What’s on your plate?

The Gov unveiled the new license plate design for the Sesquicentennial and here it is…

NE 150 Plate

Now while I’m not a design major, this does seem a little…minimalist. (And I’m not going to quibble, but isn’t that more of an Oklahoma maroon?)

I mean, hey. It’s no Nebraska Bicentennial plate…


…which seemed to be on the back of my mom’s Buick station wagon with the simulated wood grain paneling for about 15 years. (“Mehhhh, slap a covered wagon and an Indian on there, and maybe some bunting, and we’re good!“)

Though it is certainly preferable to the Nebraska Centennial plate from 1966…


…which has a confusing panhandle outline and could possibly be confused for Kansas.

And then one L.St. follower wanted to point out the Sesquicentennial “logo” — that’s apparently being thrown into everything — has a modern flair to it…

SAB - Sesqui - Trump 02

Hey look, it is difficult to NOT be criticised for the plate choice. Remember when Nebraska almost got tricked into the Plain Label Beer Can plate a few years back?


Somehow it would be nice if Nebraska could figure out a classic version to stick with — a la Colorado or Texas.

Until then, enjoy the maroon plates with the Lego corn-horn thing. It will only be on the back of your mom’s station wagon mini-van for another 14 years or so.


After noting a few Nebraska supporters of Presidential candidates, Leavenworth St. sent out a Legislature-wide survey to all the State Senators to find out if they’d chosen a candidate.

We already know a few — Beau McCoy is on team Jeb Bush and Mike Groene is a Scott Walker man. But emails have gone out to the rest of the Unicameral members to see where they stand. (Assuming, ahem, they have an email address.)

The responses are still flowing in (and a big thank-you to all the Senators who have already responded). Their responses will be posted here on Monday (or possibly Tuesday), and you can get a feel for who stands with whom.

Nebraska legislature members clearly do not have candidates leaning on them like someplace like, say, Iowa. But it is interesting to see where they come down on a national issue that everyone is following.


Speaking of the candidates — and since there is already a Trump reference above — I listened to The Donald on the Hugh Hewitt show from yesterday. (You can hear, or read the transcript, it by following this link.) Trump has been a guest on Hewitt’s show a number of times, and Hewitt’s show has been the radio clearinghouse for all of the GOP candidates.

Hewitt, by the way, will be the moderator of the next debate at the Reagan Library.

And with that, it is interesting to hear his style. He is a clear supporter of Ted Cruz, and also has been pushing Carly Fiorina, to a certain extent.

He pretty much hammered Ben Carson — and his interview with Carson has been referred to a number of times as the standard, “Carson doesn’t know the international world very well.

How’d that happen? Well, Hewitt started his interview with Carson by saying, “I don’t believe in ‘Gotcha’ questions…” and then proceeded to ask a number of Gotcha questions. He essentially administered a Political History pop-quiz to Carson, who arguably scored a low “C” at best (by some observers, anyway).

When Trump came on the show yesterday, Hewitt did much of the same thing. He declared that he didn’t like Gotcha Questions, then dove in with them.

The fact that Hewitt does this is…annoying. It is a “Let me show you how smart I am“, in much of an Alex Trebek sort of way — when Trebek scowls and informs the Jeopardy player with the “correct” answer…which he has on his card in front of him.

To be fair to Hewitt, he is a fairly brilliant guy, and he DOES likely know the answers to the questions he is asking. But when speaking with Carson and Trump, he knows in advance that they aren’t going to be able to fact-drop about the Nuclear Triad or the Quds or the name of an Iranian General.

Hewitt’s goal is to make then look bad, and then later note that Ted Cruz can answer all of those questions.

Now some will quibble that Trump stumbled in Hewitt’s questioning, confusing a question about the Quds with one about the Kurds (whom Trump seemed sort of prepared for). But otherwise Trump — to his credit I think — refused to play Hewitt’s game. He called them Gotcha Questions, and refused to answer anything about them.

I think it’s fair to argue that Trump should have a better position, in general, about the various groups in the Middle East. But I don’t really see any reason for him to have a CIA Station Chief knowledge of names and places. As he noted, that’s what advisors are for.

And Hewitt’s question about, “What would you do if China sank a Japanese or South Korean ship????” was frankly bush-league.

It reminded me of the Dan Quayle, “What would you do if the President died tomorrow?” questions back in 1988.

Quayle should have/could have followed up with, “What’s the scenario? A long illness? An assassination? A terrorist attack? A heart attack? Where was he?” etc., etc. All stuff very relevant to an overly broad question.

But Trump did Hewitt one better. He refused to answer saying “You don’t want to let people know what you’re going to do with respect to certain things that happen. You don’t want the other side to know.

Now that doesn’t make Hewitt a “third class radio announcer” as Trump is now (of course) telling everyone. But hopefully it will make Hewitt think a little bit about what it is he really hopes to get out of the candidates — and whether it helps people make the choice about who should be President.

Then again, maybe how they handle a poor question is as beneficial as how they answer a good question.

By the way, don’t worry. I’m not a Trump-guy. But I do find it fascinating how he is showing his mastery of jiu jitsu with the press.

(And once again, Trump dominates the Republican news cycle…)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nobody likes Trump, not even his supporters. They appreciate Trump. A big difference.

    Obama seems likable.

    Obama is also poisonous; his economic policies constipating, his Iran deal cancerous, his healthcare a hemorrhage of cash and sense, and his defense of our borders leaves America without an immune system and close to insane.

    Trump is the emetic, laxative, chemotherapy, tourniquet, insulin shock, marrow transplant, and cold sheets, all administered simultaneously. Nobody likes taking that bitter dose. And they like it even less when they suffer the agony of long weeks and months of that medicine taking effect and killing the diseases, until it gets to a point where the body politic can in the absence of cancers heal itself.

  2. “But Trump did Hewitt one better. He refused to answer saying “You don’t want to let people know what you’re going to do with respect to certain things that happen. You don’t want the other side to know.””

    Oh please. If that isn’t the lamest of all lame excuses…

    I want a president who can fall back on a good set of advisors when things get really technical. But this wasn’t what happened here. This wasn’t inside-baseball stuff. If he can’t digest a half-hour briefing book on Mideastern politics, he should go back to selling real estate and coaxing gambling dollars out of stupid people.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I like the plain label beer can license plate design the best. Simple, classic, easy to read and would look nice on most cars. It’s definitely not cheesy and doesn’t make us seem like hicks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    License plates aren’t news. Pick one and be done with it, indefinitely. We have far more important things to worry about.

  5. A Carnival of Eunuchs says:

    Any license plate made by a NE State Senator is okay.

    Corn and beef are not unique to Nebraska. A unicameral is. So here’s our new motto at the bottom of our plates…

    “One-Legged Legislation! It’s hopping good!”

  6. Anonymous says:

    “Pogo-Politics!” I prefer “Kansas done right!” myself, though there are some days I think Nebraska should simply outsource & offshore governance to Iowa and be done with it.

  7. Gary and Ace says:

    Mark Fahleson keep sending us those Nebraska State Fair pics. You and the Governor in that picture double teaming those corn dogs made us hungry. That Double Bacon Corndog of Pete’s looked good.

  8. Gary and Ace says:

    Pete, we are not making this up. Did you not see Mark Fahlesen’s picture of his Jalapeno Cheese Corndog on facebook tonight? That corndog smothered in Jalapenos would burn our throats.

  9. Breadbasket says:

    France responds to “Europe’s worst refugee crisis since World War II” by announcing it will over two years accept as green card holders 24,000 of 120,000 refugees from “undeveloped countries” which continue to rapidly develop millions of babies, often inviting HIV, while the developed countries that staved off starvation in these illiterate hell holes have in their opulence been practicing birth control.

    France limiting that border invasive “act of love” isn’t nice. In the bigger view, things are grim.

    The population scare of the 1960s faded away. We quit worrying about it and it kept growing. We kept on feeding the poor in Timbuktu and made the desert bloom. And the poor ate up every fish we gave them, cooking them over fires of burning fishing poles we sent them, and used the condoms as party balloons. And the desert being desert, became desert again.

    The food is inside your house and the walking dead want it.

    The earth is a laboratory box and humans a progressive propagation overcrowding experiment that always ends up with a rat ball of chaotic cannibalism. The civilized rats in the corners of the box contemplate how lucky they are, unaware they are fat easy targets. There just isn’t enough food production to sustain a moderate geologic or cosmic cataclysm. And Nebraska is where the corn is.

    So put on the kettle, ma, we’re having visitors over for dinner!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well Breadbasket, aren’t you full of sunshine of Labor Day. By your logic we can celebrate by setting off every usable WMD in the world in one go. Isn’t that your misanthropic wet dream?

    I say, instead we imitate Jesus – yeah, remember that asshole? Don’t build a taller fence, build a longer table. Your depression would lift if you helped somebody else with their problem. Or would you rather populate the entirety of the news with pictures of drowned 3-year olds? Would that make you happy? More death?

    I’ve read The Walking Dead comic for years, but I didn’t meet a zombie until I read your post.

  11. Gary and Ace says:

    Sitting on Corndogs? We are talking about tasty items Mark Fahleson raves about at out State Fair and your mind is in the gutter? We have another repressed Republican in denial here.

  12. nebraska YR Meeting says:

    Last meeting never so soo many corndogs “disappear” without anyone eating. Kind of wierd that after 42 boxes of frozen corndogs everyone was still hungry.

  13. Casual Observer says:

    You’d of thunk that with all that talent in the YR’s the Gov could’a found someone with a little flair for design to create the 150 plates.

  14. Disappointed YR says:

    To casual observer-we sent in designs but all of them showcased our ability to make a corn dog disappear. Unfortunately the powers that be felt we didn’t represent the state.

  15. Sasse Trick says:

    All this talk of YR’s affection for corn dogs has brought about a revelation.
    If you check Fahleson’s Facebook page, you’ll note that mixed among the images of corn dog love, is a pic of a solitary, dour looking Ben Sasse standing at the entrance sign to the NE State Fair.

    I now understand the dour look.
    The caption reads: “Fried pickles, turkey drumstick the size of my head, bacon on a stick..”

    Apparently a prominent, seasoned YR such as Ben requires something more, much more, than the mundane corn dog.

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