Who does the Unicameral support for President?

gop-candidatesLate last week I sent out an email to the 48 members of the Nebraska Unicameral who have a public email address. (Take a wild and crazy guess which one doesn’t use email.)

I asked one question: Who are you supporting for President in the 2016 party primaries?

I received responses from over 55% of the Senators (27) as of Wednesday night.
I will guess that more will trickle in, but for now, here are the totals…


19 out of the 27 (over 70%) are, like many of you, still Undecided.

Of those, 15 gave a straight up Undecided response:

Kathy Campbell (Lincoln)
Joni Craighead (Omaha)
Nicole Fox (Omaha)
Curt Friesen (Henderson)
Galen Hadley (Kearney)
Burke Harr (Omaha)
Jerry Johnson (Wahoo)
Mark Kolterman (Seward)
John Kuehn (Heartwell)
Adam Morfeld (Lincoln)
John Murante (Gretna)
Jim Scheer (Norfolk)
Paul Schumacher (Columbus)
Jim Smith (Papillion)
Matt Williams (Lexington)

Of that group, note that Burke Harr and Adam Morfeld are two Democrats who have not yet chosen from the slim field of Democrats. In other words, they haven’t sided with Hillary…yet.

But they are like many of their Republican colleagues who just haven’t made a decision. Many noted that they wanted more time to study their candidates, and a few Republicans noted that they will be supporting the GOP nominee no matter who he or she is.

It is interesting that the Nebraska legislature is not like an Iowa where candidate are clamoring to get a list of endorsements. Instead, many Nebraskans still need time to sort out their thoughts on the candidates.

The Legislature! They’re Just Like Us!


There were four more who are also Undecided, but wanted to list some candidates they like. They were…

Tommy Garrett (Bellevue) – Rubio, Cruz, and Fiorina
Robert Hilkemann (Omaha) – Walker, Kasich and Carson
Bill Kintner (Papillion) – Paul, Walker, Cruz and Rubio (though, I’m guessing, not the late Paul Walker…)

And there was one Senator — out of the 27 who responded — who while Undecided also mentioned the name of a certain guy he likes:

David Schnoor (Fremont) – Trump
“I do like what Donald Trump is saying, but we have a long way to go until the May primaries.”


From there, there were eight State Senators who came right out and said who they were supporting.

Jeb Bush

Beau McCoy (Omaha)

McCoy is on the board of the #AllinforJeb Nebraska Campaign Steering Committee (along with Hal Daub).


John Kasich

Al Davis (Hyannis)
John McCollister (Omaha)

Davis notes that, “He has both administrative and legislative experience, is intelligent and has “institutional knowledge” about a functioning legislative system in Washington, due to his work in Congress during the 1990s (at a time when people wanted solutions rather than platforms). I think he is a problem solver and not an ideologue.”

(Davis also noted that he wants the Nebraska primary earlier. I say Amen to some sort of revolving plan…)


Ron Rand Paul

Roy Baker (Lincoln)
Laura Ebke (Crete)

Both of these Senators noted that they were leaning towards Paul, but sounded solid enough that they can stay in his column.

Baker noted, “I see Rand Paul as a good thinker, capable of coming up with original ideas.”


Scott Walker

Lydia Brasch (Bancroft)
Michael Groene (North Platte)
Tyson Larson (O’Neill)

These Senators were pretty solid for Walker. Groene noted his support for Walker during my podcast interview with him, stating that he liked someone who has walked the walk (ironically, named Walker) on the issues.

Brasch noted that she has met him and said, “He authored numerous conservative budgets, he held the line on property tax levies multiple years, and reduced government workforce by 20%. Walker also returned over $375,000 of his own salary back to taxpayers.”

Larson added, “He has demonstrated his ability to tackle the tough issues that the state faced, and did so against the union special interests.”


Well that was interesting, yeah?

We still have 22 that didn’t respond (yet), and the email box is always open. If you, Senator, didn’t get your message in this time,  there will be a follow-up as we get a few more responses in.


If you missed it, be sure to listen to my podcast interview with Legislative candidate for District 31 (currently held by Democrat, Rick Kolowski), Ian Swanson on The Wheels Down Politics Show.

You can find that interview and all of our podcasts at WheelsDownPolitics.com.


  1. Michael Rowyorboatashor says:

    That goofy libertarian wing of the Unicameral is what gave us the death penalty repeal. Conservatives need to mount a populist campaign against them, as well as the libs.

  2. Sparkles says:

    What, not an inkling of Unicam love for master shill, Mike Huckabee?

    Come on folks, Huckabee’s personal billionaire backer, Arkansas’ king of chicken Ron Cameron, even named his dark money Super PAC, ‘The Jesus Fund’.
    Ponder if you will, Bill Kintner’s looming Agenda 21, Louie Gohmert’s Terror Babies running loose, anti-constitutional gay fornication, the horror of a woman’s right to choose, a Kenyan muslim sympathizer in the White House (likely a gay Kenyan muslim).. Well Hell!.. the world is CERTAINLY coming to an end!
    Therefore, how could any True American Patriot choose -not- to align oneself with the duly anointed donee of The Jesus Fund?

    (From today’s headlines; “Gohmert Vows To Quit Congress And Await ‘Nuclear Holocaust’ If Iran Deal Passes”)

    By the way, the clips of the Huckster’s staff physically fighting off an interloping Ted Cruz at the faux martyrdom of serial marrying eeevangelical County Clerk Kim Davis, was simply priceless.
    The only thing missing was a guest appearance by the Soggy Bottom Boys, singing their eerily apropos…

    I am a man of constant sorrow
    I’ve seen trouble all my days
    I bid farewell to old Kentucky
    The place where I was born and raised

    The place where he was born and raised

    For six long years I’ve been in trouble
    No pleasures here on earth I found
    For in this world I’m bound to ramble
    I have no friends to help me now

    He has no friends to help him now

    It’s fare thee well my old true lover
    I never expect to see you again
    For I’m bound to ride that northern railroad
    Perhaps I’ll die upon this train

    Perhaps he’ll die upon this train

    You can bury me in some deep valley
    For many years where I may lay
    Then you may learn to love another
    While I am sleeping in my grave

    While he is sleeping in his grave

    Maybe your friends think I’m just a stranger
    My face you never will see no more
    But there is one promise that is given
    I’ll meet you on God’s golden shore

    He’ll meet you on God’s golden shore

  3. Nikki K. says:

    Does anyone know of any jobs that will be opening in the Nebraska Unicam for a former staff person? My friend moved to a different state to find a job but hasn’t had any luck because she has rambunctious personality she’s unnecessarily opinionated about things that don’t matter.

    Asking for a friend.

  4. Sparkles says:


    Does your friend have any auditing, or accounting skills?

    The state may need to pay considerable sums to an independent consulting firm, to audit a single, ‘conflicted’ account with the DHHS.

    Of course if government accountability and fiscal conservatism were more than just campaign slogans, and if it were any state other than deep red Nebraska, there would likely be a permanent role opening up as State Auditor.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you put Ron Paul in front of Rand Paul then crossed it out, how come you didn’t first put George H. and George W. in front of Jeb!? He seems to have the same tired group of stale and low energy advisors (except when it came to wars) that bro had.

  6. Sparkles says:


    Maybe you could swing by the lab and cook me up some of that special austrian laced libertarian blend you’ve been mainlining all these years.
    You know, the good stuff. The stuff that makes grifters like Donald T. irresistible to the long nurtured rube faction of the base. A now substantial base, that has for two decades been purposefully misinformed and continually incensed by a profiteering right wing entertainment complex.
    A base of anti-government, anti-science malcontents that will now insure a fractured GOP won’t see the inside of the oval office for.. a generation.

  7. Nikki K. says:

    Sparkles, thank you for your interest in helping my friend. I appreciate your quick and extensive responses. Some people take a little longer because of how much they have going on in their work day. That’s always annoying.

    The person applying for this unicam job has immense experience in social media. Anything involving comments on different threads, newspapers, or tweeting to people with an opinion is right up here alley.

    She doesn’t know much about policy, isn’t that easy to get a long with, and drinks like a fish.

    Let me know if you can think of anywhere!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I could care less how Unicam members vote for president. Let them do what they want, which is all I want for myself.

    The only interesting thing is the aggregate – who WILL we elect? Also, who will WE elect? I don’t like our choices, to the extent the electorate has a “choice” at all. It is demoralizing for both major parties to run billion dollar campaigns, given the ridiculous results we get – yes, I include Reagan, though he may have been the best of a bad lot these last 30 years.

    If we’ve had good presidents since Lincoln and Washington I’d like to know who they are and how you define “good.” We’re not going to get someone of that caliber, certainly not this time around. That’s the question: who is the least bad candidate for president?

  9. Job Hunt says:

    Nikki, has your friend put in an application to work for the Nebraska Democratic Party? He/she/it sounds exactly like the kids they’ve been employing for years. It would probably be a perfect fit.

    • The “cross-out” on Ron Paul’s name was b/c “Ron” was mistakenly entered first, then later corrected with “Rand”.
      But keep up that conspiriacy effort. You’ll go places with that.

  10. fb says:

    Sparkles, when nobody mentions Huckabee and yet you write a epistle about that irrelevancy, it seems like you are digging hard for anything that can keep you from talking about your own Democrats. Or isn’t Hillary your main squeeze anymore? Bill cannot stomach her, so we do understand.

    Come on you non-cowardly Democrat, spill your truth upon us.

    Are you a for creepy hunchback Bernie or prison orange “Cuckolda” or the Plagiarizing Plugs?

  11. Sparkles:

    Trump will fade, and there are two dozen other candidates waiting in the wings. Some are quite good.

    Whoever wins will face a septuagenarian, either a crazy uncle, or an old commie, or a proven liar who severely compromized national security.

    I will put my money where my mouth is. And I’ve made money on every presidential election since 2004.

  12. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    Political scientists and lawyers are so immersed in political correctness they tend to miss what Trump is actually doing. Average people tend to see it more clearly.

    Take for example, women’s “looks”. How dare Trump disrespect a gal’s painted mug?

    Fiorina is running for President as a talented chief executive, right? Not entirely. Because Fiorina threw her Conservative principles out the window for sake of her kneejerk feminism, to rush to the defense of Megyn defending “fat disgusting” Liberal Democrat Rosy O’Donnell. Fiorina put vaginas above what is best for voters. Above public policy. That craziness is rational only inside the beltway.

    After centuries of male presidents, good and bad, people know that penises don’t make a difference. And skin color is obviously no bar to being a shitty president either. The last thing they want is another Obama who when succeeding is a colorless individual but when he screws up he plays the PC card as a black victim, or Fiorina as a woman victim. She’s already played it for Liberal Dem Rosy!

    Women voters want what all voters want, a president who does to Russia, China and Iran what Trump is doing right now to the US Media and to the other candidates.

    If Trump was a green-skinned hermaphrodite and showed this same kind of leadership, he’d still be up in the polls. Because people not only don’t care about sex organs and women’s make up and skin color, but people keenly grasp that this nonsense has become more important in elections than us choosing a leader who can actually lead.

    Kudos to the brave unicameral soul who said “Trump”. Unless he was playing bridge at the time.

  13. Sparkles says:


    My money is on Trump winning the primary. Why would he fade?
    The very same bombast practiced by Trump has allowed profiteers like Limbaugh to “win bigly” since the late 80’s. And this bombast won’t hold up for a few more months? Trump is simply mining that vein of the Teh Great Stoopid that Limbaugh has for so long preyed upon (to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars).

    Plus, in relation to the stumbling, bumbling circus that is the GOP primary field (and their respective billionaire owners), Trump is the only one to have truly mastered the art of Ring Leader.
    In fact, Trump continues to climb in polls. It quite evident he’s getting better on the stump as he continues to refine his special brand of performance art.

    I’m so looking forward to the debates next fall. Hillary vs. Trump, will truly be a spectacle to behold.
    I imagine it will play very much like the duel between King Arthur and the Black Knight in Holy Grail.
    The part where the Black Knight has already had both arms cut off, yet insists he’s “winning” –

    Black Knight (Trump): Come on then.
    Arthur (Hillary): What?
    Black Knight: Have at you!
    Arthur: You are indeed brave, Sir Knight, but the fight is mine.
    Black Knight: Oh, had enough, eh?
    Arthur: Look, you stupid bastard, you’ve got no arms left.
    Black Knight: Yes I have.
    Arthur: Look!
    Black Knight: Just a flesh wound.
    Arthur: Look, stop that.
    Black Knight: Chicken! Chicken!
    Arthur: Look, I’ll have your leg. Right!
    Arthur cuts off the Black Knight’s leg.

  14. Mark Andrews says:

    More like two Black Knights fighting each other, without the pretense of Arthurian virtue. I’d bring popcorn and watch a little bit.

  15. Sparkles says:

    Mark Andrews,

    Hard to disagree with your two Black Knights analogy.

    The exception is that one Black Knight is remarkably knowledgeable about global affairs and every intricate detail of how government functions.
    The other is remarkably knowledgeable about bankruptcy laws and performance art.

    I guess in the end it boils down to which you’d want put in charge of… government.

    Popcorn for the house!

    A note of caution;
    Prior to viewing the debate, make sure to remove any penguins from atop your telly.

  16. bynd says:


    If the one is so knowledgeable about world affairs, why is Kerry unable to clean up their mess’? As to the knowledge of government, she certainly knows how to use it to her advantage mainly in a corrupt hick Arkansas way. At this point and time, the last thing we need is another narcissistic politician in charge. If I did vote, it would be for the narcissistic businessman. At least he might have the fortitude to stand up to the likes of Putin. Haven’t Obama and all his Sec. of State done a marvelous job of effectively interacting with the foreign governments of our time?

    Obama: Hey Putin, just wait until I am reelected, then I can do as I please.
    Putin: I would love to see a wuss like you reelected so I can do as I please!

    Here is their chance, pull out of Syria and let the Russians get caught in the quagmire.

    By the way, what is it that makes your truth better than someone else’s?

  17. Mark Andrews says:

    Sorry, Sparkles, Trump & Clinton are just the same, right down to the hair – :^- no significant difference between their political DNA. I’ll go halves with you on popcorn.

  18. Sen. Laura Ebke says:

    For the record, THIS is what I told Jerry:


    I haven’t announced, and really have several who I would be happy/eager to support. Cruz, Paul and Walker are all people who I could get enthusiastically behind. I like Kasich on a lot of things, and think Rubio could be ok. I’m intrigued by Fiorina and Carson, but want to see a little more of them.

    Doesn’t help much, does it? My sentimental favorite is probably Rand Paul (probably not a surprise), but I’d like to see the field narrow a bit before I jump in with both feet for anyone. And frankly, I’m pretty busy with other things, and probably won’t be actively engaged in the primary process this year.


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