#NE02 Action

What’s happening in Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District race?
Here are a few items…


Democrat Rep. Brad Ashford came out to today, officially, against the Iran Nuclear deal.
Though, who cares?

The deal looks to be veto-proof (why this doesn’t need 2/3rds of the Senate for ratification, much like 1988 INF Treaty, is basically because they could never get the votes…). So Ashford let everyone know he was leaning towards voting AGAINST — but he was open to further persuasion!!!

Well, once they didn’t need his vote anymore, he was clearly released from voting with the President, and all is swell now in Re-Elect Brad Ashford land.


Or is it?

This flyer was going around — round about Labor Day, mind you — from your national AFL-CIO:



Note that there’s a little tear-off postcard for your local Dems to send in to Brad — with a very specific threat on it:

AFL-CIO msg 01

“…you’ve sold out the workers…if you won’t look out for my job, I won’t look out for yours.”

Wow, that clear enough for you?
Hey Brad, there’s some Quid-Pro-Quo there from the Union Bosses.

Don’t vote with us, we won’t support you.

Now, tell us again how the Republican Koch Brothers have destroyed the election system with too much money.

With a straight face.


In the mean time, Ashford’s main declared GOP opponent, retired General Don Bacon, has racked up another endorsement:

State Senator Beau McCoy.

As Bacon continues to roll out his endorsements, it is notable for a few things: Chip Maxwell will be announcing his formal entry into the GOP primary on Thursday, and Bacon announcing his continued support will help overshadow things against Maxwell.

But the continued endorsements will also help to keep any other entries thinking twice about getting in. Labor Day is one of those Calendar Dates that many look to for deadlines and such. It isn’t final, and there could still certainly be other candidates.

But…it is getting later and later for entries.
And if there are any other names on the horizon, they have been well hidden, to date.


Grant Shulte of the AP wrote a story on the Death Penalty support.

And it produced some chuckle-worthy comments from the Death Penalty opposition.

Robert Dunham, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center, said…

“What the financial statements suggest so far is there isn’t any broad-based groundswell for repeal.”

Uh, no. The financial statements suggest that the efforts for the repeal started with just a few donors, which was needed specifically to get the effort going out of the box. It would probably have been better to continue a fund-raising effort at that time to show the broad support — but nonetheless was shown later by additional funding…AND 166,000 signatures.

Funny how the ANTIs want you to look away from those folks.

And then Danielle Conrad of the ACLU says…

“We will continue to raise funds aggressively to compete with the deep pockets of our opponents and to ensure our positive message reaches Nebraska voters.”

Is that right? “Continue to”?
Because right now there are TWO Deep Pockets they have reached into:
George Soros and Dick Holland (and Soros’ groups very much more so than Holland).
That’s the ANTIs major financial support.
That’s the list.

There is no way the pro-Death Penalty camp can sit on its laurels.
But the Anti Folks are giving the spin put out by the State Fair Tilt-A-Whirl a run for its money.


As noted at the end of last week, I’ve sent out a one-question questionnaire to the member of the Nebraska Legislature: Who are you supporting in the upcoming Presidential Primary?

I have received a number of responses, and will be posting those tomorrow.
(And Senator, if you haven’t responded yet, there is still some time!)


  1. Anonymous says:

    What about Mark Elworth Jr?? I’ve heard he’s about to declare to run for the CD2 spot with the Republicans in 2016. He is really a grassroots campaigner and could make things interesting.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of things that suck…..what’s up with a public school super scoring a three year contract for over a million and moonlighting nationally as a consultant? Another media source reports, what say you? Conflict?

  3. cornhuckster says:

    No matter what they tell you, Sweeper, every GOP member of the unicameral will be voting for Harold Stassen.

    Its a nonpartisan unicameral. One may not gain access to it without a lobotomy.

  4. To Anonymous says:

    Forget Mark Elworth. Go with a real conservative that is high on the pro-pot agenda. Bryan Baumgart. His support of pot legalization is legendary and he will get cross-over voters from his opposition to the death penalty and siding with the ACLU. After all pot is the biggest issue facing the 2nd District

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Know why Ashford’s stance against the Iran deal doesn’t matter? Apart from the fact that he can’t find where to cast his vote. It’s because Ben Sasse made sure that the Republicans couldn’t derail it. That’s right. The Corker law, which Sasse worked so hard to get passed, put the onus on those who were against the deal, not on those who are for the deal. It was easy for Obama to get what he wanted (Israel in the crosshairs of a nuclear arsenal) when all he needed was 34 votes to block the opposition.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    The anti-death penalty people are at a disadvantage. There won’t be a wrongly convicted man put to death between now and Election Day but there will be any number of brutal premeditated murders between now and Election Day. Damn criminals. Can’t even wait a year to snuff somebody even if it is in their best interest.

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