Piñata Trump es bueno!

If this had been called "Trump Tower", no problemo...
If this had been called “Trump Tower”, no problemo…

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln will hang an effigy of Donald Trump, that you can hit with a stick, at their next meeting.

And once they have ruptured it, candy may fall out.

And apparently everyone is pretty cool with that.

Now…let’s say the Society of Swedish Medical Professionals at the same school, decided to batter a piñata of President Obama, to protest their job threats to ObamaCare.

Does anyone think that this wouldn’t be called racist, shunned by the University, possibly have some action taken against the group and publicized nationally, or at least by the Huffington Post?

And don’t even begin to suggest that thwacking a Hillary effigy wouldn’t put you on double-secret probation.

Of course you can’t blame the SHPE for thinking what they’re doing is cool.

Take this quote from the OWH :

“It has become a hot trend in Mexico and stateside to incorporate a Trump piñata into celebrations since he began speaking out against illegal immigration, advocating for a border wall and calling Mexicans rapists.

I’m not anxious to defend Donald Trump, but Trump was talking specifically about illegal immigrants committing crimes. But no matter, because that wouldn’t help the story they want to tell.

But hey, I’m just happy about all of the racial healing we have been having over the past six and a half years, just like we were promised.


Staying in Lincoln, Nancy Hicks of the LJS has gone to the Don Walton School of Journalism, where she hammers the point that the Lincoln City Council is NON-PARTISAN!

NON! No parties! We don’t like parties, partisanship is bad, and decisions made based on what party you are is bad!

For instance…

The LJS’s Hicks notes that DEMOCRAT Carl Eskridge does NOT like partisanship!!!

His vote was a gentle slam against partisan decision-making, a reminder that votes that show who has the majority is a thoughtless way to do business.

The council is elected on a nonpartisan basis. And Eskridge — a principled man who believes council decisions should be based on thoughtful discussion and consideration — would be naturally offended by a purely partisan decision.

Eskridge said he did not want to see headlines Tuesday saying the council voted along partisan lines. And his vote was, in part, a way to stymie that.

(Emphasis mine.)

OK, we got that?
Party-talk and decisions by partisans = BAD.

Oh, and it’s also so good to know that Eskridge is “principled man” who is thoughtful and considerate.

(Yes, newspaper reporter actually wrote that.)

Because no way would one who is principled, thoughtful and considerate, hammer through partisan votes with his fellow Democrats on the Council to support the partisan Democrat Mayor.

Gosh, remember how un-partisan it was when it was a Democrat majority with the Democrat Mayor and everything just passed along smoothly when the Democrats were unchallenged?

Yeah that was awesome.

Now, back to Hicks’ column…er story.

The intent of two Democrat-sponsored budget amendments, beyond creating confusion, was to eliminate the Christensen cuts while offering a carrot to Republicans.

The amendments offered more money for streets or more for the police and fire defined-benefit pension plan; but the Republicans had to give up the Christensen cuts to do that.

Those amendments, supported by the three Democrats, did not pass.

(Emphasis by me.)

I thought it was all non-partisan?

Oh, so confused.
Well, at least the headlines don’t say “partisan”, because there’s nothing worse than that.


Bummer for Jon Schuetz.

For almost a whole day he was the new announcer at Husker games.

Then with one social media post, it all goes down the crapper.

If you didn’t see it, after Bopelini (which is excellent with a red sauce and some shaved parmesan) was fired, Schuetz posted on The Facebook:

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.10.17 AM

Now you have to admit, that’s sort of “up there” with reason for not getting the job. Pretty much a straight attack on the University President, capped off with the word “disgrace”.

But…he had deleted the post (when, not sure). That’s gotta mean something, right?
And was it the extent of the statement, or can there be any dissent in the University of Nebraska ranks?

If you’re not a 100% Homer, you’re out, right? As I noted on The Twitter, “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the Family again. Ever.

And my guess is that was probably it. Though, if I had to guess…

…I wouldn’t be surprised if Schuetz’s outspoken political posts on his FB page didn’t help. He hammers President Obama, posts glowing stuff about Ted Cruz and questions Global Warming…er Climate Change.

Don’t know where he comes down on the Keystone XL Pipeline…


Well, Jon, we hardly knew ye!


Hey, if you didn’t get the chance, be sure to listen to my (short!) podcast with State Senator Mike Groene on The Wheels Down Politics Show!

Groene talks about his volunteer efforts to put the Death Penalty repeal on the ballot, after he was noted as one of the heroes of the entire shabang.

He gets into some of his strategy with getting signatures and where he went ,and how. He also talks about founding a couple conservative groups in Nebraska, including the Platte Institute.

And you can find out who he is supporting for President — and Vice President.

A very interesting podcast, and probably not the last we’ve heard from Senator Groene.

Hear this and ALL of our podcasts at WheelsDownPolitics.com.


  1. Sparkles says:

    In defending Trump, you state:
    “..but Trump was talking specifically about illegal immigrants committing crimes.”

    Trump’s statement, verbatim:
    “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

    Even Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal felt compelled to point out, July 14, 2015:
    -The Mythical Connection Between Immigrants and Crime-
    Newcomers to the U.S. are less likely than the native population to commit violent crimes or be incarcerated.

    Jon Schuetz is remarkably unprofessional.

    Oh, and how about some cheese to accompany that Nancy Hicks whine.
    Christensen brought this on himself with his “I can count to 4” prattle.

  2. The Grundle King says:

    But Sparkles, don’t you know? It’s all about context!

    Oh drat! I forgot that only those on the left side of the political spectrum are allowed to assign context to political speech.

    Like when Obama said, “If you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold.”

    Truly, what he meant was that, if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep one that’s sorta like it, but probably covers a bunch of stuff you don’t need…like cervical cancer screenings for men. And that, if you like your doctor, you can keep one that’s roughly comparable in the event he or she isn’t an approved provider under your different-but-somehow-the-same insurance plan.

    And, as far as “falling costs” go, what he REALLY meant to say was costs that maybe don’t rise as fast as they used to…even though they’ll probably just keep rising at the same rate, whilst you get hit with double-digit premium increases.


  3. The Grundle King says:

    BTW, anybody remember the absolute shit-storm that the libs threw when McCoy practically committed treason and violently threatened Pres. Obama by daring to knock a little plastic Obama bobblehead off a fence?

    But whack the shit out of a Donald Trump pinata? Meh…no big deal.

    FWIW, Trump is an ass for a whole host of reasons, but the double-standard here is just ridiculous. Then again, if libs didn’t have double-standards, they wouldn’t have standards at all.

  4. Principal Svadean says:

    Look, Pedro, I don’t know how they do things down in Juarez, but here in Idaho we have a little something called pride. Understand? Smashing in the face of a pinata that resembles Summer Wheatley is a disgrace to you, me, and the entire Gem State.

  5. Macdaddy says:

    BenSasse gets to have his cake and eat it, too! First, he assures that any treaty negotiated by Obama with Iran will come to fruition by helping the Corker bill pass and now he gets to vote against it and act like he’s against Iran getting nuclear weapons and against rearming Hezbollah. That’s how it is done folks. Prep the ground ahead of time. Bake in the outcome months in advance. Way to go, Senator. You helped make the Middle East an infinitely more dangerous place.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Sparkles, the pro-immigrant WSJ was talking about legal immigrants. Trump was clearly talking about illegal immigrants, all of whom become criminals the moment they step foot in the US. In addition, a large percentage of criminals in state and federal prisons are illegal immigrants, up to 37% in federal prisons, 13% in California state prisons. Those numbers would be higher but Obama has released tens of thousands of violent criminals back into the community. But, hey, if these young engineers want to get into the fight, maybe their job prospects will increase. I hear the drug cartels are always looking for more engineers to design tunnels. This protest would help with street cred. Just saying.

  7. The Grundle King says:

    No, Sparkles…per the norm, you do not have it correct. We’re merely pointing out the blatantly obvious hypocrisy. Surely you can recognize and acknowledge it, can you not?

    I didn’t have a problem with the Obama outhouse, the Obama bobblehead-smackdown, nor do I have a problem with Donald Trump’s over-inflated head being used as a pinata.

    Now, hanging or burning an effigy of someone…while still protected speech…certainly crosses a line of acceptable political discourse.

  8. To Sparkles says:

    From USA Today, today. “About 51% of immigrant-led households receive at least one kind of welfare benefit, including Medicaid, food stamps, school lunches and housing assistance, compared to 30% for native-led households, according to the report from the Center for Immigration Studies, a group that advocates for lower levels of immigration.

    Those numbers increase for households with children, with 76% of immigrant-led households receiving welfare, compared to 52% for the native-born.”

    Send us your poor, literally!!!

  9. Sparkles says:

    Donald Trump is not the sitting President of the United States.

    Donald Trump, nor any President in American History (and his family), has had to contend daily with the soul crushing bleakness of:
    “Since 2007, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of attacks and violent plots originating in the far-right of American politics,”
    -Arie Perliger, Director of Terrorism Studies at West Point Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center

    You can read West Point’s 2012 report by googling:

    Or, a good current synopsis can be found in a June 16, 2015 NYT article titled:
    The Growing Right-Wing Terror Threat
    “As state and local police agencies remind us, right-wing, anti-government extremism is the leading source of ideological violence in America.”

    A Donald pinata batted about by a professional engineers club on UNL’s campus simply can not be equated to the unprecedented threats our President and his family have faced for 8 years.

  10. Oh, ballocks. ‘Unprecedented’, ye gods. Every president gets threats from the unhinged. Ronald Reagan was shot. Gerald Ford was attacked multiple times.

    SHPE’s little effigy-clubbing is in bad taste, inappropriate and unprofessional. Contrast the reaction to a mere effigy of Obama standing outside an outhouse.

    Sparkles’s special pleading is comical.

  11. Sparkles says:

    The Fiscal Times, April 16, 2015
    A new nationwide study on the fiscal implications of illegal immigration concludes that millions of undocumented immigrants are paying billions of dollar in taxes into state and local coffers, and that substantially more would be generated if President Obama prevails in imposing a new executive order protecting many of those workers from deportation.

    The 50-state analysis by the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy released on Thursday found that roughly 8.1 million of 11.4 million undocumented immigrants who work paid more than $11.8 billion in state and local taxes in 2012, even while they were living illegally in the country.

    The group’s analysis estimated that illegal immigrants’ combined nationwide state and local tax contributions would increase by $845 million under full implementation of Obama’s 2012 and 2014 executive actions and by $2.2 billion under comprehensive immigration reform.

  12. Jon Scheutz's Facebook Stalker says:

    “…I wouldn’t be surprised if Schuetz’s outspoken political posts on his FB page didn’t help. He hammers President Obama, posts glowing stuff about Ted Cruz and questions Global Warming…er Climate Change.”

    You forgot Trey Gowdy conspiracy theories.

  13. Sparkles says:

    Mitt Romney told a senior Republican he “almost certainly will” run for president and spent the weekend and Monday calling ex-aides, donors, and former foes.

  14. Oh Sparkkes says:

    So what other illegal things do you support? You realize that by legal definition your undocumented workers are breaking the law. If you want to change the law, get a bill passed and have the President sign it. Otherwise the executive branch had better start enforcing the law. And I don’t care if it is a Republican or Democrat in the office. The law is the law.

  15. To Sparkles says:

    It costs 12K a year to put a kid through OPS. Probably more if they need ELL services. Are you telling me that illegal aliens that have 2 kids pay at least 24k a year in taxes???

  16. By the way, when I said ‘inappropriate’, I meant ‘inappropriately partisan’. Trump, like it or not (and I don’t) is the lead Republican candidate. Bashing Trump in effigy is, whether it’s intended to be or not, a partisan action, and it’s in appropriate for a professional student organization on a public university campus.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Jon Schuetz got a raw deal. Since when is Pearlman beyond criticism? Especially when Schuetz made his comments on his own time, on his own dime, on his own Facebook page, months before he was offered a job at NU.

    Mr. Pearlman and his lackeys need to remember who is doing them the favor. They are public employees. They are under constant scrutiny – AS THEY SHOULD BE – and if someone calls them boneheads they ought to be grateful for the opportunity to check their goddamn heads.

    I thought the purpose of a land grant university was teaching, research and service, not acting as an afterthought to the sports-entertainment-business-complex.

    Honestly, if Pearlman & Company can’t take heat from a nobody like Jon Schuetz what will they do if something remotely taxing happens? Scream like girls and fire underlings willy-nilly?

    Pearlman owes Schuetz an apology at least if not a job. I hope Schuetz sues NU for wrongful termination and gets a ton of money, taken from Pearlman’s compensation package.

  18. Macdaddy says:

    Sparkles, why do you favor illegal immigrants over African-Americans? They are competing for the same jobs. You are cool with people breaking the law and taking cash under the table so your fellow Americans can stay hopeless and jobless just because they are black. That’s pitiful.

  19. The Grundle King says:

    Nancy Hicks has another article in the LJS today explaining how the budget cuts proposed by Councilman Christensen won’t reduce Lincoln’s property tax levy. Of course, Hicks seems to attribute it to Christensen’s lack of understanding (he ‘believed’ and ‘assumed’ and whatnot)…when it’s quite likely more attributable to the childish gamesmanship on behalf of the council Democrats. It’s reminiscent of a line from Sweeper awhile back re: the Beutler and Stebbing race…Beutler was as fresh as a summer breeze, but Christensen smelled of moldy cheese!

    The more you read into it, it sure looks like Mayor Beutler tasked his finance and law department lackeys with making sure that no taxes were cut, and that they interpret the language in the manner that best suits the Beutler administration…which seems to be a theme when it comes to legal opinions from Jeff Kirkpatrick. Whatever it takes to keep the taxpayers from picking up a little spare change, eh Hizzoner?

  20. Sparkles says:

    Maybe Councilman Christensen’s comment: “I can add to 4”, had nothing to do with the number of Republicans on City Council.

  21. Bob Loblaw says:

    The reason why Beutler is able to snowball the republicans on the council is because he has a stranglehold on all information and he embargoes all information that he doesn’t want them to have unless they specifically ask the exact right question. Well it’s hard to ask the right question when you don’t know what you’re looking for. The city council has little to no staff of their own to research these things.

    It’s the exact same problem at the Board of Regents. The administration treats these elected officials that are supposed to be the watchdogs for the taxpayers like mushrooms. They keep them in the dark and feed them s*#t.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Harvey Perlman has more than earned a boot in his ass. The question is who can deliver it and who will deliver it? I’m pissed off about this Schuetz business. I hate bullies. It’s a matter of someone who thinks they have power over some poor, random Jane or Joe who actually has no power. I call BS on whoever made this decision. Since no one will man-up and admit it, the unfortunate Mr. Perlman gets the duty.

    Perhaps Sen. Chambers can hold up some much desired funding in committee? Then Perlman can feel powerless for a while.

  23. bynd says:

    Isn’t it more than interesting that Sparkles uses the argument of illegal immigrant abuse, they pay into but get little or nothing back from the US government, to justify keeping them in the country. Can anyone say modern day economic slavery by the Dems? Pretty pathetic Sparkles.

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