How to watch tonight’s debate

2nd GOP debate 2015Tonight is the second GOP Presidential debate, at the Reagan Presidential Library.

If I can provide one suggestion to you it is this:
Watch it with Twitter.

That’s right, The Twitter. Yes I know that your friends are hilarious and witty, and the Trump Drinking Game you designed is really clever, but for this type of event, nothing beats the crowd-sourcing of commentary from that ubiquitous app.

Early - 2nd GOP debate 2015You get comments from all over the country, in real-time. The best ones get re-Tweeted almost immediately. And you get a varied perspective of what others are thinking.

On that note, I don’t follow the campaigns or their surrogates for this type of event. You want to follow the politicos and pundits — and better yet, the pundits who follow lots of other pundits.

I like to follow a number of the gang from National Review, who in turn follow a giant gaggle of others. Another is @Instapundit (Glenn Reynolds) who has a wide and varied swath whom he follows, and I never know what he’s going to re-Tweet. Iowa Hawk (David Burge) is always good for a double-take. And then there are some of your big national names (the Michelle Malkins and Laura Ingrahams) who are on top of the issues.

You are bound to get some bias in there, of course. But by having a decent sized group, you can get some perspective.


So here is what I will do:

For those of you on the Twitter, particularly if you’re new, go to my page @LeavenworthSt (and I will probably do the same @WheelsDownPols) and click on the “Lists” link at the top. Then go to my “GOP Debate Pundits” list, and that should get you rolling. (Hit the “New Tweet” button to get the new ones that will roll in every 5 seconds or so.) You can “Subscribe”, but I don’t think you have to.

Note that you will need a Twitter account to do this. If you’re not on the Twitter…what are you waiting for? It’s incredibly easy to sign up — you don’t need to bother with all of the look of your page and photos and all that now. Do it later, if you want. Then start following people. Just click the Follow button.

And then you will also find, at other times, that Twitter is the #1 place to go for breaking news. Granted, it’s also the #1 place to go for FALSE breaking news. But if you hear the first inklings of a news story, search for it (up at the search bar) and you will find all of the first info on it — before Drudge or CNN or anyone else, usually. Remember that the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound was Tweeted live by a neighbor.

Don’t worry about Tweeting original stuff yourself, but re-Tweeting tweets (especially from me) is always good. Just hit the little rotating arrows icon under the Tweet, and you’re good to go. (And if you’re brand-spanking new, note that “Replies” to Tweets are NOT private between you and the Tweeter.)

Now feel free to enjoy yourself at the Marco Rubio party at Big Fred’s or any of the other gigs in your area. But I’m just saying that if you REALLY want to engage for this type of event, The Twitter is the place to be. (Though the food is still better at Fred’s…)


And what of the debate itself tonight?

Well, if Trump wasn’t on the stage, the ratings would probably be about meh, right? Were any of them the last two go-arounds any big deal? But they’re Must See TV now, yeah?

Look, I still don’t think Trump’s numbers can add up to make him win. I think he has a ceiling under x% that he probably can’t top. I believe political number-cruncher Nate Silver is giving him something like a 2% chance.


I didn’t see him taking it this far.
Even when he “screws up”, he turns it into a win.
His crowds at events are pretty amazing — and crowds are not an easy thing to put together in today’s politics.
And the Washington Post recently ran a story pointing out his use of words that have befuddled pundits and his opposition.

All that being said, I just can’t really see Trump sitting in the Oval Office.

But in the mean time, You. Just. Can’t. Look. Away.


Hey, you will be sooooo happy to know that Congressman Brad Ashford (D/R/I – NE02) has pledged to GIVE UP HIS PAY if the Government shuts down.

We will expect — and accept — nothing less than Ashford writing a giant novelty check, like they do on the Fantasy Football ads, to the U.S. Treasury for each week…nay, DAY…that the shutdown occurs.

And to put a finer point on it, we hope that he does it in front of his own NICE HOUSE to prove that even with said NICE HOUSE, he is still doing the #1 most important thing that matters to the voters of #NE02.

I can just hear the golf-clap now as he autographs the deposit…


State Senator Mike Groene has a good Op-Ed in the LJS today regarding Wind Energy tax credits.

He has led the fight in the legislature against this, and gives a strong argument.

(To hear more from Groene, listen to my podcast interview with him on The Wheels Down Politics Show.)


Speaking of podcasts, there will be a new one up here tomorrow. In the mean time, if you want to listen to any or ALL of our past shows, go to and peruse away!

And I should have been doing this all along, but here is a 60 second clip of my most recent interview with Nebraska Legislature candidate Ian Swanson.

While many of you listen to all of the podcast, I know that many of you can’t find the time, or can’t decide to listen. Hopefully you’ll take 79 seconds to listen to this short clip and see if you want to hear more.


And don’t forget to tell a friend (and an enemy) about Leavenworth St! Like it on The Facebook and Follow @LeavenworthSt on the Twitter!

See you tonight!


  1. Sparkles says:

    Sweeper deleted my post pointing out that in today’s OWH, staunch right wing pundit Jennifer Rubin called the Republican primary field an angry racket of snake oil salesmen.

    Since the topic is the Republican primary debate being held at the Reagan Library, you should really take a moment to google the 1980 GOP debate, featuring St. Ronnie himself.
    The one where he declares that instead of building a fence, we should have an open border with Mexico.

  2. Mark Andrews says:

    I’m looking for the least-bad candidate tonight.

    No comments, Sparkles. Mrs. Clinton – who watched the whole email thing go down during the 2nd Bush Administration – should know better than pull the crap she did with her own email server. Clinton’s poll numbers are trending down, and it is her own fault.

    I’ll say this for Sanders. He’s a Leftist with a capital “L” and he’s never pretended to be anything else. Dude can’t get elected President in the U.S. but he’s more trustworthy than a galaxy of Clintons.

  3. Pete says:

    I agree with Mark Andrews. At least Bernie Sanders actually believes the leftist word vomit that he spews. I don’t think that Hillary Clinton is actually a liberal, or a conservative for that matter. I don’t think that Hillary Clinton believes a word of what she says. She is just whoring herself and her rhetoric out to the group she finds most likely to help her interest of political power. The exact. same. way. Bill. did.

  4. Mark Andrews says:

    Fiorina for President? But who for VP? How does Fiorina poll against Clinton?

    You could put Carson in HHS, but the big question is the Inner Cabinet: Graham to Defense, Christie for AG. Trump to Treasury – type-casting but its that or Commerce (or HUD). Who to put into State?

    Paul & Walker are going the way of Rick Perry’s hipster glasses. So’s Huckabee – not presidential. Bush? Does anyone care about Bush?

    Did I miss anybody who could take a cabinet post in a Fiorina Administration?

  5. Mark Andrews says:

    Cruz & Rubio need about 10 years in the private sector learning to be useful, then they can return to politics. A lackluster performance tonight.

  6. Macdaddy says:

    Hillary Clinton: “Today I want to send a message to every survivor of sexual assault,” Clinton said. “Don’t let anyone silence your voice. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed and we’re with you. Except for you, Kathleen Willey, and you, Paula Jones, and you, Juanita Broadrick, and all the other bimbos erupting against my husband. But that woman gang-raped at that fraternity at UVa, yes! She should be heard!”

    Hillary Clinton will not be the 2016 Democrat nominee.

  7. Key 'n Trumpets says:

    Just looking at two examples, Jeb and Carly.

    Jeb demanded Trump apologize for suggesting Bush’s wife being from Mexico makes Bush more sympathetic to Mexicans. —Of course Bush is more sympathetic to Mexico. His wife’s relatives still live there. I have relatives overseas and I care more for those places than where I don’t have relatives.

    Trump trolls for idiots but they hook themselves and with some regularity.

    Fiorina, who is rapidly becoming the darling of feminists and wrinkle cream salesmen, impressed CNN which of course is a branch of the Tea Party. On her own, she assumed the old Trump with bad hair who mentioned her “face” was for some odd reason bothered by her “wrinkles” which apparently bother her since nobody else was talking about them. Like a obsessive stereotypical feminist she on one hand demands respect as a dispassionate leader while also demanding care for being pretty or wrinkled or unwrinkled. That works better at hair dressers conventions. Conservative women tend to want what Conservative men want, i.e. jobs, a secure border, national defense and a Conservative GOP candidate Carly whose isn’t defending a Liberal Democrat Rosy.

    But seriously, wrinkles? Fiorina has a face like a horse and she’s worried about wrinkles? Come on. You’ve seen her. You’ve also seen a horse. You were thinking it.

    Thump Trump and he’ll get another bump. Unless CNN is being polled for GOP elections.

  8. TexasAnnie says:

    Trump took an unprovoked attack at Paul. Paul responded: “His visceral response to attack people on their personal appearance, short, tall, fat, ugly, my goodness that happened in junior high. Are we not all worried?” Trump’s response: “I never attacked him on his look and believe me there’s plenty of subject matter there, that I can tell you.”

    Mark Andrews considers Paul’s response a whine. Tell us Mark, what do you consider Trump’s remarks to Paul? I thought Trump was being verbally abusive. What would have been a “better” (or at least not a whine) response to Trump?

  9. Mark Andrews says:

    Trump is being himself. Asking The Donald to keep a civil tongue in his head is like asking a tiger to deny its stripes.

    I’d like this bunch of candidates better if the debates didn’t look like the after-party for “Team America: World Police.”

    Fiorina did well. She can ride the “outsider” wave without being Trump. Whether she (or any candidate) has staying power for another 18 months against the Clinton machine remains to be seen. The Clintons like running for office more than they like governing; Hillary & Bill are jungle animals – the LIKE the hunt, running down prey, tearing flesh & destroying the weak. Governance is an afterthought.

  10. TexasAnnie says:

    Hmmm. Well, I DON’T consider Paul’s response a whine, regardless of what Hillary & Bill do. (Non sequitur.) Indeed, unlike the “Team America: World Police” script you perceive, Paul stands singularly different than the rest in this regard.

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