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Jerry Kratochvil interviews Ian Swanson, candidate for District 31 in the Nebraska Legislature.

Jerry talks to Ian about his campaign for the Unicameral seat now held by Democrat Sen. Rick Kolowski. Swanson tells about some of his background in politics and why he is interested in running for the Legislature.

They talk about some of the big issues from the last legislative session in Lincoln, and Ian’s stance on some of the votes that came down, including the Gas Tax and the Death Penalty repeal.

Ian tells Jerry what his priority issues would be in the Legislature and what he would push as a State Senator and why. They also discuss some of the issues of the day including Charter Schools.

They conclude talking about the endorsement Ian has received from former Governor Kay Orr, and his background at Hillsdale College and his involvement in…Miss America Pageant.

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Twitter: @I_Swanson


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  1. TexasAnnie says:

    In his picture, Ian looks fresh scrubbed and bright eyed. And during the interview, Ian says the right things. Maybe he’s trustworthy, maybe not… Here’s my questions for Ian:
    1) What is contemporary worship?
    2) Does “pro-life” legislation include protecting the lives of BSDC inmates?
    3) Has he visited the JP Lord School in Omaha? (I think of JPL as a charter school without the charter.)
    4) Will he defend and reinforce, or denigrate and deny Governor Orr’s LB775 legislation?
    5) As one “less partisan and more principled,” does Ian (and Hillsdale teaching) believe in tax justice?

  2. Outsider says:

    @ 6:34 I agree! What work experience does he have to even express an opinion on which regulations and taxes are particularly onerous on business? And what businesses, those that are C corporations or pass-throughs that are taxed at the individual rate for income taxes? I think any young politician should get out there and work first; run a business; start a family; and actually pay taxes before they think of running. And if he is reducing taxes what is he cutting? Many regulations are in place because the “Senators” do such a poor job of describing exactly what they had in mind and the agencies are left trying to answer questions for citizens that the “Senators” did not see coming.

  3. Who Is Ian Swanson? says:

    There’s a lot of important, well known people who know Ian Swanson and like the work that he’s done, but the bartender at the Country Club could say the same thing. Ian thinks because he’s cut some turf and written a couple mail pieces he’s ready for the big time, Kolowsmi will win by 30 points.

  4. ...totally looks like says:

    Can we get a side by side of Draco from Haray Potter and the kid from your article? Didn’t know Draco was into politics

  5. Macdaddy says:

    Hillsdale? At least he’s heard about conservative principles. The real question is: how do we know you’re not just blowing smoke up our butts?

  6. bynd says:


    One can only surmise that if you think LB 775 is good legislation, you are being sarcastic or have no real idea of what it is. How can you not denigrate what is essentially Republican wealth redistribution to the business sector.

  7. Electrode says:

    You have to pay extra to have smoke blown up your butt. Unless you are a Republican. Then you fan the flames, shovel the coals up your own butt, and scream toward Democrats, “I smell smoke!”

    Rather than Kolowski, I’d send three legged dog to the unicameral. That would constitute two more legs than the current one the crippled beast hops on. After all, its Kolowski.

    The job isn’t governance. The kid shows up and votes. He’s from the only college that doesn’t take government funds and is undoubtedly conservative. Kolowski shows up and votes to sniff Obama’s undershorts. So of course, it is Republicans here who object to the kid.

  8. Macdaddy says:

    Electrode, we have a whole unicam full of Republicans who don’t act like it, so excuse me for being skeptical of anyone who shows up and says, “Vote for me, I’m a Republican.” Even BenSasse is the Tea Party darling and he helped seal Israel’s destruction. Not bad for the smartest man in the Senate. I agree with you about the 3-legged dog. Hopefully this kid is at least as loyal to the taxpayers.

  9. TexasAnnie says:

    In other news: The California Assembly has passed, and the Senate is expected to pass, life-taking legislation. But it won’t be like those BSDC deaths in Nebraska whereby folks lost their lives due to medical neglect. —(Y’all recall that medical staff was present at BSDC until Heineman vetoed funding and the majority “pro-life” unicam failed to override.)— This California legislation will permit folks with terminal illness to DIE at their own time and in their own way. And I think that’s just great!

  10. Tim Lonergan says:

    I just meet him, seems like a good kid with a great family. I am sure he will piss off the Liberals if elected. Also, I am sure he will disappoint some conservatives. However, I hope that he will look for ways to reduce suspending and reduce government involvement. If he is conservative 80% that ok.
    He is young and eager to run. I hope he does well.

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