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New 25-year-old GOP candidate for the Nebraska 2nd District Congressional seat, Dirk Arneson and Star Wars, The Force Awakens, new bad guy, Adam Driver!


Because it is not the desire of this website to mimic the local papers that bury their corrections on page 16-B, at the bottom, Leavenworth St. would like to clarify something from a post last week.

Apparently there was some confusion about the activities of State Senator Mike Groene as he gathered signature petitions for the Death Penalty repeal vote.

Senator Groene wanted to specifically note that he did NOT gather signatures “going after” State Senators Laura Ebke or Mark Kolterman. The way it was phrased, there was some confusion, and that was not the way it was meant.

Senator Groene also wanted to make it clear that he was up front with any other Senators who live in his area and voted for the Death Penalty repeal, if he was collecting signatures in their districts. He did not however, go to neighboring Senator Matt Williams’ hometown and collect sigs, “targeting” him.

What DID he do?

Wellllll, you will have to listen to my podcast interview with State Senator Groene on The Wheels Down Politics Show!

We talk about the signature petition process, how he collected his sigs, his experience doing it, and his feelings on the Death Penalty itself.

We also talk about his background and how he got involved in politics. And a little about the groups he started, the Western Nebraska Taxpayers Association and the Platte Institute.

And straight talker Groene also tells, straight up, who he supports for President and why.

Come here tomorrow to hear the pod!


And as far as bringing up topics to cover, the LJS — and particularly Don Walton in his Monday column — is the Giving Tree that keeps on giving.

Especially if you’re a “progressive”.

Today, The Don noted

Under Nebraska’s state constitution, voters have a right to overrule the Legislature even though that may run counter to the concept of representative government.

Well now.

On the one hand he is correct that for say, Congress, this doesn’t happen.
But then again, it’s not part of the U.S. Constitution.
There ARE other methods for individuals in states to take things into their own hands. (Colorado, for one, is showing that.)

But this “counter” concept of democracy IS part of Nebraska’s state constitution.
And has been for a while now.
So not sure why Don is waving the red light to put on the brakes.

Oh, wait. We are sure.

Because did anyone read something like this from Don on, say, the Minimum Wage vote?

It was all about “the second house” and such, yeah?

But now, on the Death Penalty repeal it’s, “Well, maybe Nebraskans will come to their senses! Like the legislature did! We Nebraskans don’t rush into things!”

Interesting how Don quotes two other petitions that DIDN’T pass — as opposed to ones that did.

But he’s just an impartial viewer folks!


Speaking of the Nebraska 2nd District race, today Bellevue Mayor Rita Sanders endorsed Don Bacon for Congress.

While Sanders isn’t in the 2nd anymore (well, not sure about her house, but the City Hall anyway) she has first-hand knowledge of Offutt, where Bacon spent many years.

And if Bacon doesn’t ultimately succeed in this bid, it would seem he could become the Supreme Leader of Sarpy County, with the endorsements he is racking up there.


Check back here tomorrow morning for The Wheels Down Politics Show podcast!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t hear Steve Lathrop bragging about how he personally got the Ralston Arena built. For reference, visit the World Herald article from December 8th 2011 “Ralston sets ambitious goals for new arena”

  2. Anonymous says:


    Does Walton read Lst.? Has he ever responded to one of your articles, perhaps via e-mail? I mean, you so frequently and so thoroughly call him out on his very apparent bias. I have to believe he has SOMETHING to say.

  3. Sparkles says:

    Re the the story’s statement:
    “And if Bacon doesn’t ultimately succeed in this bid, it would seem he could become the Supreme Leader of Sarpy County, with the endorsements he is racking up there.”

    Supreme Leader.
    This statement makes it impossible not to recall numerous recent articles detailing that a literal who’s-who of White Supremacist and Neo-Nazi organizations have gone on record the last few weeks, publicly stating their support for Donald Trump and the GOP’s new anti-immigrant fervor.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It was obvious Sweeper was making a joke.
    But what is more interesting is that you looked at the term, “Supreme Leader” that is usually associated with Iran or North Korea, and YOUR mind made it IMPOSSIBLE not to think of Nazis and the Klan.
    My what an interesting Rorschach test you present.

  5. Sparkles says:

    On Morning Joe this morning, Scarborough & clan were reviewing the latest polling out of Iowa (likely R voters), showing Trump at 23% and Carson at 18%, followed by Cruz and Walker at 8% respectively.
    Upon seeing the least qualified contenders on the planet firmly ensconced in first and second place, the squinty eyed Gingrich revolution Joe went into this stream of consciousness rant –
    “A least 4 out of 10 Republican voters are saying to the Republican party, Screw Off.
    You are not relevant to us. We don’t want any of your game show hosts in Washington D.C. coming out, prattling around saying the same thing you’ve been saying to us since 1980 while you’re driving up debt to record levels and starting up wars wherever you could start up wars. ”

    I couldn’t help but look up from my paper and morning coffee when Joe set the date of debauchery at.. 1980.
    Joe impugned not just the hapless W and his Pa, but tossed in the illicit arms dealer himself, St. Ronald.

  6. Sparkles says:

    Anonymous at 1:24

    You’re of course entitled to your own interpretation.
    But for the record, how about an exact quote from Wiki:
    The title or description “supreme leader” typically refers to the person among a number of leaders of a state, organization or other such group who has been given or is able to exercise the most – or complete – authority over it. In a religion, this role is usually satisfied by a person deemed to be the representative or manifestation of a god or gods on Earth. In politics, a supreme leader usually has a cult of personality associated with them, such as Adolf Hitler (Führer) in Germany;..

    To be clear, my comment was in NO WAY meant as a slight to Sweeper.
    I was merely noting the coincidental correlation of recent national news stories and the the local ‘endorsements’ of a potential ‘Supreme Leader’.

  7. Macdaddy says:

    I couldn’t care less as to what anybody on MSNBC said about anything or anyone at any time. Their irrelevance means they are killing the planet for nothing.

  8. repentinglawyer says:

    Seems silly to point out that referendum is inconsistent with classic republican model or original Federal Constitution, since even at the Federal level the system is now more democratic, and the three rights reserved to the people are part of that historic trend in the States, rather like making that comment on women voting.

  9. Sparkles says:


    Scarborough received a 95 percent lifetime rating from the American Conservative Union.
    Scarborough was a prominent member of the vaunted Gingrich Revolution and signatory to the right’s still-gloried Contract with America.
    Joe had mastered the rube theater that is Tea Party before Tea Party was.. cool.

    Of course it has been well documented that the Contract with America was nothing more than a political ploy.

  10. Average Voter says:

    Certain people like Sparkles just don’t know how the government works in Nebraska. Let alone complex states like Arizona, etc. He/She has probably has never even stepped foot in a government building.

  11. Sparkles says:

    “ the government works in Nebraska.”

    What d’ya say we sum it up in a grim, fairy tale.

    Pappa Pluto buys Boy Pluto the very best seat in the whole house.
    Without hesitation, Boy Pluto hires operatives who will actually occupy his fancy new seat and who will perform the menial tasks of pulling the strings and purchasing the pet legislation, permitting our Boy Pluto to hop about the globe, glad handing fellow Plutos, all in hopes of some day buying himself an even grander office. An office of Oval.
    An office from which he, Pappa and all his joyful new Pluto friends hope to some day trickle down the little people of the world.

  12. Macdaddy says:

    Sparkles, you mean Joe Scarborough who left office in 2001 under questionable circumstances and is all for gun control and called Ted Cruz utterly ignorant? That Joe Scarborough? No, I really don’t care what he has to say. Apparently you do, though. Do you agree with him when he calls Democrats and the liberal media utterly irresponsible? What about when he blames all the cop shootings on cable TV news?

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