pop and energy drinks as food, thus making them exempt from sales taxes. Most of our surrounding states do not categorize pop as food. Better yet, remove candy from the definition of food as well, like Colorado did in 2009.
    Make our excise taxes on cigarettes equal to the national average. Why do choose to be a cheap cigarette state?
    These two changes would bring in well over $100 million per year.
    (while also addressing childhood obesity and the medical expense wrought by smoking)

    More easy money –
    Require just a modicum of accountability in Nebraska’s egregious Corporate Welfare system known as the Nebraska Advantage Act (LB775).
    An audit released in February by the Legislative Audit Office concluded that each job created with Nebraska Advantage Act economic development incentives in 2011 cost between $43,000 and $235,000.
    A Dec 1, 2012 New York Times report showed Nebraska spends at least $1.4 billion per year on incentive programs.
    The third biggest corporate welfare spender in the nation per capita.
    39 cents of every tax dollar, $763 per Nebraskan, per year – funneled out in ineffectual corporate welfare.
    Check out the report, it’s quite detailed.
    The add injury to insult, numerous studies has shown that the vast majority of (the remarkably few) jobs credited to the Nebraska Advantage Act would have been created with, or without government handouts.

    Of course, now that Pete’s at the helm, the founder of the ALEC-lite Platte Institute and defender of all things supply side, I’m sure the Corporate Welfare trough will be viciously pared back.
    Cause ya know, “fiscal conservative” and all that.

    ha.. ha-ha-ha.

  28. Sparkles:

    (1) No. We’re not paying for the Medicaid recipients in 31 states. Once we started running a budget deficit in 2001, every additional cent we added to government spending, every new obligation, and yes I include Iraq, was being paid for by borrowing. Our children and grandchildren will pay it back. I don’t support that, and I don’t support adding to the bill.

    (2) Re the specious ‘economic activity’: Google Bastiat’s Broken Windows fallacy.

    (3) I completely agree with you about LB 775. Taxes should be predictable, universal, and low.

  29. In the Know says:

    When are you cutting the education for kids when your district raises revenues over 8% and puts $10 million dollars into cash reserve? Schulte proposed no cuts. The district is hoarding cash. The March of the Purple Penguins continues

  30. Gud Snavi says:

    Out of everything I posted, that’s your takeaway? A comparison between two words that I didn’t make? I was saying that you pointing out the school board isn’t atheist was a meaningless distinction. I wasn’t saying the two words were the same. For somebody with your vocabulary, you sometimes seem to struggle with reading comprehension. I’m guessing it’s willful misunderstanding because you have no salient points.

    OK, O Champion of Self Inspection, you said that a board member should be able to tell you something bad the district is doing. What’s one incorrect post you’ve made? We’ve all done it… said something and then found out we were wrong. What’s your bad post?

    I nominate your last one where you try to put words in my mouth because deep down you realize your arguments are empty.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Get RWP one inch away from the A+B=C clarity of chemistry and he can get lost in the fuzzy world of people being invested in this or that political person or issue. So too can we all.

    But this is extra pathetic. For he is a sincere atheist defending religious people not against harm but for sake of their own hypocritical choices. That appears less invested than infested.

  32. Sparkles says:


    Regarding: “specious ‘economic activity’”

    $2 to $3 billion injected into our economy will have no effect?

    Actually, I’ve got your ‘specious’
    Google: dynamic scoring

    You know, Ayn Ryan’s (Paul R-Austrian) and the GOP’s magical mystery math that’s been forced onto the CBO in order to justify the lunacy of trickle down economics (aka – LB775).

    Regardless that we’ve now have thirty five years of financial/economic history that should have destroyed forever the Great Lie that Voodoo economics creates anything but deficit bubbles, the GOP and their newly occupied CBO has a mystical formula that will be employed in order to create the illusion that tax cuts magically pay for themselves.

    See: Kansas

  33. repentinglawyer says:

    GH is not correct about Article VI since the bar to test oaths only applied to the Federal Government and States had test oaths, last was Maryland, declared unconstitutional by SCOTUS in 1960s. He is right,however , that a bar to religious persons holding public office would now be unconstitutional in States, and at the Federal level was always barred. The distinction between secular, not oriented to religion, and non belief seems clear. Historic test oaths were primarily aimed at RCs, the oath against transubstantiation, and repeal in UK was part of Irish Emancipation, as I am sure he knows.

  34. Gud Snavi says:

    Harbison’s taking that nap. When he gets up, he’s going to yell at some clouds and then win yet another argument against his neighbor’s stupid, barking dog.

  35. Gud, you’re an illiterate troll. If you had a thought to rattle around in that tiny little head, you’d realize that what can be used against religious people today, can be used against atheists tomorrow. Of course you said the difference between secularism and atheism is meaningless, though you now deny it. Begone; the average IQ around here has become dangerously low.


    I regret wasting my pearls on swine. Go ahead mainlining Paul Krugman and convincing yourself you know diddly about economics. Waffle waffle waffle.

    Yes, I do confess having been wrong. Until recently, i was convinced liberals were just stupid. I’ve recently become convinced only malice can explain them.

  36. Gud Snavi says:

    “I hate the gubmint…. except on payday.”
    “I think education funding should be cut… except for my own job of course.”

    Gerard Harbison
    Hypocrisy International, President and Founding Member

  37. Anonymous says:

    If you wish to piss on every liberal progressive who is stupid or malicious, you will need to do some heavy hydrating.

    And what’s the point? Liberals like golden showers.

  38. Anonymous says:

    “$2 to $3 billion injected into our economy will have no effect?” Unless there is a rainbow unicorn that farts real money into existence, just where is this pot o’ gold Sparkles keeps referring to?

  39. bynd says:

    If the Dept. of Education was eliminated, that would save the US a minimum of $77.4 billion a year. If the welfare system in the US was eliminated and direct payments made to all those on welfare and the federal employees who run the system, payments would be around $55,000 per person, that’s per person not just adults. If you don’t include the Federal employees, then it would be about $84,000.00 per per per person. How much health insurance good these people buy under this system.

    It has cost the US over $3 trillion dollars, so far, to implement and run the ACA. How much would it have cost to take those without health insurance, since that was the stated goal, and just add them to the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan.

    When the ACA was started, it was stated by this administration, that 30 million people needed coverage. The total of those now insured, and this number is definitely fudged, is 17 million. Will they ever insure the other 13 million?

    Just a few examples. But while Sparkles goes after the speck in Nebraska’s eye, she totally disregards the forest in the Federal Government’s eyes.

    I agree with most of what she says about the republican redistribution of wealth through economic welfare. I have ragged on LB 775 for a long time. Why does she not include the Angel Investor’s Act scam. Thousands for millionaires. Even Ricketts called it stupid when it was passed.

    Your nickle and dime approach and trying to castigate the small fish while ignoring/giving a free pass to the bigger ones leaves your intellectual integrity in doubt.

  40. Meanwhile says:

    Why doesn’t the LJS do a story on why their favorite councilwoman, Leiron Gailord Baird sends her kids to a non LPS school?

  41. TexasAnnie says:

    According to the acting tax commissioner, by letter dated 7/15/15, these Nebraska tax incentive programs are either taking new applications, or, still providing “incentives” on expired programs:

    Nebraska Advantage Act
    Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act
    Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit Act
    Nebraska Advantage Research and Development Act
    Employment and Investment Growth Act (LB775)
    Invest Nebraska Act (LB620)
    Quality Jobs Act (LB829)

    While it is convenient to refer to each of these unjust tax policies as “LB775,” they are not all the same.
    However, similarly, they are each designed to accommodate tax favoritism (tax injustice). Is there a tax advantage in there for you? If not, you must be _______________ for paying your taxes Nebraska taxes!!!

    I got fed up and left Nebraska upon retirement. Not because of the amount of taxes I was paying, but because of the amount so many others were not required to pay! And I guess by this time next year, the Woodmen of the World won’t be paying their taxes there either…

  42. Anonymous says:

    TA, rank, say, the first 10 states, on order from most “tax justice” to least. If Nebraska sucks, by you definition, it doesn’t follow that the other 49 states are equally bad. Some states must be more just, some less. Which are are they and why?

  43. TexasAnnie says:

    Remember: You said “Nebraska sucks.” Not I.

    The seven states that don’t impose an individual income tax are more just than all those that do.

  44. Gud Snavi says:


    I know you get paid, since I support you with my taxes. What I don’t know is if you work. We all know how lazy you gubmint employees are. Especially the ones with tenure. Do you have tenure Gerard? You simply have no motivation to do anything.

    90% of the Lincoln school districts budget is people. When you call for them to cut the budget, you’re saying you want people like yourself to get fired.

    As much as you hate gubmint, the best thing you could do to shrink the size of it would be to quit. Why haven’t you quit, Gerard? Why do you keep sponging off of us hardworking taxpayers?

  45. Anonymous says:

    Your response is incomplete, TA. Rank order by tax burden, lowest to highest please. If you don’t know find out. You’ve demonstrated you have the research skills to give a complete answer to a reasonable question. If you choose not to its not Nebraska that sucks.

  46. Oh, Gud, who do you think you’re kidding?

    You don’t pay taxes. You’re 28 years old, and you live in your Mom’s basement and collect SSDI, thanks to that dirtbag lawyer she screwed for a couple of weeks so he would write you up with Pervasive Developmental Disorder. You play videogames most of the day, and crust up your pajama bottoms when a hooker appears in GTA 3. You are a Democrat, because why should people who actually have a job think they’re any better than you? You hate it when your Mom has boyfriends over, which happens a lot. And you ‘volunteer’ for Obama for America, which chiefly consists of smoking some dope and posting abuse online.

    See, I just outed another one!

  47. bynd says:

    Sparkles: By the way, how about Obama’s stimulus package. Any proof that had the car industry gone through normal bankruptcy channels they might have even come out better? How many of the predictions by the administration on the ACA have been met? How is the cost doing? And you worry about Nebraska. The Feds are a lot closer to not paying their bills than any other government entity in this country, except the Dem controlled CA. The only difference is, the Feds can print all the money they need. But there will be consequences. There always are. Watch what happens to the poor then. Inflation is a nasty thing. Under Jimmy, mortgage rates were 18% if you could get one that good.

  48. Hoot says:

    Sweeper says “I write about what angers me the most. “ It is good to see a lawyer admit he chooses his battles by whichever barb stung him most recently and sharply. That entails no-long range thinking and is thus barely human. But don’t get snooty. People are basically hooting chimps with a symbol processor implant. Everyone always decides first emotionally and then runs that guess through their reasoning cortex to see if its survivable.

    This is why Political Correctness is so dangerous. PC hijacks the emotional power of the initial decision by inserting into our habit patterns a “never insult (X) group” trip-switch that tickles our primate social urges that aren’t evolved to deal with this level of manipulation.

    We all rationally know truth hurts, so we rationally know feel-good is usually a lie. But we follow where our emotions lead. We vote that way, legislate that way, even march into the ovens that way. Hope springs infernal. Indeed, Political Correctness is as intellectually seductive to us as a bright red rump is sexually to a chimp.

    Trump isn’t the first to surface this. But he might be the loudest.

  49. KHDS says:

    I learned how much an experienced LPS teacher earned, I literally could not believe it. Add in the fact they have a great pension plan, great health insurance and the limited hours that they work and they effectively earn as much as county court judges.

    If people knew the real facts on OPS and LPS compensation, they would demand change. We saw only the tip of the iceberg with the pay of the new OPS Superintendent. Cesspool.

  50. to KHDS says:

    Experienced teachers probably should be taking home a lot more if they’re only getting paid about what county judges do. Most of them are more educated than the judge and they probably put in as many hours and their retirement plans aren’t nearly as good as the judges.

    When you consider that most county judges are where they’re at because they weren’t good enough to make it in private practice you have to think most of them are probably over paid. In a sane society we’d be concentrating on getting the best and brightest interested in educating our children – not bitching because teachers are over paid.

  51. KHDS says:


    You are completely nuts. Look at the horrible scores and results at OPS and LPS and the only rational thing to do is to cut their compensation.

    If you went to college you would know that the smart kids were NOT in the School of Education.

    The current public education crew is way overpaid for their miserable results. Vouchers for Lincoln and Omaha. It has worked in New Orleans.

  52. Pete says:

    It makes perfect sense that Schulte isn’t sending his kid to LPS. Assuminghe ran because he wanted to help fix something that is broken, why would he send his child there before it is adequately fixed?

  53. Anonymous says:

    Well said KHDS. You are correct. Public School teachers are baby sitters who repeat what others have written, are punished for creativity, and required to make only the laziest kids pass. If students learn anything in a public school it is by mistake. Private schools are moderately better. Home schooling barely worked when we lived in caves. But there is a special hypocrisy in teachers who demand respect for being so helpful to society while having their union hold taxpayers’ hostage, just as my janitors’ union, the AFLCIO, did. Difference being, janitors don’t demand they be pitied and respected simultaneously.

    I was working my way through another university honors degree by cleaning toilets. Teachers were very often condescending jerks. I often got the “you seem smart, you should go to college” and yet I already had a higher GPA and degree accolades than the prigs talking down to me. And that’s fine because plenty of janitors are dim but so too are plenty of teachers. And they often blew a gasket when they discovered janitors earned more than some teachers. They worked 25% less of the year. And even when they did work, their job was to be smarter than a Fifth Grader.

    One teacher was particularly piqued at my salary superiority, offensively so. I offered the educator my toilet brush and said “Here is the real difference. You think you put up with shit but that delusion all in your head.” The teacher didn’t realize they had been called a scheisskoph. Not exactly a Socrates.

  54. The Grundle King says:

    Edward U. Casion wrote: ” This is about a man who volunteered to decide the fate of his neighbor’s children, on his neighbor’s tax-dime, empowered by his voting neighbors, but who then decides his own children should be schooled differently than his neighbor’s kids whom he governs.”

    The LPS board is an unpaid position…so he’s not doing of the things you disdain “on his neighbor’s tax-dime”.

    I’m inclined to agree with Gerard that, if Don Mayhew (who’s never seen an LPS budget proposal he didn’t like) can’t find something that LPS does badly, then he’s unfit to serve on the board because he’s either stopped scrutinizing for ways to improve, or he’s completely unaware of what LPS is actually doing.

    Mr. Schulte didn’t propose to CUT the budget of LPS, simply that they temper their budget increase and allow the taxpayers to keep some of their money (oh, the horrors!). LPS would have you believe that putting only $5 million in their rainy day fund is the end of the world…and yet, they weren’t expecting that much income anyways, so their own budget was leading to their end-of-the-world scenario. This means that they’re either incompetent when it comes to budgeting, or they’re liars (or both).

    But as Sweeper pointed out, Schulte’s vote on the budget is 100% f***ing irrelevant to his decision on how to best educate his children…a decision that his wife surely helped make. Of course, the Dems and libs on here must believe that Matt Schulte’s position on the school board means that either (a) his wife is also a de facto board member, and she must also base her decisions on LPS interests, or (b) his wife forfeits her rights to make decisions for her children…that she must be subservient to her husband, and by extension, to the voters of Lincoln.

    So in the former case, the Dems/libs are acting as authoritarians, and in the latter, they’re acting as misogynists. But hey, neither would be anything new.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Maybe this board member needs to check into why it is the LPS superintendent is hauling in a salary of $308,000 for less students in his district than OPS superintendent who is making $281,139. What is Lincoln getting in return for that kind of money? That should concern the Lincoln Journal more than one guy’s schooling of his own kids. What is the entire district getting in return for that kind of money while they have a board that keeps in lock step to voting a raise each year. Where do I sign up?

  56. Macdaddy says:

    The Progs at LJS think that “home schooled” is a code word for a committed Christian. That’s what is really giving them hives: plain, old-fashioned religious bigotry.

    Here’s a question for any of you Lincolnites who may remember: has the LJS ever endorsed a school board candidate who never had a kid in LPS? Is that one of the litmus tests for the LJS? Do they have other litmus tests?

  57. Gud Snavi? That is Doug Evans spelled backwards. Doug was campaign manager for Connie Duncan, who also sent her child to a public school–Lutheran I believe. Doug isn’t going after Connie, because she won, but he’s a poor loser and a bully who is going after Matt Schulte because his candidate Katie McLeese Stephenson lost. Neither Matt nor Connie failed to feed their children breakfast, nor smoked weed while they were driving them to school, nor sent them to school without warm coats, and Matt still has 12 years to send his kids to LPS. Quit your childish bullying, Doug, and find another pseudonym to hide behind when you post intolerant and narrow minded posts.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Whoever Doug is, he sure works cheap as camp man because Duncan didn’t even file a report for having raised the threshold for reporting that shows she actually paid someone money. Her whole campaign was done for nothing? Now that’s weird or deceptive?

  59. WashingtonNative says:

    Mr. Harbison, I tip my hat to you, sir. Apparently, your critical thought and analysis skills were not obtained at LPS.

  60. Deb Portz says:

    I second Robin’s comment! This isn’t about “homeschooling”. This is about a school district that has moved from being the citizen’s representatives to being cheerleaders for the District and the LEA. If the issue on where Matt Schulte’s kids were attending school was such an issue, why did the LJS print this article on August 28th? School started August 12th! Maybe the budget vote on August 25th had more to to with it. And the biggest lie from Doug Evans – Matt Schulte voted to “cut funding for LPS”. In the preliminary budget meetings, Matt was a yes vote to give LPS $20 million more in their budget than last year – a 6% increase in revenue for a 3.5 increase in salaries and a 2 % increase in students. It was the $32 million increase he had an issue with. And the excuse that we had to put that all in Reserves to cover the decrease in state aid next year of $12 million…….then why is the projection of a decrease in state aid for 2016-17 in the slides on the LPS website only $2.6 million?

  61. Deb Portz says:

    A “Necessary Cash Reserve” LPS budget line item that now has a balance of $99,374,877.77 with the approval of the adopted 2015-16 budget. To say this is needed to garner a favorable Moody’s bond rating is a great topic for a future article on Leavenworth Street.

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